Try Not To Laugh Challenge #31 w/ Macaulay Culkin

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • On today’s Try Not To Laugh Challenge, we’re joined by the man, the myth, the LEGEND- Macaulay Culkin!
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Comments • 100

  • Tommy Bowe
    Tommy Bowe 7 months ago +15992

    Beethoven Mom says stay in school *whistles Mozart*

  • PyroNinja360
    PyroNinja360 14 hours ago

    Everytime I look at Macaulay Culkin, all I think of is home alone.

  • Mark Komonoski
    Mark Komonoski Day ago

    3:19 macaulay sounds like noah from smosh, who else aggrees

  • ArtisticInsanity

    I literally can't with Tommy ThAtS nOt CoPyRiGhT XD XD XD

  • Eric Woodard
    Eric Woodard Day ago

    I noticed something: Macaulay can easily make them laugh, but it’s not that easy to make Macaulay laugh.

    DAISY'S LIFE Day ago

    no way...

  • General Grey
    General Grey 2 days ago

    Macaulay was hard to crack

  • PandaManGaming
    PandaManGaming 2 days ago


    ONIC IV LYNX 2 days ago +1

    Wait is that the kid From home alone???

  • Bad Jaeaux
    Bad Jaeaux 2 days ago

    that woman is gorgeous

  • Funny Ferret
    Funny Ferret 2 days ago

    I love how McCauley turned his life around.

  • Matthew Huff
    Matthew Huff 2 days ago

    5:10 what's the name of that Christmas music?

  • Lane Komonoski
    Lane Komonoski 3 days ago +1

    Why does Macaulay sound like Noah from Smosh sometimes

  • Lauren Stratton
    Lauren Stratton 3 days ago

    I love this video

  • YeetMePapi Plz
    YeetMePapi Plz 4 days ago

    How the fuck did you guys get Macaulay Culkin on here

  • mack
    mack 6 days ago

    i definitely think that they have a contract in which when a special guest comes on they must laugh. like i just feel like it’s a rule

  • Kevin Dwyer
    Kevin Dwyer 6 days ago

    Beethoven Dad got the Quadruple Laugh out of Shayne

  • Rocks Animations
    Rocks Animations 7 days ago +3

    Damn, Courtney looks so sexy in those leggings tho

    GRIEFER _HD 7 days ago

    Omg kevinnnnn home alone

  • Katie Smith
    Katie Smith 7 days ago

    Love Courtney's sweatshirt!

  • MicroDrawz
    MicroDrawz 7 days ago

    He look like he just did a couple lines of coke

  • Cy H.
    Cy H. 8 days ago


  • Juul van Geleuken
    Juul van Geleuken 8 days ago

    Ian is just.. Disappointing.

  • Samantha Geeson
    Samantha Geeson 8 days ago +1

    Oh so this is where Kevin went

  • Xander Lamp
    Xander Lamp 8 days ago

    He looks very high

  • Leo Wu
    Leo Wu 9 days ago

    Why does Macaulay look like a crackhead?

  • Woomy
    Woomy 9 days ago


  • Blu Lucario
    Blu Lucario 9 days ago


  • Lynzie
    Lynzie 9 days ago

    Who else feels really bad for Ian? He works so hard!

  • Callum Morley
    Callum Morley 10 days ago

    It looks like his been crying 😂

  • redrifle
    redrifle 10 days ago

    remember, that was the richest kid in the world, both fictional and reality.

  • Kyra Dawson
    Kyra Dawson 12 days ago

    The funniest one was thengurl

  • Chickie nuggies
    Chickie nuggies 12 days ago

    11:47 nip slip

  • ScarryHarry
    ScarryHarry 12 days ago

    Man this episode is hilarious

  • Bloo Berries
    Bloo Berries 12 days ago

    Shane’s laugh tho😂

  • wequalshat
    wequalshat 12 days ago


  • Jaymie Dumont
    Jaymie Dumont 12 days ago

    I know Garrett doesn’t really go in front of the camera but I’d actually love to see him in these

  • Jackson Bachner
    Jackson Bachner 13 days ago

    When he went im jared from subway i fucking cumed in danish and died at the same time

  • Andre Cravo
    Andre Cravo 13 days ago

    I'm jerry from subway was such a good onr

  • Snoop Da Dawg
    Snoop Da Dawg 15 days ago

    “Hi, it’s me, Beethoven Dad!” *_while singing mozart_*

  • Tristan Ho
    Tristan Ho 15 days ago

    Why is Tommy always the funniest person

  • matt simmoons
    matt simmoons 15 days ago


  • kevin the pigeon
    kevin the pigeon 15 days ago

    in the beginning all i could think of was “HE CANT SEE WITHOUT HIS GLASSES” jrfbdjksbs

  • Cringe Café
    Cringe Café 16 days ago

    So no one is gonna talk about how Ian brought the fake Billy Mays back

  • Laura Jo Jones
    Laura Jo Jones 16 days ago

    The sassy legs kill me EVERY TIME

  • NIKZ0 Productions
    NIKZ0 Productions 16 days ago

    Tommy is legit one of the funniest in Try Not To Laugh, I have never laughed so hard in my entire life.

  • Crystal Creativity
    Crystal Creativity 17 days ago

    What is Shayne saying at 5:25? I’m so confused!

  • MintyMango productions

    i love how he was ready to get spat on by ian, truly committed.

  • Forrest Moncada
    Forrest Moncada 18 days ago

    The Jared from subway was the best oml😂

  • michael westendorf
    michael westendorf 18 days ago

    6:07 lmao

  • Hijack Wolf
    Hijack Wolf 18 days ago

    I have that same mouse toy

  • Haley Haas
    Haley Haas 19 days ago

    I’m sorry but Ian’s bits just make me cringe rather than laugh 😅🙃

  • chaotic stupid
    chaotic stupid 19 days ago

    Shane DOSE NOT skip LEG DAY

  • holly stirewalt
    holly stirewalt 20 days ago

    How do you figure out someone is a complete narcissist: use their own joke against them.

  • Abigail Hawkins
    Abigail Hawkins 20 days ago

    Why is no one talking about the 'Jared from Subway' joke because I thought it was pure gold 😂😭

  • Doomsy
    Doomsy 20 days ago

    I got a KFC ad after courtney dressed as a chicken lol

  • baifdvak
    baifdvak 20 days ago

    macaulay radiates such perpetual horny energy & i don't know how to feel about that

  • Lily
    Lily 21 day ago

    Dem legs 🦵🦵🦵🦵

  • Sophie McGrill
    Sophie McGrill 22 days ago

    tommy is truly the funniest member of smosh

  • %————
    %———— 22 days ago


  • Andrew Tellez
    Andrew Tellez 23 days ago

    *Intense music playing*
    Macaulay: "Drive me nuts".

  • Corbin Colvin
    Corbin Colvin 23 days ago

    Wtf? Culkin?

  • Kimberly K
    Kimberly K 23 days ago

    Is Courtney wearing a Queen shirt?

  • Paco
    Paco 23 days ago

    Tommy... you need to be on EVERY EPISODE

  • GAGO tight
    GAGO tight 23 days ago

    That bit where shayne was a kid fucking killed me😂

  • Zoë Meyers
    Zoë Meyers 23 days ago

    When I’m sad I come back and watch Beethoven Mom only lol

  • Piggy GamerYT
    Piggy GamerYT 24 days ago +1

    *Hi, I'm Jared from Subway.*

  • Stalker Susie
    Stalker Susie 25 days ago


  • XxStormyXx • . •
    XxStormyXx • . • 26 days ago

    Can u do “ever 2000 movies ever”

  • Sam Teuscher
    Sam Teuscher 26 days ago

    I’m pretty sure it’s “Bridges *of* Madison county”. Not “Bridges *over* Madison county” not that it matters cause it doesn’t.

  • Dominique Giangreco
    Dominique Giangreco 27 days ago

    happy quarintine smosh

  • Arnas G
    Arnas G 27 days ago

    please more with culkin

  • Lucas De Los Rios
    Lucas De Los Rios 27 days ago

    11:31 looks like another version of Lil nas x

  • Israel Saenz
    Israel Saenz 27 days ago

    What about cheech or Chong on this??

  • Jack Russo
    Jack Russo 28 days ago

    This mans started with a pun, what a powermove

  • Rzlick official
    Rzlick official 29 days ago +3

    When does sassy leg soldier was talking to his”dad” It made me think you guys should get your actual parents on the shell try not to laugh

  • Rzlick official
    Rzlick official 29 days ago

    Beethoven’s mom would be Bmomthoven if you will

  • Shannon Jackson
    Shannon Jackson Month ago

    You need the actor for Shawn from psych to do this
    I mean he had to play SHAWN

  • Shannon Jackson
    Shannon Jackson Month ago

    die hard is a better Christmas movie though

  • Jack lander
    Jack lander Month ago

    Is that Kevin Mcallister

  • Peighton Hammock
    Peighton Hammock Month ago

    Home alone was and is my favorite movie

  • Meet Me Mrs. Midnight

    They had the chance to use the home alone face and they didn’t

  • Kingston Grant
    Kingston Grant Month ago

    Shane sorry

  • Kingston Grant
    Kingston Grant Month ago

    Oh Shame

  • SproutZilla05
    SproutZilla05 Month ago

    Still can't believe Macaulay Culkin is in this video.
    Honestly didn't expect it

  • TheDisguise
    TheDisguise Month ago

    Ian looks so much Billy Mays in this video, it's almost terrifying

  • Three Fluffy Puppies

    You see, Shayne has those lines on his legs because of the stupid way he cuffs his jeans.

  • cheese cake
    cheese cake Month ago

    16:50, literally the best part

  • Caprice Juliet Slack Giardina

    who's the dude with the bandana he's great 😂😂😂

  • Huh
    Huh Month ago

    Macaulay looks like a teacher at my school

  • Cooper Peters
    Cooper Peters Month ago

    Macaulay is sooo baked....

  • Miracle Irabor
    Miracle Irabor Month ago

    When he said santa I was ding 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • gracelyn mahoney
    gracelyn mahoney Month ago

    love the shirt courtney

  • Sarah O'Shea
    Sarah O'Shea Month ago

    When they said o ya! Koolaid man joins the vid

  • idk Actually
    idk Actually Month ago

    Y’all should do a collab with David Dobirk and/or Liza Koshely or most of the vlog squad! That would be amazing

  • Morgan Wells
    Morgan Wells Month ago

    Blonde Care Car Show May 3rd for only we are against smokers they have ugly blonde. But us we are strong having a sunny blonde hair we respect the earth! We love cars!

  • Punk Rock Art
    Punk Rock Art Month ago

    16:28 sounds like Play With Me by Extreme

  • Gonops
    Gonops Month ago

    I like Queen

  • Anna Sturgis
    Anna Sturgis Month ago

    i have the baby that was praying hard