Try Not To Laugh Challenge #31 w/ Macaulay Culkin

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
  • On today’s Try Not To Laugh Challenge, we’re joined by the man, the myth, the LEGEND- Macaulay Culkin!
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Comments • 3 761

  • Tommy Bowe
    Tommy Bowe 11 days ago +9993

    Beethoven Mom says stay in school *whistles Mozart*

    • Blueberry Sans
      Blueberry Sans 18 hours ago

      B Block that’s Ian you numbnut

    • Paint Drop
      Paint Drop 5 days ago

      I would love to have Beethoven as both of my parents

    • Mico Dayawon
      Mico Dayawon 5 days ago

      @B Block uhhh that was ian hecox the smosh character

    • canada
      canada 5 days ago

      Do it *For Elise*

    • Lynn Sanin
      Lynn Sanin 7 days ago

      •Sugar Diamond• Kokichi :D

  • flying mous3
    flying mous3 2 minutes ago

    I always come back to this video just to see Ian kick the football and Shaynes reaction.
    Also Beethoven mom and dad

  • Georgie DUDDING
    Georgie DUDDING 20 minutes ago

    Shane. Bro that was offensive cause I’m Aussie 😐

  • Jordan Kramer
    Jordan Kramer Hour ago

    You guys should do one of these vids with a wwe star

  • Pam Pakradooni
    Pam Pakradooni 2 hours ago

    Seesaws ARE DANGEROUS I broke my arm on one

  • Mr.noodleheadavery
    Mr.noodleheadavery 3 hours ago

    What if they did this with a fan

  • hello beth
    hello beth 3 hours ago

    i was wondering if you guys could ever dance party ever i really want to see Shayne in a tutu

  • Gideon Garcia
    Gideon Garcia 6 hours ago

    Get Brandon Rogers!

  • Mr SquarePants
    Mr SquarePants 7 hours ago +1

    That clip right there 4:09 is giving me the 2014 vibe

  • David Griffin
    David Griffin 7 hours ago

    do this with jontron

  • Mr SquarePants
    Mr SquarePants 7 hours ago +1

    I didn’t know Courtney loved queen

  • Atomic Scarecrow
    Atomic Scarecrow 8 hours ago

    why didn't Macaulay Culkin talk...more?

  • Youness chadli
    Youness chadli 8 hours ago

    Do it with trevor walace

  • Phy Ex
    Phy Ex 13 hours ago

    the "sownta" bit killed me lmfao

  • Vera Reinders
    Vera Reinders 13 hours ago

    I need John Mulaney on the show!!!

  • The_red_art_freak
    The_red_art_freak 15 hours ago

    Y’all should do this with the impractical jokers lmao, making people laugh is their job

  • Emmeline Turner
    Emmeline Turner 17 hours ago +1

    Shane's legs give me life

    HAYDEN DA DOG LOVER 18 hours ago

    Get one of the marvel characters like Chris Evans or oooooh Tom Holland

  • Austin Kosobuski
    Austin Kosobuski 20 hours ago

    If I were on this show, I'd refuse to laugh, inhale water, and then cough so long it would no longer be funny. I love try not to laugh.

  • Aden Al
    Aden Al 21 hour ago


  • Jakob Wedel
    Jakob Wedel 22 hours ago

    Gotta appreciate Courtney's Queen shirt 👌👌👌

  • Red Panda Peep
    Red Panda Peep Day ago

    We should get jenna marbles and julien in this beetch

  • Lexy Co
    Lexy Co Day ago

    Do it with Anthony

  • Imma Rey Arambala


  • The Mute
    The Mute Day ago

    You guys should get skrillex as a smosh guest
    I'd love you forever

  • Wiez Ahmed
    Wiez Ahmed Day ago


  • frogthis
    frogthis Day ago

    Why is the overall mood of this video so depressing

  • Adam Hopkins
    Adam Hopkins Day ago

    get bill hader on this show i BEG you

  • Kaylee's lovely animals

    Can you guys have gus Johnson back

  • Henry Isn’t here
    Henry Isn’t here Day ago +1

    my nan collapsed today and i’m really glad i have something to laugh at
    thank you smosh and the team

  • Lexi Sanchez
    Lexi Sanchez Day ago +1

    Sassy legs

  • Lexi Sanchez
    Lexi Sanchez Day ago +1

    Holy eyes

  • Blueberry Sans
    Blueberry Sans Day ago

    12:10 We have our legendary guest that never laughs
    *Sad Gus Johnson Noises*

  • J Benedict
    J Benedict Day ago

    Brenda would be proud

  • Anonymous Jungkook

    Petition for Tommy to be in the next Try Not To Laugh videos

  • big iron
    big iron Day ago

    Macaulay sure is not accustomed to so much joy after staying in the red letter media basement for the last 6 months

  • Justin Hamilton
    Justin Hamilton Day ago

    you gotta get the game grumps on

  • Loulabelle Rou
    Loulabelle Rou Day ago

    14:10 Ian is on a whole other level this time!😂😂

  • CheetahChicks17
    CheetahChicks17 Day ago +1

    You need Tommy vs Gus Johnson. I think Tommy has never made someone not laugh and Gis has never laughed.

  • Zhafir Anis
    Zhafir Anis Day ago

    Where’s Noah nowadays?

  • Fiana Farrington

    The Home Alone child lives?!

  • Rin Grayson
    Rin Grayson Day ago

    "I'm Jerry from Subway."

  • AmericaninAustralia


  • Trevor Gibson
    Trevor Gibson Day ago

    Go to your room, Kevin

  • LPS Sleepy time
    LPS Sleepy time Day ago

    My fav part was 5:11

  • Giraffe Gaming
    Giraffe Gaming 2 days ago

    Oh, btw it's me, *BEETHOVEN MOM*.

  • Minecraft gaming channel

    Bring back Gus

  • Wow I'm Selena!
    Wow I'm Selena! 2 days ago +1

    5:12 I can't with Shayne😂😂

  • Random Bread
    Random Bread 2 days ago

    wo my cat has that toy mouse :/

  • Porypal
    Porypal 2 days ago

    I know Mac will never see this, but seriously man you're amazing!

  • Danielius Afliorovas
    Danielius Afliorovas 2 days ago +1

    Is that kid from home alone

  • NikolajSteel
    NikolajSteel 2 days ago

    Shane: 8:22
    I'm lovin' it

  • David Peters
    David Peters 2 days ago

    1:25 I'm surprised shayne didn't break the boomerang

  • coolguy0291
    coolguy0291 2 days ago

    Please do a try not to laugh with the Game Grumps!!!

  • Gamerguy Guinn
    Gamerguy Guinn 2 days ago

    At 0:52 i heard some one say:lazercorn

  • Arturo Lopez
    Arturo Lopez 2 days ago

    Mac got that drive me nuts joke from uncharted 4 when Sam said it.

  • Jaelin 124
    Jaelin 124 2 days ago

    Why is no one talking about how unfunny Ian is.... like buddy... just take a step back... let the funny ppl be funny

  • fuckyoudion
    fuckyoudion 2 days ago

    I gotta be honest courtney is thicker than a snicker

  • GoogleSearch TheEsseneGospelOfPeace.#JesusGang

    How funny would it have been if Macaulay used the fart bag to mask himself actually farting and everyone noticed

  • Rose Kitten
    Rose Kitten 2 days ago

    david dobrik And his friends

  • A_Janglur
    A_Janglur 2 days ago

    Can you do a Try not to Laugh with NSP?

  • QIDD 555
    QIDD 555 2 days ago

    Wait is this the Home alone Kid???

  • peepergang fan
    peepergang fan 2 days ago

    Invite jacksepticeye to try not to laugh

  • Julian cooking
    Julian cooking 2 days ago

    10:46 who else saw the mop?

  • Etain Shellard
    Etain Shellard 2 days ago

    Has smosh gotten worse or has my sense of humor gotten better

  • Jude Sherwood
    Jude Sherwood 3 days ago

    Get Dashie Xp on this bih!!!!!!! NOW!!!!

  • WindowsBSoD
    WindowsBSoD 3 days ago

    Man this is like some of the least funny shit ever yet I watched it

  • I M
    I M 3 days ago

    Tommy is so good at this

  • Hailey Madison
    Hailey Madison 3 days ago

    Please do one of these with impractical jokers

  • Doodle Witch
    Doodle Witch 3 days ago

    I'd like to see them do a collab with the McElroy brothers.

  • Shawna Lee Roberts
    Shawna Lee Roberts 3 days ago

    Is that home alone guy

  • A dood
    A dood 3 days ago

    Im waiting for them to revive Freddie Mercury and get him on the show
    Edit: Just realized Courtney was wearing a Queen shirt what a coincidence-

  • ReaRea 2002
    ReaRea 2002 3 days ago

    She broke the glasses!! 😳👓

  • Elijah D'COSTA
    Elijah D'COSTA 3 days ago

    I love Rebraril McCluckin.

  • Renan Merched Guerreiro

    Macaulay Culkin looks so high. suhaUSHAushaUSAh

  • E. Sebastiaan Heerooms

    Damn he is on allot of drugs

    • Ai'Shah Balogun
      Ai'Shah Balogun 2 days ago

      E. Sebastiaan Heerooms "WAS" not "is". he's doing so much better now and
      doesn't need people to keep bringing that shit up.

  • Nate Wadsworth
    Nate Wadsworth 3 days ago

    Can you guys ask him if he is jigsaw

  • AB Playz
    AB Playz 3 days ago

    Yeah im colkins mom

  • Nate S
    Nate S 3 days ago

    Make one with Nigahiga next!

  • FatalFramer4567
    FatalFramer4567 3 days ago

    Have Mara Wilson next!! :D

  • ĸpop ĸιттen
    ĸpop ĸιттen 3 days ago

    Is he the home alone kid?

  • passwuale xx
    passwuale xx 3 days ago +1


  • XxRainbow_GhoulxX
    XxRainbow_GhoulxX 3 days ago

    I think the skit that Ian has ever done was that one at 14:00! Lol.

  • Ben Jarvis
    Ben Jarvis 3 days ago

    That is all

  • KraZWhale
    KraZWhale 3 days ago +5

    no one gonna talk about how courtney just pulled a brandon rogers

  • Foxade
    Foxade 3 days ago

    Please put Tommy on more episodes!

  • Elise Deacon
    Elise Deacon 3 days ago +1


  • Jabba The Pug
    Jabba The Pug 3 days ago

    Rubber goose
    Green moose
    Drug abuse

  • Ryu Hayabusa
    Ryu Hayabusa 3 days ago

    do a collab with joaquin phoenix

  • ll RXNZLO ll
    ll RXNZLO ll 3 days ago

    1/6 have been touched by micheal

  • Ben Keys
    Ben Keys 3 days ago

    I would make at least half of them laugh until I said something that went too far

  • DeRp
    DeRp 4 days ago

    Bring Pewdiepie :>

  • Gamfluent
    Gamfluent 4 days ago

    If they don’t make a horn alone reference they are retarda

  • maddie amburn
    maddie amburn 4 days ago

    get jim carrey on this

  • Big Doofster
    Big Doofster 4 days ago

    How is your floor not moldy

  • sTaTiic Clan Gaming Clips

    It that Kevin McKallester?

  • Gavin Peddigree
    Gavin Peddigree 4 days ago

    U need to have blink 182 on here it would be the funniest

  • Alex Blake
    Alex Blake 4 days ago

    Kevins life after growing up

  • Gacha Dean
    Gacha Dean 4 days ago

    I just gotta say I love her queen shirt,long live freddie mercury

  • Kyle Aungerer
    Kyle Aungerer 4 days ago

    Why do I feel like someone has made or could make some kinda off brand doujins to Shaynes sexy leg cavalry thing haha