Roy Keane & Jamie Carragher clash over their combined Liverpool 2020 and Man Utd 1999 XI | MNF

  • Published on Feb 18, 2020
    Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher clash on Monday Night Football as they failed to agree on their combined Liverpool 2020 and Man Utd 1999 XI.
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  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football  4 months ago +617

    Who makes YOUR combined XI? Let us know!

    • Biniam Tekle
      Biniam Tekle Day ago

      @JJCS You do not really know Rooney

    • 2OLEGEND
      2OLEGEND Day ago

      Gary neville is better than TAA!!

    • Nicky Cotton
      Nicky Cotton 2 days ago

      Tough choice between Yorkey & Coley, but Yorke was a better 'all round'er so +1 in there for him.

    • Chris747
      Chris747 3 days ago

      Schmeichel, Alexander-Arnold, van Dijk, Stam, Robertson, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, Cole, Salah

    • Marcello D'Ambrosio
      Marcello D'Ambrosio 4 days ago

      Tierney lb

  • Sxntic
    Sxntic 33 minutes ago

    Imagine they had a match United 99 vs Liverpool now United would hammer

  • franz009franz
    franz009franz 5 hours ago

    permier league goalkeepers are overrated tbh

  • Ryan Nutt
    Ryan Nutt 11 hours ago

    hahaha roy was absolutely gutted when jamie said hes not having giggs

  • Toonfan007
    Toonfan007 20 hours ago

    Carragher is a fkn tit

  • Briain Campbell-Hart
    Briain Campbell-Hart 23 hours ago

    Neville Southall was is the best goalkeeper in English footballing history.

  • LukePettit
    LukePettit 23 hours ago

    If you want fun ask these two
    If you want the correct answer, ask an INTJ journalist

  • Bob Sapp
    Bob Sapp Day ago

    Christ I’d love to be the modern player doing jobs

  • Dom K
    Dom K Day ago

    ‘From good stock’ the most Roy Keane thing Roy Keane has ever said

  • 4SliceToaster
    4SliceToaster Day ago

    Roy Keane is the best at debating😂

  • Leroy Gracias
    Leroy Gracias Day ago

    It doesn't make any sense of combination that to this Liverpool who lost to Man City list week by 4😂🤣. Manchester United were far better than what Liverpool are.

  • epicgb
    epicgb Day ago

    Keane looked so sad when carragher didnt pick giggs

  • Jack Costello
    Jack Costello Day ago

    Got to play 433 now a days
    GK Pete
    LB Irwin
    CB VVD
    CD Stam
    RB TAA
    DM Fabinho
    CM Keane
    CM Scholes
    LW Salah
    RW Mane
    CF Cole (hardest decision wouldn't care if it was Yorke or Bobby)

  • Hasade O
    Hasade O Day ago

    Carra-"Giggs is not getting in my team"
    Keane- "🤨🤬 urrrrgh reall...??"😐😐😐
    "Just dropped that bombshell and moved on"😂😂😂😂🙌🏾

  • Sulty Cheung
    Sulty Cheung Day ago

    But he hasn't so far made it as a manager. It would have been better if he had been appointed by Man U. U cannot impose his team talk on other teams, harking about what he and Man u did in the past. But at Man U he could do that.

  • Lee 96YNWA
    Lee 96YNWA Day ago


  • Gex Ken
    Gex Ken Day ago

    I don't rate Roy as a pundit, he is far too biased to think about anything impartially but his personality makes up for it

  • Mohak Tandon
    Mohak Tandon Day ago

    Now that Liverpool have won the pl and bottled all the other tournaments I don't ever wanna see this comparison

    2OLEGEND Day ago


    2OLEGEND Day ago

    My combined 11
    Gk- schmeichel
    RB- Gary neville
    Lb- Irwin
    CB- Stam and van dijk
    Cm- Kean and scholes
    RM- Beckham
    LM- Giggs
    ST- put mane and yorke up front
    And ole the perfect substitute!!

  • Gang Cant Sleep On A Vio

    Ea make Roy Keanes prime icon card to a 96 just for the character and the fact that he’s a dying breed, what a man

  • Dan Cope
    Dan Cope Day ago

    That smirk man 🤣🤣

  • E Fitzgibbon
    E Fitzgibbon Day ago

    Can't believe Carragher can say some of this with a straight face. Absolutely shameless.

  • Real Earl
    Real Earl Day ago

    Carragher just scored a point ☝️,one. BEST MIDFIELD EVER.

    GRUNDOGAN Day ago

    Am I the only one that knows that Rashford has the same stats goals and asisits as Mané gigs gets into this no doubt

    STRYK ORDER Day ago +1

    Even though liverpool are incredible Pogba and Bruno would walk into that side I'd let them keep Fabinio though

  • Jake Spong
    Jake Spong 2 days ago

    I think liverpool would destroy man united. You have to remember how much the premier league has expanded internationally making it more competitive with top players around the world coming in. That’s why you don’t see these heavy “English” (Wales, Ireland , and Scotland included) sides anymore.

  • Dancing Bear
    Dancing Bear 2 days ago

    I take Vinnie Jones

  • MR M
    MR M 2 days ago

    Why does Roy Keane have 70yr old mans hands? Even the mannerisms of them 😂

  • Dinis Costa
    Dinis Costa 2 days ago

    I didnt understand a word Jamie said

  • Wee Chill
    Wee Chill 2 days ago

    Will we get a rematch soon?

  • Crystal Clean Window Cleaning

    Jamie is spot on about Beckham.

  • Kali
    Kali 2 days ago +2

    Jamie: I'll go with Schmeichel as the goalkeeper because he's the gold standard.
    Roy Keane: I won't say I like Peter Schmeichel that much but he was a great goalkeeper 💀😄

  • Lee Hardman
    Lee Hardman 2 days ago

    I love Roy Keane but it's a pretty pointless debate given that Roy said he's just going to be loyal to his team-mates.

  • Anthony Izzy
    Anthony Izzy 2 days ago

    Carrager sucks to much keano d***

  • Omar sid
    Omar sid 2 days ago

    And they didn’t win the treble 😂

  • Ethon Robins
    Ethon Robins 2 days ago

    I love that about Keane,
    He is Loyal....

  • Wai hlyan Moe
    Wai hlyan Moe 2 days ago

    Am I the only one who wants to see a’roy keane and vieira debates over an all time united vs arsenal 11’

  • Eoin Walsh
    Eoin Walsh 2 days ago

    ridiculous making a liverpool fan debate a man who played on the other team. pointless having liverpool ex players talking about liverpool because they are never going to be unbiased. As for Keane, he has burned so many current and ex united players publicly, but he will never burn the lads he played with.

  • CheezyBob
    CheezyBob 2 days ago

    carragher: **advocating for the liverpool player because of their stats and skill**
    keane: yea but the utd player had a good family tho

  • Ronald Katlego Pilane

    Roy is nuts. Mane has a better season than giggsy had in 99

  • Jason Abdi
    Jason Abdi 2 days ago +6

    "Best goalkeeper in the premier league history" today conceded 4 goals or should i say. 5

  • Carl Marx Punk
    Carl Marx Punk 2 days ago

    I haven't laughed as hard as I have watching Keane here than with any comedy or movie in the past 2 years.

  • Zaim Adek
    Zaim Adek 2 days ago

    Jamie talked a lot but nothing inside his cabinet..

  • Spiderblink
    Spiderblink 2 days ago

    The team I'd pick in a 4231 formation would be Schmeichel, Alexander-Arnold Van Dijk Stam Irwin, Keane Scholes, Beckham Firmino Mane, Yorke.

    • Spiderblink
      Spiderblink 2 days ago

      Erm, I'm playing him in CAM, hence why Yorke is playing number 10

    • Aman Shaji
      Aman Shaji 2 days ago

      Firminhio really?this team doesn't want a false 9 wouldn't fit

  • Unit G
    Unit G 2 days ago +1

    How things have changed

  • Paul Mcgregor
    Paul Mcgregor 2 days ago +1

    The more I hear Keane speak the more I believe he is what a captain should be. The words he chooses...
    Trenches, loyalty... this man went out on the football field as a captain of a team going to war.
    Nowadays the game is full of girls rolling around.

  • Hasade O
    Hasade O 2 days ago +36

    Carragher: "Giggs or Mane?"
    Keane: "I've got Loyalty towards Giggs, I don't know Mane."😂😂😂

  • Foggy6K
    Foggy6K 2 days ago

    Roy looked so confused whenever carrager said anything nice about the Utd team it was so funny to watch

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 3 days ago

    Ah man the Giggs conversation was great, Keane a man of principal and of course Giggs gets in.

  • Roger Wynne
    Roger Wynne 3 days ago

    Carragher has the most annoying voice in the world...he sounds like he just wants to get some phlem up....I forgot....he did

  • Zeenedin
    Zeenedin 3 days ago +1

    I'm a Liverpool fan but I admire Roy Keane. What a loyal, honest and straightforward guy 😁

  • Jonathan Fagan
    Jonathan Fagan 3 days ago +13

    I'd watch Roy Keane all day, hes a class act.

  • Abdul Saif
    Abdul Saif 3 days ago +4

    9:56 if Keane showed me that face I would run

  • krishnendu bhattacharya

    Loyalty ... Roy still has it towards his team and mates !!!

  • Cerita Tokoh Fiksi
    Cerita Tokoh Fiksi 3 days ago +1

    The loyalty is good, but sometimes u need to he neutral.

  • Marko San
    Marko San 3 days ago

    the bias is very strong in this one shouldn't let the former liverpool and manutd players picking a combined livmanutd team

  • Gary -
    Gary - 3 days ago

    Ronny Johnsen is, was, and will always be better than Van Dijk.

  • Joey Hussell
    Joey Hussell 3 days ago

    So Keane just chose everyone from the man utd team because he played with them. Wow what a great pundit

    • Erwin Setiawan
      Erwin Setiawan Day ago

      @Joey Hussell Both never get the same answer and or never agree with both picks. So Carra speak with data, and Keane pick what he want to pick. That is smart, cause you never get the same answer, i mean Carra must be pick Liverpool player as much as possible, and Keane too. So why you have to think and speak by data. Just pick your mate.

    • Joey Hussell
      Joey Hussell Day ago

      @Erwin Setiawan for just choosing his while team in a combined 11 for the pure reason that he likes them

    • Erwin Setiawan
      Erwin Setiawan Day ago

      Yes he is

  • Mark De La Rosa
    Mark De La Rosa 3 days ago

    Relatively new careers being debated against players with a history of consistency and trophy’s for many years ... 🤦🏻‍♂️ I can see why their having a problem doing This

  • Dominick Veastad
    Dominick Veastad 3 days ago +1

    Roy is so true that Liverpool havent GOT a bench to WIN all the trophies. They just have 11 players

  • John Munro
    John Munro 3 days ago +40

    This Liverpool side are fantastic. Trying to judge them against the legends of Man Utd is pretty futile. You are comparing 2 seasons against a decade of glittering success.

    • Peter Francis
      Peter Francis Hour ago +1

      yes spot on. the point keane is making is "come back to me when they've won the treble".

    • Sam Higginson
      Sam Higginson 2 days ago +2

      Completely agree.

  • max p
    max p 3 days ago

    Jamie talks alot of bollocks

  • Pulasta Kar
    Pulasta Kar 3 days ago +1

    That over scouse accent from jamie feels like an extra tongue in his mouth

  • rudi o0o
    rudi o0o 3 days ago +1

    Why is he so emotional about him looks like he gonna have a meltdown

  • TheWillog
    TheWillog 3 days ago

    before this even starts i know its gonna be good and irwin is prob the only player they wont fight over

  • Gavin Payne
    Gavin Payne 3 days ago

    The team united had in 1999 was perfect I wouldn't drop any of the players from that starting 11 just to fit in 1 or 2 liverpool players this season

  • matthew hill
    matthew hill 3 days ago

    Salah over Cole. Mind boggling BTW 1 trophies for liverpool not good enoguh for me nothing beats uniteds treble

  • Michael Deakin
    Michael Deakin 3 days ago

    Roy Keane is ard

  • TruthStream -
    TruthStream - 3 days ago +2

    When the waiter asks what you want.

  • 8dzenja6
    8dzenja6 3 days ago

    To me only schmeichel would make it in this Liverpool team.

  • CamoDrako
    CamoDrako 3 days ago

    I idolised Keane despite being a Liverpool fan, but he comes off as a berk here. Loyal, but a berk.

  • Ninja is Bad At Fortnite

    The thing is for once Roy is wrong. Giggs doesn’t get in for that season alone.

  • Steve Medlock
    Steve Medlock 3 days ago

    Roy Keane absolute legend 👊

  • Andy O'Dee
    Andy O'Dee 3 days ago +3

    Roy looks so defeated when Jaime says giggs doesn’t get in hahhaha

  • w4k1- 70wn
    w4k1- 70wn 4 days ago

    People have been trying to disrespect giggs... Put respek on giggsy

  • Aurel Avramescu
    Aurel Avramescu 4 days ago

    Alisson is a superior GK to Schmeichel. The only players from ManU 99 that will have a place in current Liverpool team are Schools, Beckam and eventually Stam.

  • Marcello D'Ambrosio
    Marcello D'Ambrosio 4 days ago

    How many did you score crarah ???

  • Marcello D'Ambrosio
    Marcello D'Ambrosio 4 days ago

    As an arsenal fan. I feel shame. But we stand strong too. Xx

  • Emmett Conway
    Emmett Conway 4 days ago

    Mane over Giggs anytime.

  • FAM
    FAM 4 days ago

    7:54 he missed out spurs😭😭😭😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jordan Crabbe
    Jordan Crabbe 4 days ago

    .I loved this as a neutral, but Giggs is first in the list. C'mon man.

  • Andrew Gibson
    Andrew Gibson 4 days ago

    Any1 who chooses mane over Giggs knows nothing about football and is pure biased the man has 13 premier league titles

  • Lucas Devine
    Lucas Devine 4 days ago +1

    This is so passive aggressive

  • [
    [ 4 days ago +2

    Everyone repent for your sins. Jesus Christ loves you all!

  • iwantmycountryback kg

    I love the term clash

  • 101010101 _
    101010101 _ 4 days ago

    Schmeichel, TAA, Stam, Van Dijk, Robertson, Giggs, Keane, Scholes, Salah, Yorke, Cole

  • nigel lloyd
    nigel lloyd 4 days ago

    suprised that dirty scouse bastard didnt gob on roy keane ,get back bindippin carragher

  • Patrick Young
    Patrick Young 4 days ago

    MyLoyaltyMatters - Roy

  • Patrick Young
    Patrick Young 4 days ago

    Carra shitting himself in case he upsets Roy.

  • Frank Jaeger
    Frank Jaeger 4 days ago

    Schmeichel, Arnold, Stam, Dijk, Irwin, Beckham, Keane, Scholes, Giggs, A. Cole, Yorke.
    I think Mane, Salah and Firminho are actually better than Cole and Yorke individually but as a partnership Cole and Yorke are as good as it gets that season also would have to drop one of midfielders to get those 3 in and just can't do that best midfield league has ever seen.

  • Elliott
    Elliott 4 days ago

    You can tell how much Keane respects Carragher and Visa versa

  • AY 11
    AY 11 4 days ago

    Keane is so loyal he completely missed the point. His loyalty blinds him from logic and reason, what a guy!

  • Gabriel Chin
    Gabriel Chin 4 days ago

    Roy was right about Giggs. As for Roy being suspended it was because he was thinking of the team not himself in the semi final. So Jamie was wrong to bring it up to rub it in that he missed the final. Roy wasn't selfish. He knew that if got booked he would missed the final but it didn't bother him. I don't think Carragher would have sacrificed his position for the team to miss the final. Anyway LFC didn't win the Treble.

  • Adam Jack
    Adam Jack 4 days ago

    Poor giggs man

  • Thomas Caulfield
    Thomas Caulfield 4 days ago

    I’m an Irish Liverpool supporter and Jamie is afraid of Roy

  • The Lion
    The Lion 4 days ago

    Miss those Beckham set pieces.

  • The Lion
    The Lion 4 days ago

    Man U dream team right there.

  • Des Munnelly
    Des Munnelly 4 days ago

    Roy Keane what a knob.

  • D Records
    D Records 4 days ago

    Love these guys banter