Rashford, James & Fernandes goals see off Magpies! | Man Utd 3-1 Newcastle | EPL Highlights

  • Published on Feb 21, 2021
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    Highlights from the Premier League where Manchester United collected their first league victory in three games as Bruno Fernandes' penalty secured a 3-1 win over Newcastle at Old Trafford.
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Comments • 70

  • Sky Sports Football
    Sky Sports Football  12 days ago +100

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    • James Hines
      James Hines 9 days ago

      What's goi.g on with nufc right now it should not be where it is right now heading for the Championship? Relegation ffs.

    • Tina Adwoa
      Tina Adwoa 11 days ago


    • Tina Adwoa
      Tina Adwoa 11 days ago

      He is the new mbapppe

    • little jab
      little jab 11 days ago


    • Adil Malji
      Adil Malji 11 days ago

      City is gonna struggle

  • Tanaka
    Tanaka 2 days ago

    yung chip made cash from this game

  • John Brannigan
    John Brannigan 4 days ago

    solskjear blames "outside influences" for man U not getting penalties. I blame "inside influences" FOR getting Man U penalties. Another Rashford dive and the only person not to see it, the ref. Been here before haven't we?

  • BMT F4M
    BMT F4M 5 days ago

    Some awful goalkeeping in this one ones youll see in fifa alot 😂

  • Adam Bartlett
    Adam Bartlett 6 days ago

    Customery Fernandos Pen.....no lighty no likely ⚽🍹🍴💑

    BRIAN MATZO 7 days ago


  • AlexMc13x
    AlexMc13x 7 days ago

    Does DDG need to make a meal with regular saves all the time?

  • Ryan Liu
    Ryan Liu 8 days ago

    why did darlow dive forward?!

  • Gavin Kelly
    Gavin Kelly 8 days ago

    Rashford ...Why ? The Penalty After the player barely touches his right foot watch his left foot...he plants it on the ground then after his right foot comes through and then he lifts his left foot off the ground.....they call this cheating....So many players are copying this stlye and could get a Player Red Carded as it looks like a bad tackle when it is not....NO MATTER WHAT THE TEAM .

  • hey
    hey 8 days ago

    So I'm the only one here for hw okay

  • gerghgh herb
    gerghgh herb 8 days ago

    You know when utd are getting back to some kind of form because their fans become the most annoying thing on the planet

  • Karim ZAARI
    Karim ZAARI 9 days ago

    The square bait really sigh because swedish outstandingly hunt mid a happy button. tightfisted, gaudy colt

  • COD Gaming Shorts
    COD Gaming Shorts 9 days ago

    My mate died 2 weeks ago he was man utd through and through and the boys won for him tonight, rip John miss you buddy😘❤️😞

  • Scouse mentality, Crumble when challenged

    That Newcastle keeper is as bad as pickford

  • Joseph Duggan
    Joseph Duggan 10 days ago


  • TheProGamerz 28
    TheProGamerz 28 10 days ago

    can you believe paul scholes thought de gea should have saved saint maxys shot 😂

  • alan happy
    alan happy 10 days ago

    mac is crap

  • James M
    James M 10 days ago

    As a Utd fan it's disgusting how many penalties we get... shameful stuff from Rashford.

  • Roy Shehu
    Roy Shehu 10 days ago

    That should've been a pen for Newcastle in the first second. Mcguire elbows him in the face. Disgrace from VAR and that wasn't a pen for United.

  • Nathan
    Nathan 10 days ago

    Saint Maximilian is class

  • Ben Crisper
    Ben Crisper 10 days ago +1

    Bruno is the most overrated player I’ve ever seen

  • Craig's Channel
    Craig's Channel 10 days ago

    Why oh why won't he start Bailly over Linderflop? EB had a soild game on Thursday, what more does he need to do? (apart from stay injury free), Maguire usually ups his game too when Bailly starts.

  • Ryan
    Ryan 10 days ago

    That is easily the worst attempt to save a penalty I have ever seen. WTF you doing 🙈

  • Dave Reeves
    Dave Reeves 10 days ago

    All those reds behind the ball and Newcastle still score

  • Muhammed Hussain
    Muhammed Hussain 10 days ago

    Where tf was the goalkeeper diving during the penalty 🤣🤣

  • In Time
    In Time 10 days ago

    Penandes grows stronger

  • Rhys Rich
    Rhys Rich 10 days ago +1

    There's the united we know, another undeserved pen

  • Kevin Furlong
    Kevin Furlong 10 days ago

    I have to say at first I didn't like watching the footy in empty stadiums but now I've come to see them in a really positive light not only are they not places where people spread diseases but we can really finally appreciate the architecture of these modern stadiums.

  • joey bloggs
    joey bloggs 10 days ago

    Large stadiums reveal their true architectural beauty when empty.
    We must hold firm and continue this forever. We have the added bonus of saving lives and of protecting the NHS.

  • Aashar Khatana
    Aashar Khatana 10 days ago

    2:02 The net sound is soo Satifying

  • 762 mm
    762 mm 10 days ago

    Penalty for Manchester United, that's something you don't see every week
    Just every other day

  • Salami Puddin
    Salami Puddin 10 days ago

    Surprised no-one is talking about how dangerous Saint Maxim was. Honestly, whenever he fired a shot, I got very nervous.

  • Nathan Pratt
    Nathan Pratt 10 days ago +1

    To think how well we did against West Ham and now we have done this all season is shocking

  • Keenan Smith
    Keenan Smith 10 days ago

    Why does de gea make everything look difficult

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali 10 days ago

    Rashford is class

  • Cosmic Baggy
    Cosmic Baggy 10 days ago

    Didn’t realise penandes was even playing until the Rashford dive in the box...

  • IlBellissimo10
    IlBellissimo10 10 days ago

    Penandes at it again

  • Jamie
    Jamie 10 days ago

    Rashford diving in sad to see

  • Mrdavid230
    Mrdavid230 10 days ago

    Why Ole plays rashford on the right baffles me. ALWAYS PLAY HIM ON THE LEFT

  • Cunty Spunkfuckshitpiss

    Another united game.
    Another fernandes penalty.
    Has he *ever* scored from open play?

  • Dale Collins
    Dale Collins 10 days ago

    Newcastle should have had a penalty when Maguire elbows the Newcastle No6 and sends him sprawling during the first incident shown here.

  • Gr1ff1n -_-
    Gr1ff1n -_- 10 days ago

    Bruh my dads a Man U supporter and I’m from Newcastle

  • Daniel
    Daniel 11 days ago

    If you took Saint Maximim out of that Newcastle squad, they'd be league one fodder. Clueless.

  • Saqib Ali
    Saqib Ali 11 days ago +1

    On field = PS5 graphics
    Off field = PS1 graphics

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker 11 days ago

    When you realised James has scored as much as Martial.. aye

    OJ FARKY 11 days ago

    Matic doesn’t get enough respect

  • gabster C
    gabster C 11 days ago

    Darlow definitely outperformed Rashfords dive for the penalty...

  • Matthew Trotman
    Matthew Trotman 11 days ago

    Man Utd fighting hard too finish about 8 points behind City . They won’t be this good once the crowds come back . Ole is a clueless clown 😂.

  • Drkz_ gmrYT
    Drkz_ gmrYT 11 days ago +1

    De Gea is back

    STRIKE VR 11 days ago

    Why is no one talking about saints maximns goal it was class

  • Katherine Quinn
    Katherine Quinn 11 days ago


  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt 11 days ago

    Lets just admit it, B Fernandes is one of the best if not the best penalty takers in the world right now.

  • Kevin Colt
    Kevin Colt 11 days ago

    What a goal from rashford.. man.. when this guy plays its instant win for man utd.

  • man United for life
    man United for life 11 days ago

    I am so happy 😇😇

  • Ioan Campbell
    Ioan Campbell 11 days ago +1

    Love that James has started to get back on the goal sheet

  • Manchester United For life

    What a save!

  • robbiepeterh
    robbiepeterh 11 days ago

    Look at Rashford’s position at 0:43. To think that the ball will end up in the back of the net from there is quite stunning. It’s a very Messi-esque goal.

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown 11 days ago

    Penchester Utd at it again with the diving 😂😂 it’s actually comical at this point

  • Aaron Wilson
    Aaron Wilson 11 days ago

    What was that GK penalty dive at 2:52 😂

  • Krish Sharma
    Krish Sharma 11 days ago

    Kurt Zouma has scored more goals than martial in the prem this season

  • Bobathor
    Bobathor 11 days ago

    Why’s no one talking about that penalty decision

  • kevin toas
    kevin toas 11 days ago

    No mansion VAR! Harry looked at and elbowed jamel in box on a corner! Penalty fair enough ant jump in so can understand

  • mike rees
    mike rees 11 days ago

    That wasn't even a penalty Man United got more pens than Argos

  • joeking88
    joeking88 11 days ago

    If Dan James can improve his crossing ability then he could be a great player.

  • Jack Saxton
    Jack Saxton 11 days ago

    Newcastle are a one man team
    Change my mind

  • Yasin Jamal
    Yasin Jamal 11 days ago

    Rashford Needs To be more direct he does too many fakes and ends up wasting the ball. The one time he was direct this game he scored

  • Lowry TV
    Lowry TV 11 days ago

    Marcus Rashford take a bow that was one beautiful goal that if scored by anybody else they would be getting a lot more praise.

  • Jake
    Jake 11 days ago

    Tbf to say they're such a small club, they played decent football today. Newcastle did decent too.

  • Billy Shabir
    Billy Shabir 11 days ago

    Ole’s a fraud

  • Sean Nolan
    Sean Nolan 11 days ago

    Ok... I've watched the match numerous times... I've gone over the numbers and analysed every aspect of the game. I've run and rerun countless mathematical equations. I've checked my findings and came to the final conclusion that Toon are f*cked 😂😂😂