Toto Wolff responds to Horner's comments after Hamilton & Verstappen collision!


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  • Peter Fowke
    Peter Fowke 2 hours ago +1

    It is interesting to know Silverstone race what they think about the Crash on track did about max race being took other again in Hungarian grand prix but Valtteri Bottas taking out four car on track is dangerous but we had different drivers winner the race so hope Max Verstappen can make up the point after the summer three weeks off.

  • Brayanplayz24 __
    Brayanplayz24 __ 3 days ago

    Definitely agree with Martin Baylis.

  • Mike Moore
    Mike Moore 3 days ago

    Poor impetuous Max, the race is more than 1 lap, Lewis maneuvered you out of position, you should have backed off then fought back, take the points you can get, no points for a DNF there are still plenty of races to go, but hey, you didn't, thanks :)

  • Adrian Kaill
    Adrian Kaill 4 days ago

    Nothing better than seeing Spice Boy Horner cry...he's the first to run whinging to the stewards for any minor issue but cops a blind one regarding his flexibility rear wing...

  • Chris Williams
    Chris Williams 5 days ago

    Here is Hypocrite Horner defending Max from a similar crash where Max was on the inside of Lance stroll... enjoy... Christian Horners reaction to Lance Stroll and Max Verstappens crash - FLash-player

  • Stan yo bro
    Stan yo bro 5 days ago

    Hamilton ruined the race for all the fans. Let face it, everybody wants Max to win as he has more fans and keeps F1 alive. Rather than boring Hamilton and his BLM bullshit.

  • stringer 2295
    stringer 2295 5 days ago

    Hamilton stinks.

  • David Clarke
    David Clarke 6 days ago +3

    Hamilton should not have got any penalty, verstappen was weaving , Horner is a cheat

  • Peter King
    Peter King 7 days ago

    Brilliant Wolf ! Great Racing :-)

  • Richard Dale
    Richard Dale 7 days ago

    Please, please, please stop wearing face nappies.

  • Bohumil Pinces
    Bohumil Pinces 8 days ago

    Lewis desperate clearly, go on Max!

  • Alg36
    Alg36 8 days ago

    Ne t interview, Toto will being the Terminator next him..

  • No.Limitts Mussbuss
    No.Limitts Mussbuss 8 days ago +1

    stop penalised lewis Hilltan for red Bull mistake when you're off the corner it is always yours no matter what race you're in

  • Ciara Donnelly
    Ciara Donnelly 8 days ago

    F1 needed this, more media coverage than they have had in years!!

    • H B
      H B 7 days ago

      ... and all of it soooo positive.

  • Don
    Don 9 days ago +2

    Funny how the sky pundits hide their bias when talking to Toto lol

  • Truth
    Truth 9 days ago

    Hamilton hard done by again poor bloke always has to do more for the win.
    What a driver.

  • Darren Jardine
    Darren Jardine 9 days ago +1

    44 has opened the door for 33 to the exact same thing, reward versus punishment?
    44 moved to within eight points of 33. Having been 32 behind at the start of the weekend, I fully expect even more fireworks moving forward. You would've thought that with the massive amount of experience that 44 has he knew exactly what would happen when he put his front wheel he did. It was a desperate and dangerous move. A do or die action. Red Bull failing to score at all in the British Grand Prix, Mercedes now sit just four points behind.

  • Cmdr Effie Trinket
    Cmdr Effie Trinket 10 days ago

    Two cars cannot occupy the same space at the same time, yet drivers forget this so often and when neither is willing or prepared yield, they will get to experience the science of it very quickly. Crashing into someone because a rule book says it’s your corner, doesn’t make you smart if you turn in on a car, or if you nose it in and stay wide of an apex to pressure the other guy. None of that matters if both drivers are willing to lift. If they didn’t have all the safety built into the cars and around each track, drivers wouldn’t drive like this.

  • Gary harden
    Gary harden 10 days ago

    Just like the old days..Senna,Prost...Hunt,Lauda...Schumacer,Hill etc etc.

  • Ben
    Ben 10 days ago +1

    I send YoU aN eEemAIl

  • George Haines
    George Haines 10 days ago

    Max moves about too much as he knows he's about to be overtaken or thinks he might be overtaken.. To the detriment of driver safety.. max left the door open....lewis went for it then he shut the door on lewis.. Claiming this that and the other.. This is racing and that if you take a line that leaves an opportunity/ door open for another racer in a high speed moment any contact will result in the outcome being greatly worsened.. Max is an aggressive driver as is Lewis and when you get two aggressive drives you will always end up with DOUBLE WHAMMY.. but I do think that it's max's title this year the car is better in a couple of aspects.. and max is a champ in it ..

  • Logan11thMEU
    Logan11thMEU 10 days ago

    Toto looks really tired

  • Pagan Monkey
    Pagan Monkey 10 days ago

    Well done difficult questions but this is racing. Max wants to beat Lewis Hamilton he better remember who is champion, it Lewis Hamilton King of the town. You want to beat me lol.

  • Scott Lyon
    Scott Lyon 10 days ago

    Max is thee typical little boy, who's now been taught a lesson. He's the one who dived over at the last moment in braking areas, he's the one that had several crashes by coming into contact in a stupid situation! And Horner is a hypocrite when restarts saying anything about dangerous drivers in a team, Vettel and Verstupid are proof of that comment. I'm not a fan of Humiltoon out of the car (fake yank accent and hypocritical soap box speeches), but Sundays race proved he is up there with the greats! Verstappen will never be a great driver.

  • donepearce
    donepearce 10 days ago

    Horner is full of it. Those two drivers were both going hard, and neither was going to give way to the other. If it had happened one corner earlier, the fault would have been equally Max's. It can be argued that there was a slight preponderance of fault with Lewis, but it was only slight, and the penalty was appropriate - even maybe a little harsh. Horner needs to pull his neck in now and get on with racing.

  • Richard Greenwell
    Richard Greenwell 10 days ago

    Looks like Hamilton was desperate not to drop any further down in the points and made a desperate lunge at the wrong corner especially at silverstone

  • Sausage Sandwich
    Sausage Sandwich 10 days ago +1

    Where I was sitting, mouse face turned into Lewis when he realised he was beaten.

  • michael baba
    michael baba 10 days ago

    Dangerous move? Perhaps "mad" Max broke a nail, which makes it harder for him to hold some cheese with his WHINE.

  • Gary Wait
    Gary Wait 10 days ago

    Jenson was chocking to tell toto what he really thought but I think all he could think of is being told to GET DOWN like Arney swarzaneg and thought he will just nip his lip 🤣🤣✌

  • philip baker
    philip baker 10 days ago

    On an earlier corner, Lewis was in ahead of Max going into the outside of a corner.
    Max forced his way by on the inside off the track and wiped across Lewis front wing.
    Later the roles were reversed except that Max was on the outside of Lewis as they entered the corner side by side.
    Max swerved across Lewis, leaving him 2 choices - Hit the brakes and slide or go off.
    Max RR hit Lewis FL and rubbed his RR off the wheel.
    The track film shows Max rotating from the moment he banged wheels, already on his limit of his traction. Don't do it again Max - you might kill yourself or worse somebody else.

  • Cricket England
    Cricket England 10 days ago

    Apparently Horner is now claiming the crash cost red bull £1.3 million, it wouldn’t surprise me if he doesn’t sent the bill to Mercedes

  • Piotrek
    Piotrek 10 days ago

    The fact they had regulations ready and run straight to stewards to remind them about it makes it look planned upfront, lol

  • James Hickey
    James Hickey 11 days ago

    Its racing. Dont put blame all on Lewis.... Max was doin it in corners before..... Its racing n we lov it
    Stop crying horner... Max is fine.
    An why shouldn't Lewis celebrate his home race.. To call him disrespectful is disrespectful!
    The season is gona be a classic run in- best in yrs...... Horner not popular with drivers after what he said.
    Great win by Lewis... Top gun tom cruise agreed!

  • Crusader
    Crusader 11 days ago

    It takes two to F……tango….wrong word nearly came out 😂

  • Barry O' Toole
    Barry O' Toole 11 days ago

    Wolfs first comment should have been that "first of all glad max is ok" this is paramount.. both super drivers but stewards have to bring in stringer penaltys should they deem someone RESPOSIBLE for a HIGH SPEED incident!! These 2 drivers are both very competive and fighting for title. Nip it in the bud now before a driver is seriously injured or WORSE

  • Ian Craig
    Ian Craig 11 days ago

    Don't care don't care and oh yes don't care,proper racing is moto3,that's proper racing.

  • Graham Walters
    Graham Walters 11 days ago

    Wollf only lies when his lips move. F1 data has shown that given his speed and trajectory, Hamilton had no chance of making the apex, Max was almost a car length ahead, Hamilton took out his rear wheel, totally to blame, debate over.

  • Paul Eames
    Paul Eames 11 days ago +1

    Toto is a real gentleman with total class

  • Willis
    Willis 11 days ago +11

    Everyone go to Silverstone 2019 highlights and watch bottas’ overtake on Lewis. Exact same place, almost identical positions as this race and both cars survive because the guy on the outside backed off as he knew where the other guy was. This was entirely Max’s fault!

  • Quadswallop
    Quadswallop 11 days ago

    Very sad, as a Merc/Lewis supporter, I am disapointed they let their fans down by being so disrespectful, they took Max out, won the race then rubbed Max/RB noses in it, unneccersary and not sportsman like at all. As empty a win as Kimis world champoinship, which he never shouted about.

  • Fast_Car 1000
    Fast_Car 1000 11 days ago +3

    Toto is a true professional unlike Christian views on this incident

    • DragonBack
      DragonBack 9 days ago

      Christian was bang out of order with his comments. Its just sour grapes. Lewis got his 10 second penalty & still managed to win. Totally lost all respect for Christian now.

  • gary edwards
    gary edwards 12 days ago

    Agreed, it’s racing and what we all want to see. What was brilliant by Lewis is that he psyched out leclerc on with the same move on the same corner at the end of the race. If you watch it you can tell that Lewis was just putting the wind up Charles, as you could see him backing out of the move. However it work Charles got the jitters and bailed… brilliant Lewis!!

  • David Draper
    David Draper 12 days ago

    Christian. Grow up. I support neither.

  • edward toner
    edward toner 12 days ago +1

    Horner go home and nurse the baby just take it easy . HORNER is a crier, will tell any story to make Hamilton look bad

  • edward toner
    edward toner 12 days ago +1

    It's for you to survive in any corner you must look after your self Hamilton played a fare game

  • Scott Hoggan
    Scott Hoggan 12 days ago

    Its racing for god sake i like both drivers but max was on the outside he clipped Hamiltons tyre if you cant handle it horner become a taxi driver

  • D M
    D M 12 days ago

    If Lewis was half-way alongside, he wouldn't have hit Max's rear wheel when he rammed him off the track, he'd have hit his floorpan.

  • paul doling
    paul doling 12 days ago

    Sorry it was a racing incident it happens
    Get on with racing

  • Mitch Dodds
    Mitch Dodds 12 days ago

    Max left room, Lewis was off line for the apex unlike when undertook Le Clerk, how can Toto claim the corner was Lewis when his front wheel hit rear wheel of Max…..ask, who got the penalty and why.
    I think he should have a drive thru. 10 secs does not fit the crime.
    Lewis showed his true colours post race celebrations.
    He’s lost any respect I had for him.

  • Greg Jarvis
    Greg Jarvis 12 days ago

    go Toto.. It's a F1 race and they are aggressive racing car drivers. I hate how they try and find ANY reason to attach BLAME. It's a fast is a race circuit!
    Racing incident appropriate penalty. Hamilton didn't exactly destroy either car did he. Unfortunately Max got on the loose stuff and did destroy his. Thank God he walked away.

  • Simon Green
    Simon Green 12 days ago

    Lewis seems to have all the luck on his side, spoilt what would have been a greater race.

    • H B
      H B 6 days ago

      Luck ? I think Hamilton thought a lot more about what he was doing with his car than Verstappen did.

  • Lewis Needham
    Lewis Needham 12 days ago

    Max gave no space to Lewis, its 50/50 racing, but unfortunately Max went out

  • Petyr Kowalski
    Petyr Kowalski 12 days ago

    Lewis is a clever racer and if he were ahead by over 1 full race win like Max was, Lewis would have been far more cautious in Max’s position and given more space, maybe let h8m through and come back later. Max turned in on lewis.

  • Kevin Martin
    Kevin Martin 12 days ago

    Max must be one of the most expensive drivers on the circuit for accident causing

  • i i
    i i 12 days ago

    Toto 1 - 0 Christian

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 12 days ago

    It was a 2 way thing. Tbh verstappen should have done what leclerc did. Move out of the way for the boss! Hamilton 2021.

  • starbar Rothschild
    starbar Rothschild 12 days ago

    Cristian Horner repeatedly said that Lewis shouldnt go up the inside at Copse, as if there are designated overtaking points at the circuits, which cannot be deviated from . Would he have that about Michael Schumacher or Ayrton Senna.? Having said that, am very glad Max is un-injured.

  • MJ B20
    MJ B20 12 days ago

    Should have started with hope Max is ok. Not good. Shows how much they are under pressure. For me the mask slipped with LEWIS. Glad Max is ok, what a season we are heading for this year.

  • Darragh Sheehan
    Darragh Sheehan 12 days ago

    Max is the craziest driver out there. Simple as.

  • Peter dukess
    Peter dukess 12 days ago

    Hamilton is not British wish people would stop saying that he's nothing but a tax fiddler has to have a visa now so how is he British

  • Atze7811
    Atze7811 12 days ago

    It is what it is reminds me of trump

  • Daniel Robertson
    Daniel Robertson 12 days ago +2

    As the great mark Webber once said “if your going to race cars then your going to crash cars mate “

  • Dennis Hinchcliffe
    Dennis Hinchcliffe 12 days ago

    Horner is a 5th rate so called driver who never made it into f1 so he is out of his depth telling a f1 champion where he should be on the track

  • Ashy
    Ashy 13 days ago +3

    When Lewis commited to the overtake there was nowhere else he could go! What was he supposed to do slam on the brakes? It was 50/50 and unfortunately Max lost that battle.
    This championship is shaping up nicely 🍿

    • DragonBack
      DragonBack 9 days ago

      According to Christian Lewis should of just tardis'd away. Dream on

  • paul scott
    paul scott 13 days ago

    Max crashgoingtohappen lost out when he tried to put Lewis in the wall by turning into him .you can see the 2 adjustments on max,s in car video before impact oops max paid the price this time .a couple of more crashes to come from crashtappen this season I think ,he wants to be a king of the world but hasn't got the class

  • sun sun
    sun sun 13 days ago

    This is not a racing incident, any good driver will know that this move is dangerous. If he really wanted to race then he will have bailed out of this move to overtake at another place on the track. This is aggression and dangerous driving. Putting a rival in hospital is not Victory nor is it acceptable in sporting terms. Pathetic and disgusting to hear ex f1 drivers like Jolyon and Karun says its a racing incident. A person's life and safety is Greater than any race, such moves are disgraceful and should not be condoned. Only penalty for causing such a crash putting Max at hospital due to dangerous driving by Lewis is to suspend him / ban from next races and to cancel this Victory so it does not become a practice. Hopefully the right penalty can be applied, Redbull needs to protest more strongly. Only then F1 can survive - sports first not dangerous driving or bumper cars, it's not funny to support such incidents. Fully supporting Max, Helmut Marko and Christian Horner. Pathetic blah blah by Toto Wolff to defend this crashing- disgraceful.

  • Nick Curry
    Nick Curry 13 days ago

    I love the way toto’s eyebrows follow his head movements

  • TheKnightsShield
    TheKnightsShield 13 days ago

    I'll be so glad to see interviewers and interviewees standing shoulder to shoulder again. So sick of this Covid BS, making people stand 2 meters apart, even though they're wearing masks, is utter nonsense.

  • ZD433
    ZD433 13 days ago +1

    An embarrassing display of the effects of ‘small man syndrome’ from ‘Little Jack’ Horner at Silverstone .
    The persistent calls to the race director were cringe 😬

    S GRAHAM 13 days ago +1

    So glad gave up on F1 when taking the knee commenced