HIGHLIGHTS! David Avanesyan crushes Josh Kelly & hands him his first professional defeat

  • Published on Feb 20, 2021
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    Josh Kelly suffered his first professional defeat at the hands of Avanesyan, the relentless Russian champion, who forced Kelly's trainer Adam Booth to throw in the towel after two knockdowns at The SSE Arena in Wembley.
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Comments • 70

  • Pulvi 84
    Pulvi 84 23 hours ago

    Bit of a weird stoppage, Kelly is hurt a little, but just seems to lose balance more then anything.

  • Dennis Proctor
    Dennis Proctor Day ago

    Hype....good looking...good style...he's a barber in real life

  • Tommy Jameson
    Tommy Jameson 2 days ago

    There ya go this is what happens when ya fanny about, Connor bruv you could of fought this guy but you took a gamble thought of the money geezer, let it get to ya head and thought itd make more in the future, nah, no one stays unbeaten too long, especially when ya young, cmon man

  • Kurtis Taylor
    Kurtis Taylor 3 days ago

    This loss will make or break the lad so much talent I've watched all his fights and he switches off so much in fights his concentration comes is spurts

  • L
    L 5 days ago

    Avenesyan is a former world champion and has wins over the likes of Shane mosley under his belt, he's a world class fighter with terrifying conditioning.

  • A I
    A I 5 days ago

    josh kelly so cocky but got humbled by deceivingly meek fighter david Avanesyan.

  • Gaz Ring gbgjg ggG
    Gaz Ring gbgjg ggG 6 days ago

    AVA is relentless , monster performance, showed his metal from top level experience non stop aggression in ya face, tight guard and landing spiteful punches, he was too much, game plan was on point!

  • Adam Jones
    Adam Jones 7 days ago

    That Kelly was made to look like an amateur. Beat down

  • Telepathic Membrane
    Telepathic Membrane 7 days ago

    10:54 Can you punch vertically down like that in Boxing to the back of the head when your opponent stumbles and is half on the floor? I noticed Ruiz did that against Joshua.
    I realise he missed, and Ruiz didn't, I just wondered if it's considered within the rules or the opponent has to be facing you and can't be facing away from you when you hit them on the back of the head?

    TDI JUNK 7 days ago

    Corner threw in the towel and mackems scattered thinking they had to get a bath.

  • DaveKarl
    DaveKarl 8 days ago

    Crushed?? People are talking nonsense here. Kelly did great - he was just defeated by the other guys durability.

  • Vk Deen
    Vk Deen 8 days ago

    plenty of skills from Kelly but good old fashioned grit and knowhow from avanesian... worse him down piece by piece
    too soon for Kelly and he needs to lose that stupid attitude

  • Floyd Mayweather
    Floyd Mayweather 9 days ago

    Lewis ritson anthony fowler josh kelly josh warrington dilian whyte which overhyped bum is next to be knocked off the list of sky sports champions?? Best talent in the uk is josh buatsi in my opinion but the man just isnt active enough which is a shame because hes in a great division, love to see buatsi vs callum smith the end of the year

  • Mohammad Khan
    Mohammad Khan 9 days ago

    Maybe he'll learn from this and come back better

  • don karim
    don karim 9 days ago


  • m.j jj
    m.j jj 9 days ago

    No substance

  • Formidabody
    Formidabody 9 days ago

    Kelly is very talented. A lot of us would be that cocky if we had such boxing talent. He beat himself here. With a more mature strategy using his skills to his advantage he would have won this and could beat quality opponents. I hope that he reaches his potential.

  • Stuart Whiting
    Stuart Whiting 9 days ago

    How Kelly unravelled so quickly after some good early rounds and even some really good moments in the 5th is a little worrying. There’s no doubting Ava’s determination, strength, stamina and heart, but it wasn’t as if he offered a big skill set coming forward, more just constant pressure, which is fair enough. So the question is why couldn’t Kelly cope after rd 6? Is it the weight, or simply his undoubted amateur skills have not yet transferred to the pro-game? In which case it probably was a fight too soon in his career. Or may be it just isn’t there at the higher end of the pro game. Time will tell. As for Ava...onwards and upwards and good luck to him. Although I think his level is probably just below world level given the champions around this weight.

  • Kenny Green
    Kenny Green 9 days ago +1

    I like how Josh thinks he looks cazy with his eyes then when he loss he looked like the little weasel lol

  • Morgan Arky
    Morgan Arky 9 days ago

    Why did he keep going for his cut dirty that

  • Fire Cracker
    Fire Cracker 10 days ago

    If u have skills u gotta know how and when to use them

  • Mark Cordwell
    Mark Cordwell 10 days ago

    Got smashed,maybe put his ego away now

  • King Willi
    King Willi 10 days ago

    Kelly trying to be mayweather but it’s just not working for him. He needs to find who Kelly is. His got talent.

  • David McGrail
    David McGrail 10 days ago

    Sad to see Josh pick up a defeat but he will come back sharper....looked like he had it until fatigue set in....good on AdamB for looking after him as the legs were gone.

  • canalcahill
    canalcahill 10 days ago

    Walked him down till is legs went

  • Stan Smith
    Stan Smith 11 days ago

    Deserves to lose with a name like KELLEH

  • shot caller
    shot caller 11 days ago

    All the english boxers getting spanked mate. Even katie taylor lost not long ago but they gave her the win lol corrupt boxing is lol bunch of hype jobs and eddie knows it lol

  • Ben Jackson
    Ben Jackson 11 days ago

    It's crazy how these guys weighed in at 10st 6!!😯

  • Sadiq Rahimi
    Sadiq Rahimi 11 days ago

    Where's the slow motion 🤔🤨☹☹☹☹

  • Simon Clark
    Simon Clark 11 days ago

    People giving kelly Stick Are idiots dont understand the Scale of The task he accepted at such a premature stage of his Development. He failed on one element, he has went the distance a few times but he has never had anyone apply the pressure consistently.He is so naturaly talented i feel he has neglected the essencials

  • Gary Carr
    Gary Carr 11 days ago

    Just love go forward fighters ! Top win

  • Adam Caban
    Adam Caban 11 days ago

    Kelly looks good thats about it

  • SN Chainz
    SN Chainz 12 days ago

    Can’t predict boxing. You can perform like the better boxer but still lose

  • Liam Pell
    Liam Pell 12 days ago

    Fight changed when they collided heads deffo... the pressure was really good but he was doing him off the back foot like Adam booth trains his fighters kelly is deffo gonna be champ real soon 10 fights in bet the towel wouldn’t have been thrown without the cut also but a lot will disagree but that’s calm PBKKK🔥🔥🔥

  • Blagz ster
    Blagz ster 12 days ago

    This loss for PBK is a blessing in disguise. He's clearly got immense talent but he will now understand that winning fights isn't about just looking good. Showboating and loosing isn't a good style.

  • christoph !!
    christoph !! 12 days ago

    10.56 elbow

  • Slayge
    Slayge 12 days ago

    First Warrington now Kelly wats going on with these Uk fighters 🤦‍♂️

  • Sharmake Abees
    Sharmake Abees 12 days ago

    The Russian is so damn hungry and he can't loss

  • Dwayne Donaldson
    Dwayne Donaldson 12 days ago +1

    I feel so bad for kelly 😞

  • DJL1NK
    DJL1NK 12 days ago

    Ignorance and arrogance VS Composure and determination

  • connor irish
    connor irish 12 days ago

    Only us Irish have been able to compete at the highest level, The English are known for their failure to compete at the highest level. Jack Dempsy, Quarry, Fury, Frampton and McGuigan.

  • Daniel Schwank
    Daniel Schwank 12 days ago

    Kelly reminds me a bit of Nathan Cleverley. Looked a class act but reached a certain level and came undone. Young enough to prove me wrong mind.

  • The great unseen
    The great unseen 12 days ago

    Would like to see Kelly Vs Danny garcia

  • Adam Whathough
    Adam Whathough 12 days ago

    Thanks for the spoiler was looking forward to this 👍 they are cutting out half of the fight too 😡😡😡😡 anyways I’m I unsubbing good whilst this channel lasted

  • Nancy D
    Nancy D 12 days ago

    I feel bad on the boy who got badly hurt/looks like there both crying

  • Bom Triggs
    Bom Triggs 12 days ago

    Ego warrior dies a cowards death. No heart. Falls in the face of adversity.

  • bfdaby
    bfdaby 13 days ago

    Eye of the tiger

  • Hasnain Amir
    Hasnain Amir 13 days ago

    At lot of these boxers lack that real G toughness, only life can give you that

  • S B
    S B 13 days ago

    Just a fancy dan and no substance

  • S B
    S B 13 days ago

    Show off gets knocked out nice one love it.

  • knoxieman
    knoxieman 13 days ago

    Yup gulf in class very evident there, tactics all wrong from JK, another fighter whos been told hes the best before fighting the best, he wont be the same fighter after this which might be a good thing, he might reign in some of that showboating we have seen in other fights, funnily enough Marku will make the same mistake, best way to push that out of a fighter is for the fighter to be easily beaten as we saw with David, a class performance.

    • Charlie Harrington
      Charlie Harrington 12 days ago

      Thing is though, do you think his team are trying to tell him and he's not listening? Or are they all clueless? It's not like he's a young kid anymore he's 26 so needs a big change now before it's too late. No point trying to copy Hamed if you don't have the power...

  • Uber Steve
    Uber Steve 13 days ago


  • Dynamite D
    Dynamite D 13 days ago

    Where did that cut on the back of the head come from?

  • ILikeGAMESish
    ILikeGAMESish 13 days ago

    Kelly went in there thinking he could beat a guy who has won 2.5 times the amount of fights that Kelly has had. Made himself look like an idiot and got walked down the entire time. I do like it when showboaters get their comeuppance.

  • MJ Chippironi
    MJ Chippironi 13 days ago +1

    5:52 "Avanesyan TRIES to get a hook of his own" as he lands a clean hook. Blatant biased commentary and they proceed to praise Kelly for work he did 2 minutes before rather than acknowledge the currrent success of Ava.

  • Uzayr Raja
    Uzayr Raja 13 days ago

    Josh Kelly unfortunately showboated more then he did or could box, keep it simple, keep it from range, questions gotta be raised about his rank? Surely, Warrington walked down kelly walked down making it easy.

  • Sean Atlas1
    Sean Atlas1 13 days ago

    Good fight!!
    Big respects to every fighter!

  • undecided
    undecided 13 days ago

    please change the sky commentators please they make me not wanna watch sky boxing.

  • Bon Tempo
    Bon Tempo 13 days ago

    The reason why you can't step up to unorthodox set-ups and be cocky, is because you need to be tough first.
    Why, because there are tough fighters out there. Especially if they are Russian xD

  • M0beast
    M0beast 13 days ago +1

    Nice Philly shoulder roll Josh Kelly! You dodged every punch amazingly well! Use it more often...

  • MiStAh BiZzLe
    MiStAh BiZzLe 13 days ago

    If only Kelly had a bit more power in his punches

  • Andyjames grey
    Andyjames grey 13 days ago

    Don't look too natural at that weight, maybe up a weight n bounce bak then fight the best fresh weight for you have all you strength n natural power n equal stamina everyone has that point where you peak......can't be worked out in 10 months u will never lose a fight ever again hardcore mindset each punch u unleash will flow each impact will drive to your opponents core this system has now weakness

  • Zam zam
    Zam zam 13 days ago

    Kelly lol

  • Jammers 187
    Jammers 187 13 days ago

    excellent aim with the towel

  • Mike 649Foxx
    Mike 649Foxx 13 days ago

    Great fight.

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker 13 days ago

    Good relentless pressure, Josh was getting caught all over the place indeed!

  • Jay says
    Jay says 13 days ago

    cheeky boxers bring entertainment to the sport. I hope Kelly comes back stronger 🙁

  • aseyeseait
    aseyeseait 13 days ago

    Avenesyan had zero respect for Kellys power. All of that dancing and prancing, yet so easy to hit.

  • Noah Sub
    Noah Sub 13 days ago

    Going by this, it’s hard to see Josh ever being a world class boxer. He’s definitely got some skills but is not as strong or powerful as he appears. He looks like he would capitulate under sustained pressure. I hope he proves me wrong & comes back stronger.

  • Jimbob 20
    Jimbob 20 13 days ago

    Blowing out of his arse by the 3rd round. Nothing against Kelly, but Mr Booth seems to be running out of talent to ruin.