The top TEN Championship Play-Off Final moments | The biggest game in the world always delivers!

  • Published on Jul 30, 2020
  • The Sky Bet Championship Play-Off Final is the final chance to punch a ticket to the Premier League, and is a game that's given us more than its fair share of drama and excitement over the years.
    After digging through the archives and watching all of the showpiece matches again, we've come up with our top ten moments for you here.
    Do you agree with our list? And which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!
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Comments • 70

  • Sky Bet
    Sky Bet  14 days ago +112

    Who do you fancy in this year's final - Brentford or Fulham?

    • Davide Souprayen
      Davide Souprayen 16 hours ago

      @CT_Duckpuck par o pesc cazz rir

    • CT_Duckpuck
      CT_Duckpuck 17 hours ago

      @Davide Souprayen hahahahahaha

    • CT_Duckpuck
      CT_Duckpuck 17 hours ago

      @PebbleYT hahahah

    • Cactus
      Cactus 6 days ago

      I think brentford should've won but sadly there keeper slipped up on that free kick and the 2nd goal there was just nothing he could do but well done to Fulham and i hope to see Brentford in the prem soon

    • SameoldDecgar07
      SameoldDecgar07 8 days ago

      Stealth - Raf hahah I know mate wish I’d stuck money on it now 😂

  • Jarrod Lloyd
    Jarrod Lloyd Day ago

    7.25 What kind of an attempt was that?

  • Floral Wallpaper Enthusiast

    Love seeing that Zamora winner because I'll never forget the Derby fans gloating on the way back from the one they did win. How did that karma taste lads? 😂😂😂

  • Gordon Ferrar
    Gordon Ferrar 3 days ago

    Derby fans aren't cut out for the big time shit themselves and way to negative. Destined to be that club living in the past wondering what if.

  • TheRyster
    TheRyster 3 days ago

    My balls dizz everytime I see Charlie Adam smashing that free kick into the top bin. Unreal.

  • Alex Curtis
    Alex Curtis 3 days ago

    Where on earth is the Norwich V Boro match ? Miles better than any of these awful games

  • Tasty McCheese
    Tasty McCheese 3 days ago

    The play-off finals are pretty much the only championship matches I enjoy watching

  • Slamin Sam
    Slamin Sam 3 days ago

    Bobby Zamora broke my heart

  • okimojo
    okimojo 4 days ago

    I could only imagine what the scenes would have been like for both Leeds and Wycombe had there been people at Wembley. The emotion on both sides of the coin is what makes promotion so beautiful.

  • phil
    phil 4 days ago

    No1 Charlton v Sunderland the best

  • James Armitage
    James Armitage 4 days ago

    How the bloody he'll has Zamora made it to no1? For me top 3 is Blackpool comeback, windass sending hull to prem for first time ever and my other one would be mendonca magic. Completely impartial view from a Barnsley fan

  • Elijah Tchilembe-Mpovie

    How is the 98 Final not number one??

  • T R
    T R 5 days ago

    As a sunlun fan I fucking hate charlton but the championship play off final was as good of a football match you’ll ever see

  • Yashwanth Rao
    Yashwanth Rao 5 days ago

    I miss Blackpool,Bury and Nottingham forest

  • ED Films
    ED Films 5 days ago

    Why did you put that GODAWFUL music on the clips? Totally ruins it.

  • Levi Azul
    Levi Azul 6 days ago

    Vaccin can't come soon enough so we can all be in the stadiums again experiencing these astonishing moments

  • Young Javanese
    Young Javanese 6 days ago

    I saw the thumbnail,and i think that Zamora is Keegan Michael-Key

  • Kelvin Side
    Kelvin Side 7 days ago

    Fulham is amazing record

  • james smith
    james smith 7 days ago

    As a Sunderland fan that mickey gray penalty still hurts 22 years on. But that was one of the best football matches I’ve ever watched

  • Fidel RMZ
    Fidel RMZ 7 days ago

    The biggest game in the world lmfaoooo are you having a laugh mate

  • xoobo vola
    xoobo vola 7 days ago

    Wycombe 4: The Irish Guy from HITC gets Pontus Jansson's name tattooed on him. He sticks to his word!

  • Chris
    Chris 7 days ago

    Does being in the championship mean youre required to have trash ugly kits?

  • Mohammad Hariri
    Mohammad Hariri 7 days ago

    Where is leicester vs watford?

    • xoobo vola
      xoobo vola 7 days ago

      As a Derby fan I clicked in this knowing full well what would be number 1 😭

  • whyahh
    whyahh 8 days ago

    charlton is one of the worst team ever played in epl as far as i can remember

    • moggs
      moggs 6 days ago

      Cardiff ? Twice . 😂😂😂

  • abbsnn cose
    abbsnn cose 8 days ago

    I went to the QPR game and we didn’t deserve that win at all, derby was all over us the whole game😂

  • Donatus Joshua
    Donatus Joshua 8 days ago

    The celebrations only to get beaten to a pulp and sent back to relegation by bigger teams

  • mikea hiooi
    mikea hiooi 9 days ago

    Tbh I thought that wasn’t the Huddersfield goal keeper the way they barged into him🤣🤣🤣

    • abbsnn cose
      abbsnn cose 8 days ago

      What about Scott sinclairs hatrick for Swansea vs Reading. Racists

  • Stu E
    Stu E 9 days ago

    "The fallen giants are back on their feet" Still sends shivers up my spine

  • Rees Jones
    Rees Jones 9 days ago

    7:24 Brown envelope.

    • mikea hiooi
      mikea hiooi 9 days ago

      Here what was that penalty in the shootout all about, wouldn’t see that in Sunday league

  • M Barron
    M Barron 9 days ago +1

    How can they not include Darren Carter at only 18 years old smashing in the winning penalty in the shootout against Norwich!!?

  • Manuel Olsen
    Manuel Olsen 9 days ago

    What about Watford vs Leicester

  • Long Nguyen
    Long Nguyen 9 days ago

    QPR ❤

  • bilisha coli
    bilisha coli 10 days ago

    Everyone from Hull remembers where they where when Windass buried that worldie 😂

  • beani24329
    beani24329 10 days ago

    QPR had to be #1. The way that game went and the way they won was unbelievable. I never saw a club’s fans celebrating the way they were in Wembley that day. The stadium looked like it would come apart.

  • beani24329
    beani24329 10 days ago

    The Zamora goal is the best for me. 10 men and one way traffic for a half hour and QPR got one chance and he put it in with seconds left to play

  • LionRS2014
    LionRS2014 10 days ago

    "The beautiful game"

  • Daniel Waldrum
    Daniel Waldrum 10 days ago

    Derby have been very unlucky but we finally be up there in a couple of years got a good manager and has brought the through the youth first year has been a transition year for us and everyone at club now next year we will go for it 🐑

  • Daniel Rose
    Daniel Rose 10 days ago

    As a Derby fan I clicked in this knowing full well what would be number 1 😭

  • Michael Jaynes
    Michael Jaynes 10 days ago

    The adrenaline of scoring a stoppage time winner or a winning penalty in front of that gigantic crowd has got to be second to none.

  • Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi
    Abdulloh Ahmad Badawi 10 days ago

    It suck to be runner up in championship, you know there is no celebration like winning the play off

  • Tom Henderson
    Tom Henderson 11 days ago

    Poor Derby fans

  • Mark Morgan
    Mark Morgan 11 days ago

    What about Scott sinclairs hatrick for Swansea vs Reading. Racists

  • Daniel Jackson
    Daniel Jackson 11 days ago

    As a Derby fan this was not fun

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui 10 days ago

      Ohh Bobby zamoraaa ohh Bobby zamoraaa

  • Gabriel Slater
    Gabriel Slater 11 days ago

    Here what was that penalty in the shootout all about, wouldn’t see that in Sunday league

  • huttio srreu
    huttio srreu 11 days ago

    now is Ebere Eze but he is probably gonna leave 😭

  • Michael Muldowney
    Michael Muldowney 11 days ago

    Charlton vs Sunderland in 1998, still the best domestic game of football I've ever seen played at Wembley. 8 goals and 13 of 14 penalties scored in the shootout.

  • Pk 8
    Pk 8 11 days ago

    That promotion is a whole life promotion $$$

    • Pk 8
      Pk 8 11 days ago

      huttio srreu because it’s the largest seasonal promotional salary in the world

    • huttio srreu
      huttio srreu 11 days ago

      Lol how is the championship the biggest game in the world

  • smiley061272
    smiley061272 11 days ago

    Go brentford...

  • Winning Wednesdays
    Winning Wednesdays 11 days ago

    fulham is my bet

  • Carlos The Villan
    Carlos The Villan 11 days ago

    Goosebumps watching Villa win promotion and Huddersfield as well

  • Robert Billing
    Robert Billing 11 days ago

    They should let fans in this year, they'd be spread out at a social distance anyway.

  • mijuo roui
    mijuo roui 11 days ago

    Come one Brentford! Make sure that the Irish Guy gets your captain's name tattooed!

  • MrKunt
    MrKunt 11 days ago

    For not having Swindon vs Leciester in 1993, this list is horseshit. That was the best 2nd tier playoff final bar none.

  • Kyle Barton
    Kyle Barton 11 days ago

    0:55 Cairney was offside

    • mijuo roui
      mijuo roui 11 days ago

      Wednesday loudest fanbase to go to the new wembley coming from wembley themselves

  • xuanbao Xb2103
    xuanbao Xb2103 11 days ago

    Nice 👍👍👍

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy 12 days ago

    What about Scott Sinclair’s Hat-Trick

  • Cam Kirk
    Cam Kirk 12 days ago

    Ohh Bobby zamoraaa ohh Bobby zamoraaa

  • Dave Birdy
    Dave Birdy 12 days ago

    its not going to be same in the final at all for both sets of fans and clubs Wembley is about fans but safety comes first :) as a leeds fan good luck the both teams and will see one of you in prem good luck

    • yaliso gioouy
      yaliso gioouy 12 days ago +1

      Brentford will promoted in 2020-2021

  • Alfred Cheng
    Alfred Cheng 12 days ago

    Zamora’s goal will be remembered forever. It is even more important than that Deeney Leicester goal, as Zamora just win QPR a Top Flight spot directly by that last minute goal.

    • FriendlyWhiteLad
      FriendlyWhiteLad 11 days ago

      Well dunno why you’ve even mentioned deeneys goal cause it counted for absolutely nothing in the end.

  • Jordie92
    Jordie92 12 days ago

    You mean the top 10 moments that were on Sky. You've omitted several brilliant finals that were on ITV. Eat shit Sky.

  • Shaun Thurston
    Shaun Thurston 12 days ago

    As a Brighton lifelong fan (we are the experts in cocking it up in the playoffs!) all I can say is to do all you can to get up automatically and avoid all this unbearable stress!

  • IsaiahBH
    IsaiahBH 12 days ago

    Lol how is the championship the biggest game in the world

  • Aiming_For_Gaming
    Aiming_For_Gaming 12 days ago

    Thought this was Key&Peele from the thumbnail.

  • brian parsons
    brian parsons 12 days ago

    no1 my fav and fall off my sofa when went in as a forest fan

  • Thomas Wood
    Thomas Wood 12 days ago +1

    Charlton vs Sunderland is definitely the game I remember growing up a proper football match

  • sotuur aeei
    sotuur aeei 12 days ago

    Real shame that this years final will be behind closed doors. Wish fans could see their team get premier league glory in person

  • Antonello Salvatore
    Antonello Salvatore 12 days ago

    I'm a Perugia's fan since 1965! I remember 1 play out for remain in second national division 1967/68: first lap 5 teams:Perugia, Genoa, Venezia, Lecco, Messina...out Messina. Second lap: 4 teams:Perugia, Lecco, Genoa, Venezia...out Venezia and 2 play off: 06-06-1993 to Foggia vs Acireale for promotion in second national division: Perugia's suppprters 18000 distance Perugia from Foggia 500 km. Result:Perugia 2 Acireale1 with second goal at 45'secons half.

    • sotuur aeei
      sotuur aeei 12 days ago


  • Simun Simun
    Simun Simun 12 days ago ⚽1️⃣🏆🕛💪

  • AM
    AM 12 days ago

    Wednesday loudest fanbase to go to the new wembley coming from wembley themselves

  • brett davidson
    brett davidson 12 days ago

    as a qpr fan i can say this is EASILY the best day of my life being there to see the ZAMORAAAAAAA moment