My Friend's Insane Lamborghini has a BAZOOKA Exhaust Mode!

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
  • There's crazy, and then there's absolutely insane and my friend Stig's Persian Cousin's ultra rare Lamborghini Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale is exactly that. The modifications are endless, and the bonkers sounds it makes can only be associated to machine guns or a bazooka! What to you think of this huge Lamborghini tuning project?!
    5-6 years ago we filmed together a few times some videos with this very car in Dubai, back at the time it was much more stock but still with a stupidly loud exhaust, however that's now even louder. The car itself is one of around 86 STS' that Lamborghini ever produced of the intended 150 unit build run, so already a very rare final special edition as a road car (Stradale) of the Super Trofeo racecar. For example it now has a half-cage, harnesses, racing dashboard and steering wheel, huge wing and diffuser, racing suspension, and of course a straight exhaust,
    Starting off with the crazy scenario that we have a car from Dubai and my Ford GT from the UK, here together in Los Angeles, we leave the GT for today to take out the machine gun Lambo to get a feel for what all of this is about.
    Be sure to follow more of Stig's Persian Cousin's adventures with the Lambo on:
    Thanks for watching, Tim
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  • Shmee150
    Shmee150  8 months ago +437

    My friend @stigspersiancousin has basically turned his super-rare Super Trofeo Stradale into the full Gallardo Super Trofeo! The sounds it makes though... well it's a permanent machine gun of backfire combined with the occasional bazooka being fired off!

    • kecox30
      kecox30 5 months ago

      I wish I could get a ride to work in that Lamborghini to see if I get there faster than my 99 dodge by the speed limit

    • kecox30
      kecox30 5 months ago

      Life’s more than cars.

    • kecox30
      kecox30 5 months ago

      You must be very bored in life

    • Leonard Waker
      Leonard Waker 5 months ago

      if you shut up we could hear the dang car

    • Taylor Mears
      Taylor Mears 7 months ago


  • Masoud Amiri
    Masoud Amiri 2 days ago

    اجسام از آنچه در آینه میبینید از شما خیلی دورترند

  • Frosty McRambo
    Frosty McRambo 3 days ago

    i want 1

  • Yunity
    Yunity 3 days ago


  • قبل٩سنوات
    قبل٩سنوات 7 days ago

    يعيال مين لاحظ ان الكتابه في المرايه اليمين بلعربي

  • whycantibefree
    whycantibefree 8 days ago

    a tunnel 🤣🤣🤣. Uh do you mean an underpass 🤣 not exactly a tunnel is it 😬😂🤣

  • Gusai Emad
    Gusai Emad 12 days ago

    so does any one know how much it will cost to make my gallardo sound like this beauty ?

  • Dario Kucej
    Dario Kucej 16 days ago

    5:15 Did he just sad the n word

    • Sina 1384
      Sina 1384 15 days ago

      Dario Kucej said ill see mine again in a moment :)

  • War of Oasis
    War of Oasis 23 days ago +1

    What exhaust is that?

  • Acrophobia
    Acrophobia 26 days ago

    Holy fuck this guys lambo is godly

  • adrian sprenger
    adrian sprenger 26 days ago

    The ABC how to destroy a its value is 0

  • austriaDiamolo
    austriaDiamolo 29 days ago

    I hate the name SmEeeE

  • ScottOne
    ScottOne Month ago

    That car is just hideous and the sound is garbage. Who wants to drive a car that NEVER gives is a freaking break?!

  • Rhaegal
    Rhaegal Month ago

    has roll cage...head is above the roll cage

  • F
    F Month ago

    Imagine driving a car whit a WW3 stuck inside ur exaust

  • Patrick
    Patrick Month ago

    Tuner: How much attention you want to have?
    Owner: Yes

  • Fabri Blu
    Fabri Blu Month ago


  • Greb Nitty
    Greb Nitty Month ago

    This video put a huge smile on my face.

  • Paul Sampson
    Paul Sampson Month ago

    Porsche all day long 😎

  • Siddharth Annamalai

    Correction : My friend's RICED Gallardo

  • FaZe Ridge
    FaZe Ridge Month ago

    This is the sexiest car ever known to man.

  • Michael Rowden
    Michael Rowden Month ago

    That’s ridiculous. Sounds fucking shit. In fact, it sounds broken.

    LKNANML Month ago

    That exhaust would get annoying fast.

  • BeardedFoodLover
    BeardedFoodLover Month ago


  • Chicken with 1,000 subscribers and no videos

    Lets here the exhaust:

  • Torin Schraven
    Torin Schraven Month ago

    The way this guy talks j makes me mad haha

  • Bcody 31
    Bcody 31 Month ago


  • blogatozpk
    blogatozpk Month ago

    i would love to buy that lamborghini

  • MrDavidp180
    MrDavidp180 Month ago

    That car is insane...

  • Jacob Smith
    Jacob Smith Month ago +1

    if your car can't make you smile like that. you need a new one

  • kharly cadz
    kharly cadz Month ago

    That feeling when you're driving beside that car and you've shot using ak 47

  • Craig Jones
    Craig Jones Month ago

    No thanks.

  • ZhopeZ
    ZhopeZ Month ago

    Hi guys I’m schmee

  • Julian Cheeks
    Julian Cheeks Month ago

    It’s funny when he says hi guys it’s shme

  • Maarten Verstraelen

    Tbh we all know it's called the fart car in reality

  • William Gladius
    William Gladius Month ago

    I’m just looking at the Ford GT at the beginning of the video

    KOON STUDIO Month ago

    It look like Aventador

  • Stuart Campbell
    Stuart Campbell Month ago

    That would get old after 30sec

  • marquez 93
    marquez 93 Month ago

    many talk

  • Joshua Trezise
    Joshua Trezise Month ago

    Bruh the in n out 1 mile from my house sick invite

  • Mix Sense
    Mix Sense Month ago

    if he crashes there will be no airbag deployment in the driver seat!?

  • Dimitris C.
    Dimitris C. Month ago

    this car was lame af...

  • Aum Patel
    Aum Patel Month ago

    forget this tell me about the hellcat😳

  • 80Loke
    80Loke 2 months ago

    Should be illegal to have the car sound like that. Nice guy tho

  • Matej Majhenič
    Matej Majhenič 2 months ago

    My life is lamborghini❤️!!!

  • Arma Lol
    Arma Lol 2 months ago

    the ugliest ricy lambo.

  • The Alpha28
    The Alpha28 2 months ago


    Happy shmee noises

  • Lee Fan
    Lee Fan 2 months ago

    That lambo looks like it's from nfsmw blacklist

  • Club3g
    Club3g 2 months ago

    I thought my RS pops and crackles to much. This is just straight up annoying as hell. No way in hell could I live with this for longer than 10 seconds. Maybe the sport setting doesn't do it as much

  • Siavas Khan
    Siavas Khan 2 months ago

    Sorry Greta..

  • Potatarz ngnova
    Potatarz ngnova 2 months ago +1

    1:17 the laugh of an maniac lmao

  • Mike
    Mike 2 months ago

    This mad man with the two step on an NA car xD

  • Dylan Singh
    Dylan Singh 2 months ago +2

    if you guys think this is crazy, my insides after spicy food is a hole other level

  • Patrick Hughes
    Patrick Hughes 2 months ago

    The Porsche is so much sexier imo

  • Simon
    Simon 2 months ago

    How did he get around the foreign plates?

  • Travis Hartley
    Travis Hartley 2 months ago


  • mrmikef10
    mrmikef10 2 months ago +1

    I’d pick that Porsche over anything thougj

  • Matthew B
    Matthew B 2 months ago

    I wonder if each pop is flames

  • iStrapYur _
    iStrapYur _ 2 months ago

    That lambo looks like my lamborghini huracan in the crew.

  • Bobby Donnelly
    Bobby Donnelly 2 months ago

    ever feel like channels like this shouldnt exist for one reason only shmee looks like he has enough money as it is with all these fancy cars

  • Giorno Giovanna
    Giorno Giovanna 2 months ago

    Its pretty cool but after a while it gets a bit excessive. The crackling and popping is too much.

  • Mohammed Bhanpura
    Mohammed Bhanpura 2 months ago

    22:22 most low pollution emmiting vehicle

  • aneebaba06
    aneebaba06 2 months ago

    One of the attending physicians here in my part of Socal has a Gallardo Super Trofeo Stradale. Saw it in the parking lot at my hospital. But doesn't look as beastly as this one!

  • wyatttiger
    wyatttiger 2 months ago

    this is so lit

  • Michael Rivera
    Michael Rivera 2 months ago

    Shmee.... WHAT A VIDEO!!! I hope one day to see that car in real life. Also I can't wait to see you in person, your team is the only people that responded to me. I will remember you when I release my car when it is time until then take care bud.

  • Baik
    Baik 2 months ago

    Midway through watching this I remembered he was cop guy😂😂

  • Timké Bienda
    Timké Bienda 2 months ago

    Shmee and the guy that's always getting pulled over

  • Leo Tristae
    Leo Tristae 2 months ago

    something pretty BONKERS HAHAHHAHAHAHah

  • Yumeisi Martinez
    Yumeisi Martinez 2 months ago

    You hear errrr(normal straight pipe) PRAAAPRAAPRAABANGBAP , errr. The driver acting like if it’s nothing 😂😂

  • michel post
    michel post 2 months ago

    That is ridiculous... sad!

  • johnmcnatt1
    johnmcnatt1 2 months ago

    It would be cool for about 30 minutes and then it would be......."Why the fuck would anyone want to hear popping every single second of the drive?". I mean if you had a mode that could change the popping off and on, that would be okay. But I'm sorry. This car is fucking retarded. Why the hell would anyone want a Lamborghini that sounded like it was breaking down every single time you drove it? Classy vs stupid.

  • greg spencer
    greg spencer 2 months ago

    Each to their own and if you can afford it and want to do it who is anyone to tell you otherwise. That said, this is just way, way too much IMO. Too loud and too often; on EVERY shift and lift regardless off speed or gear is crazy.

  • Vpatel 7089
    Vpatel 7089 2 months ago +1

    10:53 Speechless 😶

  • Scott Kendrick
    Scott Kendrick 2 months ago

    I'd buy it if I could afford it

  • Lucas Davison
    Lucas Davison 2 months ago

    Don't get it. Sounds dreadful. And screams (pardon the the pun) a lack of taste



  • Big Sexy’s House
    Big Sexy’s House 3 months ago

    That’s obnoxious

  • Fine house Productions
    Fine house Productions 3 months ago

    Vidoes way to long

  • ke0kie
    ke0kie 3 months ago

    "Yes, I'd like the 'it's falling apart' exhaust for my car!"

  • Team Ice Breaker
    Team Ice Breaker 3 months ago +1

    Who watched this vid because the lambo looked sick

  • 3eeeDee
    3eeeDee 3 months ago

    That’s one way to ruin a beautiful Lamborghini

  • 306Nick
    306Nick 3 months ago

    This is literally what I want to do with my life

  • Thewang720
    Thewang720 3 months ago

    that is just way to much deceleration burble for me. sounds terrible tbh

  • Danny Szura
    Danny Szura 3 months ago

    It needs wheels, front splitter, and stance or widebody kit

  • Barry Lakers
    Barry Lakers 3 months ago

    Me as shmee @3:01, "Whoaa My eardrums just got blown into SHMEEthereens" 😭😂

  • AceOspades
    AceOspades 3 months ago

    That would annoy the shit out of me after a while. It's becoming old news.

  • jc jc
    jc jc 3 months ago

    I’m stoned and started watching this and I’m dying

  • jc jc
    jc jc 3 months ago

    This is just beyond insane

  • Anjana Liyanarachchi
    Anjana Liyanarachchi 3 months ago

    Brits are all about show than go aren't they hahaha..

  • Jean Andrei Aquino
    Jean Andrei Aquino 3 months ago

    Hey shmee 150 congrats for reaching 2 million subscribers

  • VE1LS1DE
    VE1LS1DE 3 months ago

    20:57 I don't even want to know how jealous that Tesla driver just got.

  • Patrik Gårdewall
    Patrik Gårdewall 3 months ago

    this car must have been designed by an 18 year old
    its just too fucking much of everything
    start with that idiot megatron wing as an example ;)

  • Oskars Roze
    Oskars Roze 3 months ago

    Your friends lambo looks HORRID. Such a bad taste.

  • R 3rd
    R 3rd 3 months ago

    omg i cant stand this guy

  • Zombiebro09
    Zombiebro09 3 months ago

    Yea that Lamborghini is not loud at all

  • Ruth Prince
    Ruth Prince 3 months ago

    This sounds dirty 👌

  • Karlo Ivančić
    Karlo Ivančić 3 months ago

    Whos here before 1mil views?

  • Awesome Tomato
    Awesome Tomato 3 months ago +1

    This lambo makes the GT2rs sound like a vacuum cleaner.

  • The Penrose Underground Rehearsal Studios

    I laughed out loud. Great video Shmee

  • Daniel Obsekov
    Daniel Obsekov 3 months ago

    hi guys im shmEEEE