Getting Started on my Backyard Mountain Bike Trails

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • We've been doing lots of home renovation and improvement projects for the past few weeks, and it has all been in preparation for the main course: The backyard mountain bike trails! Today, we build the Berm Peak Express, a climbing trail that ends at the summit of my property.
    From there, we will build a trailhead, and all the routes that will descend from the top. Join me for a day of building, DIY, and lots of fun.
    Berm Peak Playlist
    Berm Creek Playlist
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  • Tom Romano
    Tom Romano 35 minutes ago

    where is Berm Peak?

  • Obama8MyKFC KFC
    Obama8MyKFC KFC 8 hours ago

    Throw skittles on the floor to remember the trail

  • No Username
    No Username 19 hours ago

    Is khs alite 350 good for beginner?

  • TTV -RoyalTryHard

    mabye better wood on that sign xd =)

  • MacFive
    MacFive Day ago

    You should flag your trails, it may take a bit more time, but you will know exactly what you want as you can put the flags in places where paint simply won't.

  • Blood Addicts Addi & Anden

    You’re extremely talented bro keep up the amazing work

  • Cosymoon
    Cosymoon 2 days ago

    I find your videos soooo good to watch, its honestly such a pleasure and I don't even ride mtb, looking for some road bike atm but quality of videos, ideas, jokes here and there are just top notch. Keep it going.

  • Stouxsie X
    Stouxsie X 2 days ago

    wooden stakes in the ground that or breadcrumbs

  • Chris Peters
    Chris Peters 2 days ago

    That red blade is not a pruning blade, a pruningblade looks like a limbsaw blade.

  • Scott Allen
    Scott Allen 2 days ago +1

    get a post hole digger you can cut the handles down a bit to make it more portable but it will make it more difficult. It's helped me dig down pretty far and it keeps a pretty tight hole all you need to do is stomp down on it with your heel and your good to go

  • Gloesteir x
    Gloesteir x 2 days ago

    1 like = 1 prayer for the sign

  • Brandon Keith
    Brandon Keith 3 days ago

    I didn’t even know how big you got until just now I’ve been watching you grow watching you get better since you taught me how to wheelie on a mtb and now you’re out here with a entire new trail never stop man :)

  • Leon Grimaldi
    Leon Grimaldi 3 days ago

    looks like you living large on youtube XD

  • Max McGhee
    Max McGhee 4 days ago

    You could use zip ties as markers, they wont fall off. Your videos are awesome! I dont want to tell you what to do this is your land and trails but it would be cool if you did some kind of paint or stain on the launch pad.

  • Nishaan Gahir
    Nishaan Gahir 4 days ago

    You should make the endurobarrow rideable. Like maybe 4 wheels or 3 and make it electric to make it easier to transport items up and down berm peak

  • dksob81
    dksob81 4 days ago

    What was that, that you use for the trail head signs?

  • Clayton Horvat
    Clayton Horvat 4 days ago

    If you want a cool tip, buy, "Mechanix" gloves. Good for working in the bush, working on mechanical stuff, and riding with. You'd probably never take them off. Keeps your hands clean too when working on stuff like drivetrain. Actually (honestly surprisingly) the best gloves I've ever had for riding with as well.

  • Christopher Last Name

    Instead of painting use a machete to mark the trail !

  • Anthony Mastriano
    Anthony Mastriano 4 days ago

    I would love to go out to S.C to help Seth

  • Luxcidy
    Luxcidy 4 days ago +3

    u should use suction cup dildos for trail markers 😂

  • Jules Mira
    Jules Mira 4 days ago

    this trail looks really fun, but i think u should add a berm with actual dirt. i think some small jumps in in this trail could work really well.

  • Coleton Johnston
    Coleton Johnston 4 days ago

    You should build a trailer for your bike you so you don’t have to walk all the way up there you can just ride and haul all the stuff up

  • Jake Bamforth
    Jake Bamforth 4 days ago

    Wire flags will do the job of paint. Plus you can reuse them.

  • Garland Reece
    Garland Reece 4 days ago +3

    What if you made a thing called Creek Pass where it's all the old things like the drama drop and wall ride and Signet table but make the wood look old

  • gurnoor singh
    gurnoor singh 4 days ago

    shovel cannon ROFL!!

  • Darren Frost
    Darren Frost 4 days ago

    Seth! I’ve never spoke about your videos before, I just wanted to say I absolutely love them and look forward to the next one! Especially the bike hacks! Please keep up with them! Elfrosto.

  • Andrew Peatee
    Andrew Peatee 4 days ago


  • gaming brothers bro
    gaming brothers bro 4 days ago +1

    what is a visco persons saw this

  • Abdul Abdul
    Abdul Abdul 5 days ago +1

    How old are you

  • John Dunbar
    John Dunbar 5 days ago

    It's so interesting to watch this rich white racist destroy the mountain side. I wonder if he would guide Jews into the gas chamber on that mountain bike

  • Backyard Trails LLC
    Backyard Trails LLC 5 days ago

    Great work! Looking forward to viewing the evolution or your system. I don't want to be Captain "..." but if you ever have a question reach out 📲

  • deep mystic
    deep mystic 5 days ago

    What I would do to live where you live
    I feel like I live in bloody hell with all this city noise. My autism enhances every sound.
    I need to live somewhere like this
    One day

  • Heath Mansfield
    Heath Mansfield 5 days ago +2

    Don't cut up the branches at the site take them to the open area then cut them up so you don't have to take heaps of branches just one bigger one

  • Rajni Malik
    Rajni Malik 5 days ago

    Drama is the cutest boxer I've ever seen

  • Finn OConnell
    Finn OConnell 5 days ago

    You need a utv

  • Lxrry
    Lxrry 5 days ago +1

    This might sound crazy should make a part where it goes underground

  • NZLKevin88
    NZLKevin88 5 days ago

    New channel, Seth's garden hacks .

  • Jon Simerly
    Jon Simerly 5 days ago

    Orange is property corner or line and the blue is for control points where you set up the instrument or back site. You could have had (still can) your surveyor set POL's - points on line as if you were going to build a fence but helps keep you and guests in bounds. Just have them set a mfp- metal fence post every 50-75 feet if it's clear line of sight and pain them orange. I use to be a land surveyor and know what keeps neighbors happy with each other lol it's best to do it all when you take over a new property as to not make your new neighbors mad. Love the videos and next time you fly out of McGhee Tyson holler and grab some lunch.

  • Thomas Daniel
    Thomas Daniel 6 days ago

    Another all-time great video!

  • Erik Horton
    Erik Horton 6 days ago

    I've used a leaf blower to initially mark a new trail

  • Griffin Renn
    Griffin Renn 6 days ago

    backpack blower clears leaves in woods 10x faster

  • Supreme YT
    Supreme YT 6 days ago

    Thats so cute he kept following you guys😂

  • Jellycloud 103
    Jellycloud 103 6 days ago

    Sign abuse

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James 6 days ago

    Instead of paint use a long piece of stringing rope and tie it off where you start at then start walking

  • Dave Dyer
    Dave Dyer 6 days ago

    Hey Seth, I got kinda bored watching everyone shred down Whistler, but I gotta tell you - I’m riveted by this whole trailbuilding / new house endeavor. This is great stuff! Thanks for the great vids!

  • Laserkitty
    Laserkitty 6 days ago

    Did he make up the names of his property???

  • Spencer/Tressa Adams

    Painting the trees with construction paint should naturally wash of in 6 months to a year. Not gonna hurt anything out there. Sunshine and rain will take care of it for you

  • airbud_gaming
    airbud_gaming 6 days ago

    America be like, “i can hand it to anyone, show them the trigger and let them figure out the rest.”

  • The Boss Banana
    The Boss Banana 6 days ago +1

    I live in Whistler, Canada, THE West Coast... it is amazing to have that amazing mountain biking so close...

  • Tnarg
    Tnarg 6 days ago +1

    Seth is like a dad that fixes everything with duck tape or other items soo good

  • Bugizm
    Bugizm 6 days ago

    So dope!

  • Tall Kid Ben
    Tall Kid Ben 6 days ago

    You should gets some people to help u and it would go a lot faster

  • William Moore
    William Moore 6 days ago

    I like how he says we instead of i it makes the video very inclusive thank you seth

  • matt69savage
    matt69savage 6 days ago

    Mark your trail with breadcrumbs, watch out for da witch.

  • Lcatch
    Lcatch 6 days ago

    you should definitly throw in som silica packs in with the tools.

  • Nick O
    Nick O 6 days ago

    seth bout to get shredded
    bet on it

  • The Outdoor Bros
    The Outdoor Bros 6 days ago

    You should have used little bike signs that you could print out

  • Johnny Utah
    Johnny Utah 6 days ago

    I don't even ride BMX or mountain bike, but I'm subscribing just bc the quality of video and workmanship. Plus you have a awesome dog

  • Brick Bros
    Brick Bros 6 days ago

    From 1 trail hazer 1000 to 2 trail hazer 500s!

  • Connor Geddon
    Connor Geddon 6 days ago

    I love everything you do, it’s so awesome, hopefully you never break another bone 😉

  • Roughandtough
    Roughandtough 6 days ago +1

    Dope house.

  • Glenn Chia
    Glenn Chia 7 days ago

    endurobarrow v2 is wicked

  • Monty Moss
    Monty Moss 7 days ago

    Could do with a quad

  • Mille
    Mille 7 days ago

    you don't know how much I love this track building series, I'm even planning on making my own because of you!! Make more of these and I LOOOVVEE this type of video man! Keep up the good work man!

  • Randy TV
    Randy TV 7 days ago

    Is there any animals in the woods?

  • Renee Gregoire
    Renee Gregoire 7 days ago

    You are such a nut - in a wonderful way. I wish you were my neighbor!

  • TarePanda
    TarePanda 7 days ago

    Aww drama

  • Super Taco Entertainment

    9:57 T H I this is the content I subbed for

  • Super Taco Entertainment

    R.I.P Trail Hazer 1000
    2019 - 2019
    Gone, but not forgotten.

  • Bhai
    Bhai 7 days ago

    I don’t ride bikes at all but is still watch him bcoz his videos are extremely well edited and made

  • Lee Parker
    Lee Parker 7 days ago

    Love these build videos :) The views from the property are amazing, Stoked for you

  • Jack Howard
    Jack Howard 7 days ago

    How much is a day pass?

  • Ryan Chai
    Ryan Chai 7 days ago

    This entire project is so cool!

  • cykir rozen
    cykir rozen 7 days ago

    hey seth i think you can attach a trike in endurbarrow and make it like a bike with compartment

  • Mathew Souris
    Mathew Souris 7 days ago +9

    Who else thought there were shovels shooting out of the Willberry v2

  • Taylor Parisot
    Taylor Parisot 7 days ago

    come to bigsky Montana!

  • BESOS Image
    BESOS Image 7 days ago

    I'm wondering why you chose a Ryobi? lol Also chuck two wheels on the back and a small motor on the enduro barrow and it'll turn into a dream :)

  • Michael Austen
    Michael Austen 7 days ago

    Love it! I'm about to buy 8 acres and will be looking to you Seth for some ideas and a little inspiration👍keep em coming🤙

  • BanniUK
    BanniUK 7 days ago

    Now that's a midlife crisis 😂

  • Caden Fisher
    Caden Fisher 7 days ago

    When’s the next trail building video ?!!

  • SeikoFPS
    SeikoFPS 7 days ago

    Hey seth i have a question. I have a commuting xc bike in my garage and i would like to change its geometry a little bit by converting into sth like a monstercross bike by using dropbars and a rigid fork. I already got the fork but it is about 5cm shorter on the range of axel to crown. Will this change the geometry in a bad way like dropping down the bb to the ground ?

  • Jack G
    Jack G 7 days ago

    Lmao when I saw drama FOLLOWING YOU GUYS UP THE TRACK

  • Owen Coates
    Owen Coates 7 days ago

    Hey Seth! If your ever in southern Ontario you should check out the hydrocut trails in Kitchener

  • Jeanay Price
    Jeanay Price 7 days ago

    how is the baby oil in the fat bike

  • Dan Latt
    Dan Latt 7 days ago

    I work in a bike repair shop in the UK and we use some pretty unique hacks. I have two in mind, here they are;
    1.we dont use soap to clean bikes and components, we use white spirit. It's cheap, comes in big bottles, and works miracles
    2.if you're swapping rims but are keeping the hubs and spokes, tape the new rim to the old rim and relace the spokes from the old wheel to the new rim. This will take much less time than relacing a rim from scratch

  • Orange 44
    Orange 44 7 days ago

    Seth should go to the mtb bike in new Zealand called woodhill mountain bike park

  • the insane boss
    the insane boss 7 days ago

    Anyone else just keep refreshing until the next vide

  • Just Jordan
    Just Jordan 7 days ago

    Captain Marker here, why don't you just put Flags for marking the trail. If you don't have Flags use tree brunches and bind some color on top of them then stick them in the ground. Spray can seems to be the fastest way I got nothing else to comment.

  • RainZ
    RainZ 7 days ago

    Go up and down a trail in 1st gear

  • Isaac Wentink
    Isaac Wentink 7 days ago

    NC reppin

  • Nacho alonso ruano
    Nacho alonso ruano 8 days ago

    seth can you fit a tapered fork on a non tapered fork???

  • Noah Grön
    Noah Grön 8 days ago

    Great building and by the way your dog is so cute!

    THE CASUAL RIDER 8 days ago

    amazing videos man. really loving it.

  • JP Andrews
    JP Andrews 8 days ago

    Hey Seth I love your channel, I'm not a new rider but I have a lot to learn still. Recently I broke a spoke (I have an old diamond back accent with factory rims and the rim breaks) I had to call it a day and I walked back to the trail head and drove home. So could you make a video for Trailside repairs and tools you'd take with you?

  • GamingBros ___
    GamingBros ___ 8 days ago +3

    I'm really jealous of you. I'm aspiring to be like you no joke

    • GamingBros ___
      GamingBros ___ 6 days ago

      @reno montenegro thank you

    • reno montenegro
      reno montenegro 6 days ago +1

      GamingBros ___, THIS IS NO JOKE, You can never be like him. Just be yourself and improve on what you have right now. Consider SBH as your inspiration BUT don't ASPIRE TO BE LIKE HIM or else the disappointment room will be your favorite place...

  • Kev’in Bike
    Kev’in Bike 8 days ago

    Really Nice video

  • Ruslan Adam vlogs
    Ruslan Adam vlogs 8 days ago

    Nice start

  • dave L
    dave L 8 days ago

    Seth, would love to be able to build a trail in my back yard in stead I will have to put up with the trails on the back of my house in south Wales , love your videos keep them up and come back to the uk again.

  • William Howcroft
    William Howcroft 8 days ago

    Hi Seth
    You should build a bike trailer long enough to carry lumber out to your trails or and atv would do the job

    EXGAMINGSTREAM 8 days ago

    4:20 where do you get those cool stickers from