Minecraft But I only walk on Sand EXPLAINED


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  • Lieutenant Jesse
    Lieutenant Jesse Hour ago

    You could just build fast so when it falls your on the next block

  • Dovey_snow
    Dovey_snow 2 hours ago

    It so obvious how could you not know?

  • salmahmdlazim5 Salmah
    salmahmdlazim5 Salmah 5 hours ago

    Pov: you thoguht he going to god bridge fast as possible

  • Arnold Franklin
    Arnold Franklin 5 hours ago

    god loves you all and he have an purpose for you all yayy god is coming soon

  • Mc Spicy Nut
    Mc Spicy Nut 6 hours ago

    With that logic you could just sprint on other blocks, and that would technically not be walking on it.

  • B3n L
    B3n L 6 hours ago

    If you guys feel dumb for not getting this, it's ok. It's not like this video will define your intelligence for the rest of your life.

  • Nicholasthekingofgaming


  • masteryuy31
    masteryuy31 9 hours ago

    Dream: hahahahah you NOOB

  • Adopt me gaming
    Adopt me gaming 10 hours ago +1


  • Xander Emma
    Xander Emma 12 hours ago

    I thought he was gonna use sandstone

  • Mario Verduzco
    Mario Verduzco 13 hours ago

    I lost brain cell in the building sand bridge

  • Sitora Outlaw
    Sitora Outlaw 14 hours ago

    He didn't have cobble stone in the beginning

  • Clark Xyrence Ramos
    Clark Xyrence Ramos 15 hours ago

    Check the cobblestone from the start

  • hideris
    hideris 16 hours ago

    Beating MC but only on sand spawns thousands blocks away from sand

  • Storytime With PG!


  • noobgt
    noobgt Day ago

    A dumb solution to a dumb problem

  • DamianDrakeGaming

    I like how the cobblestone doesnt go Into his inventory till after he went through the portal lmao. Camera magic

  • Mr. Welfainfes
    Mr. Welfainfes Day ago

    He got 64 cobblestone when he entered The End. FAKE

  • Idk my Channel name

    This man is too smart to be left alive

    VRAG GAMING Day ago

    That is a 200iq


    Got em hahah

  • Ty Hargrove
    Ty Hargrove Day ago

    Sand stone :am I a joke to you

  • YaboyTrisYT
    YaboyTrisYT Day ago +1

    If you were just gonna use cobblestone just keep using cobblestone and no need for sand

  • MrSnort
    MrSnort Day ago

    Very intresting.

  • Brawl Pat
    Brawl Pat Day ago

    How you got cobble wen u crossed dimensions

    SABER XTER 2 days ago

    Did you mlg sand when you break crystals

  • PotatoOiix
    PotatoOiix 2 days ago

    You walk not stand bruh and how ppl dont even know that he can place a non gravity block to sand bruhh.

  • ZabuGD `
    ZabuGD ` 2 days ago

    He made all of you look like fools

  • 愛心陳
    愛心陳 2 days ago

    I thought he could just endie pearl

  • Hyperspeed1880
    Hyperspeed1880 2 days ago

    this man has more iq than me

  • Aida Mendoza
    Aida Mendoza 2 days ago


  • Rose Quartz
    Rose Quartz 2 days ago

    Dang ppl r dumb

  • Alex Salazar
    Alex Salazar 2 days ago +1

    It is fake, how did the cobblestone appear when he went I to the end? Before he went in if wasn't in his inventory

  • Gephel T Namdhak
    Gephel T Namdhak 2 days ago

    1000 iq

  • 6972
    6972 2 days ago

    some people are just dumb

  • Issac Asher
    Issac Asher 3 days ago


  • Stoner Jesus
    Stoner Jesus 3 days ago

    These Minecraft challenge videos are getting weirder and weirder every time I see one

  • Eren jeager
    Eren jeager 3 days ago

    I feel stupid now

  • Nano Gomo
    Nano Gomo 3 days ago

    This has alot to say about your viewers hahaha

  • 111
    111 3 days ago

    I thought he would build up a pillar high enough to jump into the main island, guess he would die from fall damage anyways

  • 50legman
    50legman 3 days ago

    Know how the hell did he get all the Cobblestone and why is the Pickin all the schools not even broken at all the pickaxes not even broken iron it's supposed to be broken and if he and even even got the stone least we broke in a little bit

    • Ante Brekalo
      Ante Brekalo 3 days ago

      He just did it again and showed what he did in his actual run,he just in stead of speedrunning that again went in creative to find the portal to show what he did and how he beat the game

  • Marong
    Marong 3 days ago +1

    When u tryna walk with sand on end dimension but lucky
    *C O B B L E S T O N E*

  • Madra Uchiha
    Madra Uchiha 3 days ago

    Make sand stone

  • Angel 14feb
    Angel 14feb 3 days ago

    very genius my guy

  • Aaron Galvan
    Aaron Galvan 3 days ago

    Cobblestone spawned when you spawned in end

  • 《UsingDrip》
    《UsingDrip》 3 days ago +1

    How did he magically get cobblestone?

    • Ante Brekalo
      Ante Brekalo 3 days ago

      This wasnt an actual run,look at his tools,he just went into creative and showed what he did in his actual run

  • Thomas Frost
    Thomas Frost 3 days ago

    Why didn't you make sand stone🤦

  • Dream’s Left Shoe
    Dream’s Left Shoe 3 days ago

    I dead ass thought he was gonna “I just placed cobblestone and started walking on it lol”

  • TheGlitch.404
    TheGlitch.404 3 days ago

    Jesus loves all of you 🙂

  • Dylan Popple
    Dylan Popple 3 days ago

    He dint have cobble in his hotbar but when he went through he did

  • Adrienne Heidecker
    Adrienne Heidecker 4 days ago +1

    Just use sandstone when bridging it's still sand it's in it's name

  • Eventheeventシ 1
    Eventheeventシ 1 4 days ago

    Why would anyone say that you lost because you touched the obsidian, like... its impossible without

  • West Lee
    West Lee 4 days ago

    Big brain plays right here

  • Evan and Max's midnight talk

    *he jumped on the obsidian*

  • Tnemmoc Desruc
    Tnemmoc Desruc 4 days ago

    Well, obsidian is created form the intense heat of a volcano fuaing sand. So in a technical sense obsidian is just solidified molten sand.

  • Shazia Jamal
    Shazia Jamal 4 days ago

    As a wise man once said
    " *Modern Problems Require Modern Solution* "

  • DXShy
    DXShy 4 days ago

    They can’t blame you for auto spawning on a different block anyways

  • Beakhyun :P
    Beakhyun :P 4 days ago

    tbh...I thought maybe it would be to make sand stone :T

  • • s ë r ! ø u s •

    Oh- well I thought you could just use an ender pearl and you know what I mean? he wouldn't be walking on the endstone, he'd just land on it. not moving.

  • o_0 jared asteroid
    o_0 jared asteroid 4 days ago

    I thought the same thing

  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
    Obi-Wan Kenobi 4 days ago

    i thought he’d use torches

  • Mr. Random videos
    Mr. Random videos 4 days ago

    You are smart af

  • dragon king
    dragon king 4 days ago

    I thought he was just going to make sand stone

  • Jeremy De los santos

    Big brain

  • Ador Nalucthan
    Ador Nalucthan 5 days ago

    And that is why he has everything exactly (ups) a stack (Best english sentence)

  • BurnerAnimations
    BurnerAnimations 5 days ago


  • Nil Car
    Nil Car 5 days ago

    Literally no one asked

  • Hrvoje Marić Marić

    I tought that was the hole not a bridge

  • Matěj Zelený
    Matěj Zelený 5 days ago

    U should use sand portals