I only ate what the WAITER/WAITRESS recommended me for 24HOURS!

  • Published on May 5, 2019
  • I only ordered what the WAITER/WAITRESS recommended me!!
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Comments • 2 318

  • JessieLee
    JessieLee Day ago


  • Zane Humble
    Zane Humble 2 days ago

    Finally someone else who dislikes 🥑!!

  • Lisa’s Little World

    I would recommend u the cesar salad because it’s just the best, the other things at McDonald’s make me feel tooo full but the salad it’s just perfect and water or coke and cheesecake 🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Madiha Mozid
    Madiha Mozid 4 days ago

    haha who saw that little girl running up to her

  • Libby Morgan
    Libby Morgan 5 days ago

    When the viewers ran over to u😂😭😩

  • micalaurenx
    micalaurenx 8 days ago +1

    Your mum looks more like she should be your sister!! Both of you are beautiful ❤️

  • longifee fy
    longifee fy 8 days ago

    i like your dad :) he is so nice , like you are :D

  • Evanthia Xiourouppa
    Evanthia Xiourouppa 9 days ago

    Large Big Mac meal and a coke or a caramel iced frappe. They’re great! X

  • emma Said
    emma Said 10 days ago

    Double cheeseburger is better than big Mac PERIODTTT

  • Emma Shaw
    Emma Shaw 10 days ago

    As a waitress I actually hate when people ask what I recommend

  • Margaret Spidercamp
    Margaret Spidercamp 11 days ago +2

    A bigmac strawberry milkshake Fries and maby Some chickennuggets (I am 12) 😅😂

  • Smokey is Fluffy
    Smokey is Fluffy 11 days ago +1

    Cheese 🧀 burger 🍔 and chocolate 🍫 milkshake 🥤

  • Smokey is Fluffy
    Smokey is Fluffy 11 days ago +1

    Me to 7:06

  • Elizabeth Lauren
    Elizabeth Lauren 12 days ago

    The mango pineapple smoothie w/ a mcchickennnn ❤

  • Nikki Gilder
    Nikki Gilder 13 days ago +1

    That's like me I only like the white and scrambled

  • Kathryn Doyle
    Kathryn Doyle 14 days ago

    my order is 5 piece chicken select meal with fries diet coke with smoky barbecue sauce 🤤🤤

  • lewis dailly
    lewis dailly 14 days ago

    Bless the girl in the back at 7:06

  • Chowder !
    Chowder ! 18 days ago

    love hash browns

  • xydoit
    xydoit 18 days ago

    Another sugar day of Saf

  • xydoit
    xydoit 18 days ago

    Eat the less recommended by the waiters

  • xydoit
    xydoit 18 days ago

    Tip. If you asked the server they will recommended the most expensive things in the restaurant

  • diana DNA
    diana DNA 18 days ago

    Mom “ what did you have for breakfast?”
    Me “I had some videos of people eating “
    Am I the only one?

  • Cheryl Turnbull
    Cheryl Turnbull 20 days ago

    Love you guys and I would like to have biscuits with bacon egg and cheese from McDonald's and hash browns u should try it.

  • Holly Posluszny
    Holly Posluszny 20 days ago

    You really don't eat enough if that first meal was your daily intake

  • Hikari Taniguchi
    Hikari Taniguchi 20 days ago

    if i was the waitress i would recommend the most expensive thing on the menu

  • Heyitzamelia
    Heyitzamelia 21 day ago

    i always get a mayo chicken burger with cheese , large chip, sweet chilli sauce to dip the burger and chips into and the strawberry smoothie

  • Imagination10113
    Imagination10113 21 day ago

    Mcdonalds Order:
    (Medium Big Mac Meal)
    Big Mac
    Medium Fries
    Strawberry Iced Lemonade Or The mango Pineapple Smoothie
    Medium Mcflurry
    XD XD I eat alot Of food XD

  • megan ford
    megan ford 22 days ago

    I work in McDonald's I recommend the veggie deluxe meal with either mango smoothie or a. Millionaire frappe xxx

  • Hayley May
    Hayley May 23 days ago +1

    My order is as follows: chicken nuggets with BBQ sauce, a flet-o-fish or quarter pounder with cheese,large fries and a McFlurry unless it's breakfast

  • Mashail Mohamed
    Mashail Mohamed 23 days ago +1

    A Chicken burger with cheese fries and coke with sweet and sour sauce

  • Julka Julka
    Julka Julka 23 days ago

    My order is big fries and chocolate shake

  • Kasturi Raj
    Kasturi Raj 23 days ago

    Bill's is one of the best places for food 😍 miss that x

  • Princess Z
    Princess Z 24 days ago

    Did saff say "very peng food"

  • Lara Jegge
    Lara Jegge 25 days ago

    I‘d get a big mac meal and 6 chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce

  • Courtneyy X
    Courtneyy X 25 days ago

    I love saffron but I kinda find her triggering, idk she’s just always like ‘this is more calories than I eat in a whole day’ idk someone who’s battling an eating disorder it’s kind of hard

  • Madeline B
    Madeline B 27 days ago

    I love beef big tasty with extra bacon(as a meal)
    With coke zero and a fruit bag 🍔

  • Kate Sheridan
    Kate Sheridan 27 days ago +5

    My mc Donald’s order :
    Big Mac
    Diet Coke
    Ps you and Ana are my favorite youtubers

  • Jordan Terry
    Jordan Terry 29 days ago +2

    6 spicy chicken nugget meal with a Fanta

  • Amber Scida
    Amber Scida Month ago

    That was so fun! Now, the next time I go out to eat I’m doing the same thing. I have to try that at least one time!!! I have a suggestion of a video I’d like to see from you. You eating sushi. From your choices to eating it. I’m such a huge sushi fan. I’ve eaten it for the past 3 days. But to be honest, as much as I love sushi I’m all sushi’d out! 🤪

  • Sarah Thomas
    Sarah Thomas Month ago +11

    If I worked at McDonald's I would recommend a 20 box of chicken nuggets, large fries and a strawberry lemonade 😋

  • ingnorancebliss
    ingnorancebliss Month ago

    You really look like your dad tho

  • Kathryn Worsencroft

    I have never tried the mango and pineapple Smoothy. Is it really that good as people say it is? Will definitely try it.
    Saffron would you do a slimming world friendly video for 24 hours? It's about synning food. You can have 15 syns a day, your syns is chocolate, crisps etc. It's also filling up on free foods and speed foods. If you need more info let me know. :) fab video x

  • Millie Dunne
    Millie Dunne Month ago

    my McDonalds order would be six chicken nugget meal medium and my drink would be there hot chocolate

  • majd Daoud
    majd Daoud Month ago

    20 pc chicken nuggets w large fries sweet and sour sauce medium iced coffee french vanilla w extra cream and sugar or a large big mac meal

  • olivia tesner
    olivia tesner Month ago

    I would say 6 mcnugget meal with large fres orange jucie water and ppinnaple mango smoothet

  • Alyza Thompson
    Alyza Thompson Month ago

    I would order a Big Mac with a coke and a mango pineapple smoothie

  • Lily Heffernan
    Lily Heffernan Month ago +1

    Did anyone else see that girl at the mall that tried to come ip to saffron but saffron jist kept walking away so the girl didnt get to meet her

    • Lily Heffernan
      Lily Heffernan 27 days ago

      Yea i know

    • Brianna Little
      Brianna Little Month ago

      Lily Heffernan it looked like her mum noticed and then the video cut out so maybe she did stop and chat

  • kristi mcgruder
    kristi mcgruder Month ago

    McDonald's order : chicken tender combo with mango pineapple smoothie with whip!

  • Patricia Renee'
    Patricia Renee' Month ago

    As a waitress I use to recommend the most expensive meal/drink on the menu .... mainly for tip purposes, but not sure how it works in other countries

  • Diana Gerhardt
    Diana Gerhardt Month ago

    What is the hair color they use to do your hair. Beautiful.

  • Leslie-Ann Leeuwschut

    Big Tasty burger, fries and coke mcds South Africa

  • Malak Hossam
    Malak Hossam Month ago

    That girl running to safron😂😂

  • Shelby Haws
    Shelby Haws Month ago

    i work at mcdonalds and i always recommend the strawberry pie and caramel ice coffee with 4 extra pumps

  • life bob
    life bob Month ago

    They recommende that dish because it was expensive 🤪😂

  • S kitten
    S kitten Month ago

    I would refer chips, chicken nuggets, coke and a Oreo McFlurry from Mac Donald’s

  • Mallory Mendez
    Mallory Mendez Month ago

    She copied Sydney Serena

  • Angelina Giammarioli

    I love getting a Big Mac meal with either medium fries or poutine (I live in Canada) with an iced tea (sweet tea in the u.s)

  • meike verrr
    meike verrr Month ago

    I would order: 9 chicken nuggets with sweet and sour sauce and medium fries and a coca cola drink😊

  • Magical Muggles
    Magical Muggles Month ago

    7:10 I think this girl is following her to ask for a photo

  • Nina A
    Nina A Month ago

    My go to Maccas order is: BBQ Bacon Angus as a regular meal, with a Vanilla Coke and an apple pie.

  • Maysa Osman
    Maysa Osman Month ago

    im muslim so i recommend fish fillet burger fries and a mcflurry or the smoothie

  • Tilde Åkerman
    Tilde Åkerman Month ago

    I always order a mchicken meal

  • Maddie Mendes
    Maddie Mendes Month ago

    Only eating own brand food for 24 hrs xx

  • Mary hickey
    Mary hickey Month ago +1

    McDonalds- Cheese burger with bacon, no bun, extra mustard, double cheese, little ketchup, extra gerkin 😊

  • Zuzanna AB
    Zuzanna AB Month ago

    9:23 I would recommend the garlic mayo crispy chicken wrap meal with the mango pineapple smoothie :)x

  • JiaKaria
    JiaKaria Month ago

    Mango smoothie are so good

  • Lavya Sen
    Lavya Sen Month ago +3

    ok come to india and order this
    chicken nuggets
    and aloo tiki burger
    with a kit kat mcflurry

  • lady anxiety
    lady anxiety Month ago

    2 large big mac meals with one strawberry milkshake and one chocolate milkshake, 2 99p mayo chicken, large fries, a grilled chicken wrap without tomatoes and extra mayo but this is what we order when im out with friends and finacee

  • adham shaker
    adham shaker Month ago

    Big Mac (but spicy chicken), large fries, 9 pieces nuggets, fillet-o-fish, Oreo Mcflurry and COKEE

  • Rebecca Hawley
    Rebecca Hawley Month ago

    You went to Churchill square! That’s my local shopping centre

  • Mini Vinxx
    Mini Vinxx Month ago

    I don't like fish

  • gauri deshmukh
    gauri deshmukh Month ago

    Just joined fan of yours....please try challenge: eating all types of only egg dishes in breakfast lunch brunch and dinner...👍...and with no bread for the whole day...just egg preparations...

  • Lisi_ Do_it
    Lisi_ Do_it Month ago


  • Jess Cam
    Jess Cam Month ago

    Omg! I am definitely going to try this, next time I am out! I am a very, I like what I like girl, too. I would love to try some new things and what a great way to do it!!

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams Month ago +1

    I’ve had the mango and pineapple smoothie and there is also a strawberry and banana one as well and I love them I always get them,love you ❤️💕

  • Lollipop Slime
    Lollipop Slime Month ago

    Love this video

  • megan _ thomas
    megan _ thomas Month ago

    Deluxe quarter pounder meal, if you're really hungry ask for a double deluxe. It's sooo good

  • olivia.
    olivia. Month ago

    large fries. medium diet coke no ice , cheese melts :))

  • Rekha T.Murugan
    Rekha T.Murugan Month ago

    Casey was wearing a hoodie with the Korean flag in it.OMG YASS

  • Hollie Obrien
    Hollie Obrien Month ago +1

    I wud recommend 6 chicken nuggets curley fries and a large coke btw lysm xxx

  • microhorse
    microhorse Month ago

    Chicken selects and fries with banana milkshake

  • PolishPsycho
    PolishPsycho Month ago

    Bbq signature 😍

  • Phoebe Horsley
    Phoebe Horsley Month ago

    I would recommend from McDonald’s chicken selects with curry sauce and a millionare frappe with salty fries!

  • Nathan Turner
    Nathan Turner Month ago

    Where did you go for breakfast?

  • BlueFlames 1
    BlueFlames 1 Month ago +53

    Gordon Ramsay would not be happy with that poached egg 🤣

  • Catherine Turner
    Catherine Turner Month ago +2

    Good idea for a video but I think you should have eaten everything on the plate

  • Taylor Stricklin
    Taylor Stricklin Month ago

    New here! Love your channel! Your so beautiful!

  • M O co.
    M O co. Month ago

    I always order the chicken Big Mac, fries and sparkling water plus a pack of chilli cheese and truffle mayo! Love from Sweden!

  • Sophie Smith
    Sophie Smith Month ago

    McDonald’s order: double bacon cheese burger, small fries ,mango pineapple smoothie and maybe an apple pie

    • Sophie Smith
      Sophie Smith Month ago

      Love ur channel saffron ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Rhea  Shah
    Rhea Shah Month ago

    Stop saying absolutely 😂😂🤦‍♀️

  • Jimochi bby
    Jimochi bby Month ago

    i love you saffron!!!! YOUR VIDEOS MAKE MY DAYYYYY

  • Lexi Smith
    Lexi Smith Month ago

    Great video loved it!❤

  • Lucy Jane
    Lucy Jane Month ago

    Mine regular is the 3 piece chicken select with a cola and a ice cream ❤

  • Seania Regan Gill
    Seania Regan Gill Month ago

    99p cheese burger medium fries 20 chicken nuggets and either the mango smoothie or a iced mocha

  • Christopher Doherty
    Christopher Doherty Month ago +3

    I love the mango and pinapple drink in mc donalds . And I have chicken nuggets with that there is my mc Donalds order😊

  • Aimee BizzyB
    Aimee BizzyB 2 months ago

    Filet of fish plain with fries and mozerella sticks or nacho cheese bites. And either a mocha frappe or a mango pineapple smoothie

  • Angel jackman-hills
    Angel jackman-hills 2 months ago

    i get the mango smoothie from maccys with no yogurt and love the sweet chilli crispy chicken wrap!

  • Joanna Banana
    Joanna Banana 2 months ago

    McDonald’s order: 10 piece nugget meal buffalo sauce, double cheeseburger plain (cause I’m super picky) and any of the smoothies they’re all delicious

  • Menas Ali
    Menas Ali 2 months ago

    I can't believe you didn't have the mango pineapple smoothie

  • Sarah Sanders
    Sarah Sanders 2 months ago +2

    I work for Macca’s and I always go for a chicken burger with cheese and 🥓 or I’ll go for a quarter pounder meal always with coke no sugar