I only ate what the WAITER/WAITRESS recommended me for 24HOURS!

  • Published on May 5, 2019
  • I only ordered what the WAITER/WAITRESS recommended me!!
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  • Entertainment

Comments • 2 454

  • Jenny Arraj
    Jenny Arraj Day ago

    The exact same for Mac Donald’s but Chocolate milkshake

  • Candykxttens
    Candykxttens 4 days ago

    I’d recommend 9 chicken nuggets and fries

  • Jessica Kennedy
    Jessica Kennedy 5 days ago

    i would say for Mc Donnalds veggie dippers meal coke and oreo ice cream

  • Emma Gregory
    Emma Gregory 5 days ago

    I've had a mango pineapple smoothie

  • Sarah loon
    Sarah loon 6 days ago

    i lovely watch your video

  • Alxx Bee
    Alxx Bee 7 days ago +1

    I get 20 chicken nuggets large fries mozzarella bites and a Fanta

  • Kayla Brownlee
    Kayla Brownlee 8 days ago

    Your not that fussy

  • DMoneys _adventures
    DMoneys _adventures 8 days ago +1

    7:07 I was dying when the girl was running and she didn’t notice

  • Amber Wright
    Amber Wright 10 days ago

    10 chicken nuggets and large fries and Diet Coke


  • Jessica Brownie
    Jessica Brownie 12 days ago

    9 chicken nuggets large fries and large coke

  • adie lawton
    adie lawton 15 days ago

    That Garden plate said Vegetarian but Halloumi isnt vegetarian friendly

    • adie lawton
      adie lawton 14 days ago

      @Avneet Pannu yes but Halloumi and mozzarella are made with Rennet which is an emzyme found in cows stomachs

    • Avneet Pannu
      Avneet Pannu 14 days ago

      adie lawton it’s cheese. Cheese is vegetarian.

  • Nikola and Life
    Nikola and Life 23 days ago

    I would normally get 6 chicken nuggets🐓medium fries 🍟 depends what drink 🥤

  • Lola Cecilia
    Lola Cecilia 25 days ago

    3:07 I bet you wished you asked the SERVENT now

  • saba baloch
    saba baloch 25 days ago

    Plz sis my chenal like and share subscribe plzzzz

  • julie abdel massih
    julie abdel massih 29 days ago

    Lashes tho?

  • thambimuthu balarajah

    Hey saffron.... I used to hate avocado but You should try avocado with milk and honey... it’s rlly nice!🤗🤗🤗

  • Tilly Came
    Tilly Came Month ago

    3 chicken selects as a meal with diet coke but i only have it with BBQ dip

  • Tilly Came
    Tilly Came Month ago

    7:06 the girl running out of the shop to say hi to saffron🤣🤣

  • Shailes Pandya
    Shailes Pandya Month ago

    If I went to mcdonald's I would order vegetable deluxe or the spicy veggie wrap meal with a coke

  • Emily Thorpe
    Emily Thorpe Month ago

    My McDonald’s order is bigMac meal And Strawberry Milkshake soft serve ice cream 🍦

  • MiaVlogz And more
    MiaVlogz And more Month ago

    My order would be plain cheese burger meal an£ a mango and pineapple smoothie

  • MiaVlogz And more
    MiaVlogz And more Month ago

    My order would be plain cheese burger meal an£ a mango and pineapple smoothie

  • Kamran Shah
    Kamran Shah Month ago

    A fish falea with a coke

  • Anniyah Kulsoom
    Anniyah Kulsoom Month ago

    The girl that was running to saffron

  • Bolanle Adesanya
    Bolanle Adesanya Month ago

    I have been having big macs since i was 5

  • Tasniah Ahmed
    Tasniah Ahmed Month ago +1

    Did anybody realise she said it was hollandaise sauce on the egg at the beginning then was like i dont know what sauce is on the egg

  • soccerplayer3 3
    soccerplayer3 3 Month ago +10

    7:06 that poor girl tried to say hey and she didn’t even realize it 😟🥺

  • Sumss Privv
    Sumss Privv Month ago +1

    I literally go to the same town as her XD I know where she is..

    • Sumss Privv
      Sumss Privv Month ago

      @shamim bano lol but I do hope I see here!

  • Zara Green
    Zara Green Month ago

    I would recommend the 20 chicken nugs with small fries and regular coke 😍😍 xx

  • Chris Foster
    Chris Foster Month ago

    Where does Saffron live

  • Ghxst Wolf
    Ghxst Wolf Month ago +1

    I get the big tasty meal with the mango and pineapple smoothie because it is so nice and sometimes chicken selects

  • Pumpkin pie Xx
    Pumpkin pie Xx 2 months ago

    Fridays is soo good it’s my favourite restaurant

  • Natasha Burke
    Natasha Burke 2 months ago +1

    I usually get 20 chicken nuggets, medium fries and the mango pineapple smoothie you had

  • Hayley Platt
    Hayley Platt 2 months ago

    The girl ran up to u and u just kept walking 😂

  • Ellie Wishart-core
    Ellie Wishart-core 2 months ago

    I would recommend 6 chicken nuggets and medium fries and medium Fanta xx

  • Gerry Maher
    Gerry Maher 2 months ago

    Chicken selects with sweet chilli sauce and diet coke

  • Tracy James
    Tracy James 2 months ago +1

    Strawberry lemonade and the crispy chicken wrap with cucumber

  • Hayley O'Brien
    Hayley O'Brien 2 months ago

    Not as a vegan.
    Mango pineapple smoothie
    And mcgangbang
    As a vegan now
    Apple pie x2
    And large French fries

  • Unknown B
    Unknown B 2 months ago

    If you fried eggs properly they won’t be runny 😂

  • Dolkar Lachungpa
    Dolkar Lachungpa 2 months ago +5

    Omg the girl who ran behind saffron was so hilarious 🤣🤣

  • CH S
    CH S 2 months ago

    For someone that hates coffee why go to Starbucks they are known for coffee

  • planningtolive_thebestlifeever

    A poached egg will get less and less runny as you let it sit there. It basically keeps cooking. If you cut into it right away it would most likely have been very runny!

  • Polly B
    Polly B 2 months ago

    Dad v girls have done it

  • Valcanhouser
    Valcanhouser 2 months ago

    I always get the crispy ranch snack wraps at McDonald's.

  • Emily Swan
    Emily Swan 2 months ago

    20 nuggets

  • Stephen O Connell
    Stephen O Connell 2 months ago

    That breakfast looked so good

  • Twinkie Pon
    Twinkie Pon 2 months ago

    I worked at McDonald's years ago and I would recommend the 10 piece chicken nugget meal with sweet and sour sauce and Dr. Pepper to drink, which wasn't an option when I worked there but is now. I should try that smoothie though - looks good!

  • Chocobro
    Chocobro 2 months ago

    My standard McDonald's meal is a quarter pounder, a medium fries, 3 packs of mayonaise (I am Dutch LOL) and a small box of 6 chicken nuggets. (I use the mayo for them too.) I either pick a coke if I eat at MdDonald's itself but a vanilla milkshake if I will take it home to eat. I love the flavor of milkshakes but it isn't really quenching my thirst, so when I am not taking it home in order to drink water next to it, I'll order a coke with my food instead. Also, if there is a special limited burger that seems delish, I may opt to order that alongside of my quarter pounder menu, swapping it out for the nuggets. Oh also, I always peel the onions off of my quarter pounder, I know I could ask for without, but I've had it happen too often where they would also leave out other toppings in that case. I actually love onion, but they're such big raw chunks that it overpowers the whole flavor of the burger, so I don't like it.

  • Swati Jain
    Swati Jain 2 months ago

    I always eat cheese burger and Coke from McDonald's

  • Ellen Lewis
    Ellen Lewis 2 months ago +2

    I literally had that mango 🥭 and pineapple 🍍 drink the other day, and as soon as the woman said it I was screaming in my head cos I knew u would LOVE IT

  • jacqui petrie
    jacqui petrie 2 months ago

    My order would be double cheeseburger and mango smoothie and I would suggest the 5 piece chicken select and mango smoothie xx

  • Lucy Jane
    Lucy Jane 2 months ago +3

    I’m bored so......a what I eat in a day
    Breakfast: Cheerios/wheatbix/oats
    Lunch: wrap/sand which and fruit/Veges
    Dinner: Salad/pasta/chicken and veges

  • Katy Plant
    Katy Plant 2 months ago

    Double cheeseburger with chips and a chocolate milkshake 💗

  • holly whitfield
    holly whitfield 2 months ago

    did you see the girl running up to saff😂 saff just walked off

  • tammie Arellano
    tammie Arellano 2 months ago

    When I go to McDonald’s I get the chicken sandwich no bun and that’s it. I try to avoid fast food as much as possible

  • Clarissa Wagner
    Clarissa Wagner 2 months ago

    Mcdonald's order. Mcchicken sub ranch add onion pickle tomato. Small fry. I normally don't get drinks because I almost always have my own drink in the car

  • Sarah Weals
    Sarah Weals 2 months ago

    Get a Big Mac with bacon and tomato sounds like you like tomatoes from your vids

    TOMMY WARNER AND CINNABUN 2 months ago +1

    Cheese burger happy meal a double cheeseburger nuggets and a large oasis with cheesy bites on the side

  • 1527 r0b9d
    1527 r0b9d 2 months ago

    My McDonald order would be: 5 chicken selects, medium fries and banana milkshake

  • Carina Raifman
    Carina Raifman 2 months ago

    hahaha love you soo much.