I swapped DIETS with a 7 year old for 24hours!!

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
  • I swapped DIETS with my YOUNGER sister for 24hours!!
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  • Saffron Barker
    Saffron Barker  11 months ago +2674

    Really hope you all enjoy this video!!😂 Who’s Diet would you rather eat??
    Also- This is probably my typical day if i was trying to eat really healthy .. but i have sooo many extra yummy treats too!😻
    Ps: I FORGOT TO ANNOUCE THE MACBOOK WINNER! Winner announced Sunday!

    • Shahanara Begum
      Shahanara Begum 13 days ago

      I would eat Ivy’s diet and I’m 9 but I act like I’m 12 dead sensible

    • Julie Overton
      Julie Overton Month ago

      Hey I'm truly Jake and I'm wondering if you ever know that I'm party in Hannah with that she don't know Hannah she was my Havana ooh na-na I got my hardest

    • ĆookiëGachãStørm
      ĆookiëGachãStørm Month ago

      Sneha Rob me to gurl

    • Spaghetti GOd
      Spaghetti GOd 2 months ago

      How do you two million subs and no profile pic.??

  • Brandie Davis
    Brandie Davis Day ago

    Girl, add some seasoning to those eggs. Chives, dill, curry, etc.

  • Yammie
    Yammie 2 days ago

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    Yammie 2 days ago

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    Yammie 2 days ago

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  • Amy Mifsud
    Amy Mifsud 4 days ago

    9:11 Ivy did the corn drop🌽

  • Amy Sinclair
    Amy Sinclair 8 days ago

    Ivy that is amazing I don’t think I could go 1 week without sugar let alone 4! You should be super proud of yourself xx 😘

  • Meerab Khalid
    Meerab Khalid 11 days ago

    You are so pretty 🍉 and my bff that is a boy hates you but I don’t

  • Izzy Sartain
    Izzy Sartain 11 days ago

    If someone said 3 slices of pizza just cut it into thirds and then u have 3 slices

  • Sonyacatworld S
    Sonyacatworld S 11 days ago

    Ivy is so sweet

  • Sophia Tanae Guifarro Sierra

    They plst this video a day after my bday

  • Majid Ahmed
    Majid Ahmed 12 days ago

    11:43 seems like the Wii’s up its Nintendo switch babe

  • Jude Kelly
    Jude Kelly 12 days ago

    She obviously ate a pudding u just didn’t film it 🧐

  • kid gamer
    kid gamer 14 days ago +1

    Saffron: "I eat realy healthy!"
    Me: 10:06

  • Harry Byrne
    Harry Byrne 16 days ago


  • Leela Kilburn
    Leela Kilburn 16 days ago

    Omg I love that xxx

  • Nay Crockett
    Nay Crockett 16 days ago

    I love your videos your such an inspiration for young girls I’m ten and btw I’m Abigail this is my mums own phone

  • Millie Munton
    Millie Munton 18 days ago

    Loved this . Please can you do a I only wore sunglasses for 24 hours or do a nother food couler video

  • Serita Sakimpa
    Serita Sakimpa 18 days ago

    Ivy is the best

  • donut queen
    donut queen 20 days ago

    Who loves Nandos i do plus how is watching. In 2020

  • Chikni , Chameli and Champa The Colarafi’s

    She is so cute like you

  • M. J
    M. J 20 days ago

    So smart and well behaved little girl

  • ashley mueller
    ashley mueller 21 day ago


  • Alex Fairley
    Alex Fairley 23 days ago

    I love you saffron say hi to ivy for me please

  • Challenge Accepted!!
    Challenge Accepted!! 27 days ago

    Your cousin is so pretty sweet and respectful and I can tell she is very smart!!

  • Sophie Davies
    Sophie Davies Month ago +1

    Just wanna say ivy amazing my friend had cancer and sadly she didn’t make it but I wish I did something like what ivy did and she is so polite she’s like “I’m not very keen on tomatoes “ me “WHAT THE HELL ARE THOSE DISGUSTING RED THINGS

  • Vegan With Love
    Vegan With Love Month ago +3

    “Saffi”🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️❤️she’s the sweetest angel!!

  • yeet Kahui
    yeet Kahui Month ago


  • angelica santana
    angelica santana Month ago

    Eggs in the microwave 🤔

  • Scarlett Beste
    Scarlett Beste Month ago

    that's my local nandos next to Burger King and tkmaxx

  • Habiba Rifaat
    Habiba Rifaat Month ago

    Hi😊I love you so much and Your cousin isSoCuteand I hope you have areally a great day💜💜so yeah that is it bye 👋

  • Cynthia Frenandes
    Cynthia Frenandes Month ago +1

    7 year old makes her own breakfast!

  • Esther Barrett
    Esther Barrett Month ago

    I've known ivy since she was born 👶👧

  • kia jewel
    kia jewel Month ago

    The cheesecake ❤️❤️

  • kia jewel
    kia jewel Month ago

    It’s hard to choose between the chicken pineapple meal and the burger they both look good

  • kia jewel
    kia jewel Month ago

    I want the waffle not the eggs just cause they were microwave cooked

  • Tahana and Venices World

    why is the salmon white

  • Beatrice Rhodes
    Beatrice Rhodes Month ago

    Course u ran 10k, 10k is a lot

  • Lilianne Thorne
    Lilianne Thorne Month ago

    I’m so concerned about the whole microwaved eggs thing

  • Hey its Ameerah
    Hey its Ameerah Month ago

    Ivy is so cute

  • Montaha Musa
    Montaha Musa Month ago

    Eggs in the microwave

  • Claudia Garcia Vieyra


  • Lizzie S x
    Lizzie S x Month ago

    Did saffron change the title?? I swear it said “ I swapped diets with my younger cousin” before?

  • _Billie Eilish_xo
    _Billie Eilish_xo Month ago

    2020 anyone?😂💓💓

  • NoT EvElYn GLMM
    NoT EvElYn GLMM Month ago

    I have NEVER microwaved my eggs before😅

  • ĆookiëGachãStørm

    You said cousin but in the description it says “younger sister”

  • Maddy And Sophie
    Maddy And Sophie Month ago

    Me: “baby shark do,do,do do ,da do baby shark” * this vid comes up in suggestions for me* me:clicks immediately

    Finally another saffron barker video

  • Sidra Abubakar
    Sidra Abubakar Month ago

    Gorgeous pretty lady

  • Ivy Miller
    Ivy Miller Month ago

    Im your cousin?😲

  • Karia Jones
    Karia Jones Month ago


  • Rachel Playz Games
    Rachel Playz Games Month ago


  • crybaby_ronnie
    crybaby_ronnie Month ago +7

    Ivy is the sort of child I would imagine every person dreams of having. What a sweet, polite, mature little lady, her parents have done a phenomenal job.

  • Prawncat !
    Prawncat ! Month ago +2

    watched this because I was bored
    eggs: put into the microwave
    bye lmfao thats disgusting

  • Matilda Jackson
    Matilda Jackson Month ago +1

    You should do it with Ivy’s brother 😀

  • Lidan Ma
    Lidan Ma Month ago

    Freakin McDonalds is a 5-star restaurant!

    In America eww!

  • Ÿåh Ÿėêt
    Ÿåh Ÿėêt Month ago

    jan, 1st, 2020 :0

  • 1k subs for Billie Eilish?

    in the beginning, she still has her night gown on but yet all her makeup is done...

  • Chanté Fourie
    Chanté Fourie Month ago

    Your nando's are alot different from ours in Cape town south Africa

  • end of the line
    end of the line Month ago

    I've noticed that the u.s. is kind of the only place that puts ice in their sodas and water. I've never seen any videos that are from some other place put ice in any of their sodas

  • Yuri walker
    Yuri walker Month ago

    I'm only 10/and I could probably eat your diet for a day!!