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  • oddly satisfying videos return x
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  • Xonex
    Xonex Month ago +2797


  • Jack Bennett
    Jack Bennett 4 hours ago

    ciaran looks like ringo starr or is it just me

  • Fakkef
    Fakkef Day ago

    More Kiran on both channels

  • Uncle Sally
    Uncle Sally Day ago

    Love Portsmouth spinnaker tower

  • nadia hussein
    nadia hussein 2 days ago

    in all honesty his second channel name looks like a off brand W2S

  • Zed
    Zed 3 days ago

    6:37 what did Will say???? 😂

  • Scotty Lightheart
    Scotty Lightheart 3 days ago

    me: ooooo man now thats some genuine satisfaction right there. i bet itll get rated high

    S2W: but its USELESS

  • Sam Schofield
    Sam Schofield 3 days ago

    We hit 40k likes Ciaran needs to burp

  • Kash Cor
    Kash Cor 4 days ago

    I love all these videos but I only cackle laugh when Ciaran is on them

  • Vxrtual
    Vxrtual 4 days ago

    We want to see him burp

  • Uno Reverse
    Uno Reverse 4 days ago

    I swear that was a tomato but nope I’m just clapped in the head

  • Emily Woodward
    Emily Woodward 5 days ago +2

    I am INCREDIBLY disappointed that you called it a scon and not a scone xD

  • S Rodger
    S Rodger 5 days ago

    "That's just a coffee table lid" hahahaha

  • Stanley Richardson
    Stanley Richardson 6 days ago +1

    He hit 40 k likes

    Like this so will can see this comment

  • Hashim Mryan
    Hashim Mryan 6 days ago

    6:03 thats burj al arab and yes thats real

  • xdCordae
    xdCordae 6 days ago

    40K likes Will, get Kieron to scran loads of soda

  • Frederick Haslehurst
    Frederick Haslehurst 10 days ago

    OI big up Fanta

  • Phoebe Potter
    Phoebe Potter 11 days ago


  • Funnytv 743
    Funnytv 743 12 days ago

    Was it just me or did everyone think this was alia

  • Amy Dakin
    Amy Dakin 13 days ago

    Start of the video "im a positive thinker" middle of video "we'd all be dead" 🤣🤣😉

  • Candle Light
    Candle Light 13 days ago

    There is 40 thousand likes make him burp

  • Notic yt
    Notic yt 14 days ago

    Burp vid...

  • Harrison Fudge
    Harrison Fudge 14 days ago +1

    Broooo 40k likes now he must burp 😂

    HUSKI 14 days ago

    Since when did coffee tables have LIDS?!?!

  • Skidadle Skidoodle
    Skidadle Skidoodle 14 days ago +1

    40k likes where’s the Fanta will?

  • Opal Huskat
    Opal Huskat 14 days ago

    you're all annoying.

  • cream :3
    cream :3 14 days ago

    I'm getting some furry Vibes off of this..

  • animator timer
    animator timer 14 days ago

    This is how i water my plants 0:06

  • cosmo
    cosmo 15 days ago +1

    Hello epic gamers

  • Alan Majek
    Alan Majek 15 days ago +1

    40 thousand likes and we make Kieran burb casually chilling on 39k

  • Mark Griffis Jr
    Mark Griffis Jr 16 days ago +1

    one of my good friends has never burped he just growls very quietly

  • Micheal Jackson
    Micheal Jackson 23 days ago +1


  • Life Out The Nutshell Rewritten

    We needed 40k likes to get ciaran to burp. It has 39k. Pathetic.

  • Will Shapcott
    Will Shapcott 26 days ago +1


  • Boe Williams
    Boe Williams 27 days ago

    i LiKe It !!!

  • Sigurd Hartvig
    Sigurd Hartvig 28 days ago

    Who else watched the part where will drives a car to see how he did it?

  • The Real Ranga
    The Real Ranga Month ago +1

    Ith not thatathfying

  • Kerry Martin
    Kerry Martin Month ago

    I don't like this guy, not hating but yea

  • Chi Chi
    Chi Chi Month ago

    Nothing better than cleaning a filthy room after depression and negligence. Literally had mold and dirty walls. Now it's all clean and repaired. Never felt better.

  • Liberation...
    Liberation... Month ago +1

    Ciaran: “i loik it :)”

  • Here's Moeky!!!
    Here's Moeky!!! Month ago

    you can fit a can of coke in your mouth

  • Dave
    Dave Month ago

    8:56 is Ciaran just UpIsNotJump in disguise?

  • Max Attwood
    Max Attwood Month ago

    dont agree with the hole key thing

  • CIA
    CIA Month ago

    I don’t like marvel because I’m an adult

  • CIA
    CIA Month ago

    Positive man

    Gives two 0’s in a row

  • Douglas W
    Douglas W Month ago

    He’s the most boring bastard out there

  • BoxMeDaddy
    BoxMeDaddy Month ago

    mate I banged my head on the spinnaker tower once that shit lethal

  • Ciypher Cyborg
    Ciypher Cyborg Month ago

    I have the same thing as cieran I can’t burp,it’s probably not good for you but eh

  • MP498
    MP498 Month ago

    1:35 I worked with someone that OCD 😂😂

  • Sam Bishop
    Sam Bishop Month ago


  • Sam Bishop
    Sam Bishop Month ago


  • Alfeg
    Alfeg Month ago

    I hv the same thing as him, I can't burp it just slowly bubbles at the bottom of my throat

  • Shoaib Malik
    Shoaib Malik Month ago

    That intro is probably the most effort and editing he's ever put into a second channel vid

  • Noah Harding
    Noah Harding Month ago

    im a very positive man

    some of the scores 0, 0, 4, 4, -8, 4, 4, 6, 0, 7, 5 anddddddddddd


  • golden stunter
    golden stunter Month ago

    it 2 am school in morning i cant sleep fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

  • Lauren Platts
    Lauren Platts Month ago

    I also cannot burp

  • Danny Danny
    Danny Danny Month ago


  • Sweet Raindrop
    Sweet Raindrop Month ago

    Kieran is so precious 😂❤

  • Dillon H FC
    Dillon H FC Month ago

    that chinchilla tho

  • Oliver Wood
    Oliver Wood Month ago

    Wtf is dat intro doe

  • Daniel Kennedy
    Daniel Kennedy Month ago

    The intro gets stranger and stranger every time

  • Reens Phoenix
    Reens Phoenix Month ago

    I love Ciaran.. Hope he gets to burp one day

  • Rocky
    Rocky Month ago

    I'm FROM portsmouth and even I have to do a double take whenever I see that one in Dubai

  • Arran Mackenzie
    Arran Mackenzie Month ago

    R/oddlysatisfying merch

  • khadijaisdun
    khadijaisdun Month ago

    why does kieran sound like david mitchell

  • seeni gzty
    seeni gzty Month ago

    “Why do I want to eat everything shiny?” Ciaran 2020

  • Chilli-Ice Olive-Abode

    Thumbs down for Kieran - get back under your bridge!

    • seeni gzty
      seeni gzty Month ago

      8:00 Will: "Have we seen this before?" Ciaran: "I don't know!" Will: "I've seen this before" Ciaran: "You are on this a lot ..." Will: (looking at the camera) "Cheers, Ciaran"

  • fdj snsj
    fdj snsj Month ago

    ciarans great keep him

  • itsmepatty
    itsmepatty Month ago


  • zuygj bnsv
    zuygj bnsv Month ago

    i’m so glad i’m not the only one who can’t burp everyone thinks i’m lying hahaha

  • Doi Brandoe
    Doi Brandoe Month ago

    He doesnt like anything

    • zuygj bnsv
      zuygj bnsv Month ago

      That drive in intro was class

  • Doi Brandoe
    Doi Brandoe Month ago

    I want more of him

  • J-Mee
    J-Mee Month ago

    S2W = so low budget only 1 of the 2 people can speak

  • First Last
    First Last Month ago

    “Wath better than an unekthpexted thxon?”

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli Month ago +1

      honestly love this oddly satisfying, these two are hilarious

  • I Am Kyran
    I Am Kyran Month ago

    Not gonna lie this Keiran fella is shit. can we have Stephen again I miss that ginger nonce 😂

  • The Different One
    The Different One Month ago

    Give him iron Bru that makes me burp likes mad

  • Molly
    Molly Month ago +45

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Will: “I can never tell if it’s Dubai or Portsmouth”

  • mnika voli
    mnika voli Month ago

    Ciaran has such a chaotic energy

    • cnmmd qiuoo
      cnmmd qiuoo Month ago

      For a second I thought that was James, the. I realised he’s not fat enough

  • Road to 250 SUBS!
    Road to 250 SUBS! Month ago +1

    Pin This.

    • Road to 250 SUBS!
      Road to 250 SUBS! Month ago

      @mnika voli lol

    • mnika voli
      mnika voli Month ago

      Idk if it's just me, but Kieran sounds like a puppet when he likes a post

  • Charlie Boyle
    Charlie Boyle Month ago

    Give us More Kieran 🤣🤣🤣🤣