If You're an Anti-Vaxxer, You're an Idiot | The Russell Howard Hour

  • Russell Howard talks about how conspiracy theories have gone too far from things as ridiculous as the Queen being a cannibal to things a harmful as anti-vaxxers.
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Comments • 80

  • Strawberry Animation

    Ok, why is the Alien thing so crazy? They could walk amongst us? How the fuck would you know?

  • Vasilijan Nikolovski
    Vasilijan Nikolovski 2 hours ago

    To be fair, the term "Conspiracy Theory" is pretty damn broad, so saying that 60% of brits believe in one or more isn't saying much, I believe in some. The JFK assassination for example, which is fine if people it's too 'out-there', but still, it's not the same as believing the moon is made out of cheese or some shit.

  • Anna Lieff-Saxby
    Anna Lieff-Saxby 4 hours ago

    I notice all the antivaxxers have gone Extremely Quiet ever since Coronavirus has been an issue. I wonder, will they put their money where their mouths are when a vaccine is developed?

  • Keldara
    Keldara 10 hours ago

    Just because you question vaccines doesn't make you an anti vaxxer. I have been vaccinated as have both my children. I would question the amount given at any one time now and the age of the child when vaccinated.

  • A Human
    A Human 11 hours ago

    I totally can assure you I am a human and not a lizard

  • DysiDot
    DysiDot 13 hours ago

    Me and my friends have a running joke that our science teacher mr snape is a lizard man from the moon, we gathered our evidence and then created a powerpoint about it, and presented it to him, much to his amusement, he much preferred this theory to the one where we thought he was an axe murderer from the past lol

  • J Hales
    J Hales 13 hours ago

    I am the current male in a 1 million yo tradition and my first born son will be the next generations moon turney on and off person.

  • Only rush B
    Only rush B 15 hours ago

    Of *_course_* that quote was from Reddit

  • Wolf King
    Wolf King 18 hours ago

    The queen is a cannibal what next the prince has a dog for a cock

  • Ethan Laffitte
    Ethan Laffitte 21 hour ago

    The person who said vaccines cause autism was not even an doctor, I think it was a prank

    • DB 2310
      DB 2310 4 hours ago

      He was lying to promote his OWN "safe" vaccine! He was a con artist

  • LaughingBadger
    LaughingBadger 21 hour ago

    I have just realised how jacked Russel has gotten

  • Anne Nielsen
    Anne Nielsen 22 hours ago


  • Sadies Ankh
    Sadies Ankh 23 hours ago

    Stevie wonder is not 100 percent blind but is legally blind .

  • Mark R
    Mark R Day ago

    Surely all the anti-vaxers are happy. They finally have a world with a disease with no vaccine available. Now they can risk exposure to a life threatening illness without hiding under the skirts of the sensible majority of people who vaccinate themselves and their loved ones to create a herd immunity, just like they always wanted. They never cared about the old, the vulnerable and the immunosuppresed before, surely they don't care now? They always said that their immune system would protect them, surely they are not scared now?
    Even with all the death and disruption... Surely you must be happy now your wish has been granted.
    If we are to move forward after Covid-19 we need herd immunity or thousands more will die, just like the days before vaccines. That will mean that everyone who can must have the vaccine. Those who do not vaccinate (without a valid medical reason, i.e. immunosuppresed) are and have always been selfish. It is time we made them recognise that.

  • MP Ella Williams

    When you are Autistic and you hear someone say they are not going to vaccinate their kids because of Autism you have to fight the urge to punch them, I have started going with some version of 'the world can only have one person as cool as me, and that's me' which confuses them until they realize they just said that they think the world would be better without me in it, and then they try to wriggle out of it. I hope in the long wrong it makes them change their mind, but really I do it as punching idiots is considered bad form, or maybe illegal, eh one of the two.

  • Paul Edmondson
    Paul Edmondson Day ago

    This has to be canned laughter, his woke snowflake lefty luvvie propaganda is about as funny as a pandemic.

    • DB 2310
      DB 2310 31 minute ago

      @Paul Edmondson says who? The famous Paul Edmondson!?

    • Paul Edmondson
      Paul Edmondson 46 minutes ago

      @DB 2310 thats not comedy

    • DB 2310
      DB 2310 4 hours ago

      Ooor comedy is subjective, snowflake !

  • Jade Sutton
    Jade Sutton Day ago

    The thing that confuses me most about anti vaxers is the whole vaccines cause autism stuff. Do they think they’re gunna get their kid vaccinated and wake up the next day with a severely autistic child? If that happened I’m sure the world would know 😂

  • Porkchop Sandwiches

    I live in Cali and there are Many lizards here... And they are always watching me...

    Luckily for me I don't give a shit.

  • Fiona Lyons
    Fiona Lyons 2 days ago +8

    As a parent of 2 autistic children, I can't tell.you how offensive these antivaxers are.What is the message? Better dead than autistic?? Love that Russell gets it.❤

  • MrFryingPan OwO
    MrFryingPan OwO 2 days ago +2

    I'm autistic ans vaccinated and my brother is not autistic and vaccinated. Boom, Proof!

  • The Jza
    The Jza 2 days ago

    Someone please give me an answer as to why the earth would be flat?

  • Abigail Scarrott
    Abigail Scarrott 2 days ago +1

    Now we have a free trial of a vaccine free world

    • Steve Terry
      Steve Terry Day ago

      AFAIK no one has ever claimed separate vaccines cause Autisum, but they have that MMR vaccine may

  • Scott Isaacson
    Scott Isaacson 3 days ago

    Big Pharma is so awesome ... I love Oxycotin

  • trav v
    trav v 3 days ago

    Just study the ingredients in vaccines yourself, check the list on the official CDC website: www.cdc.gov/vaccines/pubs/pinkbook/downloads/appendices/B/excipient-table-2.pdf
    Don't let these fucking loser shills convince you, you don't need to do it.

  • Lizzie Standen
    Lizzie Standen 3 days ago +1

    Was that Buzzfeed Unsolved I spotted in there?

  • Steve Terry
    Steve Terry 3 days ago

    The Queen might not be a cannibal but the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.
    found her guilty of the disappearance of ten native children, kamloops 1964

    • Clayton Mark Mccarthy
      Clayton Mark Mccarthy 13 hours ago

      @Steve Terry You mean like researching the court is set up by a Canadian fraudster, and the judges who ruled on the decision weren't actually judges? I guess that works out though, considering it wasn't a real court.

    • Steve Terry
      Steve Terry 13 hours ago

      @Clayton Mark Mccarthy do your own research

    • Clayton Mark Mccarthy
      Clayton Mark Mccarthy 14 hours ago

      @Steve Terry So, you're just going to ignore the fact Common Law isn't practiced or upheld in Belgium, then? You're not even slightly curious how a court with no legal standing can make a ruling? Or, why it would make a ruling using a system of law that ensures their decision won't be enforced?

    • Steve Terry
      Steve Terry Day ago

      @Clayton Mark Mccarthy I remember around 10-15 years ago UK MSM tv, probably CH4 when it was still a real broadcaster? made a documentary of the early stages (before the queen was found guilty) of the trial, funny enough it was not followed up or repeated

    • Clayton Mark Mccarthy
      Clayton Mark Mccarthy 3 days ago

      "but the International Common Law Court of Justice in Brussels.
      found her guilty of the disappearance of ten native children, kamloops 1964" Oh, is that the court that doesn't exist, in the country that doesn't practice or recognize common law?

  • Steve Terry
    Steve Terry 3 days ago +1

    Why is it Russell Howard cant contemplate the possibility that vaccines may not be
    as well made with as much care as they used to be?

    • TinyKemper25
      TinyKemper25 2 hours ago

      @Mason Jade Well I was asking you for a reason, my friends won't be happy.

    • Mason Jade
      Mason Jade 2 hours ago

      @TinyKemper25 No idea, but I'm sure you'll enlighten me. Go for it?

    • TinyKemper25
      TinyKemper25 4 hours ago

      @Mason Jade Hey, since it's a new week, me and friends were wondering, what is this week's buzzword?

    • Mason Jade
      Mason Jade 17 hours ago

      @TinyKemper25 Aww bless' you've used your new buzzword, again. Baaaaa! baaaaa!

    • TinyKemper25
      TinyKemper25 17 hours ago

      @Mason Jade Oh fuck off you anti-vaxx

  • fizzieizzie
    fizzieizzie 3 days ago +2


  • Miskrediteret Sandhed
    Miskrediteret Sandhed 3 days ago +1

    If you want to discredit and ridicule someone for any story they’re telling - just call it a conspiracy theory.
    The story about Jeffrey Epstein started out as theory.
    Well, that’s not really a theory anymore is it?
    A journalist works with dot’s of truth and tries to make up a holistic picture by connecting them. He might be wrong, he might be right - but the effort is crucial in order to reveal something which may be truly immoral, unjust, wicked and vile. Right?
    Just don’t take conspiracy theories as stories believed by naive, crazy people, when they’re just as much a product of sober people, questioning reality critically.

  • ColeKreviazuk
    ColeKreviazuk 3 days ago

    Meanwhile, measles is by far the worst as it's MO is to deprogram the immune system making it forget all it has learned about virus and bacteria. #darwinawards

  • saahibah rahman
    saahibah rahman 3 days ago

    buzzfeed unsolved made it in😂

  • smallmovez music
    smallmovez music 3 days ago +1

    There is a Vaccine Appeals Court in the US that specifically handles these type of cases. Here is just one example of a court awarding millions over a vaccine and autism. I'm not against vaccines but you're an idiot if you believe vaccines are without risk. childrenshealthdefense.org/news/4-billion-and-growing-u-s-payouts-for-vaccine-injuries-and-deaths-keep-climbing/

  • Max Power
    Max Power 3 days ago

    You should take a note out of Ricky Jarvais book and stick to what your not good at. All you have done is spin a weave and incorporated crap to muddy the waters of real world conspiracy. JFK, 911 and the Appolo moon landings, to name a few that your audience might comprehend. I bet Jimmy Savile was your daddy?
    I think you should watch Ellen and see what is awaiting you.

  • son dang
    son dang 3 days ago

    wish they have vaccine right now

  • Zion the Wanderer
    Zion the Wanderer 4 days ago +1


  • J R Taylor
    J R Taylor 4 days ago

    Now that we have the Covid 19 pandemic, will all the retards who are anti vaxxers shun the Covid 19 vaccine when it becomes available, or will they just die?

  • Seriousko
    Seriousko 4 days ago

    I love that Unsolved was in there when Ryan was just sharing theories

  • DraganChe Gagi
    DraganChe Gagi 4 days ago

    Average people are more and more stupid disregarding ICT wisdom. We became shallow, info overload caused no info chosen or fake choices.

  • Nicholas Ruhling
    Nicholas Ruhling 4 days ago

    I like the use of Buzzfeed Unsolved

  • Ellie-Mae Hayes
    Ellie-Mae Hayes 4 days ago

    wait wtf happened at the end? Russel, what happened to your tongue, hello?

  • Ariana Fulcar
    Ariana Fulcar 4 days ago +2

    A study on 12 children? How did that ever get published? My bachelor's thesis had to have more

  • The Pigs Are Rebelling
    The Pigs Are Rebelling 4 days ago +2

    Vaccinate your kids or you’re a bad parent

    • Mason Jade
      Mason Jade Hour ago

      @The Pigs Are Rebelling Hopefully there's a vaccine to stop people having kids soon, people don't deserve kids nowadays. My arm could be twisted on that vaccine.

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 2 hours ago

      Mason Jade ok when I’m older I’ll vaccinate my kids

    • Mason Jade
      Mason Jade 2 hours ago

      @The Pigs Are Rebelling okay, best of luck.

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 2 hours ago

      Mason Jade I’m the most serious I’ve ever been

    • Mason Jade
      Mason Jade 6 hours ago

      @The Pigs Are Rebelling Good luck on that.

  • ADHAiiN7
    ADHAiiN7 5 days ago +1

    Vaccinate your child, because god forbid you might have to give more of a shit about your child when they’re growing up

  • Lulu Jay
    Lulu Jay 5 days ago

    Would you really rather a dead child than an autistic child?

  • Mia Prisco
    Mia Prisco 5 days ago +2

    When I went to America, I went to the nasa space camp and American kids were in my group. One of them pulled me aside, genuinely concerned and said to me in the quietest voice:
    “look, we all know Australia’s fake, but what I wanna know is how much do you guys get paid?”
    So naturally I said “not enough dude, not enough” and walked away

  • bitch ass
    bitch ass 5 days ago

    They didn't have to do buzzfeed unsolved like that 😭😭

  • meldan5
    meldan5 5 days ago +1

    The world is now seeing what happens when we don’t have a vaccine for a virus. I wonder if these antivaxers will want the Covid-10 vaccine when it’s finally made
    Edit: Sorry typo Covid:19. It’s been a long crappy week sorry

  • finehomemadewine
    finehomemadewine 5 days ago

    The whole line of our family is autistic judging from records and those were even people before vaccination existed. They were also highly intelligent. So only worry for the people denying protection and freedom of decision about their own health to their children is that they might turn out smarter than their parents.

  • Brit Girl
    Brit Girl 5 days ago

    Except the CDC just lost in the supreme Court on March 5th and can no longer claim the MMR doesn't cause autism so clearly it does....

    • Joël
      Joël 5 days ago

      Except they didn't lose and the only person that is claiming a win is Del Bigtree and his foundation.

  • Naomi Ely
    Naomi Ely 5 days ago

    if you are Vaxxer an Idiot

  • over opinionated
    over opinionated 6 days ago


  • Anna Oneill
    Anna Oneill 6 days ago

    Thank you Russel for that

  • Peter Fielding
    Peter Fielding 6 days ago

    You've got some special fkn lightbulbs lmao one handed ya can tell u haven't changed one

  • Suicidal Lizard
    Suicidal Lizard 6 days ago

    Did you... did you just use Buzzfeed Unsolved?

  • Peter Simpson
    Peter Simpson 6 days ago

    They put mercury in them. Why? What bodily function does mercury serve?

    • Peter Simpson
      Peter Simpson 2 days ago

      @Eve Slater yeah mercury's brilliant for you ya silly bitch

    • Eve Slater
      Eve Slater 2 days ago

      And even though you have more mercury naturally in your body, they’ve taken it out now just to appease you idiots, even though there was no reason to

    • Shamrock
      Shamrock 6 days ago +1

      Mercury is used to make thimersol which is a preservative used in vaccines to prevent contamination by foreign microbes

  • Sidney Lemon
    Sidney Lemon 6 days ago +1

    the brief unsolved music made me ANXIOUS

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business 6 days ago

    My dad is an anti Vaxxer ....

  • Yit Chan
    Yit Chan 6 days ago

    We need a conspiracy theory to explain why this knobhead thinks his funny

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 6 days ago +4

      We need a conspiracy theory to explain why you can’t type you fucking moron

  • Shazara D
    Shazara D 6 days ago +21

    I want to know if Anti-Vaxers are going to get the corona-virus vaccine when it's available or if they are going to cure covid-19 with essential oils?

    • Mark R
      Mark R Day ago

      @glen p vaccines can be effective against multiple strains.
      Your opinion is not fact. Provide a counter source.

    • glen p
      glen p 3 days ago +2

      Scientists from Iceland have mapped 40 mutations of the COV-19 virus within their ill population. Vaccines only works if you take 40 vaccines to the mutation, otherwise you could get sick from the mutation you were not exposed to.

  • Emily Thorp
    Emily Thorp 6 days ago

    I was BORN autistic and I get along fine ".......".................... Other than when I'm bullied☹️but hey I just say to them go get a fuckin life and don't waste your breath on pointless insults

  • Ellen Kesel
    Ellen Kesel 6 days ago +1

    Edit, what is in bold is what isn't quote (sources, my words, etc.). Remember, be nice to people regardless of beliefs! Most just wanna keep their kids safe and happy 💙💙💙🌞🌞
    *The reason for the myth of vaccines causing autism is because when a young child normally starts exhibiting autistic behaviors, they have also finished the main vaccine bundles.*
    *Resource quotes:*
    "In 1998, U.K. doctor Andrew Wakefield published a study in The Lancet suggesting that the measles, mumps, and rubella (MMR) vaccine could trigger autism. In the years after, MMR vaccination rates among 2-year-olds in England dropped below 80%...The Lancet retracted the paper in 2010. Shortly after, the UK's General Medical Council permanently pulled Wakefield's medical license." *(Medical article- I shortened the paragraph, removing the more in depth pieces of the claim)*
    "More than half of school-aged kids were age 5 or older when they were first diagnosed with autism... the study showed. Less than 20% were diagnosed by age 2. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends pediatricians screen children for autism at 18 months of age." *(Also shortened slightly, source was WebMD)*
    "www.immunize.org/catg.d/when1.pdf" *This is a paper chart regarding when vaccines are given. First MMR is at about a year, and the last one is at about 5 or 6.*
    *Feel free to copy paste this anywhere. I feel this is the nicest way to counter antivaxx claims. Remember, treat them like people- most just wanna keep their kids safe and thriving, but are just misinformed.*

  • Dazza
    Dazza 6 days ago

    And you are a cross eyed fucking dick head...

  • TrasH
    TrasH 7 days ago +1

    I’m ashamed he didn’t show a clip of Shane Dawson doing his iconic conspiracies

  • Jon Shepherd
    Jon Shepherd 7 days ago

    Ah a comedian with expertise in vaccinations

  • DigitalHarmony
    DigitalHarmony 7 days ago

    Probably a dumb question, but then again it’s a dumb topic; but can anyone explain why anti-vaxxers believe that vaccines cause autism, yet not everyone who has ever been vaccinated isn’t autistic? I’m not on the spectrum and I’ve had all my vaccinations. Both my brothers have two, yet only one of them is high functioning autistic. Pretending there is reasoning behind this dumbarse belief, can someone explain to me why that only one of us is on the spectrum??

    • Joël
      Joël 5 days ago

      Because there was this study done by Andrew Wakefield, who found a correlation between colitis and autism and then proceeded to claim there is a correlation between MMR vaccine and autism based on 12 participants. That's why. It was all debunked, he lost his doctor status, but anti-vaxxers are still stuck in the past.

  • LouDMouF 92
    LouDMouF 92 7 days ago +1

    Should have your child removed from you if you refuse their immunisation. In most cases.

  • Will Gaggs
    Will Gaggs 7 days ago

    Stevie Wonder aint blind tho

    • Eve Slater
      Eve Slater 2 days ago

      Will Gaggs I’m actually curious now, tell me more!

  • IDCGaming
    IDCGaming 7 days ago +2

    As a person with ASD, I take offence to the idea of anti-vaxxers. They claim that I was made autistic because of a needle. Fucking porridge for brains, is what they have.

  • Water Snake
    Water Snake 7 days ago

    Thanks Russ! It's March 22, 2020
    And I R E A L L Y needed this laugh

  • Claudio Rojas
    Claudio Rojas 8 days ago

    My child became autistic shortly after a round of vaccines. Don’t take this as a joke, do your own research about it.

    • Eve Slater
      Eve Slater 2 days ago

      Autism is GENETIC, you can’t catch autism! I understand that you want a reason to why your son has autism, an I understand given that autism usually presents itself right after vaccines but that is a correlation, not causation. Please check out ASAP sciences videos on this topic. I don’t think you’re a bad parent, just (and not to be rude) a little uneducated in this topic. I would really hate for your story to be read by someone who’s child then got ill, or got another person ill, and I’m sure you would feel bad too. Take care and please look into the channel I’ve suggested! :)

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 5 days ago

      Claudio Rojas proof of fucking Anti-vaxxer shit

    • Claudio Rojas
      Claudio Rojas 5 days ago

      Shamrock proof of what?

    • Shamrock
      Shamrock 6 days ago

      @Claudio Rojas so where's your proof

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 6 days ago

      Claudio Rojas the reason people think this false belief is because of a fraudulent paper written in the lancet in the late 90s by (former) Dr. Andrew Wakefield
      Also autism isn’t a fucking curse I have it

  • Potatoe O04
    Potatoe O04 8 days ago

    The title of the vid isnt nice

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 6 days ago

      Potatoe O04 is the last bit of your name your age? 04? Are you 4 years old? Lol

    • Potatoe O04
      Potatoe O04 6 days ago

      Remeber people be nice

    • ThePernod1
      ThePernod1 6 days ago

      @Potatoe O04 If I am an idiot, it would be just the truth.

    • Potatoe O04
      Potatoe O04 6 days ago

      What if someone called you an idiot behind your back,how would you feel.

    • Potatoe O04
      Potatoe O04 6 days ago

      Im just saying to speak nice thats all

  • Indi Christiansen
    Indi Christiansen 8 days ago +1

    I had the MMR jab at about three, and around this time, the adults around me noticed I started to develop signs of autism. I was diagnosed with ASD shortly after my brother was born. This was also around the time this fraud doctor published that bullshit paper. My other read it, and yet still decided to vacillate my brother and sister, because she's not an idiot. She knows that Autism can be overcome, and adapted too. I am proof. But measles, not only can that hurt your child, but other peoples kids as well. And this was enough. It is not just your kid, its other kids as well. It isn't just your choice. Its needs of the many! Ive since had a booster for MMR, and this caused no extraneous signs of symptoms at all. It is a load of bullshit that vaccines cause anything much less autism.

  • tyler Sutherland
    tyler Sutherland 8 days ago +1

    my conspiracy theory is that Greta Thunberg made coronavirus

  • Ryan Harris
    Ryan Harris 8 days ago +7

    Wonder what shite the anti-vaxxers are gonna say about the vaccine for covid 19. Any bets ??

  • Light Free
    Light Free 8 days ago +2

    Russell Howard is challenging Danny Dyer for a Pricks Prick Title.

  • @net2019
    @net2019 8 days ago

    Wow awful that children killed and severely damaged by vaccines (given by companies who can't be sued for injecting our kids with added poisonous ingredients in the vaccine unless you go to a special court) are ignored. It makes a mockery of thousands of cases of vaccine damaged children and the mothers living with it! Disgusting clip!!!

    • Amy
      Amy 8 days ago

      Please watch this video.

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 8 days ago +2

      Vaccine damage is a lie that antivaxxer mongs say to try and back up their dumb claims

  • RobRob Spurling
    RobRob Spurling 8 days ago +49

    I’m autistic and it pisses me off when people say vaccines cause it and to be honest I don’t see what’s wrong with being autistic I think it’s great because we see things that others don’t because we think differently

    • Comet Aura
      Comet Aura 13 hours ago

      @Alan Martin not everyone's autism is the same.

    • Alan Martin
      Alan Martin 23 hours ago +1

      Fellow autismo here, did you not struggle in school socially, the reason why ppl think good comes out of autism is because of Autistic servants like Enstein, that doesn't apply to most of us.

    • MelonPlayzYT
      MelonPlayzYT Day ago

      @Dyno's Art asbergers

    • Dyno's Art
      Dyno's Art 2 days ago

      I'll be honest, I have Asbergers Autism but I still have no real idea what it does to you.

    • The Pigs Are Rebelling
      The Pigs Are Rebelling 8 days ago +5

      *the definition of autism here* and I agree, autism is amazing

  • Small Honey Bee
    Small Honey Bee 8 days ago +1

    name calling people will not convince them otherwise, troll

  • Andy M
    Andy M 8 days ago +1

    He’s a handsome bloke!

  • Munkhzorig Bayarsaikhan

    Fucking idiots autism is a genetic disorder.