• Published on Jul 29, 2020
    What's up guys!? Today I have finally decided to upload the very requested and long awaited Full House Tour!!! It's been a long time coming as the work on this house took literally FOREVER until we were happy with how everything came together! So I hope you guys enjoy finally seeing the *almost* finished project! If you wanna check out the transformation videos of each room in this house check out the following videos:
    OUR NEW EMPTY HOUSE TOUR *3 years ago* :
    IKEA Bamboo Lamp:
    IKEA Bamboo Vase:
    Living Room Sofas:
    Coffee Table *Similar* :
    Cinema Room Sofa:
    Dining Table:
    Office Chair:
    Glass Office Desk:
    Office Sofa:
    Office White Faux Fur Rug:
    Revolution x Roxxsaurus Colour Burst Shadow Palette -
    Revolution x Roxxsaurus Ride or Die Shadow Palette -
    Revolution x Roxxsaurus Highlight & Contour Palette -
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  • Roxxsaurus
    Roxxsaurus  16 days ago +828

    Hey my lovelies!! I hope you guys enjoy today's video! It's been a long time coming! If there's anything I didn't mention in this video and you want to know where it's from, feel free to comment below and I'll try and answer as many as I can! Love you guys! ❤️

    • Inaaya Ali
      Inaaya Ali 2 days ago +1

      Where’s the garden bed from 💋

    • nicole courchee
      nicole courchee 2 days ago +1

      Where is the little two layer shelf with the rose gold stand from that's next to your sink with your skincare products on from? :)

    • Justus3 Dear
      Justus3 Dear 5 days ago +1

      Hey where is your gorgeous gardne day bed from my love ? 🥰 x I need this in my garden life lol x

    • Kiera xo
      Kiera xo 6 days ago

      hey! I literally just watched this lmao but I’d like to find out where you got the cushions. Like the ones on the guest bed ;D

    • aN Na
      aN Na 7 days ago

      kattar boyz It’s not that big!...🙄

  • Raine Avengoza
    Raine Avengoza 7 hours ago

    You should build an outdoor dining area in your garden

  • William Mitchell

    howard stern

  • Umair Ahmad
    Umair Ahmad Day ago

    cookie swirl c roblox

  • Dose of Reese Lily

    Where is the giant mirror in your main bathroom! I love it!😍

  • Peach Nais'e
    Peach Nais'e Day ago

    Hello I'am from indonesia

  • Maria Flynn
    Maria Flynn Day ago +1

    Hi I love your channel and house

  • Chey Jank
    Chey Jank 2 days ago

    Hi I’m a new channel and it would mean the world if you guys could check it out and support ❤️

  • Ameera Chyy
    Ameera Chyy 2 days ago

    Your wardrobe is goals😍

  • Systha Lin
    Systha Lin 2 days ago

    I’d love to come there and be a guest😭😭😭

  • Casey Finnegan
    Casey Finnegan 2 days ago


  • nicole courchee
    nicole courchee 2 days ago

    Where is the little two layer shelf with the rose gold stand from that's next to your sink with your skincare products on from? :)

  • Ilax's Island
    Ilax's Island 3 days ago

    This is defo my favourite house tour. Love that you guys did DIY to some of the stuff, they honestly look amazing! 😍

  • Snql
    Snql 3 days ago

    Çok konuşuyorsun ya biraz yavaş ve az konuşsan keşke. Tüm videoların öyle

  • 2006 Janice XII A
    2006 Janice XII A 3 days ago +1

    Roxy giving me gigi hadid vibes

  • Maja Osmalek
    Maja Osmalek 3 days ago

    I want her house who else?

  • Lydia Goddard
    Lydia Goddard 3 days ago +1

    As much as I like the look of the plant walls I can’t help but think ‘spider haven’ 😱 🕷

  • RRQ Murtal
    RRQ Murtal 3 days ago

    I just wish I had a room for myself. You guys are so lucky. Love from India

  • Maariyah Abowath
    Maariyah Abowath 3 days ago

    Does anyone know where she gets her wall art from it looks really nice and I can't find any

  • Selena la haye
    Selena la haye 3 days ago

    But roxx how can you pay for a house like that? I live in holland and a house like that wuld be like 5 million euros? And its just you 2 there?
    And pls dont ever forget how lucky you are and rich (not money but love and happines). You have a home that a lot of people can only dream about.

  • Ayda Ray
    Ayda Ray 3 days ago

    This was so unique and beautiful. You are so gorgeous 😍🌺🌹💕

    MAHAK JINDAL 3 days ago +1

    CUTER THAN ANY CELEBRITY'S HOUSE on Architectural Digest ❤️

  • أیڤآ
    أیڤآ 4 days ago

    يخبل ب العافيه ♥️♥️♥️

  • Teo Ioana
    Teo Ioana 4 days ago

    Hey Rox! I’m sure that there are some people who follow you who are interested in the process of buying a house (including me!). Do you think you can make a video in which you talk about this? The deposit you need to put for the house, the mortgage, etc... I think it would be highly appreciated! Thanks x

  • Loston Enterprises
    Loston Enterprises 4 days ago

    ⏪Beautiful Houston Home Tours🎥📸‼️🤘🏾

  • Cinthia Raquel
    Cinthia Raquel 4 days ago

    I’m so in love (obsessed) with your house, omg so gorgeaus 😍 i’ve been following you for some time and i always loved watching your videos 🥰 BUT this house is really a dream.. i wish one day i would love to have a house like yours!! I also would love to see all your makeup collection.. i look forward to that day!

  • S. fashion_beauty
    S. fashion_beauty 4 days ago

    Your house is beautiful x is it a new build? Would you recommend old or new houses?

  • Honey Owen
    Honey Owen 5 days ago +1

    Where was the duvet covers from xx

  • Valentrixx 20
    Valentrixx 20 5 days ago

    I love her outfit does anyone know where her jeans are from I really like them!!

    • Valentrixx 20
      Valentrixx 20 3 days ago

      Louise hope OMG thanks i really like them!

    • Louise hope
      Louise hope 4 days ago

      I think they’re the Missguided Mom extreme ripped jeans, I have the exact same ones! X

  • Kiran Raza
    Kiran Raza 5 days ago

    The walking wardrobe 😍 the bedroom....the living room.....the garden area...OMG...wish to live a life like roxi......

  • Lintang Hanun
    Lintang Hanun 5 days ago

    I really like the simple house design but there is everything, lots of plants and I love the color mix of the furniture and the walls.

  • Amy Shaw
    Amy Shaw 5 days ago

    Where do you get your picture frames from?

  • Kilem Walling
    Kilem Walling 5 days ago

    I just love how greenery your house is!

  • Agnieszka
    Agnieszka 5 days ago

    Do you rent this hause or its your own?

  • I am Flying Bird
    I am Flying Bird 5 days ago

    There is one app call “WHOLEE PRIME” please do review of their products it is really low price and fake designers products

  • eviewhy
    eviewhy 5 days ago

    I AM OBSESSEDDDD, you have the best taste!!! love love love the bedroom sliding door and the whole closet shower room! that mirror in there is gorgeous!!!!!!

  • Richie V
    Richie V 5 days ago

    You should do a cat room makeover for sky! 🥰😊

  • subhanm
    subhanm 6 days ago

    Yes you got carpet. Carpet gang!! I hate floor except for kitchen and bathroom. Carpet is so cozy best vibes

  • The Alice May Edit
    The Alice May Edit 6 days ago +1

    You’re house looks amazing!! I love what you’ve done with it 😍

  • arunaaa301
    arunaaa301 6 days ago

    Kindly let me know what couch you have in the cinema room? Thanks!

  • Bridgette Sitton
    Bridgette Sitton 6 days ago

    Lovely house and so cool y'all did it together makes it feel so much better so happy for you guys loves ya mama xxx💙💙💙✌🙏🌻😷😍😁😘❤❤❤

  • Don Dread
    Don Dread 6 days ago

    Nice house, What about your neighbours what are they like?

  • game on
    game on 6 days ago

    u british?

  • Faryal Nayyer
    Faryal Nayyer 6 days ago

    I love ur house😊😊

  • Emilia Poole
    Emilia Poole 6 days ago

    I just wanna know why you have a walk in wardrobe but still want to have a wardrobe in your bedroom ??

  • Elli Rpona
    Elli Rpona 6 days ago

    What I concluded from watching this video: HOUSE GOALS 😭

  • daisy mae
    daisy mae 6 days ago

    I really wanna know where your jeans are from😍

  • Kiera xo
    Kiera xo 6 days ago +1

    who did the bathroom lmaoo

  • Ariel Rilley
    Ariel Rilley 6 days ago

    Wow this is soo beautiful😍😍...when you watch this video you wonder what are you doing with your life? 😂😂... this house is like a holiday destination.

  • Isla Kateley
    Isla Kateley 6 days ago

    weird question but where are your jeans from? love them! xx

  • baby bobo
    baby bobo 6 days ago

    For the ground floor living room, you can put the couches facing each other and the fire place in the middle. The TV can go on the opposite wall to the fire place. For the Guest Bedroom, I think it will be better if you rotate the bed clock wise and get rid of that chest of drawer because you already have enough storage.

  • Isabelle Binder
    Isabelle Binder 6 days ago

    How do you live without bedside tables, I could never 🙈

    OSAMA BALOCH 6 days ago

    Chicken is my second favorite thing to eat in bed!

  • Lucie Ella
    Lucie Ella 7 days ago

    They literally showed there number plates

  • Nathania Arreta R
    Nathania Arreta R 7 days ago +1

    This your house so aesthetic ❤

  • Arooj Asif
    Arooj Asif 7 days ago

    Amazing house.....ND that cenima room😍😍😍

  • Tshepang Molefe
    Tshepang Molefe 7 days ago

    I really love the whole house. Especially the bedroom, ensuite and the cinema room. You and Matt are really good at DIYs.

  • Eva Kelly
    Eva Kelly 7 days ago +1

    Great video👍....... But what if you have kids where would they go??

  • Johanna Judor
    Johanna Judor 7 days ago

    Le buffet en bois dans l'entrée il vient d'où ? Stp --> The wooden buffet in the entrance it comes from where ? Please IL EST MAGNIFIQUE J'ADORE 😍

  • Tammy Cawman
    Tammy Cawman 7 days ago

    It's not my type home I don't care for the set up choppy law out.

  • Caitlin Corral
    Caitlin Corral 7 days ago +1

    Ok but I hate the bedroom

  • RLD
    RLD 7 days ago

    Narcissists are gross and so are those lame pants.

  • Megan Thomas
    Megan Thomas 8 days ago

    House tour but the first room of the house you don’t show??😂😢😢😢❤️

  • Mayra Morales
    Mayra Morales 8 days ago

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  • HuzaifaZaif
    HuzaifaZaif 8 days ago

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  • Georgialomas
    Georgialomas 8 days ago

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    Jade Rawkins 8 days ago

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  • J R
    J R 8 days ago +3

    she seems so self centered. She always says "my cat" or "my house" what abt her bf.

  • Ellie Clark
    Ellie Clark 8 days ago

    the filming and wobbles of the camera made me feel sick watching this

  • Deanna Hayden
    Deanna Hayden 8 days ago

    That is not a garden. I do not see vegetables growing anywhere or any fruit. This is just a backyard. But I love everything abt you house inside. Very chic.