Russia's Alcohol Problem

  • Published on May 31, 2020
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  • SlightlySpicySoySauce
    SlightlySpicySoySauce 2 hours ago

    B-but we only have two problems! Roads and stupidity!

  • Angie Duncan
    Angie Duncan 8 hours ago

    [Heavy Russian accent] Ahhh ye that’s how we do it on mother Russia

  • Imanoobplayz lol
    Imanoobplayz lol 20 hours ago

    Astromomia plays and the the coffin dance meme is on!!!

  • ya boi
    ya boi Day ago

    Extra strong kvass!

  • Germany
    Germany Day ago

    Hey, Russland, you're not alone. Here are some other ones.
    Yeah, us Europeans have an alcohol problem.

  • Rich Lawson
    Rich Lawson Day ago

    I'm pretty sure that's not that much per person.

  • lana lake
    lana lake Day ago

    Thanks RealLifeLore. 🌍🌼

  • lana lake
    lana lake Day ago

    Well, that's sad but I hope Russia is truly making strides in reducing alcoholism among its people! 🍀🌍

  • Marmur1987
    Marmur1987 2 days ago

    Data is from official consumption, a lot is samogon, a moonshine. No alcohol sell after 11 PM is theory. Pubs are excluded, so shops have taps and as a bars serve taped beer to plastic bottles,officially to consume on site, so you don't get a cap to close a bottle... But... Yeah, if you have your own... Is ok.

  • Boono
    Boono 2 days ago

    There is a world out there where people have never touched alcohol nor their forefathers for generations.
    Didn't drink any alcohol and am not planning to.🥱

  • Іван Цюпа
    Іван Цюпа 2 days ago

    Володимир це КИЇВСЬКИЙ князь

  • OzhinKurd
    OzhinKurd 2 days ago


  • Вадим Зайцев

    0:43 Volodymyr was emperor of Kievan Rus. So it’s kind of weird to say that he’s Russian

  • Rahul Krishna
    Rahul Krishna 2 days ago

    This is nothing compared to what an average alcoholic malayali drinks

  • Jedian
    Jedian 2 days ago

    1:31 Wtf kind of pour was that?

  • Laring?
    Laring? 2 days ago


  • De licious
    De licious 2 days ago

    1:15 Hungary, Romania, Czechia and Slovakia are also former Soviet Union states.

  • Djursnerable
    Djursnerable 3 days ago

    He sounds gay.

  • Максим Василенко

    Why comparing Russian man vs US adult? I am guessing if compare man to man it won't be as hight. Comparison for adults for example is Rus 15 vs US 9 , which is far from 3 times as much. Also life expectancy problem in my opinion is not just because of alcohol but also due to lots of other reason like healthcare, working conditions etc.

  • beepIL
    beepIL 3 days ago +1

    when you measure liters of alcohol per year, what are you referring to?
    pure alcohol content?
    is 1 liter of beer measured the same as 1 liter of vodka?
    this is not reflecting how bad it really is

  • hamish coles
    hamish coles 3 days ago

    Its on a problem if you wanna quit and u cant

  • Trevor Taylor
    Trevor Taylor 3 days ago

    Alcohol consumption in Russia has dropped 43% since 2003. 2019 the world health organization did a study on this topic. They drink less then 10 liters per person per year. Average life expectancy has increased to 68 for a man and 78 for a woman. The real price of alcohol has dropped 30% during this time. See I like facts not propaganda. Crimea voted on entrance to the Russian federation on March 16 2014 as Ukraine descended into lawlessness. The vote gave a 97% yes for rejoining the Russian federation. Crimea became part of Ukraine in 1954. Stats can be found at the world health organization or Russian health ministry 8-495-628-4453. Wikipedia is also another source. Study your facts and history!

  • Leon bender
    Leon bender 4 days ago

    The numbers thaf russia gives are accurate. The WHO even proved that. They actually drink less alcohol then the germans (at least in 2018)

  • Aryan Ahmed
    Aryan Ahmed 4 days ago +1

    I haven’t sipped a single drop of alcohol in my Life because I’m Muslim

  • Андрей Илюшин

    I'm living in russia, and i'm confirming every single word said in this video. Alcohol addiction is one of the major problems of russia. Many men drinking alcohol a lot, especially in poor states. Russian alcoholism is complete mayham for society.

  • Хацкер Хацкерович

    Actual russian problems:
    If society is good, alchohol isn't a problem

  • LT FreeBorn
    LT FreeBorn 4 days ago

    When I think of Russia I think of Vodka

  • Esatzu
    Esatzu 4 days ago

    What the hell are these subtitles???

  • Luschek
    Luschek 4 days ago +4

    Ahhh so this small village in the netherlands i live in is just part of russia, never knew! Privet my comrads!!

  • RUFU5
    RUFU5 4 days ago

    That’s where the countries name originated. *Everyones always Russian to the pub or the off licence.*

  • T R E N C H M A F I A Fam

    Corection *Lithuania isn’t eastern europe😉 Baltic states are geographically located nordic

  • Godofhel1
    Godofhel1 4 days ago

    Ten years ago that's so long ago
    In Russia the consumption of alcohol is decreasing each year
    Should be about 11.5l as of today

  • Soviet Weeb Gamer 69

    Beer is a softdrink

  • FalconPunch1978
    FalconPunch1978 4 days ago +1

    In Soviet Russia alcohol drinks yuo!

  • The Purposeful Messenger

    Why do you keep calling a country a her/she. Your so cringe.

  • Wild Life
    Wild Life 4 days ago +1

    Honestly, Americans drink way more than other nations... binge drinking is out of control here because the drinking culture is to make drinking completely taboo prior to age 21, which is dumb.

  • Paul Hermeneanu
    Paul Hermeneanu 4 days ago

    In the future , I think that Russians will be able to use their blood as fuel:))

  • Low Pitch
    Low Pitch 5 days ago +2

    Research please before making a video.
    The ten countries with the highest consumption of alcohol (in liters of pure alcohol per capita) are:
    Belarus (14.4 liters)
    Lithuania (12.9 liters)
    Grenada (11.9 liters)
    Czech Republic (11.8 liters)
    France (11.8 liters)
    Russia (11.5 liters)
    Ireland (11.4 liters)
    Luxembourg (11.4 liters)

    took me around 15 sec researching

  • Franz Kiefer
    Franz Kiefer 5 days ago


  • MrPureManure
    MrPureManure 5 days ago

    Well, they won a war while drunk

  • submalevolent grace
    submalevolent grace 5 days ago

    If the average Russian only drinks a shot a day of let's be modest and say 50 percent alcohol prcntg. Science tells us there is actually no health problems with that, it sounds hyperbolic, but it's real. The problem then becomes they probably aren't pacing that way and are getting drunk during half of the month or less which then does produce massive health risks, moderation folks.

  • NurIhsan
    NurIhsan 5 days ago

    Indonesia: 0L/Year

  • markmd9
    markmd9 5 days ago

    To understand why is that and why they cannot get rid of it:
    One stupid tradition from USSR is that you can not drink alone (or you'll be tagged as alcoholic) so one must buy alcohol and find some buddies to convince to drink with him.
    Another tradition is to fill your cup with alcohol even if you don't want to drink then make you drink with them, then repeat until the bottle is empty.
    And last is that any party that doesn't serve alcohol sucks!

  • Marek Kobra
    Marek Kobra 5 days ago

    6:18 ya sure ...

  • Sir Catman
    Sir Catman 5 days ago

    In Soviet Russia, the problem of alcohol is Russian

  • Theone !
    Theone ! 5 days ago

    Damn I may be drunk and bad at math but I think I drink 105 liters a year!!! Lol

  • Roman Popov
    Roman Popov 5 days ago

    Русский комент, который ты ищешь)

  • D J
    D J 5 days ago

    Never really understood how one could drink this much. I never remember the great feeling as much as I remember the hang over.

  • Alexander Surop
    Alexander Surop 5 days ago

    pointless life and capitalism will make you drink like hell

  • John Brown
    John Brown 5 days ago

    26 shots per month is less than a shot per day

  • Your Mom 23
    Your Mom 23 5 days ago


  • Sprier
    Sprier 5 days ago

    23 shots a month? Less than a shot a day???

  • Cat Loving Trio
    Cat Loving Trio 5 days ago +1

    Russians will be Russians.

  • professionnel name
    professionnel name 5 days ago

    in my country we don't even drink alcohol we just snort it it's awesome

  • Klay Thordarson
    Klay Thordarson 5 days ago

    23 shots a month isn’t even one a day that isn’t anything bro

  • Count Rufus
    Count Rufus 6 days ago +1

    Doesn't even come close to Americans drug Meth and Coke and Opioids problem

  • Fat Mall Cop
    Fat Mall Cop 6 days ago

    Wait, only 26liters?

  • Fat Mall Cop
    Fat Mall Cop 6 days ago

    Laughs in drunk finnish

  • lofty
    lofty 6 days ago

    Как русский, хочу сказать что у нас все пьют, даже те, кто говорит что не пьёт, и в целом всем похуй

  • mapmakerGER
    mapmakerGER 6 days ago

    Me during quarantine one bottle rum or vodka per day

  • sasso sasso
    sasso sasso 6 days ago

    the power IT'S NOT FROM DRINKING? That's NEEDS to be a LIE, it's IMPOSSIBLE.

  • Илья Иванов

    Why using 10year old statistics

  • Fisk the Lombax
    Fisk the Lombax 6 days ago

    Gin > Vodka

  • Science and Knowledge Archive

    Thats so great and informative. Love you RealLifeLore

  • popindosin228
    popindosin228 6 days ago

    Эх, горжусь!

  • CloudySnow
    CloudySnow 6 days ago

    Vodka is just water with alcohol

  • Trendsetter
    Trendsetter 6 days ago

    RLL has to be the only youtube channel with 3m+ subs using a potato to record his audio

  • Justin Park
    Justin Park 6 days ago

    2:32 Why did you relate it to adults instead of males and females specifically?

  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 6 days ago

    23 shots per month, less than 1 per day. get over it. how many people have a glass of wine with food. this video seems like a waste.

  • FBI agent 74
    FBI agent 74 6 days ago

    Alcoholic man in America is normal man Russia.

  • mikkei
    mikkei 6 days ago +2

    bullshit , all east Europe drink as good as russian - we have 7 days marathons of drinking every day - like in mid-ages... this is real horror but is funny

  • Clinton Smith
    Clinton Smith 6 days ago

    I prefer crystal meth


    I'm not even Russian and almost drank 16 liters this year....

  • Dr. Koten Neizchenburg

    Vodka tastes so disgusting. I shiver when I smell it or even see other people drinking it.

  • Yaroslav Kandyba
    Yaroslav Kandyba 7 days ago

    Vladimir was never a Russian prince. He lived in Kyiv and ruled the Kyiv Rus which is definitely not Russian heritage

  • Bobbi
    Bobbi 7 days ago +1

    Me, a Danish teenager: pf, amateurs.

  • Adri Leemput
    Adri Leemput 7 days ago

    "litres of alcohol": is this in actual alcohol or alcoholic drinks?

  • RememberBlack And white

    Alcohol is poison give me thc any day over it non poisonous

  • bluejay7232
    bluejay7232 7 days ago

    Lol! There are more heavy drinkers in Germany but here you are spreading LIES about Russia. Typical American PROPAGANDA! Love Russia from the Philippines.

  • Philippe Carriere
    Philippe Carriere 7 days ago

    nobody should ever mention the WHO after what happened...

  • Ta3ra [GD]
    Ta3ra [GD] 7 days ago

    alcohol and alcohol only can supress the feeling of hopelessness

  • DeAndre Wilson
    DeAndre Wilson 7 days ago

    Referring countries as she is so damn annoying. Something like a single boat or truck ok. But a whole nation where half the people (especially in government) are male? What even the hell? 😑

    • Akteeq Levenci
      Akteeq Levenci 7 days ago

      Uh, what? What's the issue exactly? Anyways, Russia is the motherland. It's perfectly fine to call it a she.

  • A Dempsey
    A Dempsey 7 days ago

    This video was made possible by alcoholism

  • Rastko Savovic
    Rastko Savovic 7 days ago

    I didnt know russia has alcohol problems

  • Ayrat Khalikov
    Ayrat Khalikov 7 days ago

    I live in Russia.
    I agree alcohol consumption has gone down. But there is a nuance.
    People who still drink, drink as much. Their consumption has not changed.
    But less people drink overall.
    It was very common 10-20 years ago to have at home parties, where you'd invite your relatives and friends, sit at a big table and eat and drink vodka. Now it's only on a special occasion basis and most people don't drink.

  • Bob Mann
    Bob Mann 7 days ago +10

    I'm confused about how Scotland and Ireland aren't on here. I drank the yearly amount before the end of January.

  • Zahkrosis
    Zahkrosis 7 days ago

    It's only a problem when we run out.
    Also, the fact that alcohol saved Russia and eventually us from Islam

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 7 days ago

    At least it's getting better (if their data is true), it that hard not to drink alcohol? Or reduce it to a less dangerous amount, clearly you can die from it so.

  • Joris S.
    Joris S. 7 days ago

    I drink 23 shots in a long evening at a party...

  • ozsnowbum
    ozsnowbum 7 days ago

    one of the worst drugs there is, so many better ones.

  • Prikkel
    Prikkel 8 days ago

    Aaah yes, Russia, the land of endless liver failure.

  • momorain
    momorain 8 days ago +1

    Russia: Suka Blyat

  • Adblasticious 10x
    Adblasticious 10x 8 days ago +1

    Want some vodka?

  • Diced92
    Diced92 8 days ago

    wtf, is 20 litre of alcohol in an entire year considered alot?

  • Adblasticious 10x
    Adblasticious 10x 8 days ago +1

    *insert coffin dance*

  • 3DHDcat
    3DHDcat 8 days ago

    Start of video : ok russia is finished, no hope and it's relegated to third world level
    End of video: we are back bois

  • Asianlookinglad
    Asianlookinglad 8 days ago

    I‘m thankful that the almighty has forbidden alcohol. Alcohol destroys everything... families, wealth and most importantly health. (Lel I unintentionally sounded like a poet)

  • J'habite OF Legend
    J'habite OF Legend 8 days ago

    Uhhh my dad isnt a alcoholic and he drinks 1liter of 10% beer every weekend day

  • LeftyLimbo
    LeftyLimbo 8 days ago

    Finally someone is talking about the bear in the room.

  • FocusFanatic
    FocusFanatic 8 days ago

    This is the genius of Islam and why Muslims don't drink.