Why Japan's Geography Sucks

  • Published on Oct 15, 2019
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  • サラダバー
    サラダバー Day ago


  • time 0
    time 0 Day ago +1

    South Korean geography sucks the most.
    It has sooo small piece of land and what's more,70%of the land is useless because of the mountains.
    East, south: third largest economic power, JAPAN and they hate SK.
    West: second largest economic power and also third largest military power CHINA. And they despise SK.
    north: second largest military power RUSSIA. And they does not like SK too.
    If you think SK is normal country, well l can tell you it's not.
    The only reason SK having piece now is because they have alliance treaty with US. And recently, l don't think americans like it, especially the president.
    Japan's geopolitical condition is far better than SK.

  • DahDaniel Dude
    DahDaniel Dude Day ago

    I’m pretty sure japan couldn’t invade Australia cuz it’s like freakin hot there man even I can’t breathe sometimes

  • 5pmHazyblue
    5pmHazyblue Day ago

    0:36 You didn't include Takeshima.

    MANETIT Naj 2 days ago

    Actually, japan has incredible geography. Because it is isolated from the redt of the world by sea, it has the same situation as britain. And because they have _RICE_ , they can have ALOT of people.

  • Sereye K
    Sereye K 2 days ago

    They’ve done well until now but I think Japanese economy will decrease. Cuz they stuck at old fashion and do not try to change new one.

  • The garbage you put in your couch

    Damn near my favorite empire in eu4

  • Ciaran Condron
    Ciaran Condron 3 days ago

    Japan: Has no natural resources
    Japan: Fine! I’ll make my own

  • opensesame888
    opensesame888 3 days ago +1

    I'm Japanese and what I love most about Japan's geography is that Japan is islands where foreign countries have hard time invading. The ocean is our natural defense line. The landscape is pretty small compared to the continental landscape but we've got all items pretty close to each other. Japanese garden represents the nature or landscape of Japan if you don't know what I mean. I used to live in North America because I liked the huge space. But it was too huge too flat especially in the east coast. I like Vancouver because they have mountains and ocean nearby that is similar to Japan.

  • Famous Kat
    Famous Kat 5 days ago

    I respect Japan
    But Tokyo is REALLY scary. Therr is no vegetables and land. Only bdings iver buildings. They are over consuming.

  • Famous Kat
    Famous Kat 5 days ago

    What i can't understand is WHERE THE FUCK JAPAN TAKE all this lil stone iron etc. They make ps4 vjdeo games computer cars machine pretty much everything involving things or material they don't have in Japan.

  • Kevin Kerr
    Kevin Kerr 5 days ago +1

    Merica 🇺🇸

  • Munsi Lal
    Munsi Lal 6 days ago +1

    Japan inspring me

    SPESS 6 days ago

    I honestly don’t like Japan all that much

  • Colonel Gucci
    Colonel Gucci 6 days ago

    a japanese dude fucked me a couple months ago. it was a good fuck. who misses fucking.

  • j b
    j b 7 days ago +1

    독도는 우리 땅

  • Jozef Piłsudski
    Jozef Piłsudski 7 days ago +2

    The former name of Tokyo is called Edo

  • K Das
    K Das 8 days ago +1

    Japan....is still a developed nation. No other country could have dealt with the situation of atomic explosion better than Japan . Japan deserves respect.

  • Jenny Lang
    Jenny Lang 8 days ago

    That is not the German flag at 7:32! :D

  • Andrew Lav
    Andrew Lav 8 days ago

    This is all a lie we all know that Japan is just one BIG Toyota Corolla

    SOKOVITAA 8 days ago

    8:20 Japan never conquer Thailand. And Thailand us another country that never been conquered.

  • Mr. Galaxy
    Mr. Galaxy 9 days ago

    Russia: Fuck you!
    Japan: No, fuck you!
    *And it goes on for decades*

  • Diego Wada
    Diego Wada 9 days ago

    As a Japanese American, I can confirm that your spreading false information. For instance, Japan did not open ports because they needed to, but were actually made to open their ports by the Americans. I refuse to watch the rest after hearing that. Stop spreading misinformation about my people.

  • IM
    IM 10 days ago +2

    No matter how Japan's geography sucks, JAV is still better than the west one.

  • Rahul Jadhav
    Rahul Jadhav 10 days ago

    did you just assume the gender of Japan..... or what 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • Rick Martinez
    Rick Martinez 10 days ago

    Aren't we proud of dropping the bomb? Yeah, we are!!!! Right?

  • Rick Martinez
    Rick Martinez 10 days ago

    The entire world against them but with the greatest world power backing them up, right?

  • Rick Martinez
    Rick Martinez 10 days ago

    Never attacked Germany!!!!

  • Dhaval Raut
    Dhaval Raut 11 days ago

    Once in a life time every Indian should visit Japan.....(Swami Vivekananda's)

  • Ankur Lolayekar
    Ankur Lolayekar 11 days ago

    Why do you have problem with every countries geography?

  • David Dobbins
    David Dobbins 11 days ago

    Japan is like fawk you Russia and I will conquer taiwan

  • Sushil Tanwar
    Sushil Tanwar 12 days ago

    Wrong map is shown of India.

  • Lefty Conspirator
    Lefty Conspirator 13 days ago

    Not justifiable, sure.

    Then again, it's not like everyone else was opposed to aggressive imperialism to solve their resource shortages. Singling out Japan for their expansion was even then considered just a little bit racist by the Japanese.

    I recommend John Toland's book on the Japanese Empire to get a better understanding of the complex motivations driving their decisions. It wasn't as simple as mere greed, although that was undoubtedly a contributing factor.

  • RJ Button
    RJ Button 13 days ago +1

    Halifax is in Canada. Next time, just "east coast of North America".

  • Isaac Leillhikar
    Isaac Leillhikar 14 days ago

    The worst, in the Kanto plane, there are no Pokémon to catch.

  • Shawn Clark
    Shawn Clark 14 days ago +1

    Japan was conquer by the USA because of US' s nukes!

  • Shawn Clark
    Shawn Clark 14 days ago +2

    Japan's natural resource is her people!

    • 3BDO RK
      3BDO RK 12 days ago

      Yes of course!

  • Luigi Linguine
    Luigi Linguine 14 days ago

    Countries don't have genders.

  • kyle andrei decierdo
    kyle andrei decierdo 15 days ago

    do the Philippines Please

  • Akshay K Ashok
    Akshay K Ashok 15 days ago

    Where is your home REALLIFELORE????

  • John Smith
    John Smith 15 days ago

    127 million and the size of California?
    People say Japan needs people , it's already overpopulated.
    Tokyo has as many people as Canada.

  • Ayush Agarwal
    Ayush Agarwal 16 days ago

    Why do you call every country "she"? What's the rationale behind that? Just curious

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago +2

      Most counties are like ships, Russia (Motherland) Britain (Britannia ) .
      I think Germany (Fatherland) and a few are exceptions.

  • Pritpal Singh
    Pritpal Singh 16 days ago

    Japan's never been conquered? After the ww2 the whole country is westernized. It's the same thing.

  • 섹맛
    섹맛 16 days ago

    'japan has no outsidecontact for 2 centry' is wrong..
    Joseon tongshinsa gave developed culture to japan. In past time, joseon and ming dynasty was much developed than japan. but in modern time, after meiji Ishin, japan is stronger, and betray grace and invade continent.

  • ndoro bei
    ndoro bei 16 days ago

    Perhaps. But, Israelis choose to live in a land that is surrounded by enemies. That's far worse. And not wise. Why don't they move to another more peaceful land?

  • Russell Streak
    Russell Streak 17 days ago

    So many mountains and almost none of them have any valuable natural resources?

    I'm legit confused and impressed at the same time

  • Bibhuranjan Nath
    Bibhuranjan Nath 17 days ago +2

    Ah Japan, so much to love about this place that can be wiped out in an instant.
    (Laughs in Kami-Sama)

  • Roger Babson
    Roger Babson 18 days ago

    The information presented in this video misses the point. "Geography" can't "suck". Geography is the study of man's relationship to the land. Terrestrial features, including topography, soil, climate, etc, can be evaluated based on utility to mankind, but these are never (properly) labeled as good or bad. As proof, most of he same "suck" factors put on the Japanese islands here would apply to the Greek Islands, but that culture thrived and became the basis of modern Western Culture. Moreover, Japanese culture has itself come to lead the world in many regards--they have simply adapted to their environment as we all do.

    • Roger Babson
      Roger Babson 15 days ago

      @John Smith True, but nativity isn't a prerequisite to geography. There have been geographic studies of Antarctica.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago +1

      Except for Antarctica no Human is native from there.

  • Sungsoo Lee
    Sungsoo Lee 18 days ago

    William Halsey Jr. is my favorite historical person. My hero.

    SEUNGWOO HAM 18 days ago

    east sea = O japan sea = X

  • Sujan Waikhom
    Sujan Waikhom 19 days ago

    *Laughs in Hokkaidō*

  • Korean Kentoy
    Korean Kentoy 19 days ago

    Can you make video about Philippines?

  • Vedant kale
    Vedant kale 19 days ago +2

    Referring a country as "she" seriously doesn't sound right. Refer to them as "it".

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      Russia (Motherland) Britain (Britannia ) .

  • Eli Fybush
    Eli Fybush 19 days ago

    That thumbnail is more like “what if japan was way smaller

  • irn arbi shaikh
    irn arbi shaikh 19 days ago

    Bcuse japon sucks fk

  • Nora Pendiam
    Nora Pendiam 20 days ago


  • Hasan Megahed
    Hasan Megahed 20 days ago

    Can you please tell me what programs do you use to visualize the maps like that?

  • Stefan Thompson
    Stefan Thompson 20 days ago

    Wait...The Kanto region is a real place?

  • Lukas Loh
    Lukas Loh 20 days ago

    The colonization of the Philippines by Spain in the 15th century gave the Japanese Empire an impression that the west(Europe) is advancing on Asia and thus made them into an isolationist mode. It’s either be a conqueror or be conquered...

  • 127244
    127244 20 days ago

    You have misstated. 70 percent of South Korean land is also mountainous thus, the size cannot be same as the total size of Japan's liveable area.

  • Predaplant User
    Predaplant User 21 day ago +1

    The japanese islands can become bigger due to the 108 volcanoes.

  • jordan canite
    jordan canite 21 day ago

    How much money did they loose on those calamities? But still a rich first world country

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      Same with Germany, lost two world wars and now the 3rd highest GDP and head member of the EU.

  • Wren Paasch
    Wren Paasch 21 day ago

    I can understand their fears about nuclear after Fukushima, but how possible is it for them to get energy from offshore wind or something to take a bite out of their fossil fuel use, I wonder?

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      They are on 4 faultlines. Not good for Nuke power plants.

  • steve hammond
    steve hammond 21 day ago

    The United States conquered Japan. We made them surrender and we occupied their nation. I say this as an American who LOVES Japan and I am FILLED with admiration for her magnificent people.

  • Sanjeev Yadav
    Sanjeev Yadav 22 days ago

    Lol...Japan ruled pacific.
    It geography is theirs strength.
    I disagree to this video.

  • Michael C
    Michael C 22 days ago

    Japan's Aggressive Expansion got too high. Smh.

  • Miqoi Anuta
    Miqoi Anuta 22 days ago

    Still one of the strongest country in Asia ..

  • lol lol
    lol lol 22 days ago


    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      Russia (Motherland) Britain (Britannia ) .

  • lol lol
    lol lol 22 days ago


    • Aqua man
      Aqua man 20 days ago

      lol lol lmao bug off

  • Sleep Walker
    Sleep Walker 22 days ago

    Twice a typhoon destroyed an invading forces headed to japan?
    Bullshit! That was some ancient elemental spirit who called upon the forces of the ocean. to annihilate the incoming threat.

  • Ognjen Vemić
    Ognjen Vemić 22 days ago

    Litterly you suck.And USA gegraphy sucks.

    • Ognjen Vemić
      Ognjen Vemić 15 days ago

      No it isn't USA soon it will not be 1 economy superpower even Russia will beat it.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      US is on the sweet spot of earth.

  • Francis Lim
    Francis Lim 22 days ago

    Japan invaded and took away Taiwan from China,TAIWAN AWAY FROM CHINA,So,why did Japan not remind the Taiwanese that Taiwan belongs to China.?American vassal?Japan could reclaim more lands by reducing their mountainous areas,just like the Dutch.

  • Kevin C
    Kevin C 22 days ago

    Their civilization will be extinct according to experts due to their low birth rate, xenophobia of foreign workers. So bravo Japan.

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C 15 days ago

      @John Smith Look at the statistics, they have lower birth rates in the future.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      Low Birth? they are the size of California with 127 million people!
      If Japan had 50 million people it would be overpopulated for the landmass.
      Tokyo alone has the population of Canada.

  • the First Man
    the First Man 22 days ago

    The land of strong Humanity

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 23 days ago

    If resources were important, then Russia would be the wealthiest country (it's not). Canada is wealthy, but its resources are only partly responsible. Resources were essential to a 18th and 19th century economy.
    20th Century economy was more about manufacturing (adding value to resources).
    The 21st Century economy will be about Finance & Information, IMO.
    That is why places like Switzerland, Israel, Singapore, UK and US will be major players.
    I think China's position in the world economy is now in relative decline, (Relative - it will still grow, but other countries will gain on it - India, Vietnam, and Indonesia. South Korea and Japan will keep their per capita lead on China.)

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      Have you ever manufactured something without resources?
      They go hand in hand.
      High population with low natural resources s a bad thing.
      Countries with high standards of living do not have high populations,

  • Craig Dillon
    Craig Dillon 23 days ago

    One good thing about Japan's geography is that it has been able to develop with little bother from mainland troubles.
    Look at how many times China has been invaded, and even conquered. China always had problems with the pastoral nomadic cultures of central Asia.
    The only time a conquest was attempted was by the Mongols (yeah, I know, twice by them). Fortunately for Japanese culture, the Mongols were defeated.
    Also, resources are not really important in the modern world economy,
    Switzerland, Holland, Israel all have few resources, yet are wealthy, and live well.
    Oil helps a bit, but does not help a modern economy that much.

  • TaeJoon
    TaeJoon 23 days ago

    I think Korea's geography sucks even more. We are surrounded by China Japan and Russia. Conquered many times by China and Japan, and became a warzone during the cold war. And let's not forget that 70% of our territory is mountain.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 15 days ago

      If South Korea got a few dozed Trident ICBM silos I will guarantee you will never be invaded again.
      For some odd reason countries with Nukes do not get invaded .

  • Polly Monopoly
    Polly Monopoly 23 days ago +4

    10:34 Casually blows the man’s head off.

  • Anna Fed241
    Anna Fed241 23 days ago +6

    Calling it “she” so many times makes me uncomfortable

    • yellow mango
      yellow mango 4 days ago +1

      Calling it "he" will be a lot uncomfortable
      This is just my personal opinion

    • Coco Taveras
      Coco Taveras 5 days ago

      Maden Smith Yup! 👍

    • Maden Smith
      Maden Smith 22 days ago +2

      Countries are typically called as 'motherlands' so its usually referred to as female.

  • Charles Edwards
    Charles Edwards 23 days ago +1

    The history is so skewed towards America in this, it is awful...and I say that as an American, history teacher! Japan was forced into trade by the U.S. sending it’s friggin’ navy in to “negotiate” so they would have a sphere of influence in Asia!
    The Japanese also did not surrender because of the bombing of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. They surrendered to us because the Russians joined the war against them. The Japanese knew the Russians would still have ill will over the Russo-Japanese war of 1904-5 and wouldn’t hesitate to slaughter them, so they chose to surrender to the U.S. because they knew they would get much more lenient peace terms...even with unconditional surrender. Awful history in the video.

    • Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
      Lord Zanthar Teh Allen 23 days ago

      Charles Edwards I’m sure the atomic bombs were still a massive influence either way.

  • chin mungkuan
    chin mungkuan 23 days ago

    That why Korean so hate Japanese

  • M A
    M A 24 days ago +1

    Japanese peoples are so much talanted and educated that's the reason that no country can rule them

    • M A
      M A 23 days ago

      @Lord Zanthar Teh Allen no america try many times and when they fail to do it then they use nuclear weapons and destroy two beautiful cities Hiroshima & Nagasaki of Japan

    • Lord Zanthar Teh Allen
      Lord Zanthar Teh Allen 23 days ago

      M A Doesn’t America rule them kinda?

  • Macaroon
    Macaroon 24 days ago

    This was hilarious. What an unfortunate underdog story.

  • broderick kurtz
    broderick kurtz 24 days ago

    Imagine thinking nuclear is bad because a half century old reactor had a meltdown.

  • RJ P
    RJ P 24 days ago

    Earthquakes, typhoons, volcanic eruptions, we got them all - Philippines

  • VidianG
    VidianG 24 days ago +2

    Wow, so it's now....living in Japan sucks because of Coronavirus and Fukushima radiation ineptitude.

  • ughh fuckk Senpaiii
    ughh fuckk Senpaiii 24 days ago


  • I Kanai
    I Kanai 24 days ago

    we don't want resources, habitable areas, all we want is isolation and safety...

  • rYaN
    rYaN 24 days ago +1

    Japan did isolation way better than all of us. They did it for 2 centuries, i mean-

  • Ta Na
    Ta Na 24 days ago

    Kamikaze comes every year at the turn of the season, so it's not a miracle.
    Communists rewrite facts in this way.
    This video is also based on Communist material.
    Japan has fought Communists.
    Japan valued traditional culture and there was no conflict between the emperor and the people.
    Communists can't forgive the country's economic development.
    It was after the collapse of the Soviet Union that China and South Korea began to criticize Japan. Communists have changed sponsors.
    Dupes are produced based on these videos.

  • EK
    EK 24 days ago

    Fuck Japan

  • object show gamer 800
    object show gamer 800 24 days ago

    kanto plain reminds me of the kanto region in pokemon

  • Sean K
    Sean K 24 days ago +1


    World: OMG 6.2 M Earth quake in Japan!!
    Japanese: Brand New Manga is published today!!

    World: OMG!! North Korea is LAUNCHING their MISSILES
    South Korean: Two Korean Teams are meeting at World Finals of PC games!!

    World: OMG China!!!! Free Tibet!!! Free Hong Kong!!!
    Chinese: We are developing new weapon called CORONA VIRUS

  • Carlos Gallegos
    Carlos Gallegos 24 days ago

    I think it was justifiable the United States took Cuba, Puerto Rico and the Phillipines without any justification for their own failure on the cruiser Maine. What is not justifiable is the brutality of the occupation that Japan invaded.

  • Sasha Cruz
    Sasha Cruz 24 days ago

    English is not my mother tongue, so I need to know: why does this video call Japan as "she" and "her"?

    • Sm A R T
      Sm A R T 23 days ago

      Sasha Cruz you call a country or continent she or her or mother

  • KPop Rocks !
    KPop Rocks ! 24 days ago +2

    Nuclear Expert▶: More than 70% of Japan contaminated by radiation. 50,000 sq. miles of Japan highly contaminated.
    Top Official: Over 60 million Japanese irradiated by Fukushima. Many millions need to be evacuated but Japanese Gov't
    has decided to sacrifice them, it's a serious crime.---Nuclear experts April 17, 2016

  • KPop Rocks !
    KPop Rocks ! 24 days ago +1

    DNA Analysis Confirms Japanese Are of Korean Descent---Fri 02 Aug, 2013
    The Japanese are descendants of immigrants from Korea who arrived with rice-paddy agriculture around 400 b.c.
    The present day Japanese are the mixed descendants of the archipelago’s earliest settlers Jomon-jin and the late-comers Yayoi-jin who
    crossed the strait from the Korean peninsula, according to a genetic analysis.

    The researchers from the Graduate University for Advanced Studies [Sokendai] of Kanagawa prefecture [Japan] published the results of their findings in the Journal of Human Genetics on November 1st This research further confirms previous research findings by analysing over 900,000 DNA mutations per person, significantly improving the robustness of the result.
    The researchers focused on a population sample of 460 from Kanto, mainland Chinese, European descendants, in additionto another 71 Ainus and Okinawans. The result shows the present-day Japanese are the inter-marriage between the earlier settlers and later-comers.
    This confirms the the ‘mixed-blood’ ancestry hypothesis. The Ainus were closest to the native Okinawans and less so to the Kanto population.

    The Kanto population displayed the most genetic resemblance to Koreans. Until now, there have been a number of theories postulating on the origin of the Japanese, first of which was the Jomon dispersal-adaptation hypothesis, the displacement by the Yayoi population on the Jomon population, and the mixed-blood ancestry between the Jomon and the Yayoi. Sokedai’s professor Saito Naruya confirmed that the finding matched the mixed-blood ancestry hypothesis The researchers plan to conduct further DNA sample analysis from the bones recovered from the Jomon burial sites

  • Majax Plop
    Majax Plop 25 days ago

    Kanto -> Pokémon

  • Kaian Tiago
    Kaian Tiago 25 days ago

    Why does he uses "she" to refer to Japan. Shouldn't it be "it"?

    • Yukari
      Yukari 24 days ago

      In English, certain entities are referred to as she instead of it. Like ships and countries. I believe it stems from these being things you depend on, just like your mother. Using she is the more endearing way to refer to a country and is optional, using it is just as acceptable as she.