Swipe in 1 Second (Celebrity Dating Challenge)

  • Published on Aug 11, 2019
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    Swipe in 1 Second (Celebrity Dating Challenge)
  • Entertainment

Comments • 3 708

    REACT  8 days ago +540

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    • Baasima Chaudhry
      Baasima Chaudhry 5 days ago

      •S o f t n s w e e

    • Dragon king 1722
      Dragon king 1722 5 days ago

      U know what u should have tori and the guys do a reaction to buttcrush videos and have them buttcrush the camera in a POV pls fbe
      make this happen I’ll sub if u do

    • chiinemerem
      chiinemerem 7 days ago

      So u can pin da buh not me, fine

    • rudoog Avila
      rudoog Avila 7 days ago

      React to røb plzzz

    • Raven Box
      Raven Box 7 days ago

      Hey you guys should do a teen reaction to motionless in white!!!!!

  • Αλέξανδρος Κατίναs

    yes:Ariana grande,merilyn Monroe,david beckam,blondy,malcolm x,lady gaga(happy i chosed this),Rihanna,
    no:the black and white signer,cheerleader,bill clinton,ricky Martin,woman with the hat,Donald trump,

    hottest:malcolm x

    happy for my choices

    btw i wanted tom,eric or Chelsea to do this

    sorry for all the ones i spelled wrong

  • Brent Thomas Salvaleon

    who's the blonde girl?

  • Jenna Roumayah
    Jenna Roumayah 2 hours ago +6

    “so you just passed on Marilyn Monroe.”
    labib: oh.. we can go back!

  • TKMC Network
    TKMC Network 4 hours ago +1

    Labib 🤮

  • 80xbabyyy
    80xbabyyy 6 hours ago +12

    I hate ariana eww

    • Hannah :P
      Hannah :P 2 hours ago +1

      like anyone cares about your opinion? wtf

  • Chandler Rogers
    Chandler Rogers 6 hours ago +3

    9:50 why are they like the same

  • Ishmaam Sha-Riyad Imam
    Ishmaam Sha-Riyad Imam 8 hours ago +4

    Labib and conversations :3

  • GKIC07
    GKIC07 8 hours ago +10

    mikaela: she's pretty, flexible, let's go
    me: WTF?! XD

    • GKIC07
      GKIC07 6 hours ago +1

      @80xbabyyy who doesn't

    • 80xbabyyy
      80xbabyyy 6 hours ago +1

      I love flexible girls 😏

  • katie bedborough
    katie bedborough 8 hours ago +1

    Haley is the best omfgggg

  • Loon
    Loon 9 hours ago +6

    haley can like...get it

  • Pedro Dantas Fernandes
    Pedro Dantas Fernandes 9 hours ago +9

    honestly, what is this

  • Sydney Pierson
    Sydney Pierson 11 hours ago +6

    I love Labib

  • Emily Hernandez
    Emily Hernandez 13 hours ago +4

    Can you do try not to sing again there my favorite ( senorita )

  • Amanda Beraho
    Amanda Beraho 14 hours ago +14

    2:32 gotta protect his mAsCuLiNiTy

    • Amanda Beraho
      Amanda Beraho 13 hours ago +2

      and then he kept justifying himself every time he passed on men so that he seemed secure in his sexuality and “wOkE”

    • DiversityIsAwesome Joyful
      DiversityIsAwesome Joyful 14 hours ago +1

      so many men are so insecure in that way it's weird

  • Maz
    Maz 15 hours ago +23

    Haley looks like a mix between Taylor Swift and Loren Gray

  • Lil Frijoles
    Lil Frijoles 19 hours ago +55

    Absolutely nobody:
    Labib: I just want to have a conversation with him

  • ivy
    ivy 19 hours ago +7

    9:00 ect me talking in my mind

  • Something_mental
    Something_mental 19 hours ago +6

    Omg I love Haley.

  • Be The Yee To My Haw
    Be The Yee To My Haw 20 hours ago +10

    Donald trump looks like Joey from liv and maddie the tiniest bit.

  • Unicorn pastel Potato:3
    Unicorn pastel Potato:3 21 hour ago +12

    No because of the hat
    Match because I like her hat
    *Me:Oh wHaT aM I sUpPosEd tO kNoW whAt tO tHinK?!?!*

  • Emma Staub
    Emma Staub 21 hour ago +12

    10:45-10:47 😂😂

  • Emma Staub
    Emma Staub 21 hour ago +21

    4:00-4:05 I thought she was straight! But wow. I’m not judging her

    • Noor Selim
      Noor Selim 12 hours ago

      Natasha i did too aha

    • Emma Staub
      Emma Staub 12 hours ago

      Natasha I don’t know 😂😂

    • Natasha
      Natasha 14 hours ago +2

      How did I miss her saying that 😂

  • mr mystic
    mr mystic 21 hour ago +16

    Haley: "Don`t jude the book by it`s cover"
    Me: "agreed"
    Also me: *looking at her cleveage*

  • SimplyLiving
    SimplyLiving 22 hours ago +15

    People rn who thought Haley and Tom would be cute together: 🤡

  • vee beato
    vee beato 22 hours ago +13


    • vee beato
      vee beato 11 hours ago

      anyone know where she’s been?

    • Julie Medrano
      Julie Medrano 11 hours ago +2


  • Alex Iancu
    Alex Iancu 23 hours ago +7

    Trump was never in the military either 😂

    • DC
      DC 18 hours ago

      @Alex Iancu If someone was actually able to show me evidence that he was in the military, I would have to requestion our reality and the universe because that would shock me to my core lol.

    • Alex Iancu
      Alex Iancu 18 hours ago

      @DC Fair enough, I already knew he was in military school I just meant that he never actually was in the military because some of the people in the video thought he was. But I get what y'all are saying.

    • DC
      DC 18 hours ago

      @Alex Iancu It's not but I think he's just explaining why Trump wore that outfit

    • Alex Iancu
      Alex Iancu 18 hours ago

      @Ryan Military school is not the same as defending your country & actually seeing other men get blown to bits. 🤔

    • Ryan
      Ryan 19 hours ago

      Alex Iancu I think he went to a military school

  • Rosewoooda Broo
    Rosewoooda Broo Day ago +32

    *She's pretty. Flexible. Let's go!* lmao Mikaela 😂😂

  • bagel boys
    bagel boys Day ago +15

    why does bill clinton look like elvis presley?

  • bagel boys
    bagel boys Day ago +7

    the blonde girl looks like taylor swift

  • Supervision Gamer
    Supervision Gamer Day ago +6

    Liking these will prove its being watched still

  • CptTeemoOnMoody
    CptTeemoOnMoody Day ago +22


    • galiya revivo
      galiya revivo 9 hours ago

      @Mickyy idk i dont live there but i think they do but he just became meme lmao

    • Mickyy
      Mickyy 10 hours ago

      CptTeemoOnMoody I still don’t understand why people don’t support the President.

    • galiya revivo
      galiya revivo 18 hours ago


  • jacketcriminal
    jacketcriminal Day ago +11

    Labibs reason to pass Ari is just 👌

  • zac warmkessel
    zac warmkessel Day ago +13

    Damn Hailey letting the puppies breath this video

  • Meyvi Mell
    Meyvi Mell Day ago +12

    How did they not recognise rihanna ?

  • Jessey Boe
    Jessey Boe Day ago +16

    He really said he would NOT pass on Tony Laurat bc he's down to discuss opposing views? Its all fun and games til its your race being threatened

  • Nichard Rixon
    Nichard Rixon Day ago +12

    Young Bill Clinton is alright, but have you seen young Hillary?

  • Junk Mail
    Junk Mail Day ago +4

    I'd match with Tomi and Donald 🇺🇸

  • Kate Hammett
    Kate Hammett Day ago +12

    who was the blonde girl most of them passed on lmao i didnt hear a name...

  • Arising Phoenix
    Arising Phoenix Day ago +31

    I wish they showed us the after/now pictures so that if we don’t know who the hell they’re talking about we don’t have to pause the video to see who the hell they passed and missed out on with google.

  • Wittle Kitten
    Wittle Kitten Day ago +18

    Damn Donald was attractive when he was young! 😂 #Trump2020

    • ava
      ava 22 hours ago +1

      i- 💀💀

  • Jacobe Vieito
    Jacobe Vieito Day ago +23

    Haley moaned a little when seeing lady gaga

  • IWS K
    IWS K Day ago +8

    Faith & Ary are the most informed, and Mikaela is my twin

  • Katelyn Evans
    Katelyn Evans Day ago +18

    5:34 At least Labib has some common sense

  • Carlen Kwakye
    Carlen Kwakye Day ago +6

    Who was that girl at 5:30?

    • beta
      beta Day ago +1

      Carlen Kwakye Tomi Lahren

  • kairi
    kairi Day ago +20

    haley is so pretty 😍

  • FW.Liyah R
    FW.Liyah R Day ago +27

    Did she rlly pass on Rihanna...naww I’m trippen

  • Maya L
    Maya L Day ago +24

    I don’t know half of those people’s back story😬

  • Maya L
    Maya L Day ago +12

    A red shirt 😂😂

  • LightningGmr
    LightningGmr Day ago +2

    This was hilarious and I loved it

  • Divyam Dixit
    Divyam Dixit Day ago +25

    "If I was straight, I would be Monica Lewinsky"

  • Cooper Palek
    Cooper Palek Day ago +12

    “Still swiped right though...” 😂😂😂

  • Pulkit Kriplani
    Pulkit Kriplani Day ago +26

    I like Labib for being open minded.

  • keep smiling
    keep smiling Day ago +21


  • Catiana Chinchilla Villalobos

    Mikaela looks like Victoria justice

    • propogandalf
      propogandalf 23 hours ago +2

      Yessssss and similar smile/laugh

  • Jocelyn Sinead
    Jocelyn Sinead Day ago +7


  • *Arianator4life Desmarais


  • jacqueline capri
    jacqueline capri Day ago +19

    haley sound sm like loren gray wtf i never realized that..

  • Irina-Sophie Vacariuc

    I love how open Haley is about her sexuality

    • Hey.Its.Tay
      Hey.Its.Tay Day ago +1

      I was waiting for a comment like this

    • MADCHAT Music
      MADCHAT Music Day ago +2

      I was literally JUST about to comment that!!

  • Prantsies Gaming
    Prantsies Gaming Day ago +11

    Lmaoooooo donaldddd duckkkkk he said matchhhh

  • panic! eliza
    panic! eliza Day ago +32

    Haley looks like a older version of Jordyn Jones???? Pretty

    • anxngel
      anxngel Day ago +1

      panic! eliza IKR!

  • Tyler Nipko
    Tyler Nipko 2 days ago +13

    Swipe on Ary and Haley

  • Eri V
    Eri V 2 days ago +10

    Swipe right to Labib, Mikaela and Brandon 😍

  • fxllenxngel 02
    fxllenxngel 02 2 days ago +12

    React to Brooke Houts abusing her dog

  • Morsal Faizi
    Morsal Faizi 2 days ago +13

    where the hell was billie

    • Kim Dollenkamp
      Kim Dollenkamp Day ago

      @Patrik Evans ehmm... Yeah she is. She's 17, she'll be 18 this December 🤣 if you're gonna correct someone, do it right.

    • Patrik Evans
      Patrik Evans Day ago

      @DanKnowsGames no she's not

    • DanKnowsGames
      DanKnowsGames Day ago

      shes underage some reactors botta catch a case

  • Gabbyyy
    Gabbyyy 2 days ago +7

    *Have them react to Gabbie Hanna’s song pillowcase!!!!*

  • Jade Les
    Jade Les 2 days ago +37

    At that moment he knew he messed up 10:10

    • jessica ArmyBlink
      jessica ArmyBlink Day ago

      I knew it the second I looked at it that it was Donald Trump 😂😂

  • littlesmew
    littlesmew 2 days ago +8

    I never knew that Trump was actually in the military. Makes him moderately less heinous I suppose...

    • Sunflower&Mouse
      Sunflower&Mouse Day ago

      NOPE! He wasn't.

    • Silverhorse8166
      Silverhorse8166 2 days ago +12

      That picture of him was during his time in a New York military academy which was a boarding school. He never served in the military.

    • WeAreTexans #RedNation
      WeAreTexans #RedNation 2 days ago +13

      He's a draft dodger

  • Esther Musafiri
    Esther Musafiri 2 days ago +4

    I love guys 👍

  • Thesteadfast
    Thesteadfast 2 days ago +39

    So they tried to trick these people into matching with conservatives as if they were evil. Great on Labib for saying he'd talk to people that he disagrees with. That's the attitude more people need.

  • well
    well 2 days ago +15

    i knew basically everyone except for the ones that i didn’t know at all

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach 2 days ago +47

    *im straight but haley in this video bro.. 🥵*

    • This is not Patrick
      This is not Patrick Day ago

      The Vector I need to have an eye check. I think I am going blind.

    • The Vector
      The Vector Day ago

      This is not Patrick she is the girl with blonde hair

    • The Vector
      The Vector Day ago +1

      This is not Patrick she is not a celebrity she is a reactor

  • Delightful Reviews
    Delightful Reviews 2 days ago +40

    Mad respect to you Labib👍

  • Carlos Backup
    Carlos Backup 2 days ago +14

    I swipe right on Jair, Sheila, Mikela, Tori. Kenedy. in that order. Completely base on looks.

    • darkplant
      darkplant 2 days ago +1

      Then better learn to spell her name. It's Mikaela not Mikela. :)

  • Michaela Ariana Grande Fan

    AIRiana Grande🙄

  • Camster Productions
    Camster Productions 2 days ago +25

    4:02 my mom said what

  • crackheadculture
    crackheadculture 2 days ago +27


  • The Metic
    The Metic 2 days ago +32

    U don’t recognize RIHANNNNA

  • RJ Spear
    RJ Spear 2 days ago +20

    That was Norma Jean who became Marylin Monroe.

  • Panda Playz
    Panda Playz 3 days ago +29

    OML YAS xD u just matched with DOnAlD TrUmP!!!!!!!

  • the lostandfran
    the lostandfran 3 days ago +48

    haley is soo pretty omg

  • Senna Molenaar
    Senna Molenaar 3 days ago +44

    Haley looks a lot like the singer Mabel for real

  • cellolivia
    cellolivia 3 days ago +69

    congratulations you just passed on donald trump!

    *oh god*

  • Sarah Shen
    Sarah Shen 3 days ago +97

    "something about wearing a red shirt bothers me"
    *is wearing a red shirt*

  • Deflated Duck
    Deflated Duck 3 days ago +66

    12:02 she speaks so fast but it’s so satisfying.

  • Kaykay Lee
    Kaykay Lee 3 days ago +36

    Ok so big hats and red shirts are not for Dionte, got it

    • micah fuller
      micah fuller 2 days ago +1

      Yet he's wearing a red shirt. Haha

  • Dog Wizard K9
    Dog Wizard K9 3 days ago +24

    I'd swipe right on Mikaela!

  • David Hernandez
    David Hernandez 3 days ago +17

    interesting outfit choice by Haley

  • Foul Lily
    Foul Lily 3 days ago +40

    i wish they had some info on the person when they were brought up, there were a few there i didnt know, and wanted to know why some were a bad choice since i didnt know them xD

  • ProdigyPPoet
    ProdigyPPoet 3 days ago +33

    One word: Haley... 👀

    • TheGWGamerHD
      TheGWGamerHD Day ago

      bruh what

    • micah fuller
      micah fuller 2 days ago +2

      @BepisDrank No you chill with telling people to chill just because they think someone is attractive!

    • BepisDrank
      BepisDrank 2 days ago

      ProdigyPPoet Chill our homie

  • Charlie Hobson 卌
    Charlie Hobson 卌 3 days ago +4

    Latin just wanted to talk to everyone like everyone

  • Will Mettlach
    Will Mettlach 3 days ago +31

    “No because of the hat”
    Ary”I like her hat”

  • Claire M
    Claire M 3 days ago +24

    This is such a random segment

  • aliciajodi
    aliciajodi 3 days ago +20

    Wait... I thought Donald Trump looked good in his uniform.... HELP!!!

    • Aisha Mahamed
      Aisha Mahamed 2 days ago +1

      Ewww theres no hope for you

    • Nutty Memes
      Nutty Memes 3 days ago +16

      aliciajodi u need to raise ya standards

  • Jarne Johnson
    Jarne Johnson 3 days ago +26

    Thank you Haley for strengthening my queerness lmaoo

  • bpshark1006
    bpshark1006 3 days ago +10

    this episode be like: LOL you matched with a republican, what a dummie!!1!

  • Kiara B
    Kiara B 3 days ago +8

    “mmk um no.” 😹

  • Tressa Livesay
    Tressa Livesay 3 days ago +9

    sooo I share a birthday with labib && I feel pretty cool not gonna lie 😂😂

  • fabb4i2
    fabb4i2 3 days ago +19

    It feels like Faith passed everyone and Hayley and Mikaela matched with all of them lol.