Visiting a Chinese Takeaway that went viral for SAVAGE responses to Customer Complaints

  • Published on May 2, 2021
  • Danny pays 'Alice' a visit to find out what all the fuss is about

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  • Oj Yes that one
    Oj Yes that one 10 minutes ago

    Even tho you can sit inside from today please always take the table and chair👌🏽😂

  • Rich Kid
    Rich Kid 55 minutes ago

    Rate some fat as Englishman eat greasy food from a Chinese fifth columnist - ok

  • UnseenSpirit
    UnseenSpirit Hour ago

    £15 quid for that? Thats good value if you ask me...

  • Brummie Deano
    Brummie Deano Hour ago

    This would be better if you dont tell the restaurant what you doing otherwise of course they will make the best food they possibly can

  • Geoff Keith
    Geoff Keith 2 hours ago

    True northern reverse manoeuvre, hand over passenger seat!

  • craigmk6
    craigmk6 2 hours ago

    😂 years and years ago I used to go there and she was abit mad/funny back then.

  • Jen Johnson
    Jen Johnson 2 hours ago

    I love that he says
    She should defend herself. Nothing wrong with that.

  • Albert Parish
    Albert Parish 3 hours ago

    you should've put some screenshots up of the actual comments rather than just the articles to give more context mate.

  • Dylan Carr
    Dylan Carr 3 hours ago

    £1.20 for a can of Tango man, sheesh.

  • Dylan Carr
    Dylan Carr 3 hours ago

    I don't believe this channel's content is sustainable hahaha

  • Sam18C
    Sam18C 4 hours ago

    I don't know how the algorithm brought me here but this was hilarious!
    That Lady seems lovely and I imagine this will help her business out!

  • george bilton
    george bilton 7 hours ago

    brilliant video, first one I've seen great review, the thing is I'm bloody starving now I've watched it!!!

  • Wamuu chan
    Wamuu chan 7 hours ago

    Not idea of what he's talking about

  • Kevin Persson
    Kevin Persson 9 hours ago

    wow! Made me drool, here in Canada that would be around 30 bucks! Very good deal there, i can taste it mmmmm yum!

    ALAN FOX 9 hours ago

    Close your eyes & you’d think it was Bo Selecta’s Craig Davvvvvvvid lol.

  • Jane j
    Jane j 10 hours ago

    Food looks dry & old.

  • Taikun Developments
    Taikun Developments 10 hours ago

    your some man bro lol

  • TheSynysterVyrus
    TheSynysterVyrus 11 hours ago

    Speaking as a guy from Southern California that looks like one of the greatest Chinese takeaway boxes ever made. Also I can’t understand a fucking sentence coming from this guys mouth. It’s literally incomprehensible to my ears lmao

  • Dr007Dee
    Dr007Dee 11 hours ago

    I thought US chinese food was far from traditional but this is wildly far off

  • Dr007Dee
    Dr007Dee 11 hours ago

    Breath of fresh air as usual man, keep on keeping on! Sending love from Minnesota. If you ever pass through MSP airport you best let me know. Got all the best food joints on lock

    • Dr007Dee
      Dr007Dee 11 hours ago

      also as a deep dub head, great music taste

    • Dr007Dee
      Dr007Dee 11 hours ago

      Pure class mate. Seriously appreciate you, your positivity, and the light you bring to my days through each video you post

  • Robin Walton
    Robin Walton 12 hours ago

    The Southerners wouldn't know what Danny is talking about and certainly would not be seen dead sitting at a fold away table in Royal Tunbridge Wells.

  • TheInevitable
    TheInevitable 12 hours ago

    I thought you were the one who went viral for that accent wow it's heavy

  • Cess Buller
    Cess Buller 14 hours ago

    Seems like the food in Yorkshire is very limited. Come to Manchester and try Caribbean Persian and stuff like that

  • yungee2b
    yungee2b 14 hours ago

    Chinese food !! No more like UK style fried food

  • red_limey_
    red_limey_ 15 hours ago

    If a heart attack was a person. Love your reviews. Watch your intake!

  • Robert McKenzie
    Robert McKenzie 15 hours ago

    Peter kay looky looky liky

  • Darren Dinsey
    Darren Dinsey 16 hours ago

    You should try chicken george in Luton or chicken george jr in hitchen.

  • Jason
    Jason 17 hours ago

    That kid in the background was f-ing annoying. Nevertheless as a veggie I love watching your videos.
    Nice little take out joint and the staff look friendly too.

  • Thinking
    Thinking 17 hours ago


  • iamthebroker
    iamthebroker 18 hours ago

    Hey Danny, I’m only guessing here but I suspect the saltnpepper ‘chicken’ is actually calamari and those ‘triangular “samosa” are curry puffs. Lovn your work mate.

  • S
    S 18 hours ago

    So walk in, announce yaself as a big I am, who's come to challenge critics... not a real appraisal by any means is it. Bullshit on a shoestring these reviews . Never mind Michelin , more like Pirelli Porker .

  • Alin N.
    Alin N. 18 hours ago

    nice choice of content ^^. hope you enjoyed your lunch. take care

  • Sharon
    Sharon 18 hours ago

    Why doesn’t he eat in the restaurant? So funny there are hot chips in a Chinese meal, that’s because the Brits have chips with every meal. I would have to query the claim to “authentic” Chinese cuisine.

  • no1sgotthisname
    no1sgotthisname 19 hours ago

    I wouldn't trust a takeaway that is next to a pet store.

  • Terry Johnson
    Terry Johnson 19 hours ago

    First of all, that meal looks amazing, I want one. Second of all, I have seen a few videos making fun of the size of American meals so I have to ask: is that really meant to be a meal for one person?

  • Matthew Smith
    Matthew Smith 20 hours ago

    The steeplejack of takeaways.

  • gareth timmins
    gareth timmins 20 hours ago

    Great vid...Fair to say ya need a bit more practice with them chopsticks our kid 😜

  • flyHIgh 7
    flyHIgh 7 20 hours ago

    Just had a Sunday dinner and this is making me hungry lol😂👍🤣

  • tsbspionkop
    tsbspionkop 21 hour ago +1

    Hearing "You do right, luv" makes my chest burst with Yorkshire pride.

  • Lowwerhutt Guy
    Lowwerhutt Guy 21 hour ago

    would a munchbox be what we call a smorgasboard in nz? or is the munchbox pre selected everytime?.......................😂 ''munchbox'' means something different here

  • Jake Chambers
    Jake Chambers 22 hours ago

    "Cooked through guys" thats the very least im expecting from it 😂😂

  • Shona Court
    Shona Court 22 hours ago

    Love your vids mate. They’re absolute belters!! Keep up the foodie vids love from a Brummie wench❤️❤️❤️

  • SKC
    SKC 22 hours ago

    I went last night. Alice is a great lass. The food was excellent. No better and no worse than any Chinese food I have had. Great portion size. Well happy!

  • David Norton
    David Norton 22 hours ago

    'I don't mind walking' yeah ya do ha hah

  • David Norton
    David Norton 23 hours ago

    Fuck me is this Peter Kay's long lost older brother!

  • Lee Farmer
    Lee Farmer 23 hours ago

    Oh my days, just come across your vid. Absolutely hilarious. Sort of guy we all need to cheer us all up😂😂😂

  • Anthony Maughan
    Anthony Maughan Day ago

    arn't sumoses Indian food - ya shouldn't b getting Indian food from a Chinese !!

  • I AM JC
    I AM JC Day ago

    Whats with the Jimmy Saville neck warmer

  • franky w
    franky w Day ago

    Chicken omelette , chips and curry sauce for me please ...looks good TBH . Good fair review ..

  • Jaz Dd
    Jaz Dd Day ago

    We used to ask for a portion of pearl harbour and a Nagasaki nightmare.
    He chased us with a broom......

  • R69NiX
    R69NiX Day ago

    lol as a person who learned to use chopsticks not too long ago I was totally expecting him to fail and look stupid and he picked them up and just picked the food up first time like a boss lol took me ages to learn lol

  • evansmusic2009
    evansmusic2009 Day ago

    Seeing this from Aus - I was married in China, divorced again in Aus... I'm most certainly from a less wealthy background than you but spent time visiting various places in Asia (Japan, Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc.)....a few places in Europe (Germany, Italy, Bulgaria, France, Spain), and Morocco North Africa... You are very much a Northern Brit, I grew up in/worked in Preston..... Let me tell you...This is British food and nothing more...You can't have 'Chinese' food like this outside of England. To be honest, the British version of almost every nations food is interestingly similar!.... Salted Chips and rice anyone? The conceived third world eats better (fresher, tastier, healthier, etc.) than almost all Brits!... I still consider the UK a third world country in most aspects......

  • Alex Nazmo
    Alex Nazmo Day ago

    Who the f*ck is Alice? Legend.
    The music is always good in these videos too.

  • Marco Cannon
    Marco Cannon Day ago

    Peter Kay is washed the fuck up,

  • cedric peabody
    cedric peabody Day ago

    Would it be possible to get any more northern than Danny. Top man.

  • Martin Williams
    Martin Williams Day ago

    Hi Danny what a fantastic review your a top man im a London lad & i find you entertaining funny & above all a gentleman top stuff fella.

  • Ugnius Kacenauskas

    ‘I’m going to run back over’. Mate you’re barely breathing while sitting down 😂😂😂 You have my sub, I can tell this is top quality content.

  • robpri
    robpri Day ago

    Can't be filming these too often lad. Good entertainment but the food will shorten your life. I would advise fortnightly max.

  • Victoria Dunn
    Victoria Dunn Day ago

    an extra 1.20 for a can of pop scandalous

  • David Kearin
    David Kearin Day ago

    Seems like a real genuine guy unlike some review channels. Really good reminds me of Peter Kay 😁👍 keep up the good work ☺️

  • Max Parkin
    Max Parkin Day ago

    This is the future, cant wait for my next wedding anniversary - "Come on luv, get your coat on, I've got us a lovely table for 2 in a car park outside a Chinese takeaway in Leeds..." "Hello, is that no win no fee divorce lawyers inc"....?

  • Russell Der geko Wright

    Now I’m hungry...

  • Russell Der geko Wright

    Who the f**k is Alice?

    LET'S LIVE Day ago

    This is what youtube needs. Real people, real reviews. Funny as fuck

    LET'S LIVE Day ago

    Agghh Brian Potter 😂🤍

  • Truth be Told
    Truth be Told Day ago

    Looks delicious

  • 0LAF2046
    0LAF2046 Day ago

    Sorry but that Salt and Pepper box for 15 quid looks not good at all. Ribs look dry. Everything looks fried and messy. On top of that they gave my mans soup crackers and chopsticks to eat greasy fried finger food.

  • Jordan Ahamed
    Jordan Ahamed Day ago

    I've seen more meat on a mouse rib

  • Proto Kevin Leversee

    I love this dude, and I can't understand as single fucking word he says.

  • Divvy
    Divvy Day ago

    i fucking love youtube! its full of absolute shit but every now and then it throws up a gem of a channel like this! brilliant