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  • Published on Apr 9, 2021
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    A definition and demonstration of what ideology is, using Peterson's new book as the example!
    Twitter: @PhilosophyTube
    Linda Ahäll, “Affect as Methodology: Feminism and the Politics of Emotion,” in International Political Sociology
    Sara Ahmed, The Cultural Politics of Emotion
    Louis Althusser, Ideology and Ideological State Apparatuses
    Roland Barthes, Mythologies
    Jacques Derrida (trans. Peggy Kamuf), “Racism’s Last Word”
    Dr. Nerdlove, “How Men Can Stop Feeling Unwanted”
    Sophie Fiennes and Slavoj Zizek, The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology
    Lisa Guenther, Solitary Confinement
    Clare Hemmings, “Affective Solidarity: Feminist Reflexivity and Political Transformation,” in Feminist Theory
    Edmund Husserl, Ideas
    Deirdre McCloskey, The Rhetoric of Economics
    Carolyn Pedwell and Anne Whitehead, “Affecting Feminism: Questions of Feeling in Feminist Theory,” in Feminist Theory
    Jordan Peterson, 12 Rules For Life
    Jordan Peterson, Beyond Order
    Jordan Peterson, Maps of Meaning
    The Jordan Peterson Podcast S3E38, Heidegger, Binswanger, Boss (Phenomenology)
    Jim Proser, Savage Messiah: How Dr. Jordan Peterson is Saving Western Civilization
    Edith Stein, On The Problem of Empathy
    Styling by Brian Conway
    Hair & Makeup By Camille Nava
    'Opening Titles' by Magnus Fiennes
    Original Music by Nina Richards
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  • Philosophy Tube
    Philosophy Tube  Month ago +12528

    Leave a comment if you're part of the antifire woke brigade 🔥🔥🔥

    • Janey Deards
      Janey Deards 17 hours ago +1

      I have always been very firephobic... in fact, fire can go back to being matches for all I care.

    • Iwas Banned88
      Iwas Banned88 13 days ago

      Btw you look ridiculous in your stupid swan get up. Save it for Halloween, bro.

    • PobortzaPl
      PobortzaPl 14 days ago

      Once I was thinking had I been born in 1920s I might had become arsonists.
      Turns out I am firefighter after my mother.

    • R 14
      R 14 14 days ago

      You will never be a woman and in 1000 years, if and when your bones are dug up, the archeologist will correctly identify that you were in fact a man- not a woman.
      Your philosophy is built on Solipsism, vanity and sand.

    • Jon
      Jon 18 days ago

      @Peter Ogilvie lol unless you need heat or to cook your food

  • Nadja Ponte Nogueira
    Nadja Ponte Nogueira 3 hours ago

    Greetings from Brazil! I have a request for a video essay: how should we behave towards celebrities that are called out on past conducts. It is a question that deeply troubles me, and I would like to better understand the variables involved to make up my mind. Am I supposed to set Picasso, David Bowie, almost every rock star from 70s and 80s, Kevin Spacey, and many others asside when I have already been influenced by their work? I would love to hear your take on it. Cheers

  • abikusview
    abikusview 4 hours ago

    Okay, so now every time I hear "it's very simple" I will be hearing chickens clucking in the background. I have been hypnotised.

  • Sam Valdez
    Sam Valdez 4 hours ago

    the Zelda music is what did it for me

  • TheFlyingSwordfish
    TheFlyingSwordfish 7 hours ago

    This is a great brief of the "woke" philosophy history, like the one done by Pluckrose and Lindsay, with lots of good examples and explanations.

  • TheFlyingSwordfish
    TheFlyingSwordfish 7 hours ago

    Liked the arson crisis sketch

  • Zoe Brain
    Zoe Brain 10 hours ago

    I need practice in not excluding TERFs and Nazis from discourse. I genuinely try not to, It's likely that both have something useful to say. About motorways for example. But.. while everyone has at least one ideology, not everyone has an asshole. Just ask anyone who's had a radical colostomy. A minority, sure, but minorities should not be ignored.

    • Big Bawlz Lebowski
      Big Bawlz Lebowski 8 hours ago +1

      What's the point of having dialogue with somebody who probably won't change their mind. I mean, look how many people are just here to comment "you will never be a woman" and then leave. Why would you want to have this course with people like them?

  • Hagen Kühl
    Hagen Kühl 10 hours ago

    Good presentation of a bad message.

  • Spider Bits
    Spider Bits 14 hours ago

    Dr. Nerdlove!!!! Spillios if you're out there, hi

  • xyz
    xyz 17 hours ago +2

    You will never be a woman. You will always be a male.

  • Hooman Khosravi
    Hooman Khosravi 21 hour ago +1

    Man, I wish she and JP could do a debate. that would be very interesting to watch indeed

    • Hooman Khosravi
      Hooman Khosravi 5 hours ago

      @Abel Abel A debate always helps both speakers to clear and sharpen their point of view. they might not converge to a single truth at the end but usually their arguments become stronger toward the end by cutting the BS. Otherwise, with no debate we'll have isolated islands of unlimited BS for everyone:/

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel 11 hours ago

      Debates are useless tbh... JP already showed that in his debate with Zizek

  • dafuzzymonster
    dafuzzymonster 22 hours ago

    Great I have to take ketamine again and watch this

  • Travis Holliday
    Travis Holliday 22 hours ago +2

    Absolute perfection

  • cool trades
    cool trades 23 hours ago

    Too much bla bla...about a clear thing.

  • ricky f. seiei
    ricky f. seiei Day ago

    25:37 meme potential.

  • montysmithtyler
    montysmithtyler Day ago

    Abigail can you please sort out an endless loop of a thought process that I can't figure out. It's the dichotomy of mitigating harm by voting for centrist Labour vs voting for a different lefty party that's more in line with my beliefs.
    Pleaaase make a video on this dichotomy.
    The arguments are made constantly on twitter and I keep changing my mind, always acting as devil's advocate when I meet a person from the other side. I just cannot decide and need a smart person to figure this out for me 😭

  • Jam Jam
    Jam Jam Day ago

    Am I the only one who really likes both, Abby and JBP?

  • Daniel Satanove
    Daniel Satanove Day ago +1

    Yes, let's look at subtext. The subtext of how you present those philosopher quotes in particular. You present them as a jumbled wall of overlapping text and reading, coupled by amusing music from the N64 Zelda games. We obviously aren't meant to read this, and furthermore, we are to find the difficulty and complexity of these texts amusing. You then cut it off abruptly, and tell us you will give the "easy" version.
    What is the subtext here? That these philosophers are amusingly overcomplicating things? That the viewer need not read any of them? That would be ironic given how you accuse Peterson of not doing the reading, while first encouraging your viewers to also not so the reading, while also presenting an oversimplified conception of phenomenology as comporting towards objects "as," that phenomenology is about experience. This is a conception of phenomenology that a Heideggerian, a large portion of phenomenologists, would disagree with and for good reason.

  • J Doveton
    J Doveton Day ago

    Yes. Men like Peterson are always modernists, and anti-postmodern. "It's like he refuses to read any philosophy written after 1967".
    You've summed this up very well. I am colleagues with a professor and famous writer... let's call him the Jordan Peterson of Uxbridge... who has the same issue. They hate postmodernism because they don't like any philosophy which undermines their claim to objective truth.
    "...what they hear is 'Questioning the idea that I can be right [...] that I can win the debate.'" Very fragile.

  • Mostly Martha
    Mostly Martha Day ago

    wow, i even like your advertising...

  • Sisyphus Of Ephyra
    Sisyphus Of Ephyra Day ago +2

    Who could possibly still care about Jordan Peterson at this point. The guy was exposed as a fraud ages ago and he isn't taken seriously even in right wing circles anymore. To make a video about Peterson rn despite being more pressing issues to discuss is such a massive dead horse beating that I can only imagine how great the hate boner that the Twitterinos and tumblerinas of the world need to have to still care about this guy until now.

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel 11 hours ago +1

      I wish you were right... His media reach is still huge and his brand new book is selling quite well.

  • Sid
    Sid Day ago

    You hit so many nails xD damn
    *chefs kiss*

  • Марат Зайцев

    Maybe Jordan Peterson is dumb and ignorant about some stuff, but he is right about LGBT

    • milano zzz
      milano zzz Hour ago

      right about what?

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel 11 hours ago +2

      What precisely is he right about?

  • billy bob
    billy bob Day ago

    I'm just a fucking dumbass, but Olivia I love your content. Please keep educating us : ) I fucking love your content

  • Arkopal Gupta
    Arkopal Gupta Day ago

    you are amazing

  • William O'Farrill

    My love, I am not sure what are the specific critiques you're making towards Mr. Peterons that "exposes" flaws present in his ideology. This video seems to be more like a "because I agree with the far-left, inherently I must disagree with you." I am not sure how is that supposed to be a strong case against Peterson's ideology or ideologies. The visuals are astonishing though. The philosophical case is....well, not persuasive in the least.

  • Alfie Ah!
    Alfie Ah! Day ago +4

    I can never get over how amazingly beautiful and intelligent and witty this woman is god I’m so in love thank you so much

  • Derek Maker
    Derek Maker Day ago +1

    Excuse me! How did I just find you? you're amazing!

  • Adam Smith Jr.
    Adam Smith Jr. Day ago

    I think your analysis was thoughtful and your method of delivery was very good. However, I think you’re insinuating that Peterson is coming from an inconsistent philosophical mindset. The distinction between psychology and philosophy is especially important when dealing with the words of Peterson.
    His works seek to provide some simple resolution to complex problems of competing ideology. One of those solutions is to fight for the freedom of your independent and inherited thoughts. This is the major source of controversy surrounding him. It’s also regularly taken put of the context of his bigger idea.
    Peterson does offer competing arguments however. I think it’s a struggle between the psychological phenomenon on which he is an expert and the phenomenology he advocates. I think he brilliantly uses the former to defend the validity of the stories he searches. He’s very successful at this.
    The Kant-Marx/Hume-Smith competing ideals can be observed as a divergence of philosophical thought. When you say he hasn’t read philosophy since 1969 its a kind of weak accusation. I wonder how many of those who read Derrida also read Sowell.

  • J Cronin
    J Cronin Day ago +1

    What a load of junk, and no, I'm not talking about Jordan Petterson.

  • Dun Geon
    Dun Geon 2 days ago

    self reflection is always a good thing and it includes to reflect on your own Ideology

    • Spoods
      Spoods Day ago +6

      @John Duncan great way to tell everyone you havent been close enough to any woman to see facial hair.

    • John Duncan
      John Duncan Day ago

      Self reflection is when you wake up and look in the mirror and see stubble because you will never be a woman.

  • Random Girl
    Random Girl 2 days ago

    five people and a homeless man... the worst thing is that I have actually read articles like this

  • Merlin Cønrad
    Merlin Cønrad 2 days ago

    Reminds me way too much of the Angel-Rimmer, from Red Dwarf

  • Sailorvenus905
    Sailorvenus905 2 days ago +1

    Non of this made any comprehensible sense

  • GetFluxed
    GetFluxed 2 days ago

    Shout out to the They Live reference

  • Pav
    Pav 2 days ago

    6:50 I don't see how any of those examples are masculine, it's something everyone just does, thats you imposing your own worldview here, I just find them funny.
    13:00 UK is ~86% white. That's pretty close if you ask me, unless we're fighting for the 4% exactly, having "equal amount" of minorities in each workforce is physically impossible unless you're planning on doubling or decimating UK's population...
    Also, your fire/antifire rants are meh imo, I guess I'm just not into that kinda humour.
    Lastly, Peterson is as flawed as anyone is, you can absorb some good from his talks if you can filter out the obviously religious talk, I liked the contrast between this video and Daisy Chadra's views and developments over the years

  • Mikaella Yiatrou
    Mikaella Yiatrou 2 days ago

    Everything you ever wanted Jordan Peteson and his fans to know while attacking someone Jordan attacked for their ideology.

  • Zeppo Marks
    Zeppo Marks 2 days ago +1

    "Five people and a homeless man." Fantastic.

  • Swagat Maharana
    Swagat Maharana 2 days ago

    What the point of all this of people can not understand what you are talking . It's not so Jordon Peterson

  • Rob Birmingham
    Rob Birmingham 2 days ago

    Love the "They Live" references... and thank you for a exercise in rational thought

  • coolcanadianbeans
    coolcanadianbeans 2 days ago

    omg i JUST got the "they live" references you sprinkled in here. layers and layers of genius

  • Caelan Aegana
    Caelan Aegana 2 days ago

    Safety 3rd

  • Pax Inviscis
    Pax Inviscis 3 days ago

    Fire in the disco Fire in the Taco Bell Fire in the disco Fire in the gates of hell

  • CaiominTwin
    CaiominTwin 3 days ago

    9:12 "you cant even smoke indoors anymore Stu! It's pollitcal correctness gone mad"

  • tochoXK3
    tochoXK3 3 days ago

    Are there philosophers who think there are "hidden notes" behind EVERYTHING?
    I may agree that there are "hidden notes" behind statements which have a social or political dimension, but I can't imagine any "hidden notes" behind statements like "Pi is an irrtational number" or "The Earth resolves around the Sun".

  • Lauro Valdez
    Lauro Valdez 3 days ago +3

    Judging by their interpretation/description of JBP's second book, 12 rules for life, i have to assume they never read the book. They probably only read reviews of the book. First and foremost, the book is a self-help book. Secondly, in the foreword, a clear idea is illuminated: "Your (reader) personal values often determine what you find to be factual objective". This book doesn't tell you how to think. It offers a new perspective. Post-Modernist doesn't believe in new perspective, but unfortunately for them, the majority of the people who picked up the book were grateful of this new perspective being offered.

    • Abel Abel
      Abel Abel 11 hours ago +1

      "Post-Modernist doesn't believe in new perspective"... *facepalm*

  • John Manole
    John Manole 3 days ago

    Wait, you are a transgender?

  • AI fan
    AI fan 3 days ago


  • Liam O'Brien
    Liam O'Brien 3 days ago +1

    A Jordan Peterson fan here who just wants to say that this video is great! Definitely made me think more closely about what he says. A lot of my friends think his stuff is rubbish, and while I do tend to agree with him on a lot of points, I am thoroughly creeped out by the worship some people have for him. I think that people on both sides are wrong about him. He knows more than most cursory people would admit/know, and he also doesn’t know everything. Thanks for the thoughts!

    • Liam O'Brien
      Liam O'Brien 2 days ago

      @Apm totally agree with everything you just said. But I do think that sometimes people jump on him for not either revealing how he feels about the other side of the topic, or just not stating obvious things. A good example was the initial trans issue that got him into hot water in the first place. People spun it as anti-trans because he didn’t seem to express overwhelming sympathy for trans people and I could see how people would watch one or two clips of him talking about that and see him as a bigot. Not that I agree with the idea of virtue signaling all the time. I also think he came off as hostile but that’s his style. And also I think he was frustrated that people were insinuating that he didn’t like the law because he hates trans people.

    • Apm
      Apm 2 days ago

      I think it's safe to assume the majority of the people who like jordon know he doesn't know everything, he isn't a perfect human. But generally when compared to most influencers out there, especially in his field, hes right about alot, and we trust and believe because we see the way he thinks, you see how open he is when he discusses anything. It's very clear hes actively seeking to find the truth. Not to fit a narrative or his perceptions,..maybe he does but I'd argue that being natural to humans, he does a pretty good job, maybe even the best. And judging by the immense amount of help and positive effect he's had on people,including myself, we tend to trust what he says. They type of person he is, truthful and helpful, well meaning is why he's built up the base he's had. And rightly well deserved.

  • NimTV
    NimTV 3 days ago

    I love that you continue the whole Arsonist thing from some of your earlier videos. It’s a really fun little thing. I’m assuming that the woman’s brother is supposed to be the same guy from the other videos. It’s a nice touch

  • John Adams
    John Adams 3 days ago +2

    Lol I had to search this channel. Just to laugh at the left. Have you not noticed? People are tired of trans people who think they're somehow more important than others. Nobody cares about you.

    • milano zzz
      milano zzz Hour ago

      @John Adams snowflake

    • John Adams
      John Adams Day ago

      @Ouff Ouff I have one as a boy. As nature intended.

    • Ouff Ouff
      Ouff Ouff Day ago +3

      @John Adams Get a life

    • John Adams
      John Adams 3 days ago

      @Emily lol cross dressers

    • Emily
      Emily 3 days ago +12

      You seem to care an awful lot about trans people for someone who claims that people are “tired of trans people”. You’re the one who purposely sought this video out to leave a comment, you must care enough to let her know how you feel 😬

  • John Adams
    John Adams 3 days ago

    How does it feel to be irrelevant?

  • HumanRights4Everyone

    All this talk about deconstructing the framing of a discussion and analyzing why that framing exists and who is serves comes off as really anti-Semitic. I felt like I was listening to some neo-nazi conspiracy theorist. Thanks for 23:23 though.

  • Heron Colby
    Heron Colby 3 days ago

    This one of those channels that really want to find that fourth nipple DNA... Like "philosophies" don't make up for stupidity.

  • gwyngwyngone
    gwyngwyngone 3 days ago +4

    you know the vid is gonna be good when the replies are full of snowflakes. can’t handle criticism of your idol from a strong lady? 😂

  • Dolmas
    Dolmas 3 days ago

    FLash-player is a snake eating its own tail.

  • jack manson
    jack manson 3 days ago

    Hail Lobster!

  • jack manson
    jack manson 3 days ago

    Hail Lobster!

  • jack manson
    jack manson 3 days ago

    Hail Lobster!

  • Michelle Witt
    Michelle Witt 3 days ago +2

    This video is absolute fire

  • Dakaru
    Dakaru 3 days ago

    Funny how the rejection of the resentment argument is the exact same argument that people use for 'unconscious bias.'

  • bridgestoparadise
    bridgestoparadise 3 days ago

    Meaning and narrative are overestimated. I'd rather have an enjoyable life than a meaningful one. Meaning is a consolation prize, at best, and doesn't exclude misery or evil doing.

  • zeldadlez1
    zeldadlez1 3 days ago

    FWIW, it's a little obnoxious to downplay Barthes et al. as boring. Give folks some credit. I enjoyed the video otherwise.

  • Joseph Joestar
    Joseph Joestar 3 days ago +2

    A critique of Jordan Peterson without insulting him...hmmm I'm probably going to disagree with you but at least I can respect you

  • ManticoreSigma
    ManticoreSigma 3 days ago +5

    I always grin uncontrollably when I hear the phrase "The exits are on the far left" .^^

  • Willow_88
    Willow_88 3 days ago

    lmao, that one got me.

  • Georg Wilde
    Georg Wilde 4 days ago +2

    Muddling up the idea of objective truth is very convenient for philosophers and all academics in humanities. They don't want to be out of job after all :-) Interresting confusion is their currency. It's all about the power, isn't it?

  • Mark Minyard
    Mark Minyard 4 days ago

    This was so great. I learned a ton!

  • Defne Nur cetin
    Defne Nur cetin 4 days ago

    “I’m wearing a dress and have my hair longer now, so, I must identify and trick people into thinking I’m a woman”