• Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Joe Sugg and I tried every Harry Potter food from Hogwarts and it was MAGICAL!
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  • Charlotte Gerber
    Charlotte Gerber 8 minutes ago

    My favorite character is Luna love good, and I took all the tests on pottermore and my house is hufflepuff.

  • Rose Andrews
    Rose Andrews 12 minutes ago +1

    You would both be in hufflepuff and I am in ravenclaw

  • softpheonix
    softpheonix 3 hours ago

    Favourite Character- Fred, Ron or Draco
    My house- Hufflepuff!

  • Alison Hinds
    Alison Hinds 5 hours ago

    My fave is the fizzing wizbees .love them

  • Anett Dobrovolná
    Anett Dobrovolná 7 hours ago

    Joe looks like professor Trelawney :D :D :D
    I love this video! You both should be Gryffindor and i want the same for me too:D but i think i would be in Slytherin in real life :D and omg.. the food.. i was last week in HP studios in London and I wanted to buy everything you have in this video.. but i couldn't :D it was too many things and also quite expensive and take everything to plane after being 4 months in uk.. impossible :D ohh and also.. after this video I'm really happy i didn't buy these things. Cheap things inside of expensive package.. bloody hell.. :D

  • Lindsay Riddell
    Lindsay Riddell 7 hours ago

    Wow I really thought this was James Corden in the thumbnail for a sec😂

  • Natsumi Cosplay
    Natsumi Cosplay 8 hours ago

    When you said Dabi legit thought you guys where talking about Dabi from my hero academia 😂

    AJ POPZ 11 hours ago

    His intro is the same as Ben Phillips

  • Parsa Fizur
    Parsa Fizur 12 hours ago

    I die every time Joe puts his hair behind his ears!

  • Kate 2002
    Kate 2002 12 hours ago

    Oli whites channel is an excuse to eat food .

  • anicasme
    anicasme 16 hours ago +1

    He's dabi ? Oh cool so that's where dabi went to when he turned into a villain . (Do you get it 😅)

  • Kasey Rowlands
    Kasey Rowlands 17 hours ago

    I'm in Gryffindor and Ollie is Gryffindor and Joe is in slytherin

  • Mazza619
    Mazza619 17 hours ago

    #4:42 I do this on every night out 😂😂

  • hind althani
    hind althani 17 hours ago

    I’m a slytherin

  • hind althani
    hind althani 17 hours ago

    Draco Malfoy

  • MinecraftMania
    MinecraftMania 17 hours ago

    Just go on pottermore and do the quiz
    I am a proud gryffindor

  • Abs Taylor
    Abs Taylor 17 hours ago

    Love this vid. 😂

  • Random Stuff
    Random Stuff 18 hours ago


  • Mazdin Tankofli
    Mazdin Tankofli 18 hours ago

    Draco Malfoy

  • Emquestrian
    Emquestrian 19 hours ago

    As much as I hate to do this-
    Luna lovegood is not in Gryffindor
    Expelliarmus pattronum ?
    No hate

  • summer stibbe
    summer stibbe 19 hours ago

    Fav character luna lovegood,house hufflepuff 💛 Joe in hufflepuff and oli in Gryffindor

  • Maisie Snape
    Maisie Snape 19 hours ago

    Favourite Character: Luna Lovegood or Draco Molfoy
    My house: Slytherin
    Joes house: Slytherin (cuz he's apparently evil)
    Oli's house: Gryffindor
    Hopefully I spelt everything right. 😂

  • karyss.kitkat
    karyss.kitkat 20 hours ago


  • karyss.kitkat
    karyss.kitkat 20 hours ago

    My favourite character is Draco

  • ilovejimrogers
    ilovejimrogers 20 hours ago

    The collab EvErY oNE has been waiting for

  • hiimpiex
    hiimpiex 21 hour ago +1

    Is it 2014?

  • Alexandramuj
    Alexandramuj 22 hours ago

    So that’s what Joe does when he doesn’t play Love Island🤔
    I like it 😂

  • JuneBug 99
    JuneBug 99 23 hours ago

    The Weasley twins and Draco Malfoy

  • It’s Just Spratz

    Watched every movie read every book and tried most food. I’m Harry Potter obsessed. I’m a gryffindor😍

  • lynn is me
    lynn is me Day ago

    The chocolate thing is called blooming and is fine for your health it just doesn't taste as good

  • Anwen Jones
    Anwen Jones Day ago

    Severus snape is my favourite film

  • Pottersean
    Pottersean Day ago

    Every Harry Potter fan hates Umbridge more than Voldemort

  • Eleanor Hoogland

    Luna love good

  • Kara Liptrott
    Kara Liptrott Day ago +1

    why are my Slytherins at????

  • Tillie Makeup
    Tillie Makeup Day ago


  • Shayla Hillier
    Shayla Hillier Day ago

    Joe looks like Garth from Wayne's world 😂😂

  • Jai H
    Jai H Day ago

    I’m a gryffindor and my favourite characters are the Weasley twins

  • sarah kinvig
    sarah kinvig Day ago

    i can relate to neville longbottom soooo much cause i have the WORST luck, btw im a Hufflepuff x

  • grace holland
    grace holland Day ago

    Luna lovegood, both of you would be in Hufflepuff and I am in ravenclaw, it's not a guess, I just know 😅😅

  • Rumer Carey
    Rumer Carey Day ago

    Favourite character: Luna Lovegood
    Oli's house: Ravenclaw
    Joe's house Gryfindoor
    My house: Ravenclaw (on Pottermore)

  • Rumer Carey
    Rumer Carey Day ago

    Harry Potter and the mysterious ticking noise!

  • Mason Haynes
    Mason Haynes Day ago

    Btw I think the choc is like that because it ceases x

  • talha labib shahinur

    my favourite character is ron weasly

  • Brooke Williams
    Brooke Williams Day ago

    Chocolate goes like that because it is in the view of sunlight i think

  • Rosie xoxo
    Rosie xoxo Day ago

    Potter puppet pals

  • The one The weirdo

    4:37 he has a wedgie (idk how to spell)🤣😂

  • Amelia Nelson
    Amelia Nelson Day ago

    13:33 its honey comb, thats why its white, The honeycomb is raw so then when u bite into it, it is hard :P

  • Amelia Nelson
    Amelia Nelson Day ago

    13:33 its honey comb, thats why its white, The honeycomb is raw so then when u bite into it, it is hard :P

  • Ingrid Scott
    Ingrid Scott Day ago

    Joe sugg

  • Amelia Nelson
    Amelia Nelson Day ago


  • Callooloo Human
    Callooloo Human Day ago +5

    shout out to to all the harry potter fans out there (me)

  • Rose Hill
    Rose Hill Day ago

    Every time joe touched his hair 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Karina Fairfield

    Oil pin this is you love your subscribers

  • Louise Hodgson
    Louise Hodgson Day ago

    I would be in slithering

  • Rachael Chinnery

    Stupefy's stupefy

  • Rachael Chinnery

    Fizzing wizzbees do have popping candy in them idk why yours didnt- I brought some at the hp studios and they did

  • Charlotte Manton

    You guys should check out the site Pottermore it was made by jk rowlings for people to find out their house and wand and Petronius things like that so enjoy

  • Lov Pap
    Lov Pap Day ago

    And ravenclaw

  • Lov Pap
    Lov Pap Day ago

    Luna lovegood

  • Finn Wood
    Finn Wood Day ago

    Is it me or does Oli look like James Corden?!

  • Yeva
    Yeva Day ago

    It’s not uno poo it’s supposed to be you know “poo” instead of who like Voldemort

  • Ace H
    Ace H Day ago +1

    Make a video with Alex Trying his favourite foods / worst foods

  • Lewis Griffin
    Lewis Griffin Day ago

    oli=hufflepuff joe=gryffindor me=ravenclaw and my fav character is remus lupin

  • TaNgO_ Totem
    TaNgO_ Totem Day ago

    Sirius Black and I am Gryffindor!!!! You guys would be: Joe= Hufflepuff, Oli= Gryffindor

  • Willow Threadgold

    IM A RAVENCLAW i reckon you two should be in skytherin

  • Kcrose Girl is kind

    My favourite character is Dabby 😂

  • CrazyKayKay
    CrazyKayKay Day ago

    Why is there a video of both my sisters favourite youtubers in my recommended but I'm watching it anyway just dont tell her

    My favourite character is fred and George weasley
    My house is ravenclaw

  • anonymous anonymous

    Loved the video- a humble hufflepuff 💛

  • Erin Kraft
    Erin Kraft Day ago

    I’m in slytherin and my favourite character is Sirius black

  • Aimee Toland
    Aimee Toland Day ago

    I'm wearing my time Turner right now!!

  • Ella Jade
    Ella Jade Day ago

    Joe you would be in slytherin because you do all pranks on your friends

  • Coco Bradford
    Coco Bradford Day ago

    Luna lovegood

  • HeyItz Abbey
    HeyItz Abbey Day ago

    I’m a hufflepuff and I love Ron and I think joe would be griffindor and oli would be ravenclaw I don’t know why 😂

  • Karis Mcgreavy
    Karis Mcgreavy Day ago +5

    I think joe ravenclaw oli hufflepuff and I’m griffindor

  • Charlie Hammonds

    ‘Achio... mOp’ 😭

  • tiger Jessie926
    tiger Jessie926 Day ago

    Oli would definitely be a hufflepuff and Joe would be slythering. I am a slythering to

  • Cl52
    Cl52 Day ago

    Me Ravenclaw Hermione
    Joe: Hufflepuff
    Olie: Gryffindor

  • Katy Kat
    Katy Kat 2 days ago

    My favorite caricter is Luna Lovegood
    And I'm a ravenclaw

  • Nory Cory
    Nory Cory 2 days ago

    Oli is Gryffindor
    Joe is Slytherin
    I am Gryffindor

  • Shakynah Williamson
    Shakynah Williamson 2 days ago

    Luna lovegood is my favourite character!!

  • Siwou Shawn
    Siwou Shawn 2 days ago

    I hope oli.. will come back to "escape the night" i miss him

  • Teddy
    Teddy 2 days ago

    fav character: Draco Malfoy
    Oli’s house: Slytherin
    Joe’s house: Gryffindor (& friends with Fred&George)
    My House: Slytherin

  • Nicki Wilson
    Nicki Wilson 2 days ago

    part of the price for some of the lollies are for the tins/packaging they come in as they are kindof a collectors piece

  • Xx Gacha Jess xX
    Xx Gacha Jess xX 2 days ago +17

    Jingle bells
    Umbridge smells
    The trio runs away
    Draco's hot
    Voldy's not
    Hogwarts all the way!

  • Rhys Rankin
    Rhys Rankin 2 days ago

    Anybody see Olly scratch his bum hole at some point in the videos? 4:36

  • Maya Abbott
    Maya Abbott 2 days ago

    I did the Harry Potter quiz I'm a ravenclaw 💙 🦅 I think Ollie would be griffindor ❤️🦁 and Joe in ravenclaw 💙 🦅

  • karanterus
    karanterus 2 days ago

    I'm a Slytherin and Lucius Malfoy is my lover

  • Holly Allan
    Holly Allan 2 days ago

    Oli’s reaction was priceless when he found out the price of the strawberry honeycomb thing 😂😂

  • Chloe Haymond
    Chloe Haymond 2 days ago

    Luna Lovegood duh

  • Hannah Williams
    Hannah Williams 2 days ago

    You pay for the packaging! I was triggered how you were ruining it 😭

  • Madison Bane
    Madison Bane 2 days ago

    I'm in griffindor 🦁

  • Maia Bedford
    Maia Bedford 2 days ago

    anyone else think of dabi from bnha

  • MarieLin
    MarieLin 2 days ago

    ALSO... "amazing video" hahahha WHERE?!

  • Pili Mares
    Pili Mares 2 days ago

    My favorite characters are Fred & George, and I think I’d be in Ravenclaw, Ollie in Hufflepuff and Joe in Slytherin, ly❤️

  • Draco Malfoy
    Draco Malfoy 2 days ago

    My favourite character is draco malfoy

  • Jessi'sFabulousWorld

    „There should be a Harry Potter theme park, based on Harry Potter“... Ähm go to the Universal studios 🤷🏼‍♀️

  • Edie Garrett
    Edie Garrett 2 days ago

    I'm a slytherin,and draco is my favourite character

  • Artist4 Life
    Artist4 Life 2 days ago

    I am in Hufflepuff.

  • Jessica Emmas
    Jessica Emmas 2 days ago

    Guuuys, take the tin into account, it isn't just the sweets. Still, expensive for the tin, but don't just value the sweets

  • Jessica Emmas
    Jessica Emmas 2 days ago

    But you get a cool decorational, reusable honeydukes tin. I'd get it