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Comments • 4 088

  • Karan Chaudhari
    Karan Chaudhari 9 hours ago

    Toast starts pn hub
    Me: I want to got there

  • HeShootsHeScores
    HeShootsHeScores 10 hours ago

    Thank goodness Michael is obsessed with tasers instead of being pyromaniac.

  • ByTefem
    ByTefem 10 hours ago

    name of the song in the intro?

  • Christopher
    Christopher 12 hours ago


  • leedle120 Banning
    leedle120 Banning 15 hours ago +1

    another video of Michell being a newborn

  • yodaboy isreal
    yodaboy isreal 16 hours ago

    Damm the ph on screen was unexpected

  • BoozO
    BoozO 17 hours ago

    I'mma tell you this for this video if not friendly this time but it isn't

  • King Zeno
    King Zeno 17 hours ago +1

    7:51 my guess it's either Leafy or Fed

    • Ramen Lad!
      Ramen Lad! 9 hours ago

      I think I saw a cap so I’m assuming it’s fed

  • FarouqJr
    FarouqJr 18 hours ago

    who is the someone that poki doesn't like

    • King Zeno
      King Zeno 16 hours ago

      @FarouqJr np

    • FarouqJr
      FarouqJr 17 hours ago

      @King Zeno oh ok then it's leafy, looks a lot like him. Thanks for the help!

    • King Zeno
      King Zeno 17 hours ago

      It's either Leafy or Fed my guess

  • August Pitatties
    August Pitatties 18 hours ago +1

    poki was brutal in this

  • Hot Mic
    Hot Mic 22 hours ago

    Just keeps getting better

  • Some Random Weeb
    Some Random Weeb Day ago +1

    Ngl this probably the very few instances of Toast's calmness backfire on himself.
    Also love how correct Peter is about toast that because Toast's presences is so big amongst his friends, he's the hardest person to impress and therefore his heart rate/video of him didn't go so well because unlike with Yvonne or Poki nobody dares to push him too hard and everything they try to do to him just fall within his expectations so he's most calm about it.

  • Devita
    Devita Day ago

    please dont use music with vocals as background to someone speaking

  • Silkysmooth420
    Silkysmooth420 Day ago

    this video got demonetised right? If so, I respect brodin for choosing content over cash

  • Vicente Muhr
    Vicente Muhr Day ago

    5:23 :0000

  • 阮炯睿
    阮炯睿 Day ago

    is the video Yvonne's deeply ashamed of the badger one?

  • David Luis
    David Luis Day ago

    What the fuck is yvonne saying at 6:20?

  • NSBP
    NSBP Day ago

    Ha jokes on you I have an abnormal heart rate

  • DoonGoon Bravo
    DoonGoon Bravo Day ago

    michael looking at his old videos is like him talking about a robot he made who utterly failed

  • Wells Derp
    Wells Derp Day ago

    Poki kinda like Harley Quinn in this video

  • Omega FX
    Omega FX Day ago

    get to folding boys, get that heart rate up haah

  • Darth_Rug
    Darth_Rug Day ago


  • Nicholas Dao
    Nicholas Dao Day ago +2

    I would love to see another Toast escape room

  • Jack Glesing
    Jack Glesing Day ago

    Poki trying to seduce lily made me feel the opposite of what I thought id feel when imagining that happening. Ive never cringed or felt so awkward in my life bro lol

  • jason buu
    jason buu Day ago

    outro name?

  • mycotyco
    mycotyco Day ago

    pokemon emerald casino music

  • alex robledo
    alex robledo Day ago

    Toast has like no shame at all when it came to going straight to that site

  • Vladolf_
    Vladolf_ Day ago

    The person that Poki didn’t like very much looked liked Sykkuno trough the blurred image

  • Keito Taniguchi
    Keito Taniguchi Day ago

    Why does Michael kinda look like adult Harry potter

  • 40441gogo
    40441gogo Day ago

    Ninja Melk

  • Lily Moriya
    Lily Moriya Day ago

    whats music back end video at back

  • Yabsira Yezihalem

    I didn't know they were thus close as friends

  • Collin Tong
    Collin Tong Day ago +1

    Wondering 🤔

  • Samurai Tuff
    Samurai Tuff Day ago

    Not the hub

  • Gavin Jacobs
    Gavin Jacobs Day ago +1


  • Ly Re
    Ly Re Day ago

    I need to know what that blanket thing that Lily has, cause I want it.

  • technicoloredzebra
    technicoloredzebra Day ago +7

    Lmao i think the seduction tactic would ve been more efective if it was Lily to Poki

  • Flaming Remy
    Flaming Remy Day ago

    2:23 that’s the “I’m a serial killer and trying to hide it with a smile” look

  • Felipe Castro
    Felipe Castro Day ago


  • Relja Isailovic
    Relja Isailovic Day ago

    Umm my average is 120 bpm soo...

  • KogiMod
    KogiMod Day ago

    whats the intro song?

  • president cat
    president cat Day ago

    Idiots, fastest and always saves way to put someone's heart rate up is with fear and the easiest way and always working way is with Co2 intake

    CUZ IM BATMAN 2 days ago

    7:53 , guesses on who this person is??

    • King Zeno
      King Zeno 17 hours ago

      Leafy or Fed my guess

  • Łukasz Tokarski
    Łukasz Tokarski 2 days ago

    Umm, why did they react so strangely to those porn categories? Those weren't even extreme...

  • Kermit the frog
    Kermit the frog 2 days ago

    In a alternate universe yvonnie dies and goes to 0

  • MaxCE
    MaxCE 2 days ago +119

    "is that a fist"
    "is she using a leg in that one"
    "why does it look like a fucking octopus"
    "I don't think things are supposed to open like that"
    boys what the hell did they see

    • Genre Boy
      Genre Boy Day ago

      I'm hoping it was just someone really flexible

    • Goco
      Goco Day ago


  • Firestarfish 762
    Firestarfish 762 2 days ago

    1:30 My jaw Dropped

  • pitbully 6666
    pitbully 6666 2 days ago

    Who does poki hate ??

  • AB
    AB 2 days ago

    Brodin got that uchiha clan drip

  • よしYoshi
    よしYoshi 2 days ago

    what is the song from the intro and the outro?

  • Kyler Holman
    Kyler Holman 2 days ago

    I would of just brought out a syringe with a needle

  • ツN11KKU
    ツN11KKU 2 days ago

    What's the name of the intro and outro song?

  • Ahmed Y-T PLAYZ
    Ahmed Y-T PLAYZ 2 days ago +1

    Play wolvesville play it please its basically mafia but better and it's on your phone

  • Clutch God
    Clutch God 2 days ago +2

    9:59 poki looks like a psychopath lmao 😂😂

  • zodiac
    zodiac 2 days ago

    osu players: laughs in pathetic
    *dies from cardiac arrest*

  • Metalic Metal
    Metalic Metal 2 days ago

    Up the moment when toast get to the computer
    Everyone else:Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh while also trying to look away

  • Enhalo ex
    Enhalo ex 2 days ago

    Things got pretty sus

  • Michael Kwon
    Michael Kwon 2 days ago

    The common green aetiologically compete because vinyl systemically shave absent a rustic donald. alluring, highfalutin hammer

  • Dolofónos Esostrefís

    5:15 "Nah I'm with my BOOOOOIS"

  • Newrunamuck
    Newrunamuck 3 days ago

    i looked for a bit but couldn't find the outro song, anybody know the name?

  • qu3nt0r
    qu3nt0r 3 days ago

    Even though the inappropriate stuff is blurred. I think they should still age restrict it.

  • Hash Brems
    Hash Brems 3 days ago

    How do i get a taser

  • pew pew
    pew pew 3 days ago

    toast be looking fine af😩😩😩

  • Navman101gaming
    Navman101gaming 3 days ago

    Who does pokimane not like

  • Inan
    Inan 3 days ago

    Bro mine is 120…….. I need help

  • Barney The Pervatasaurus

    What was the outro music?

  • Eljatix
    Eljatix 3 days ago +2

    No poki we don’t think that watching a guy with a bigger one is fine, that’s gay.

  • k e l p
    k e l p 3 days ago


  • night falmfist
    night falmfist 3 days ago

    They have mykul ptsd

  • destinymusic
    destinymusic 3 days ago

    I Average 104 heart rate all the time because I suck at doing anything good for myself lol