Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds - We're On Our Way Now [Official Visualiser]

  • Published on Apr 29, 2021
  • 'We're On Our Way Now', the first single taken from 'Back The Way We Came: Vol 1 (2011-2021)’, the Best Of celebrating the first decade of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, out June 11th! Pre-order and pre-save now:
    The double album, curated and compiled entirely by Noel, includes tracks from the three Number One albums (‘Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’, ‘Chasing Yesterday’ and ‘Who Built The Moon?’) and the three acclaimed EPs (‘Black Star Dancing’, ‘This Is The Place’ and ‘Blue Moon Rising’) - plus 2 previously unreleased tracks including the brand new single ‘We’re On Our Way Now’!
    Available on limited edition deluxe formats featuring a bonus disc including previously unreleased acoustic versions, remixes, instrumentals and an unheard demo.
    Online store exclusive - Receive an A4 art print of Noel, free with all pre-orders of ‘Back The Way We Came’.
    Browse all formats and pre-order here: 
    Listen to the brand new single ‘We’re On Our Way Now’:
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    #NoelGallagher​ #NGHFB
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Comments • 70

  • Charlie Greenwood
    Charlie Greenwood 12 minutes ago

    Why did you break up with Liam galligar noel

  • Evelyn Crocker
    Evelyn Crocker 55 minutes ago

    Mesmerisingly beautiful

  • Luke Dalton
    Luke Dalton 5 hours ago

    The bloke is a genius & if not that he's GOD

  • HarryTravolta
    HarryTravolta 15 hours ago +1

    Please stop realising shit mate . That’s a questionable b-side . We get it you’re old and content. Write a banger ya fanny

  • bigbifter
    bigbifter Day ago

    Excellence 👌

  • Givepeace achance
    Givepeace achance Day ago +1

    Noel Gallagher could be a composer.
    How he works with such easy chords and arranges them is mind blowing.
    Absolute legend. ✌🏼

  • Robert Grimes
    Robert Grimes Day ago +1

    Unbelievable song just like the song writer

  • Ryan Holloway
    Ryan Holloway 2 days ago

    Love this song. Is it sampling 'Glorious' by Andreas Johnson?

  • delakota555
    delakota555 2 days ago

    James Blunt Vs Noel Gallagher? 🤮
    It's a tough one isn't it? 🤔

  • Due_
    Due_ 2 days ago

    with Liam singing on it, it would have been so much better, but still, happy to hear new music from Noel

  • shawn chaudry
    shawn chaudry 2 days ago

    man I love that the verse is in minor with minor harmony and when it switches to the major chorus the harmony turns to major and then flattens back to minor when it switches back to the verse. That’s really what makes this song for me.

  • Bobby Slidetackle
    Bobby Slidetackle 2 days ago

    By far his best song ever

  • Mr Smith’s World
    Mr Smith’s World 2 days ago +1

    This is a better video than THE video . Doesn’t match the feeling of the song in the official video.

  • Roaming Heights
    Roaming Heights 2 days ago

    Nice song this one. Check out 'Roaming Heights'

  • Sonya Millward
    Sonya Millward 2 days ago

    I feel this song is a message to Liam 😘👍🏻
    Im just constantly pressing like to everything in the comment section 👍🏻

  • Lewis Carty
    Lewis Carty 3 days ago

    Probably the best song of 2021 so far. Thank you very much, Noel for making a song that has been your best song, since the songs from ‘Who Built The Moon?’

  • clarkey1977
    clarkey1977 3 days ago

    A pretty dark and moving piece of art.

  • Fe Li Na
    Fe Li Na 3 days ago

    Usual dirge

  • Matt Smith
    Matt Smith 3 days ago


  • Los Rolling
    Los Rolling 3 days ago

    Great track Noel 🔥🎵🔝😍

  • Eamonn Delaney
    Eamonn Delaney 4 days ago +2

    Best songwriter since Lennon

  • Patricia Collier
    Patricia Collier 4 days ago

    Well done, beautiful 😍

  • smadar wik
    smadar wik 4 days ago

    "The Truth Can Be So Hard To Swallow"

  • John Hammock
    John Hammock 4 days ago

    The Lennon of the 90’s

  • verjan2
    verjan2 5 days ago +1

    I wish the next studio album would be in the same spirit as this single or the first two albums. Who's BuiltThe Moon did not succeed.

  • Gary Goodall
    Gary Goodall 5 days ago

    Tremendous 👌🏻

  • Stuart Austen
    Stuart Austen 5 days ago

    Anyone else hear 'Glorious' by Andreas Johnson in here?

  • 谷本良平
    谷本良平 5 days ago

    I don't know why〜🎶

  • Anthony Burton
    Anthony Burton 5 days ago

    A great song

  • HourGlass Mandala
    HourGlass Mandala 5 days ago


  • Henning Schmidt
    Henning Schmidt 6 days ago

    Noel Gallagher = Savior of Melodic Pop

  • Juampa Grismeyer
    Juampa Grismeyer 6 days ago

    Too many references...

  • Enzo 1978
    Enzo 1978 6 days ago

    Glorious, Andreas Johnson 🥰

  • Jase
    Jase 6 days ago +1

    This was a slow burner, but it's definitely grown on me. Loving this song now

  • Utsav Pathak
    Utsav Pathak 6 days ago


  • Thomas Gallagher
    Thomas Gallagher 6 days ago

    Cheers Noel thank you

  • Dyvo
    Dyvo 6 days ago


  • Jonathan Kaden
    Jonathan Kaden 7 days ago

    Is this about him being in love with a prostitute who died? Y’all think?

  • Cooper
    Cooper 7 days ago

    I love Noel but all his songs sound the same

  • Heater
    Heater 7 days ago

    I'm not sure how his music influenced others, but his music made my life.
    I want to walk the way you want and I want you to walk the happiest way
    Maybe this life was borrowed from you
    Love you. Whenever

  • Andrea Doria
    Andrea Doria 7 days ago


  • Laura Arena
    Laura Arena 7 days ago

    EXCELENTE!!!!!!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💋♥️😘👍🥰😃

  • perish VS
    perish VS 7 days ago

    Always great songs

  • Alessandro Schettino

    Cast No Shadow... I have the chills.

  • Donato
    Donato 7 days ago +1


  • Elaine Mellett
    Elaine Mellett 7 days ago

    I love your music so much

  • Boris BriTvA
    Boris BriTvA 7 days ago

    Это же шедевр

  • Frank Zappelin
    Frank Zappelin 8 days ago


  • Alex Westwood
    Alex Westwood 8 days ago +1

    Love This Track

  • Christopher Curtis
    Christopher Curtis 8 days ago

    Can't stand this guy, but what a brilliant composer/lyricist.

  • James Cooper
    James Cooper 8 days ago +1

    I'm so annoyed that his manager persuaded Noel to change before, when Noel presented these type of songs his manager said we've heard those songs now what else have you got but in all honesty Noel should be completely left to do what he does and not play around with crap electro songs

  • kotalls
    kotalls 8 days ago


  • soiung toiue
    soiung toiue 8 days ago

    A Noel ballad. Suddenly the sadness in the world doesn't seem so bad.

  • xyzxyz997
    xyzxyz997 8 days ago

    There's no way this song would have been released had David Holmes still been producer. Thank god he is out the picture now.

  • Nicolás Médica
    Nicolás Médica 8 days ago +5

    Is Noel Gallagher the best musician at the history? The answer is ABSOLUTLLY YES
    PD: In Buenos Aires, Argentina we loves you, and we are waiting for your back always!

  • C love love
    C love love 8 days ago

    Being honest..This is the best song Noel has released since Oasis...We are avid Fans of Liam as well x

  • parkychristine
    parkychristine 8 days ago

    Remembering one of my favourite blues listening to this tune 💙

  • Angelina Pasqua
    Angelina Pasqua 8 days ago

    Bentornata anima mia💋

  • Joseph Docherty
    Joseph Docherty 8 days ago

    Definitely the best out there....ever!!

  • CG Sussed
    CG Sussed 8 days ago


  • Victor Almeida
    Victor Almeida 9 days ago

    Great lyrics. The song is not so great as it could be if Noel wasn't trying to impress his family and their shitty taste for music

  • Alex Furiano
    Alex Furiano 9 days ago

    Mix Keane & Tom Odell disaster!! Noel Game Over. Take a break .You were once a great songwritter but now absolutely not.And you can't sing

  • Mark Ward
    Mark Ward 9 days ago

    I’m a big fan but I’m getting the feeling he uses the same chords and lyrics, just in different order from song to song. Getting boring

  • music box
    music box 9 days ago

    Magnifique ! Magnifique !

  • Avinash Shanbhag
    Avinash Shanbhag 9 days ago

    What a belter. Hope he goes back to doing his thing and stops with cosmic pop stuff.

  • myonlyfanhere
    myonlyfanhere 9 days ago

    This has gone straight up their with my all time favourites those lyrics are relatable for me atm

  • Donato
    Donato 9 days ago

    Oasis tipical Good😇

  • Jersus fioravanti
    Jersus fioravanti 9 days ago +1

    Still love ur brother.
    But man,wtf....still love you too.

  • hiroto hokura
    hiroto hokura 9 days ago

    he never stop evolving

  • skippy handleman
    skippy handleman 9 days ago

    It's decent. I think I'd enjoy a pint with Noel. Still, people change and age and the tension he had with his brother translated well into Oasis songs. There's a different passion Noel gets out in the dysfunction of his old band. love the geezer though.