My shoulder still hurts 😂💀


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  • B-Man 123
    B-Man 123 Hour ago

    I know what most of you are thinking............😁

  • Italy is cool
    Italy is cool 13 hours ago

    Lol some people haven’t figured it out yet

  • Jonathan Germann
    Jonathan Germann 18 hours ago

    COVID has done more damage than we thought.

  • Lakia Coleman
    Lakia Coleman 20 hours ago

    I can. Do it

  • Bikramjit Ghosh
    Bikramjit Ghosh 21 hour ago

    Men have a bigger/heavier upper body, while Women have a bigger/heavier pelvis and a lower body. Now do the maths you'll have the answer!

  • Brother Keef Tv
    Brother Keef Tv Day ago

    This was easy

  • Nash Bentley
    Nash Bentley Day ago

    🧢 CAP

  • Mr.E- MC
    Mr.E- MC Day ago

    Fake lol I did it in seconds

  • Vansathith Piyadeth

    Did it

  • Night-Hawk
    Night-Hawk Day ago

    That’s crazy! I just tried this with my girlfriend and I can’t do it but she can 🤣😂

  • Sidney Moore
    Sidney Moore Day ago

    Females center of gravity is in the hips ,males center of gravity is in the chest/shoulders.

  • Mustafa K.
    Mustafa K. Day ago

    lol! its all about the center of gravity. nothing to do with gender.

    LEVIATHAN Day ago

    You can do this it's just hard. Also if you go into it believing you can't you never will

  • Ria Davenport
    Ria Davenport Day ago

    This is fake depends on what the position of your legs are in.The girls just put their legs in a better position than the boys most of the time

  • Shane Ball
    Shane Ball Day ago

    Is there anything genuine and real about this guy's videos? Ever?

  • Clvudii
    Clvudii Day ago

    I can do it I’m a girl

  • Tannor Brooks
    Tannor Brooks Day ago +3

    It’s so you can grab their arms when doing it from the back😂

  • TheDieselRig
    TheDieselRig 2 days ago

    Keep seeing Men "can't" do this....Yet I've done it with the same trick the girls use.

  • MJ Abedin
    MJ Abedin 2 days ago

    Just shows what nature intended

  • Scott Sterling
    Scott Sterling 2 days ago

    It’s because there is no child support position for men

  • Trillix Gaming
    Trillix Gaming 2 days ago

    There good on there knees

  • Astar Alanna01
    Astar Alanna01 2 days ago

    Bollocks mate

  • sidney pierre
    sidney pierre 2 days ago

    The difference is that she get regular practice doing that…

  • Wim Steele
    Wim Steele 2 days ago

    What is this cwnter if gravity it because they posses a cirvix

  • Jason Strange
    Jason Strange 2 days ago

    I got to get me a girl that can do that before I can make it to comparison

  • mjnari022
    mjnari022 2 days ago

    Boy this is awkward.......

  • Djamel Eddine
    Djamel Eddine 2 days ago

    He's bluffing , we can do that

  • Matthew Franco
    Matthew Franco 2 days ago

    Because girls are use to that position taking it from behind like a good girl.

  • The Cult of Con
    The Cult of Con 2 days ago

    Easily done and i cant figure out why its not possible

  • Aleta Harrington
    Aleta Harrington 2 days ago

    There more....

  • Sadspaghetti1
    Sadspaghetti1 2 days ago

    I am a guy and can do this wha do you mean guys can’t do this

  • Dillon Daigre
    Dillon Daigre 3 days ago

    I did it

  • Garth Morris
    Garth Morris 3 days ago

    i tried to do that i and i hit the ground hard

  • bloodless _x
    bloodless _x 3 days ago

    I did it and I'm a lad

  • fire flame
    fire flame 3 days ago

    i did it im a boy

  • lifelesskids
    lifelesskids 3 days ago


  • Dysthymia
    Dysthymia 3 days ago

    Its cuz youre too far forward mate, she literally was just sitting on her knees

  • bruna toledo
    bruna toledo 4 days ago

    That's so dumb

  • Anthony West
    Anthony West 4 days ago

    Women backs are stronger because of the fact they carry babies!

  • Kyle Highley
    Kyle Highley 4 days ago

    Guys who can't do this do martial arts in 6 months price of piss

  • Steven Huang
    Steven Huang 4 days ago

    bo ob s

  • Bryan Park
    Bryan Park 4 days ago

    The only reason why girls can do it is because of them backshots

  • cslloyd1
    cslloyd1 4 days ago

    Girls need to be able to do that for the survival of the species

  • Tshepo Diale
    Tshepo Diale 4 days ago

    It is from the rib we gave away

  • Michael Blackford
    Michael Blackford 4 days ago

    Another daily juvenile video from bozo kid.

  • Krisztián Rőmer
    Krisztián Rőmer 4 days ago

    It WAS a positioning failure like he said

  • rh1507
    rh1507 4 days ago

    Females have a larger pelvis. That's my guess.

  • Jason Phillips
    Jason Phillips 4 days ago

    He fell on purpose and her knees are further up than his

  • Victor Malabe
    Victor Malabe 4 days ago

    Females have an extra set of ribs.....that's why they can do it

  • Phillip Goldstein
    Phillip Goldstein 5 days ago +29

    The woman is naturally positioned for the "Back Shot" so Men will always fall✊🏿💯

  • T.J. Johnson
    T.J. Johnson 5 days ago


  • Howlingwolf 4356
    Howlingwolf 4356 5 days ago

    Well this isn't entirely correct, the truth is your knees must be at a 90° angle and where your pelvic bone is must be at a 90° angle, females can do this because the center of mass for them is slightly above there pelvis, and for men its virtually directly in the middle of our chests. The only reason this happens is because females have to have a hollow pelvis so that they can give birth with minimal complications, and this change in weight distribution causes the change in center of gravity.

  • Lite
    Lite 5 days ago

    Ah why is every1 so dumb

  • Josslyn Currier
    Josslyn Currier 5 days ago

    Is it just me or is this man hotter then lava....🥵🥵

  • oldsexy
    oldsexy 5 days ago

    She used her stomach muscles to stay up.

  • madelyn merle
    madelyn merle 5 days ago

    I’m a girl and can’t do it

  • Dareen Nassman
    Dareen Nassman 5 days ago

    As a 10 year old child who can do it your wrong and yes I’m a male

  • Doo Doo Stain
    Doo Doo Stain 5 days ago

    You just shift your weight, it’s not that hard. (No hate)

  • Ayovi Cerrillo
    Ayovi Cerrillo 5 days ago


  • Mutts Sunchez
    Mutts Sunchez 5 days ago

    Its because god intended for women to be on there knees...........AMEN......

  • Eddie Escobar
    Eddie Escobar 5 days ago +2

    It’s evolution mate.. for hundreds and thousands of years, the human females have perfected this move to lure males for mating. Crikey, she’s got that one in her sights. Let’s watch what happens next mate.

  • Danny DNA
    Danny DNA 5 days ago

    The best test for this is to lean head against a wall with a chair between you and the wall. Move your head slightly off the wall and lift the chair. Men fall forward into the wall more than women.

  • Atomic Nation
    Atomic Nation 5 days ago

    It's center of gravity placement

  • Officialjonez
    Officialjonez 5 days ago

    He literally moved his legs back so he’d fall.

  • Dekhi Church
    Dekhi Church 5 days ago +1

    Because they are use to being on there knees

  • Mark C De Young
    Mark C De Young 5 days ago

    There was a challenge like this back in the day I think 3ft. been a while ya back that thang up 3ft. from the wall then put ya head against the wall women can raise up from that position en men can't

    KINKX 5 days ago

    No I just retarded

  • Anime-cats -_-
    Anime-cats -_- 5 days ago

    It’s cap I just did it with my friend and it’s a boy

  • Ashton Flores
    Ashton Flores 5 days ago +1

    I was able to do it but my head was so heavy i hitted my head on the concrete floor
    Edit:Now my forehead hurts asf