Making liquid air

  • Published on May 1, 2021
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    Today I'll be using a cryocooler to turn air into a liquid.
    Nile talks about lab safety:​
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  • Belen Morales
    Belen Morales 10 hours ago

    Is it hot?

  • Chill - Vibez
    Chill - Vibez 10 hours ago

    Probably has more flavor than water lmao.

  • Quai Shan
    Quai Shan 10 hours ago

    This is only one percent of his power. Don’t make him use two percent

  • Jayden Kemmerling
    Jayden Kemmerling 10 hours ago +1

    Let me drink it

  • Bud_Kleric
    Bud_Kleric 11 hours ago

    Could u drink it? and what it do to u ?

  • Bacon.
    Bacon. 11 hours ago

    Is it dangerous to drink liquid air ?

  • Dewayne Cline
    Dewayne Cline 12 hours ago

    Is it possible to drink it with out dieding

  • TaZe Alex
    TaZe Alex 12 hours ago

    I have a fridge

  • Ramnik Panchal
    Ramnik Panchal 12 hours ago

    Is it dangerous

  • Gustavo Menendez
    Gustavo Menendez 12 hours ago

    What would happen if you drank liquid air?

  • Soda Ju1ce
    Soda Ju1ce 12 hours ago

    But can I drink it

  • Sione Ma'u
    Sione Ma'u 12 hours ago

    Your vids are so dope.

  • Char Aznable
    Char Aznable 12 hours ago

    Now that how you pre-chill a thermos!

  • Dog Shit
    Dog Shit 12 hours ago

    Put that cryocooler in my intercooler tank for my car

  • DaBaby
    DaBaby 12 hours ago

    “Science with Tucker Carlson”

  • Bolt
    Bolt 12 hours ago

    It’s like that book where the sun disappeared and the world gets so cold that air freezes and they have to go and get the air snow to be able to breathe

  • Jaime Pena
    Jaime Pena 12 hours ago

    Dumb question, any harm if you stick your finger in it?

  • Artjoms Pugacovs
    Artjoms Pugacovs 13 hours ago

    Where you get one?

  • Tishawn Jacent
    Tishawn Jacent 13 hours ago

    Wait a minute.. How would a fart taste though? LMAOOO

  • Daniel Brubaker
    Daniel Brubaker 14 hours ago

    Breath it in

  • Aslan
    Aslan 14 hours ago

    Imagine what happens when you turn the dial all the way up.

  • Tivoughn Smart
    Tivoughn Smart 14 hours ago

    Can you legit drink that shit 👀

  • otisthebigcow
    otisthebigcow 15 hours ago

    Put a cherry in the air

  • Legendary Beatz [Prod.]

    Am i the only one who wants to drink air like a crack head

  • Jaime Diaz
    Jaime Diaz 15 hours ago

    Some lorax shit

  • Brandon Scutnik
    Brandon Scutnik 15 hours ago

    What would happen if it was turned all the way up 😳 the whole world would be a glacier.. this man could fix global warming turning it to 15

  • GFG Relay
    GFG Relay 15 hours ago

    the forbidden water

  • E t h ą n M ö r s e
    E t h ą n M ö r s e 15 hours ago

    Is it drinkable

  • MrNoobed
    MrNoobed 16 hours ago

    Did this act as sort of a distiller? Did it preferentially take nitrogen or oxygen?

  • Taserface
    Taserface 16 hours ago

    POV: You’re looking for the FLash-player comment

  • theusernameicoodfind
    theusernameicoodfind 16 hours ago

    What happens if the power dial goes higher

  • Ivan Ng Kai Kit
    Ivan Ng Kai Kit 16 hours ago

    Is it liquid nitrogen?

  • TNT William
    TNT William 17 hours ago

    That's how you make liquid O2

  • Ezekiel Brown
    Ezekiel Brown 17 hours ago

    Yes this is lovely and interesting

  • John M
    John M 17 hours ago

    *screaming* CAN I DRINK IT?!

  • Usanagi San
    Usanagi San 17 hours ago

    2 questions,can I drink it and does it hit harder than McDonald's sprite?

  • Abusing all My Games
    Abusing all My Games 17 hours ago

    Is it just me or do I want to drink the liquid air to see what happens would I get oxygen or would I die hmmmm

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 17 hours ago

    The forbidden drink

  • Knana__
    Knana__ 17 hours ago

    Could I drink it if it were at a normal temperature and not gonna give my esophagus hypothermia??

  • Alex H.
    Alex H. 17 hours ago

    is it drinkable?

  • TheEnemiez
    TheEnemiez 17 hours ago

    Bet it can't get as cold as absolute zero

  • Victor The cat lover
    Victor The cat lover 18 hours ago

    Can you make the cooler get to an absolute zero?

  • Deathbypvt
    Deathbypvt 18 hours ago

    /give @p minecraft_air 45

    TUBE YOU 18 hours ago

    Dude that’s awesomeeeee

  • someone random
    someone random 18 hours ago

    Hey homes hand over that cup a oxygen with a bit of nitro on the top

  • steven lalhmingthanga
    steven lalhmingthanga 18 hours ago

    Now make a tones of liquid air and donate it as oxygen

  • Conner blalock
    Conner blalock 18 hours ago

    I bet that’s what is in inhalers looks like it kinda it’s evaporated fast like that and it’s cold idk

  • Tobio Kageyama
    Tobio Kageyama 18 hours ago

    Wait can I drink that?

  • Randomdan85
    Randomdan85 18 hours ago


  • First Last
    First Last 18 hours ago

    So can you drink it??? It looks really good

  • I like Likes
    I like Likes 18 hours ago

    Is it safe to drink that

  • Michael Sosnow
    Michael Sosnow 18 hours ago

    Is it dangerous to touch?

  • stunov
    stunov 18 hours ago

    now drink it

  • Finlay Vischer
    Finlay Vischer 19 hours ago

    What happens when u turn the power to 80!? 💥

  • Richard Schiebe
    Richard Schiebe 19 hours ago

    Is it healthy to drink it? Seriously

  • Sandra Melodra Matic
    Sandra Melodra Matic 19 hours ago

    He's so sciency

  • Andy
    Andy 19 hours ago

    Now turn it to 11!

  • daniel der Gamer nicht
    daniel der Gamer nicht 19 hours ago

    A fancy ac

  • FHK
    FHK 19 hours ago

    Can you mix it with liqid nitrogen and helium to get real air?

    LXVLY DR3AMS 20 hours ago

    That’s what she said

  • Lighting Lotus
    Lighting Lotus 20 hours ago

    So air can be used for drinking 🚰🤠 ?? I mean it's bubbly

  • Moi M
    Moi M 20 hours ago

    What if you turn it all the way to max what happens then?

  • dmk
    dmk 21 hour ago

    put it into a ballon :D

  • kirby cute
    kirby cute 21 hour ago

    So that was hex was drinking

  • Klisx
    Klisx 21 hour ago

    Or just buy a dehumidifier ..

  • Helen Sandham
    Helen Sandham 22 hours ago

    It’s so cold, it’s cooking...?

  • James Baah
    James Baah 22 hours ago

    I wanna touch it

  • D.5 lefar
    D.5 lefar 23 hours ago


  • Auglaze Allday
    Auglaze Allday 23 hours ago

    Not to be the dummy in class, but is liquid air as great an oxidizer as liquid oxygen?
    I'm assuming that it's not because it will have other elements in it.....not 100% sure.

  • Sektu
    Sektu 23 hours ago

    Who are you?