Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Unboxing - The Confusing Truth.

  • Published on Feb 12, 2020
  • Unboxing and first Review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip Foldable Smartphone, taking a look at camera, battery, and specs! Giveaway link:
    Credits to Tim Schofield, Marques Brownlee, CNET, Business insider and Samsung, for some of the clips used here!
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  • Science & Technology

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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  8 days ago +2306

    Couple of things:
    -Yes, I call it "Zed Flip". Zed is how people in the UK pronounce Z
    -If you can stick around to the end on this one, that would be amazing, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together in the conclusion
    -I borrowed 5 clips from other creators for this, and forgot to add credits, so they're in the description
    -To enter the giveaway:

    • Khusham Shahzad
      Khusham Shahzad Day ago

      First Time entered in a give away 🤫🤫🤫

    • JC de Jong
      JC de Jong 2 days ago

      Nicee vid man😊 really hope to get the galaxy Zed flip🤣🤣

    • Noah Allen
      Noah Allen 2 days ago

      It could be for my birthday

    • Onikagé
      Onikagé 3 days ago

      Canada too

    • Yolanda Narainan
      Yolanda Narainan 3 days ago

      Mrwhosetheboss I’ve entered 🥺. On all five requirements.

  • Ayesha Rajpoot
    Ayesha Rajpoot 6 hours ago +1

    Excellent work 💯

  • Samir TheBengaliSon
    Samir TheBengaliSon 8 hours ago +1

    You put it on the basket and I'm checking comments from apple lover 🥴🥴🖤 damn bro 🥀

  • barkha rani
    barkha rani 9 hours ago +1

    He: throws iPhone 11 max pro
    Me:😳give it to mee..

  • Tigar Turner
    Tigar Turner 12 hours ago

    Yes id buy 1 but hopefully they cheeper next year...

  • FreakyDude
    FreakyDude 12 hours ago

    "The display is now glass"
    Jerry goes and scratches it at mos hardness level 2 proving its a plastic.
    Samsung even claimed it was a plastic protective top layer to protect the thin bendable glass...
    Which is weird when you try to do anything to it, it just looks as if it was plastic when poked through so it either is a plastic glass composite underneath the plastic protective layer or its such a thin glass it has no value at all to the point its pretty much the same as plastic... welp its probably not corning's bendable glass that they are working on right now that is for sure...

  • Azhar Rizwy
    Azhar Rizwy 13 hours ago

    0:05 I will only do that if I am Bill gates

  • C5231 Gaming
    C5231 Gaming 13 hours ago

    Aran. : Throws away Iphone
    Apple : So you have chosen death

  • Mini tomate
    Mini tomate 14 hours ago +1

    "This is a mid-range phone"
    Me: Yes, but actually no.

  • Jeffrey Zuidgeest
    Jeffrey Zuidgeest 14 hours ago


  • Monique
    Monique 15 hours ago

    such an interesting video!!

  • Mohammad Seif
    Mohammad Seif 15 hours ago

    Hi i'm very poor and i need a tablet for my studies i thank you help me thank you

  • Fadi
    Fadi 17 hours ago

    I can't understand how you compare this one to Samsung fold. Two different concepts here. S Fold meant to be like two phones screens fold into one horizontally. And this one is one regular phone screen folds in a half vertically to take less space.

  • Jatoch Ofnietdan
    Jatoch Ofnietdan 19 hours ago

    This will end up like 3d at home. A gimmick that nobody wants..

  • Sharkzylol
    Sharkzylol 20 hours ago +1

    2:39 i thought that you actually bought a womans jeans to show it cuz u were talking about it

  • JP Negros
    JP Negros 22 hours ago

    That "Z" Truth!

  • Tee
    Tee 23 hours ago

    “Can use the high quality front camera for selfies. That’s a big plus point”
    Are there actually people who want an even MORE detailed selfie camera?? I can already see pores with mine. What’s next, do we need to be able to zoom in on our skin cells?

  • Vervito United
    Vervito United 23 hours ago

    Great eye catching and comfortably informative content.

  • ayo akingbaso
    ayo akingbaso Day ago

    Love ur videos

  • lemonjellies
    lemonjellies Day ago

    Relax with the exaggerated posh accent. It's laughable.

  • Willem Cilcy
    Willem Cilcy Day ago

    These are better than the previous model. I love it but can't afford one. I wish I'm amongst the lucky winners. Good luck guys 👍

  • Rohit Sugandhi
    Rohit Sugandhi Day ago


    REVERSE IT Day ago

    Nice phone

  • Dulanjala007
    Dulanjala007 Day ago

    i think Samsung Nailed it... there's lots of people who buys things just for look and feel, Duh? 99% of apple users... even if they have high spec hardware, most people never push them to limits (ex: mac book cpu limiter software) and most their value comes from the look and feel, even though hardware is related to the feel, most of the feel some from the looks, so if you have the looks then you can sell it. as i see only thing they lack is a custom os where they can do innovative things without limited by google's android.

  • I love everyone
    I love everyone Day ago

    Hope I win the S20 ultra, I would be so happy to get it and my haters would be quiet because they tease because I have a 1gb ram phone is that phones ram could be goooooddd!!! Hope I win!!

  • Joshua odoro
    Joshua odoro Day ago

    Mr Boss, I won't buy this phone for this price. I will rather go for the s10+

  • Declan P Mclaughlin

    I just bought the Z flip. I liked your review and watched others before i bought it. Its expensive, and im not a tech guy. The phone will do as i expect a normal smart phone to do. But for me its cool. It will certainly stand out amongst the standard phones my friends and colleagues have. Im too excited to receive it in the post.....

  • Ashfaque Ahamed
    Ashfaque Ahamed Day ago

    I like concept bro
    If I have that much money , I may consider it😁

  • No
    No Day ago

    0:06 Pls look at me before doing this

    PREZZER UK Day ago

    I've been using an s7 for over 3 years.
    My wife and I have just upgraded to the A71!!
    An excellent phone for its price, it will last us another 3 years of use!

    CARE MAIL Day ago

    please give me a giveway I have ever won oe giveway

  • 보라해방탄소년단

    Samsung: Makes this on 2020

    Apple: Makes this on 2120

  • Camel Taco- Gacha

    Mom: “you can pick any flip phone you want”
    Me: “okkkk” *grabs Samsung flip z*

  • etienne bangate
    etienne bangate Day ago

    Can u give me a phone?

  • Basudev Dalai
    Basudev Dalai Day ago

    Samsung Galaxy s 20 ultra have nice display

  • James Butterworth

    It doesn't shut fully and the display isn't actually glass. So, think you need to review a bit more accurately 🤣

  • nick hemmers
    nick hemmers Day ago

    Samsung just has 2 series foldebol phones and before you know it there is a fold 2 and flip 2

  • Tahnee Truscott
    Tahnee Truscott Day ago

    I give Samsung a challenge for the next phone you know how they talk in Star Wars where the person pops out of the computer you should do about with your next Phone it is called a hologram 3D holograms this is your next challenge if you're up for it

  • Paul Byrne
    Paul Byrne Day ago

    But there IS a gap when it is closed, you just showed the gap.

  • MetalsForBrunch
    MetalsForBrunch Day ago

    no audio jack no thanks

  • George Wilson Escordial

    Followed and sent my entries, hoping to be picked. God bless you. Love ❤from Philippines ❤

  • Marko Lacić
    Marko Lacić Day ago

    Our boy Jerry Rig showed that ain't glass, at least the outter layer that you are touching. Provides no scratch protection, scratches at a level 2, depeer grooves at a level 3. False sense of security of a durability of a device can be dangerous.

  • Shabana Taj
    Shabana Taj Day ago +1

    sumsang smartphones are push to future generation of mobile world
    its super

  • roblaa
    roblaa Day ago

    You sound like a etonian chinless wounder

  • Muhammad Nasir
    Muhammad Nasir Day ago

    Reallllyyyyy wanttt too winnn omgggg

  • Bragglus
    Bragglus Day ago

    The target demographic for the Z Flip is tech destruction channels

  • Matas Karaliunas

    So basically a game boy advance that costs a lot

  • Anjali Thakur
    Anjali Thakur Day ago

  • Grumpy Cat
    Grumpy Cat Day ago

    Watch Arun put that iPhone where it rightfully belongs gave me a great deal of satisfaction...

  • Jullang Junior
    Jullang Junior Day ago

    Doesnt sound as convincing

  • Naomi Alex
    Naomi Alex Day ago +3

    “There is no gap” - dude I can literally see through the-very-much-in-existence gap.

  • Jonah Meiers
    Jonah Meiers Day ago +1

    The Galaxy Z flip, kinda like a ds but in phone factor

  • Multicom
    Multicom 2 days ago

    1. It's not actual gorilla glass.
    2. 120hz at 1080p, NOT QHD.

  • Car Lo
    Car Lo 2 days ago

    I will have to think about it. 🤔😂😂

  • melo star 91
    melo star 91 2 days ago

    2070: Smartphone in my head

  • Melody Oldham
    Melody Oldham 2 days ago

    It still has agap when it closes just like the first fold

  • Big Brother
    Big Brother 2 days ago

    Hope I get one

  • Sketch Otterly
    Sketch Otterly 2 days ago

    It scrstches as regular plastic. Nothing new

    WE LAZY 2 days ago

    How i wish i can afford to buy a new phone,
    Just watching phone reviews and imagining ,i own one.
    Good job for the review
    Good job
    How i wish could win your giveaway ser,
    Thank you

  • Shashank Gupta
    Shashank Gupta 2 days ago

    Apple will do this same thing in 2 years from now and then everyone will loose their mind.