Thrift Store Makeover #4

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
  • Hey Guys! Welcome to episode #4 of my thrift store makeover series where I take something I've found out of a thrift store (or actually, in this case i found it at a yard sale, but still) and I strip it down and give it a makeover. This always involves a lot of color, sometimes glitter, and a lot of PAINT. Hope you enjoy!
    This time I'm flipping a wooden carousel wall hanging that I found at a yard sale. I believe this is a vintage item, but it hasn't aged well at all. It definitely needs a makeover. I want to hang this in my art room (ART ROOM TOUR: which happens to be full of color and cutesy stuff. I'm going to be doing a lot of decorating to get this looking bright and festive so it fits better with my craft room aesthetic LOL.

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    Intro Music by: SHIFTYPOP
    "Music: Love Light and Twinkles by JivingGerbil
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  • Moriah Elizabeth
    Moriah Elizabeth  13 days ago +6547

    So I think the general consensus is that the hooks are for keys. Makes sense 😂 I won't actually be using this for my keys since it's for my art room and it would be a super inconvenient place to put my keys, but still. Good to know I guess 🤷‍♀️

    • UWDSG
      UWDSG 13 hours ago

      Moriah Elizabeth you should have painted the poles a metallic gold and I love ur videos

    • frederic Allison
      frederic Allison 17 hours ago


    • Sweetie Pie
      Sweetie Pie 18 hours ago

      Me like your style we very much alike

    • Lily MOUZON
      Lily MOUZON 19 hours ago +1

      Moriah Elizabeth hi

    • Itz Alexis
      Itz Alexis 21 hour ago

      Lol ya

  • Ellie does Trampoline
    Ellie does Trampoline 40 minutes ago

    Moriah in her original video: normal (ish)
    Moriahs voisover: makes fun of original video
    Moriahs editing: makes fun of voiceover
    True facts 😂 Lysol moriah!!!

  • rockette2114
    rockette2114 Hour ago

    Looks really nice, target would sell that from 10-15$

  • snugs coopa
    snugs coopa 6 hours ago

    I. Have 20 dollar's

  • Pamela Galati
    Pamela Galati 7 hours ago

    I love it and I wouldn't change anything about it!!!

  • Lexie Luff
    Lexie Luff 9 hours ago

    Somebody paid $3.99 plus tax for this?! Yeah maybe after Moriah’s done.

  • eric wise
    eric wise 9 hours ago

    Keys you idiot

  • Apolinar G. Jr. Cafe
    Apolinar G. Jr. Cafe 10 hours ago

    Can you mak a videyo ove sqeshi mak over?

  • Sophia Schandoney
    Sophia Schandoney 11 hours ago


  • Le Chicken Nuggets YT
    Le Chicken Nuggets YT 12 hours ago

    Paint your wallzzzzzzzz

    Maybe repaint it white and add roses and vines?

  • Nanna Bannana Awyea
    Nanna Bannana Awyea 13 hours ago +1

    When taking off hard jar lids, I suggest using a rubber glove! It surprisingly helps 😂

  • Ava Mcintosh
    Ava Mcintosh 14 hours ago +1

    Me at 12:00= I gOT tHe HoRSeS iN ThE BaCk,wItH MeSsED uP LEgS, THeY DoNT ReAlLY CaRE SOoOo YeAAAaA

    xD mood

  • SpxxceDust _l_
    SpxxceDust _l_ 14 hours ago

    She kinda reminds me of flamingo when she talks really close to the mic lol

  • XxAnnieBooxX
    XxAnnieBooxX 14 hours ago

    sO MUcH DUs5.

  • Hailey Solomon
    Hailey Solomon 14 hours ago

    Oh liked it better when it was just plain wood. YoU rUiNeD iT wItH aLl ThE cOlOr!

  • Amanda Grazer
    Amanda Grazer 15 hours ago +1

    5:49 some quality asmr

  • Kevin Cavanaugh
    Kevin Cavanaugh 17 hours ago

    Whenever I’m having a sad time I watch your videos and you make me laugh and you just light up my day

  • Kevin Cavanaugh
    Kevin Cavanaugh 17 hours ago

    The bottom kind looks like Dr. Seuss kind of

  • Stacy Perry
    Stacy Perry 17 hours ago

    I love it😁😁😁😁😁

  • Angela Colwell
    Angela Colwell 17 hours ago


  • Cutie Cute
    Cutie Cute 17 hours ago

    Before: nAh

  • Keith S
    Keith S 18 hours ago

    i love your channel

  • wolfgirl moon
    wolfgirl moon 18 hours ago +1

    Its pan coloros!😤😤❤

  • Darren Simon
    Darren Simon 18 hours ago

    Can I get a shoutout please hiiii

  • Galaxy Kids
    Galaxy Kids 18 hours ago

    Oh no shirt

  • Galaxy Kids
    Galaxy Kids 18 hours ago

    :it’s not a rainbow
    Me:looking at your shit I can see where people get it from

  • Sophia Knollman
    Sophia Knollman 18 hours ago

    LITTLE JIMMY DONT LOOK fixes to make it look so much better LITTLE JIMMY LOOK

  • Kylie Zufall
    Kylie Zufall 19 hours ago

    It would be Cotten candy land

  • CrescentiaLuvsU
    CrescentiaLuvsU 19 hours ago

    So my parents used to make these in the late 80’s and early 90’s! Lol

  • civicminded73
    civicminded73 19 hours ago

    13:51 Happyness

  • Rawr Usana
    Rawr Usana 20 hours ago

    Guess Im the person that say '' I liked the other 1 better'' and i do, but I also like the new one too!

  • Rich Fabian
    Rich Fabian 20 hours ago +1

    Thats beautiful

  • Blue eclipse
    Blue eclipse 20 hours ago

    Most people looking at the carousels colors: pretty colors.

  • Samia Playz
    Samia Playz 21 hour ago

    I think it's way better now

  • Millie Lucas
    Millie Lucas 22 hours ago

    Please please please come to my birthday it's in January the 11 Friday

  • Keira Fallon
    Keira Fallon 23 hours ago

    You are so funny

  • Fat_cat Boiiis
    Fat_cat Boiiis 23 hours ago +1

    Anyone else think she's the best youtuber evaaaa

  • Libby dunbar
    Libby dunbar Day ago


  • All About Krysty!

    i wanted you to paint the horses ombre to be more diff

  • Annais Sepulveda

    I liked that caresall

  • Megan Mckinstry
    Megan Mckinstry Day ago

    I love how you coloured it rainbow it is my favourite colour

  • uzma hassan
    uzma hassan Day ago

    Why are u not offererd a job yet?
    UR. SOoo. GOod

  • Sisters Forever
    Sisters Forever Day ago

    When u said tht it was the end of the vid I tapped the screen to actually see if it was the end of the video 😂😂😂❤️❤️

  • Sage Grieg
    Sage Grieg Day ago

    Yep boring

  • Anita Greensill
    Anita Greensill Day ago

    13:29 I wanna glam them up a bit 😂😂😂😂

  • Brendan Barrett
    Brendan Barrett Day ago

    I love it so so so much

  • Living Weird Esther C

    I love it 😀

  • Gabriella Chen
    Gabriella Chen Day ago

    I got the horses in the back 🐎

  • Caitlin Dougherty

    The pansexuals are screaming 😆

  • Cindy Clark
    Cindy Clark Day ago +1

    you should show the lady

  • Estefanía Ibáñez Reyes

    Your nails are very Colombian. Lol.

  • Zoë H-T
    Zoë H-T Day ago

    oH I liked it better when it was just PLAIN WØØD THEN U RUINED IT WITH ALL THE CØŁØUR! lol jk

  • zari ahmadzai
    zari ahmadzai Day ago

    Ur nails r not a pattern

  • Daniel Bogue
    Daniel Bogue Day ago +1

    You should have made the horses 🐴 unicorns 🦄 no hate


    I literally love this video

  • Dan eats N o t h I n g at all

    Small **dot** (insert man voice)

  • Zaynah Delaney
    Zaynah Delaney Day ago +1

    I honestly wouldn't mind the way it was, i thought it was very cute

  • Patricia Ruiz
    Patricia Ruiz Day ago +1

    Takes the extra glue off back
    “I’m not going to paint the back of the horse because you can’t see it”

  • i am a person
    i am a person Day ago +2

    okay... well since moriah said in her video that there would be that one person who said they liked the plain wood better before she painted it, I’ll be that person, even though nobody cares. *ahem* I LIKED THE WOOD BETTER BEFORE SHE PAINTED IT COLORFUL!

  • Yahaira Ponce
    Yahaira Ponce Day ago

    Hi there I’m just lagging on my bed

  • Gotcha girl12344321 Osborne

    I love your videos :)

  • Lia Maydan
    Lia Maydan Day ago

    The pegs are for drawers

  • Breanna Gross
    Breanna Gross Day ago

    Person: you dont need alot of sparkle
    Me: puts lots of sparkle on it

  • Laura Mounce
    Laura Mounce Day ago +1

    U remind me of my old best friend Mariah she moved away....she was the best

  • Paige Albers
    Paige Albers Day ago

    It became perfect after you decorate it

  • F Snyder
    F Snyder Day ago

    You should do this more they are so fun

  • Tami Hegaodrn
    Tami Hegaodrn Day ago

    When you said string I rolled of my couch 🛋

  • anika wilson
    anika wilson Day ago


  • Tami Hegaodrn
    Tami Hegaodrn Day ago

    It is camo

  • Aesthetic Sunflower

    13:48 . Your Welcome.

  • SnowflakeFunShow

    I miss “ I’m a little donut so depressed”

  • Yin Meka
    Yin Meka Day ago


  • Opal Star
    Opal Star Day ago


  • Kailey Devlan
    Kailey Devlan Day ago +1

    Those little shineys were an excellent idea, really sealed the deal there. 10/10.

  • Maggie Wintershield

    What is that song!
    I’ve never really got it no matter how long I’ve been watching you.

    ‘Fingers down my... What?!’

  • Erin Bailey
    Erin Bailey 2 days ago +1

    You are epic I would spend all year doing that I dont know how you do it !

  • Fallen Angel Gacha playz

    The old version was holiday theme soooooo you kinda ruined it

  • Katsu_Cos
    Katsu_Cos 2 days ago

    I think you should do a little switcheroo and change the sprinkle song to a more funnier and unrelated (is that a word? XD) song. I would be fun and hilarious 😂

  • Holly Smith
    Holly Smith 2 days ago +1

    I came for the item roasting. So I guess you could say I come here for the sass.

  • Adena Gaffney
    Adena Gaffney 2 days ago

    Fingers daown my spine girl u look mighty fine

  • Noemie Marguerite Ardisson Bernard

    " and skin cells from other people that I don't know..."
    Me: 😂

  • Banana Jin
    Banana Jin 2 days ago +1

    I love how she uses her own memes 😂

  • Xx lily animation and more xX

    1.000.000 (or less) subs did not watch this

  • chris laas
    chris laas 2 days ago

    OMG cute 😍

  • Jozee Blu
    Jozee Blu 2 days ago

    Martha dumb truck in the flesh here comes the cootie squad we should shut up heather sorry heather

  • Tonya Farias
    Tonya Farias 2 days ago

    so this is yard sale makeover???????

  • retrotoylover 2012
    retrotoylover 2012 2 days ago

    wow! as a person who loves carousels and carnivals and fairs/amusement parks/circuses, that is so pretty! I love it! good job! I will get myself one and paint it whatever color I want!

  • banana peel apple slice

    I still think the hook is for a mouses hat.

  • Ishidalover
    Ishidalover 2 days ago

    Pan pride carousel! :P

  • poodlegirl55
    poodlegirl55 2 days ago +1

    I collect 1950's Pyrex and these are the colors.

  • Emi H
    Emi H 2 days ago

    It turned out so good

  • Julie Redini
    Julie Redini 2 days ago +1


  • Godzilla Plays
    Godzilla Plays 2 days ago

    Nah brah the horses didn’t have to have dem tiny 💎

  • Camryn Rae
    Camryn Rae 2 days ago +1

    Moriah: "Before anyone udders the word rainbow"
    Me: "Oh well I was thinking pansexual" 😂

  • Godzilla Plays
    Godzilla Plays 2 days ago

    Ya sure

  • Act 1
    Act 1 2 days ago

    12:11 13:10

  • 🖤Jojo story🖤
    🖤Jojo story🖤 2 days ago +1

    My sister have the same idk what’s the name k so I did what u did and she like it thank u

  • Christine Hambright
    Christine Hambright 2 days ago

    Its yo hang ur keys 🤣

  • Emma Anderson
    Emma Anderson 2 days ago

    It is so pretty and I love the idea of it.

  • Zerbe kids
    Zerbe kids 2 days ago

    You should do another turning squishy food in to real food