• Published on Aug 17, 2019
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  • Liam S
    Liam S 17 hours ago

    JJ just wants to watch the world burn.

  • ChaotiX Z
    ChaotiX Z Day ago

    I was actually in andsterdamn when they did this video but I couldn't find them

    HYPE_FABI 4 days ago

    Im dutch

  • Joshua Kolaric
    Joshua Kolaric 4 days ago

    Come to Melbourne if you go Australia 🇦🇺 please

  • Noob HDYT
    Noob HDYT 4 days ago

    5:15 where the hell is harry ?😂

  • Lachlan Hunter
    Lachlan Hunter 5 days ago

    Come to Australia already boys

  • Lauratjuhhxx x
    Lauratjuhhxx x 7 days ago

    Wish I was there tho. Only a 2 hour drive, would be hella funny

  • Abdullah Asmat
    Abdullah Asmat 8 days ago +1

    i am not first i am not last
    but when sidemen uploads i click fast❤❤❤❤

  • Milosch Blubbi
    Milosch Blubbi 9 days ago

    Song from 0:10 and from 1:10 help pleaaaaaseeeeee

  • sam schofield
    sam schofield 9 days ago

    Did these guys really go dam n not blaze🤦🏼‍♂️

    IITCHYDWNSOUF T 9 days ago

    Dude I want to know where they get their music from?

  • Tom Broot
    Tom Broot 10 days ago +1

    Why you don’t used Some drugs...

  • Kevin Song
    Kevin Song 10 days ago

    Please come to New Zealand AUCKLAND if y'all are going to Australia PLZZZZZ

  • red monkey gaming
    red monkey gaming 10 days ago

    Why am i only just seeing this im subed with notifs

  • Narelle Waite
    Narelle Waite 11 days ago

    Why is Ethan always doing the worlds worst baby crow? It's not even proper crow.

  • Weerathungan
    Weerathungan 11 days ago +1

    Does anyone think Toni looks like lil nas x or am I tripping

  • Gabriela Tan
    Gabriela Tan 11 days ago

    Anyone know where they get their sling bag from?

  • Tristen
    Tristen 11 days ago +1

    No Amsterdam i live dare broooo

  • TheYEETGang Ohyeahyeah

    Jezus, I live there. Wanted to spot u al 😭😭

  • Artin Zahiry
    Artin Zahiry 11 days ago

    Put Amsterdam in your thumbnail en half Holland watches

  • ff Angjelosss
    ff Angjelosss 11 days ago +1

    Imagine jj smoking weed 😂😂

  • Haaris ali
    Haaris ali 11 days ago

    Go to sydney Australia

  • Wakanda voor Rawish
    Wakanda voor Rawish 12 days ago

    Like als je Nederlands bent

  • Editaaa
    Editaaa 12 days ago +1

    ethan is cracked af

  • LilOkami
    LilOkami 12 days ago +1

    When Tobi hugged Simon I cried lol.

  • Gg Gig
    Gg Gig 14 days ago

    We need more videos like these

  • lxrds
    lxrds 14 days ago +3

    dont act like they didnt smoke weed at keast once off cam

  • GermanShooter
    GermanShooter 14 days ago

    Just go to caffe shop

  • Magma Peeps
    Magma Peeps 14 days ago +1


  • AnimaLSkuLL
    AnimaLSkuLL 15 days ago +1

    Dude I was in Amsterdam at the time, welcome to my country boys

  • TheKillian240
    TheKillian240 16 days ago

    How does JJ not get into more scraps with all the “big man” stuff he does

  • Ilyas TheGameFactory
    Ilyas TheGameFactory 16 days ago

    At 5:26 jj scared my dad lol

  • THElbhorsie
    THElbhorsie 16 days ago +3

    What?! You're in my country?

  • charlie alder
    charlie alder 16 days ago

    Did u see sticky Vicky

  • 69 subs with absolutely no video’s

    like als je Nederlands bent.

  • Trey Tv
    Trey Tv 17 days ago

    Wat is the song at 4:55

  • Uzumaki Naruto
    Uzumaki Naruto 17 days ago

    Were is harry?

  • Momo Bobo
    Momo Bobo 17 days ago

    Go to denhaag

  • Brendan stewart barrow

    This music is sick

  • aman amjad
    aman amjad 18 days ago


  • Thomas Olson
    Thomas Olson 19 days ago

    Actually really enjoyed this new style of Sidemen video

  • Tim JD
    Tim JD 19 days ago

    Jheeeeze the scare counts funny as fuck

  • xmohinix
    xmohinix 19 days ago

    vikk is so cute and innocent man

  • Lauren Anderson
    Lauren Anderson 19 days ago

    5:06 💙💙💙💙💙

  • s_ xm
    s_ xm 19 days ago +1

    2:06 woah why did I think that was a face at first in the background

  • Spirit
    Spirit 19 days ago

    Song at 8:00 ?

  • dumb
    dumb 19 days ago

    8:12 oh my god who’s playing with my ass

  • Kevin
    Kevin 19 days ago

    Next time come to Eindhoven

  • AshMar
    AshMar 19 days ago


  • Shahida [X]
    Shahida [X] 19 days ago

    Love Simon 😂😂 and omg JJ scaring people lmao

  • jarno _
    jarno _ 20 days ago

    Nederlanders hierrrr

  • andrei tholen
    andrei tholen 20 days ago

    Did sidemen liked holland?(i live in holland but not in amsterdam)

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 20 days ago +2

    Josh knows weed is Legal in Amsterdam right?😂

  • WDJS22
    WDJS22 20 days ago

    Why does Vikk have an old man suitcase😂

  • Bobby van Vleuten
    Bobby van Vleuten 20 days ago +16

    Is it me or do the Sidemen really love Holland?
    (From The Netherlands 🇳🇱)

  • Fc Knudde
    Fc Knudde 20 days ago

    I have literally been on a few places were u went on special days

  • Tjageenidee
    Tjageenidee 20 days ago +3

    soooo i just saw my house at the background...

  • John Carroll
    John Carroll 20 days ago

    There just all stoned haha

  • LegwanBruh
    LegwanBruh 20 days ago

    that music is so shit

  • KipacWF
    KipacWF 21 day ago

    Damn JJ thiccer than a bowl of oatmeal xdd

  • Fatih Furkan A.
    Fatih Furkan A. 21 day ago +1

    ksi gave that man a 100€ note lol

  • Lan Lamut
    Lan Lamut 21 day ago

    you were high asf

  • Aaron
    Aaron 21 day ago

    Netherlands 🙏❤️🇳🇱🌷

  • ADOX
    ADOX 21 day ago

    We know damn well they did some shrooms

  • Olav de Ruijter
    Olav de Ruijter 21 day ago

    They couldn’t handle the high TLC in our weed

  • 0wnedbysanta123
    0wnedbysanta123 21 day ago +2

    7:55 very nice of KSI to give him 100€

  • Jonny Beddow
    Jonny Beddow 21 day ago

    Are are super nerd tho lol

  • Sineadd
    Sineadd 21 day ago +1

    Does anyone know the song at 4:54?? 😩

    • Trey Tv
      Trey Tv 19 days ago

      Sineadd I’m tryna find out to I even googled the lyrics and nothing

  • dfgdfg dsads
    dfgdfg dsads 22 days ago

    mashalalh alhuimdallah inshallah better

  • vlog crazy
    vlog crazy 22 days ago

    ksi im not your fam why stop with the bad words had a make a wish it was ganna be to see you but now hell no im ganna see morgz and iv un subscribed I hate the vids what are you doing with your life get off my laptop im ganna watch escape the night don't put this in a vid im never ganna watch you again I raver watch baby tv I do not want to be in a vid

  • ysnight17
    ysnight17 22 days ago

    7:55 my man just gave him 100 € daaaaamn

  • KaasIsBaas_ {
    KaasIsBaas_ { 22 days ago +10

    10:43 that guy was like: ``Wat moet je?!``
    What means: ``What you want?!``

  • DaC27 96
    DaC27 96 22 days ago

    Josh gurning at 8:59??😂

  • Victor Romero
    Victor Romero 22 days ago

    does anybody know the songs they used?

  • Reuben Macsween
    Reuben Macsween 22 days ago

    What's the name of the shoulder bags they wearing

    • Reuben Macsween
      Reuben Macsween 15 days ago

      @alisha do u know what they are

    • alisha
      alisha 20 days ago

      Reuben Macsween fanny packs/bum bag

    TXDKPLAYS 22 days ago

    They all look soooo high give me some 😭😭😭

  • Xeno
    Xeno 22 days ago

    Music at the start?

  • TheHMeister69
    TheHMeister69 22 days ago

    Plssss whats the song from 0:10-0:35

  • okY Afro
    okY Afro 22 days ago +1

    Intro song? 0:11

  • Πάνος Καρα
    Πάνος Καρα 22 days ago

    7:45 jj hits the whoah 😂

  • Omri
    Omri 23 days ago +9

    9:44 thought that was Ethan for a second

  • Chris Malnar
    Chris Malnar 23 days ago

    What's is name of the song in the beginning of the video

  • Sander P.
    Sander P. 23 days ago

    10:45 "debieltje" 😂

  • Ethan Roberson
    Ethan Roberson 23 days ago

    4:15 someone photoshop it please😂

  • Panos Messinis
    Panos Messinis 23 days ago +1

    What’s the song when they start like the name of it

  • Freddoh Bikes
    Freddoh Bikes 23 days ago

    What song is in the intro bit?

    • nigelxp
      nigelxp 23 days ago

      Come around da tooby

  • Gauraang Khot
    Gauraang Khot 23 days ago

    Song @4:40 anyone?

  • Neazcy _
    Neazcy _ 23 days ago +11

    Bruh I’m dying look at the guys face when Simon says suki no suki. 9:34😂

  • BGD Sv
    BGD Sv 23 days ago

    What’s the name of the song at the begging that goes like ra ra ra...?

  • Bruh JuJu
    Bruh JuJu 24 days ago

    I’m from the Netherlands and y’all need to come to Soest fam

  • Chelsea dolan
    Chelsea dolan 24 days ago

    Harry’s adorable 🥺🥺

  • Pranav Dhingra
    Pranav Dhingra 24 days ago

    i bet all of them are tripping balls xD

  • Eduard Iurescu
    Eduard Iurescu 24 days ago +15

    I haven't watched the video yet but I hope jj and vik smoke weed

  • Benne Emmoth
    Benne Emmoth 24 days ago

    4:15 *Ethan like 2 or 3 weeks ago* ”i respect wimen”

  • RamziEnts
    RamziEnts 24 days ago +1

    What’s the song called at 5:06???

  • J Fischbach
    J Fischbach 24 days ago +3

    if they filmed this like 3 days before release i was in amsterdam when they were

  • Amy I
    Amy I 24 days ago

    What is the song called ra ra

  • grandad the strip king

    Simon doing faze up sign ?

  • Gowtham Bala
    Gowtham Bala 24 days ago

    when will go to india

  • Aoife
    Aoife 24 days ago

    Pray for the amazon rainforest it has been burning for 17 days 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏