How Difficult is it to Ride a Penny Farthing?

  • Published on Apr 30, 2021
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    In this episode I learn to ride a Penny Farthing.
    This Penny Farthing was supplied and designed by Roger from in the UK branch.
    Find out more about here:
    US site:
    My name is Mike Boyd and I make videos documenting my process of learning stuff really fast. Subscribe for more upcoming videos and feel free to tell me what you'd like me to learn next in the comments.
    Instagram: mikeboydvideo
    Camera Work: Kim Boyd
    Music: Epidemic Sound
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Comments • 70

  • Kaalo Lovett
    Kaalo Lovett 57 minutes ago

    Have you already rode a unicycle?

  • Opashton
    Opashton Hour ago

    You should learn how to do a full body planche. I've found it very difficult and I have never gotten to the point of being able to do one.

  • freddy aired
    freddy aired 2 hours ago

    2:03 I think someone's walking their pet bear in the background idk tho

  • Jonathan DeVries
    Jonathan DeVries 6 hours ago


  • Morph Kogan
    Morph Kogan 8 hours ago

    What do you do when you stop? jump off?

  • Sonarwing
    Sonarwing 9 hours ago

    Would you be up to learn free skates?

  • Tom Haflinger
    Tom Haflinger 10 hours ago

    5:23 - This didn't occur to me at all until you mentioned it. The giant wheel makes so much sense. These days, we take for granted our asphalt roads and our processed trails. But a little over a hundred years ago, the roads were much rougher. Cobblestones, sometimes. And yeah, in parts of Europe the roads of some towns are still kept, shall we say, "historically accurate", but modern bikes have shock-absorbing hardware and durable, elastic metal alloys. The simplest solution is to put the load (in this case, the person) on a big-ass wheel. You can feel the difference between a big wheel and a small wheel. Use a dolly to roll some furniture along a gravel driveway. Now try the same thing with your wheeled luggage.

  • Berd
    Berd 11 hours ago

    When you see a video like this, you know it's sponsored.

  • Brandon
    Brandon 11 hours ago

    Take a modern bike and try a running start to mount it like you would a Penny Farthing bike. If you can do that, and you can walk on stilts, you should be able to ride this blast from the past.

  • Jaggerz
    Jaggerz 12 hours ago

    Hey I think next maybe you could try to learn rock balancing? It'd be super awesome to see you work at that!

  • Khắc cảnh lê
    Khắc cảnh lê 12 hours ago

    That's terrifying. I'd be wearing my full motocross gear to practice. Knee pads, chest plate, gloves elbow pads etc.

  • gusto guy
    gusto guy 13 hours ago

    Why do I feel I've seen this guy before?

  • Alpha Omega
    Alpha Omega 14 hours ago

    Have we ever seen Mike so intimidated (scared) before?

  • Shoaib khan
    Shoaib khan 20 hours ago

    That's Dundee green route 😊👍

  • demon - YT
    demon - YT Day ago

    Where's your mask??!

  • Uncreeperble Gaming

    Noooo black shoes with a black suit brown shoes are for blue

  • DewaldSch
    DewaldSch Day ago +1

    why not try a tandem bicycle with your wife could be a fun video Idea
    also Congrats on all the success over the years keep up the good work

  • drunkenpig tnt
    drunkenpig tnt Day ago


  • Mike S
    Mike S Day ago

    I'm amazed one can even obtain shorts in Scotland

  • Stinking Fish Guitars

    Your biggest problem is you're on the wrong sized bike.. By the looks of it you need a 48 inch wheel and not the 50... Just like now bikes back then came in different sizes for different sized people.. Riding a penny farthing is great fun, the best view you'll get on a bike

  • The Track Cat
    The Track Cat Day ago

    does anyone know how many of his videos have been demonetized because of him swearing

  • Andrew Marsh
    Andrew Marsh Day ago

    is it easier than an unicycle?

  • Ethan Cook
    Ethan Cook Day ago

    2:28 no it really wasn’t bicycles were much more popular for obvious reasons and horse and carts were still prominent

  • Michael Grant
    Michael Grant Day ago

    This is great! And yet I am left with a nagging question: how do you stop and get off? I assume one must do both simultaneously.

    • Gilgamesh LFX
      Gilgamesh LFX 7 hours ago

      Probably just let the whole thing rolling, then stand on the peg and drop to the ground when it's losing enough speed to be safe landing.
      Same principle if you ever ride behind a friend's bike by standing.



  • Witt Wittwer
    Witt Wittwer Day ago

    Back in the early cycling days penny farthings were also known as "wheels." Clubs that bought and rode them were known as wheel men. When you crashed by going over the handlebars it was known as "taking a header." You can also take a header on a modern bike--called a "safety bike" when they were first introduced, because when you crashed one, you were closer to the ground.
    I used to work at the SEC in Washington DC. I used to eat lunch outside by Judiciary Square. One day I was amazed to see a penny farthing go past with a black female rider on it. She was a courier, which made it even stranger.
    I have some road bikes, a touring bike, and a folder. I'm not an active rider anymore, but each has a cyclometer on it, and since 2001 I rode them over 52,000 miles. I miss it, but I'm not as stable as I used to be, and my last crash destroyed my helmet, gave me a fractured skull, and blood on the brain. I love seeing people on bikes.

  • Niko HVA
    Niko HVA 2 days ago

    I bet that riding it feels like flying a 747

  • Alex Kirkpatrick
    Alex Kirkpatrick 2 days ago

    I want to see him ride up and down hill on this thing.

  • Minim Records
    Minim Records 2 days ago

    every video he says day1 hour0 but every vide till NOW i tought he says day1 our0 lol

  • 144p Lobster
    144p Lobster 2 days ago

    Fun fact: most people wont steal it as its much harder to take

  • Auzzi Art
    Auzzi Art 2 days ago +2

    Mikes next video: How difficult is it to build a spaceship and fly in it? 😭

  • Frobozz
    Frobozz 2 days ago +1

    No need for a bike lock

  • Drake
    Drake 2 days ago

    he looks like he's about to tell me that he's been to the future and it's marvelous, and I, the young chap, should follow along on this adventurous journey!

  • Omar Alkelani
    Omar Alkelani 2 days ago +1

    The Palestinians under attack.💔 please Help and save them. 🙏
    We demand respect and enforcement of international laws for the sake of a justice and peace for the world✌🙌🌐

  • NevetsCx
    NevetsCx 2 days ago +1

    Learn to ride an electric unicycle. I'm sure you could do it in a day or so. They are one of the best most unique vehicles.

  • Brodee Van Leuevn
    Brodee Van Leuevn 2 days ago


  • emma lopez
    emma lopez 2 days ago

    learn to play a two octave scale on piano w both hands! it’s kinda tricky

  • Bret Halsey
    Bret Halsey 2 days ago

    Learn how to ride a motorcycle Mike!

  • Heidegaff
    Heidegaff 2 days ago +1

    But the question is: Does it fart?

  • king alf
    king alf 3 days ago +1

    no need for a lock, as no one will be able to ride off on it...

  • Nicmadis
    Nicmadis 3 days ago

    Is it just me or was he looking like a ye olde chimney sweep at the end?

  • Isaac Rector
    Isaac Rector 3 days ago +1

    came here for penny farting

  • blockprime300
    blockprime300 3 days ago

    next you need to learn to ride colin furzes hycicle either his 2 meter one or his 3 meter one

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

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  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • MrSpaceCat
    MrSpaceCat 3 days ago

    Do sketching

  • CrashOwns
    CrashOwns 3 days ago

    I like how all the older people acting like they never seen one in their childhood :D

    • Jana
      Jana Day ago

      what do you think they were children in the 1880s???

  • A Purple Ukulele
    A Purple Ukulele 3 days ago

    See if you can get yourself on a luge track. Your closest one is probably La Plange France. If you hit up the RAF they have a luge team, otherwise you can contact the tracks directly.
    Königssee Germany does runs for beginners I know that for sure.
    (obviously you would have to wait until safe travel and also winter but yeah that would be fun)

  • Becoming a Comedian ‐ Tom Baker

    Hi Mike, love the chanel. I've been doing stand up comedy for 1 year. I reckon you should give it a go

  • RiversCuomo_
    RiversCuomo_ 3 days ago

    its very odd seeing 4k footage in black and white haha

  • vertex v3
    vertex v3 3 days ago

    A clown cycle would be so funny

  • The Reverser
    The Reverser 3 days ago +1

    I thought a penny was farting😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  • Gabe Kinnison
    Gabe Kinnison 3 days ago

    You should learn to 360 a bmx.

  • Just Some Random Person

    Awesome. I want one XD

  • Steve MacDonald
    Steve MacDonald 4 days ago

    I can’t be the only one who thinks mike looks a lot like a jack grealish with longer hair

  • Zee Dause
    Zee Dause 4 days ago

    If you skate much, you could try some of the HUNDREDS of skate gimmicks - my favourites (none of which I own) are the freeskates, flowboards, and freebords (if you can get your hands on one)