1000+ Pepperoni on 1 Slice of Pizza CHALLENGE!!!

  • Published on Jul 31, 2020
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    1000+ Pepperoni Slices on 1 Slice of Pizza!!!
    Who else thinks they have the Power of the Pepperoni??
    Fun challenge today as I attempt to Stack over 1000 Slices of standard Pepperoni on a Slice of Cheese pizza...
    Then Eat It!!!
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  • Matt Stonie
    Matt Stonie  9 days ago +5082

    Huge thanks to SimpliSafe for securing my new place!!!
    vv Check them out today vv

    • Dark
      Dark 6 hours ago

      @akorn1033 LOL

    • akorn1033
      akorn1033 6 hours ago

      someone asked him to repeat "interstate 60" scene? there was a guy with black hole into his stomach

    • Nkululeko MATEZA
      Nkululeko MATEZA 19 hours ago

      @Matt Stonie.
      Let's eat some toppers. A whole lot of toppers.

    • KING
      KING Day ago

      Go for Arabic food (mandi)

    • Dark
      Dark Day ago

      Nice ip logger stonie

  • Tristan Baker
    Tristan Baker 2 minutes ago

    He must have got really stoned when doing this video and when he was thinking of the idea

    NO IMAGE 12 minutes ago

    Pepperoni with pizza

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz 18 minutes ago +1

    Toilet: 😭

  • iiCookiezz
    iiCookiezz 25 minutes ago +1

    me on my lunchables pizza:

  • Rai
    Rai 34 minutes ago

    *"okay sir I'll add your toppings tell me when to stop"*

  • Taaee Meee
    Taaee Meee 58 minutes ago

    Show your girlfriend 🤗🤗🤗🤗 plzz

  • Enes Çevik07
    Enes Çevik07 Hour ago

    *_T Ü R K_* *varmı*

  • Iamliyah
    Iamliyah Hour ago

    atpp how tf yu still skinny ?

  • Game Hub
    Game Hub Hour ago

    5:26 Eating starts here your welcome.

  • Rony Gamer
    Rony Gamer Hour ago +1

    I think counting was more difficult then eating.

  • Shiba Collat
    Shiba Collat Hour ago

    **Matt Stonie's mom calling him**
    Mom: Hey Matt, haven't seen you in a long time, what do you do for a living?
    Stonie: I eat
    Mom: I didnt said what do you do to live
    Mom: I said What do you do for a living?
    Stonie: I eat...
    Mom: Ok you know what. Just get out

  • khavi maye
    khavi maye Hour ago

    Next video : cooking and eating mat stonie

  • Sumit Negi
    Sumit Negi Hour ago

    Why isn't he fat?

  • chock kato
    chock kato Hour ago

    matt stonie pls do this challenge jollibee burger and spaghetti and burger steak its very delicious and chicken joy pls

    HEAT STROKE GAMING 2 hours ago

    I LIKE your videos matt but i just wanted to say something...
    see i am an indian and here in india we see a lot of people sleeping hungry each day, why? because of poverty,
    so if someone sees this video here the first thing they say is- why doesnt he donate this stuff atleast poor will be able to fill their bellies..
    a comment from a fellow youtuber
    Heatstroke gaming(pls view my channel and give me support)

  • theshay slayer
    theshay slayer 2 hours ago

    Your going to have a heart attack

  • Heddia Benhamadouche
    Heddia Benhamadouche 2 hours ago


  • PrettyBoyZay
    PrettyBoyZay 2 hours ago

    *heart attack exists*
    Matt: idk what that is

  • mohammed 222
    mohammed 222 2 hours ago

    It was actually 1030 pepperonis he was wrong

    TSXฅDEMOND DYLAN 3 hours ago

    Mat was acusing his dog of stealing peperoni. LIKE CHILL YOU’VE HAD 1000

  • Adutiya Singh
    Adutiya Singh 3 hours ago +2

    Literally nobody:
    When My cousins come at home

  • Madylinn sanders
    Madylinn sanders 3 hours ago +1

    I love pizza 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕 must take a long time to eat that long or 🍕

  • TallBiscuit
    TallBiscuit 3 hours ago

    My question is how are you still fit after years of eating

  • Texastrill 214
    Texastrill 214 3 hours ago

    If he would bake it it would of look better

  • Dylan Patton
    Dylan Patton 3 hours ago

    After this video he ate 5 boxes of Tums to kill the heart burn (:

  • Rupika Malwatha
    Rupika Malwatha 3 hours ago

    Where do these foods go

    MARIUS ZAP TV 3 hours ago

    Try with a full pizza

  • JacobNerfs
    JacobNerfs 4 hours ago

    lol what the

  • Sanidhya Bansal
    Sanidhya Bansal 4 hours ago

    No one literally no one : 😑
    FLash-player Algorithm : BINOD

  • Jane Goodall
    Jane Goodall 4 hours ago


  • Nathan_____
    Nathan_____ 4 hours ago

    How do you stay fit

  • Laura S Rockwell
    Laura S Rockwell 4 hours ago

    Don't why people enjoy seeing a guy killing himself in slow-mo. Ya'll do know that he has to vomit all these up once he's done right? Just the amount of salt will kill him if he keeps it in his body.

  • Kevin Guth
    Kevin Guth 4 hours ago

    Is it bad that I still want pizza after watching this...

  • José Henrique
    José Henrique 5 hours ago

    next time buy a basin for eat powder food our food with sauce

  • james Gand
    james Gand 5 hours ago

    Netflix: You watching?
    Someones daughter: 7:19

  • Khillsy
    Khillsy 5 hours ago

    You should eat the Carolina Reaper

  • Tyler Bolibol
    Tyler Bolibol 5 hours ago

    do the whole jollibee menu!!!

  • Oliver Wismer
    Oliver Wismer 5 hours ago

    You should do the u healthiest biggest ice cream sundae challenge, 22,000 calories is a video I saw on a different FLash-player for the challenge, he gave himself 55 minutes, it would be really cool to see you beat the time limit

  • Jurassic Fox
    Jurassic Fox 5 hours ago

    The dog so cute

  • TS GqdoFN
    TS GqdoFN 5 hours ago +1

    Con ese monton de peperoni alimenta a medio africa

  • Twigs 240
    Twigs 240 5 hours ago


  • David Torres
    David Torres 5 hours ago

    For toi yu

  • Montana Smith
    Montana Smith 5 hours ago

    I got acid reflux just reading the caption..

  • Mario Ricardo
    Mario Ricardo 5 hours ago

    Hay men salve do Brasil

  • Kenzi Beats
    Kenzi Beats 5 hours ago

    5:25 When your friend says lemme get a bite

  • Aamna Alazawi
    Aamna Alazawi 5 hours ago

    I dare you to drink 1L of white vinegar

  • Rokeya Kadir
    Rokeya Kadir 6 hours ago

    As a Muslim seeing this 👁👄👁 That’s a lot of pepperoni

  • CB 19 Joel V jojo
    CB 19 Joel V jojo 6 hours ago +1


  • NickDaNacho PS4
    NickDaNacho PS4 6 hours ago

    do a challenge where you eat as many lunchables possibe in x amount of minutes

  • LeAnn James
    LeAnn James 6 hours ago

    How is he not fat

  • Kian Huntley
    Kian Huntley 6 hours ago

    * Matt eats 1000000 Children
    Anakin Skywalker and William Afton would like
    To know your location

  • Drunk Donut
    Drunk Donut 6 hours ago +15

    People worrying about his health: save him from the food guys
    Me: save the food from matt

  • Harley Davison
    Harley Davison 6 hours ago +1

    Anyone just sitting in querinteen just starving?

  • Lori A.
    Lori A. 6 hours ago

    He really ate pepperoni with a side of pizza damn

  • CHUYITO mtz Juárez
    CHUYITO mtz Juárez 6 hours ago

    oh men I wanted to do that but I can't after seeing you seen you are the best really greetings from Mexico, you would have invited I love the pepperoni

  • RomanJC
    RomanJC 6 hours ago

    Imagine how much grease he just consumed

  • ModdedPlayer YT
    ModdedPlayer YT 7 hours ago

    End of sponsor: 2:50

  • Seth Ortiz
    Seth Ortiz 7 hours ago


  • Bella Lacsamana
    Bella Lacsamana 7 hours ago

    Matt: eats one thousand pepperonis and still skinny
    Me:eats one and gets fat

  • smiLe moRe
    smiLe moRe 7 hours ago

    You should eat a whole cake but with a fork for a toddler lol

  • Sharkonabicycle
    Sharkonabicycle 7 hours ago

    Every chain pizza in America: "Uh.. let's maybe call it 'some extra slices of pepperoni' instead of pepperoni lovers?"

  • Dark_assasin231
    Dark_assasin231 7 hours ago

    This should be a item at the restaurant called "heart attack grill" www.google.com/search?q=Heart%20attack%20grill&hl=en&safe=off this restaurant litteraly KILLED A MAN BC OF THE FOOD THERE

  • Akhmad Andrianto
    Akhmad Andrianto 7 hours ago

    chelenge indonesian mukbang conten creator tanboy kun to eat something

  • SkyBeta
    SkyBeta 7 hours ago

    Rip toilet.

  • SkyBeta
    SkyBeta 7 hours ago

    Wrong it’s pepperoni with a side of pizza

  • BeShtie official
    BeShtie official 7 hours ago

    i would vommit to eat that many pepperoni

  • Jay M
    Jay M 7 hours ago

    I honestly went into one of your videos thinking.. No Way!

  • So Fru
    So Fru 7 hours ago

    Protein overdose.

  • DavesAutoSpot
    DavesAutoSpot 7 hours ago

    The heartburn.....

  • Sokwon Cuts
    Sokwon Cuts 7 hours ago

    vegans are trembling.

  • BlazeLoki
    BlazeLoki 7 hours ago +3

    Imagine while he’s eating, his tooth came out

  • ReflexFusion98
    ReflexFusion98 7 hours ago

    This is pizza on pepperoni not pepperoni on pizza

  • jamal msq
    jamal msq 7 hours ago

    The food king

  • Logan Gauthier
    Logan Gauthier 7 hours ago +2


    • Soul
      Soul 7 hours ago +1

      no. genuinely no. i don’t think you are correct AT ALL

  • jamboy Tmane
    jamboy Tmane 7 hours ago +1

    :Matt runs into bathroom

    His toilet PLEASE sir I have a family

  • Amel Bougrouz
    Amel Bougrouz 8 hours ago

    Imagine what his gran kids would say if he complains about their health and tells them to stop eatin

  • Khanh Duong
    Khanh Duong 8 hours ago

    You make me hungry

  • yeet boiii5000
    yeet boiii5000 8 hours ago

    when his diet doctor tells him a slice of pepperoni pizza is enough for the

  • Thecatman07
    Thecatman07 8 hours ago

    Thats 1000 pieces of heart burn

  • elchasai
    elchasai 8 hours ago

    stacking 'roni like Buckminster Fuller

  • Harris Liu
    Harris Liu 8 hours ago

    How do you eat that without your mouth burn from the heat

  • Lazer 99
    Lazer 99 8 hours ago


  • Deleted Videos
    Deleted Videos 8 hours ago

    Just realized this guy has 12 mill been subbed for a while

  • Kayla Ingram
    Kayla Ingram 8 hours ago

    I bet you his toilet has seen it all 😂 no hate love your channel

  • MoneytalksCeo
    MoneytalksCeo 8 hours ago +1

    What pizza? All i see is pepperoni 4:08

  • second account
    second account 9 hours ago

    flash-player.org/video/OIAUPYa1YW4-video.html ⬅️

  • Lanell Mosley
    Lanell Mosley 9 hours ago

    I hear Matt Stonie stomach has a compartment inside of its compartment.

  • Aakash Rabbi
    Aakash Rabbi 9 hours ago

    I honestly thought that food was supposed to be enjoyed and relished.

  • MoneytalksCeo
    MoneytalksCeo 9 hours ago +1

    The pizza doesn’t even exist in the thumbnail or halfway through the video, it’s just Pepperoni

  • Fr- MoDzz
    Fr- MoDzz 9 hours ago

    wher is this juice ???

  • ʀʏᴊ_
    ʀʏᴊ_ 9 hours ago

    Hey bro its been a week r u ok?

  • Chris Mark
    Chris Mark 9 hours ago


  • ICEAYY ?
    ICEAYY ? 9 hours ago +1

    when mom says no peperoni.

    • ICEAYY ?
      ICEAYY ? 9 hours ago +1

      most of us have been there.

  • Kaleii08
    Kaleii08 9 hours ago

    You want some pizza with those pepperonis?

  • Sophia jones
    Sophia jones 9 hours ago


  • ShannPage
    ShannPage 9 hours ago


    BG RICH 9 hours ago

    Horrible for your liver

  • Cacing Liar129
    Cacing Liar129 10 hours ago

    7:37 I don't understand what you are saying

  • Joseph stalin
    Joseph stalin 10 hours ago

    Is it just me or has he gotten slower every year