Maroon 5 - Memories (Official Video)

  • Published on Oct 8, 2019
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    Music video by Maroon 5 performing Memories. © 2019 Interscope Records (222 Records)
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  • mustak tarlekar
    mustak tarlekar 2 minutes ago

    The great memory of life is 'childhood'
    Where can i enjoy no one can say to you' go to work'

  • Sunny's
    Sunny's 19 minutes ago

    The best music 2019👑

  • Eisen wolf
    Eisen wolf 22 minutes ago


  • prajwal sajji
    prajwal sajji 26 minutes ago

    When you get high budget for lyrics and low budget videography.... No offense i like this song

  • Thuân Lê
    Thuân Lê 29 minutes ago

    From VietNam With Love

  • maroc_ak
    maroc_ak 32 minutes ago

    I don't Know, it's like i know this song for years from an movie or somthing like this🤷‍♂️😂❤

  • Terrence Olvina
    Terrence Olvina 35 minutes ago +1

    Your songs is so nice

  • MyRalph87
    MyRalph87 43 minutes ago

    You are not singing

  • GrapeShot
    GrapeShot 44 minutes ago +1

    My friend dick hurt

  • sente marie noelle
    sente marie noelle 47 minutes ago

    Trop Bien

  • Candelaria Mesa Escobar

    its my favorite song!!!!!!

  • your_star_mellon BTS

    It's only me or it has similar music to akmu - last goodbye

  • h.h holmes.
    h.h holmes. Hour ago +1

    This should be fuckin performed at Oscar

  • Gaming Blitz
    Gaming Blitz Hour ago

    He is the father from far cry 5

  • Tin Nổi tv
    Tin Nổi tv Hour ago

    please give me a registratio

  • refik milkunic
    refik milkunic Hour ago +1

    plese new music

  • Tantely Andriamalala

    Everybody hurts sometimes
    Everybody hurts someday, aye aye
    But everything gon' be alright
    Go and raise a glass and say, aye...


  • vincent quintero
    vincent quintero Hour ago

    Why is Elder Maxson singing here?

  • Mike E. Aseka
    Mike E. Aseka Hour ago


  • jan kpx
    jan kpx Hour ago

    Very nice music,I like it,100% talent from Adam levine

  • The Rock Says
    The Rock Says Hour ago

    1900's - People's.
    2000's - Photograph's.
    2100's - Memories.

  • Rishee Deshmukh
    Rishee Deshmukh Hour ago

    Hmmm, this song sounds so original....

  • Ric King
    Ric King 2 hours ago

    The song is perfect🥺But the song is Sad💟

  • Swarzner Gaming
    Swarzner Gaming 2 hours ago

    Bruh, he's getting even naked day by day. Soon, there'll be a music video where he's totally naked and covered up with a leaf.

  • Reftudie Naga Sakti
    Reftudie Naga Sakti 2 hours ago


  • Carlo Carugati
    Carlo Carugati 2 hours ago

    Let's just take the music from an overused baroque composition and add random text

  • Bunda Waria
    Bunda Waria 2 hours ago

    Your beard remembering me to John Seed "The Father" from farcry 5

  • Ayush Kulshrestha
    Ayush Kulshrestha 2 hours ago +1

    Memories warm you up from the inside. But they also tear you apart!

  • Andrean Siregar
    Andrean Siregar 2 hours ago

    Memories spring bed , memories spring bed you

  • redboter
    redboter 2 hours ago +1

    I'm pretty scared that I'll never be able to recreate anything as good as those memories

  • Kold SticK
    Kold SticK 2 hours ago +1

    460 millions vues et 4,6 M de pouces bleu ,coïncidence je ne crois pas

  • فاطمه الزهراء

    My best FRIeNd is go died from a wars in Israël
    Sorry for my bad english im from belgium

  • Rekha Dey
    Rekha Dey 2 hours ago

    so simply a ton...

  • elfina tuela
    elfina tuela 2 hours ago


  • wahidinsyafik33 firdana

    Apa gw doang yg subrekkk dari Indonesia 🤣🤣

  • Emon Al Sharia
    Emon Al Sharia 2 hours ago

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  • Raiane Matos
    Raiane Matos 3 hours ago

    afff what perfect music my dad

  • Cepot Reff
    Cepot Reff 3 hours ago

    Canon in D?

  • Omar G. Lopez
    Omar G. Lopez 3 hours ago

    When maroon blatantly steals the wedding melody for Pachelbels Canon in D and uses it to create a new song and calls it original. Big LOL. 😂😂😂
    Pesky copyright laws. Lucky Pachelbel is dead now, he's rolling in his grave. For anyone who doesn't know, it's the song they play when the bride walks down the aisle at weddings. Anyone with a good ear can notice immediately hence why the song is so popular and it feels familiar. You've heard it a million times, nothing new here as usual. Just want to call out the bullshitters. 😁

    HUNTER GAMING 3 hours ago

    The saddest thing is when your memories bring back you wish you "can turn back the time".

  • 최송린
    최송린 3 hours ago

    여윽시 마룬5 짱 멋있어요
    sound good!!

  • 이윤호
    이윤호 3 hours ago

    왜 젓꼭지는 안보여줘여?

  • Shubham Deshkar
    Shubham Deshkar 3 hours ago


  • RasenShadow
    RasenShadow 3 hours ago

    RIP K-O-B-E

  • 아패
    아패 4 hours ago


  • 슈퍼땅콩의 쌩초보 요리채널 l SUPERPEANUT

    Thank you..
    Now this song reminds me of Malaysia.
    Memories.. and fix you. . songs have the power to catch that time :)

  • Lily James
    Lily James 4 hours ago +1

    I'm reading The comments and there all sad about people who died but no one in my family has died cause I didn't have the family in the first place

  • Justin GSM Burundi
    Justin GSM Burundi 4 hours ago +1

    no effect
    no scenes
    no edit
    no background

  • Ñorkorbak Agantarbëzer
    Ñorkorbak Agantarbëzer 4 hours ago +1

    Wow...😃😃😃 I like this music....

  • Asif Mahmoud
    Asif Mahmoud 4 hours ago +2

    Memories back in 🇧🇩 😭😭😭😭😭

  • 양양
    양양 4 hours ago

    이거 틱톡에서 엄청들었는데 노래가 너무 좋더니 유튜브에서 찾았다

  • Happy Day Armenia
    Happy Day Armenia 4 hours ago +2

  • Arfan Eka Diandra
    Arfan Eka Diandra 4 hours ago +1

    Hey, Maroon 5, I think some guy stole your melody. I think his name is John Dee Pack A Bell.

  • игры и пёсики
    игры и пёсики 4 hours ago +1

    в переводчике подругому чем в субтитрах!

  • Shadow Freddy
    Shadow Freddy 4 hours ago +1

    This song describes me and how I'm feeling right now😭💔💔

  • Ian McEwan
    Ian McEwan 4 hours ago

    I’m not denying the artistic merit of this song, it’s very good, but it clearly samples ‘Johann Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major’ except it doeSN’T FINISH THE CORD PROGRESSION. So that’s why this song makes me mad, thank you for coming to my ted talk.

  • Mleezy
    Mleezy 5 hours ago


  • Silvia Castro
    Silvia Castro 5 hours ago

    Me envanta esta cancion soy tu gan

  • crazy lawrence
    crazy lawrence 5 hours ago

    not any high beat bass..
    not any dance....
    not any location ...
    show only his face but...
    melting heart .....memorys...maroon 5😍😘

  • 담앨랜드
    담앨랜드 5 hours ago

    LOVE ♥