Try NOT to Play Minecraft CHALLENGE

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • Come on Markiplier, just play Minecraft! Everyone's doing it! Don't you wanna be COOL? You're not a SQUARE are ya?
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  • Mcshids
    Mcshids 23 hours ago

    you have played minecraft before lol

  • Jaroo E
    Jaroo E 23 hours ago

    Plays Minecraft,
    +69,000,000 subscribers

  • Sharon Kelcec
    Sharon Kelcec 23 hours ago

    I'm pretty sure he did it.

  • Famthomas MC
    Famthomas MC Day ago

    dame your stong XD I have been playing for 7 years now nonstop and I can't stop playing XD

  • Salohi Ahmed
    Salohi Ahmed Day ago


  • Joe Lanier
    Joe Lanier Day ago


  • Johnathan Gladue

    Minecraft yes do it good man good

  • *Rigel A_Star *
    *Rigel A_Star * Day ago

    Choose Your Side
    Markiplier - Roblox
    Pewdiepie - Minecraft
    Markiplier - Try not to play Minecraft
    Pewdiepie - Try not to play Roblox
    2019 Pewdiepie vs t-series ended battle of the subscribers.
    2019 "New" markiplier vs Pewdiepie battle of the views!

  • Hello my name is JiMmY

    Let's just all say lazarbeam played minecraft before pewds just look at he dates

  • Sideward Jet
    Sideward Jet Day ago

    Do it

  • Velkazar Ethereal

    *I'm Subscribing to Mark Again if he plays minecraft too*

  • User
    User Day ago

    You need to become one of us.

  • Full Metal Dragon

    What the hell was this video

  • Gacha Layla3481
    Gacha Layla3481 Day ago

    He doesnt want to play minecraft
    So he doesnt say "frick"

  • Fae
    Fae Day ago

    You'll love it you can tame DOGS *-*

  • Angel Ramirez
    Angel Ramirez Day ago +1

    Make him do it...

    m a k e h i m o n e o f u s

  • vvxtintedsilence]

    play minectaft

  • N A K O
    N A K O Day ago

    *DO IT!*

  • Unknown
    Unknown Day ago

    yeah but mark doesnt play minecraft he plays drunk minecraft with wade and bob

  • Bora Bozdoğan
    Bora Bozdoğan Day ago

    Reklamın iyisi kötüsü olmaz derler ama Enes Abi bune ya

  • Victoria Lehr
    Victoria Lehr Day ago

    I mean, there's a difference between playing it for money, and playing it because you actually find it fun (:

  • Caleb
    Caleb Day ago

    Pewdiepie sucks

    • User
      User Day ago

      Frick you

  • christianthegreat
    christianthegreat Day ago +1

    Well let me tell you.

    *Do it.*

  • Chemical Lemons
    Chemical Lemons Day ago

    Im not making you do it

  • Anon & Mouse
    Anon & Mouse Day ago

    Good mark stay far away from the flashpan stuff, just like FNaF!

  • Rubik's Cubed
    Rubik's Cubed Day ago +1

    Dude I think he fucking came or something

  • Li'l Bruh
    Li'l Bruh Day ago

    Do it

  • The Lazy Kiwi
    The Lazy Kiwi Day ago

    My mind: (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    Me: *plz stap*

  • Jenna Haley
    Jenna Haley Day ago

    He should play Minecraft

  • Dalton Shirley
    Dalton Shirley Day ago

    Partial drunk minecraft have bob and wade be drunk and you laugh at them

  • Dustin paul Asa
    Dustin paul Asa Day ago

    Pls do Minecraft

  • Flix
    Flix Day ago


  • bobatabby
    bobatabby Day ago

    me being one of those utahns

  • Mystical Uni-Dragon

    0:25 - 0:40 close your eyes.
    You’re welcome to some of them perverse fans out there. 👌

  • August Gadbow
    August Gadbow Day ago

    Fucking do it

  • Hugh Takara
    Hugh Takara Day ago

    play minecraft

  • FerretChaser
    FerretChaser Day ago

    markiplier for smp live

  • Leamsy Gaming
    Leamsy Gaming Day ago

    Official trailer of hes minecraft series

  • Caelyn188
    Caelyn188 Day ago

    mark should play minecraft

  • CosmoKnott
    CosmoKnott Day ago

    Am I the only one who just doesn't want to watch videos of people who don't know almost anything about Minecraft?

  • Zarah Craft
    Zarah Craft Day ago


  • Maritzu UwU
    Maritzu UwU Day ago

    Do the dew mark play minecraft

    KIMEOH Day ago

    Do it

  • haunted medic
    haunted medic Day ago

    Play want to plaaaayyyyyyyyy.....

  • Quinn Sinclair
    Quinn Sinclair Day ago

    Watch with the subtitles on. They’re hilarious.

  • joseph
    joseph Day ago


  • Marco TV69
    Marco TV69 Day ago

    Markiplier looks like metro man in mega mind

  • Eric Blanco
    Eric Blanco Day ago

    Honestly. If mark, Jack and Felix play minecraft in a serious series (like in a survival series together making progress and working together) I can see it being a huge hit for all of them

  • Jessyca Ashley C.

    Also Markiplier two months later (maybe): Hello guys im gonna play minecraft because every gaming channel does

  • Mara Fae
    Mara Fae Day ago

    Just do it, Mark.

  • Moritaka Shino
    Moritaka Shino Day ago

    You can play one episode of minecraft and see where it goes 😁

  • Carlos Casanova
    Carlos Casanova Day ago

    Markiplier: I'm not playing minecraft
    Me: there are horror maps in minecraft
    Markiplier: ok what kind?

  • Eric Allen
    Eric Allen Day ago

    Eren Yördem

    Minecraft Part 1

    must become a thing !!!!!

  • BeanBeam
    BeanBeam Day ago

    Sorry but i laughed so hard

  • Thorenthal
    Thorenthal Day ago

    Okay, you *seriously* not want to play Minecraft? I know this absolutely sounds sarcastic, maybe, but that's an actual question. Don't play Minecraft if you don't want to. Otherwise, it won't be fun for anyone.

  • MellowGecko 984
    MellowGecko 984 Day ago

    Come on mark at least play Minecraft story mode

  • Jan Lewandowski
    Jan Lewandowski Day ago

    Jest. Do. It!

  • Octopi GOD
    Octopi GOD Day ago +1

    Dude stop *moaning*
    My sister thinks I'm watching *p0rn*

  • Diamønd Sky
    Diamønd Sky Day ago

    WoW I turned on the captions and it's really funny.

  • Owen Truong
    Owen Truong Day ago

    Where is my Minecraft?

  • Oica
    Oica Day ago

    Play Minecraft please uwu

  • Jctop Sasss
    Jctop Sasss Day ago

    Is it just me or does he remind me of keanu reaves

  • tuna sushi roll
    tuna sushi roll Day ago

    Make him do it

  • Jack Marvel
    Jack Marvel Day ago

    Do it u love able wuss

  • space candy
    space candy Day ago

    The reason why I want mark to play minecraft is because I want him to play with Felix and Sean again, I honestly just love seeing them playing and messing around together.

  • TuffAsianBoi
    TuffAsianBoi Day ago

    Didn't mark already play minecraft

  • Yoshiguy35
    Yoshiguy35 Day ago

    play minecraft


  • Pronoobster :3 1602

    Dont resist mark give in, give your soul

  • Peachy Life
    Peachy Life Day ago

    Oh god not you too-

  • stuffed food
    stuffed food Day ago

    Do it

  • Everett Rubio
    Everett Rubio Day ago

    You should play Minecraft while smoking weed

  • Faris Alwasel
    Faris Alwasel Day ago

    Play Minecraft

  • Jacob Hunsberger
    Jacob Hunsberger Day ago +1

    Do it.

  • Silent Robot2
    Silent Robot2 Day ago

    I Think Mark is trying to make us forget about Drunk Minecraft, just sayin

  • Snipe Master
    Snipe Master Day ago

    Play Minecraft

  • Parzsival Playz
    Parzsival Playz Day ago

    Like this to get markiplier to play minecraft

  • Zhel Millo
    Zhel Millo Day ago


  • Kenna Peters
    Kenna Peters Day ago

    Do it, join us

  • It only gets worse

    Just play with Felix and Sean. You'll feel better

  • Little Luna
    Little Luna Day ago +1

    Play it.


  • MarioMakerFan 12
    MarioMakerFan 12 Day ago +1

    Play minecraft

  • captain bigmac 47

    It's time Minecraft takes over

  • Therealturtle0216

    play minecraft

  • AJ Robinson
    AJ Robinson Day ago

    you should play minecraft

  • Link
    Link Day ago

    He played Minecraft back before he was big, a whole series with yogbox

  • Empire B*tch
    Empire B*tch Day ago

    Please play mark

  • Jupedia
    Jupedia Day ago


  • Lagoozi
    Lagoozi Day ago

    (Palpatines voice): Do it👹

  • Orion Montemurno

    Do it

  • Sebooy A
    Sebooy A Day ago

    Do it

  • Rich Smith
    Rich Smith Day ago


  • ZapTron 5093
    ZapTron 5093 Day ago

    Do it, do it, do it, do it,

  • TheBoog Aloog
    TheBoog Aloog Day ago

    play minecraft

  • Sighk 0w0
    Sighk 0w0 Day ago +1

    play some Minecraft my dude, for your own sake, its really fun!

  • Nico r.v.b
    Nico r.v.b Day ago


  • The_Golden_EggVan

    Play it

  • The GrOnch
    The GrOnch Day ago

    I'd love to see all of them play together again tho

  • blue fire
    blue fire Day ago

    oh no he's creating another alter ego

  • Nope Nope
    Nope Nope Day ago

    Quick question, has a fan ever called u daddy?

  • james duffy
    james duffy Day ago

    do it