• Published on Feb 20, 2021
  • Liverpool 0-2 Everton and Klopp is outdone again as Ancelotti delivers another Anfield loss. Goldbridge reacts to four losses in a row at Anfield for Liverpool
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  • TheManorBeast
    TheManorBeast 4 days ago

    ‘Jurgen Flopp’
    Champions league
    premier league
    World club
    Probably a bit embarrasing to be coming out with that to be fair

  • Kyle Love
    Kyle Love 8 days ago

    I feel sorry for Jurgen and tbh I dont want him to go

  • gioyu comi
    gioyu comi 10 days ago


  • yuoop noke
    yuoop noke 10 days ago

    best of it and their fanbase should help with that and support Liverpool through this season

  • James Cullen
    James Cullen 11 days ago

    I will really start to worry if shiterton ever win a trophy 🏆, 🤫 YNWA,

  • Quinton Coert
    Quinton Coert 11 days ago

    Lets talk about 'Klopp out' for a minute. As a Liverpool fan I am not (yet) saying Klopp out. But I can understand why other fans would say it. There are many reasons for it but just a quick few.
    First of all I can understand leaking goals when you have lost your first choice centre backs. But not being able to score? That is a different matter entirely. I can accept loss of games but I dont think i can understand not being able to score.
    Second I dont expect Liverpool to beat City without Van Dijk. I dont even expect us to beat United without him. And even teams like Leicester would leave me worried without Van Dijk. But can you really say the loss of Van Dijk should lead to losing against Brighton? Even worse how do you lose your centre backs and then you cant score (I am not demanding a win. Just a goal.) against teams struggling against relegation?
    Thirdly Klopp has been there for five years. Why hasnt he built any depth into the squad? He has his chosen 11 plus maybe one or two more in midfield. All other players get stuck on the bench. He pays huge sums of money for them and onto the bench. Our best youngsters (Brewster, Hoever to name just two) are leaving and the squad has no depth other than the starting eleven. Why is anybody surprised that injuries are so devastating when Klopp never gives anyone other than his chosen eleven a chance? Just look right now. Klopp would rather play midfielders in defense and rot young centre backs on the bench than play them.
    There are many more reasons but just chew on those three for a bit. As i said I am not yet screaming Klopp out because quite frankly I cant think of anyone better to take his place but I dont blame anyone who does because I can see their point. It is not the losing of games or where we are in the table that irks me. Its the way we play and who we lose against and the lack of goals etc.

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 11 days ago

    There nearly bottling Europa league 😂

  • SAMaxLegendAS
    SAMaxLegendAS 12 days ago

    Get back in your caves ......pathetic muppets.....🤣😂🤣

  • Richard Jones
    Richard Jones 12 days ago

    Getting turned over by the likes of Everton.... how disrespectful.

  • David Cooke
    David Cooke 12 days ago

    Everton had injuries too? I thought it was just Liverpool...

  • James Hughes
    James Hughes 12 days ago

    Liverpools front three are all trying to get their goal not once do they look for each other and it's stopping the team from doing well.

    • doliio volay
      doliio volay 11 days ago

      Mark are you aware that Pep also lost his mother this year

  • Philip Kelly
    Philip Kelly 12 days ago

    Liverpool best team in the world . Are you having a laugh 😂. Not even the best team in England . What a joke come on Mark you are better than that . They won’t win another league for another 30 years . I hope so anyway.

  • Lewis Harris
    Lewis Harris 12 days ago

    I love Liverpool

  • Lewis Harris
    Lewis Harris 12 days ago

    This vid is rubbish

  • Stephen Ord
    Stephen Ord 12 days ago

    I love Jurgen and he'll sort it, and this a Bayern fan

  • Travor dicksont
    Travor dicksont 12 days ago

    I salute you as a Liverpool fan, however I think Tiago was brought in for creativity for when teams sit back, but with so many injuries, it influence they way we wanted to use him, a perfect example was the first game against Everton, he was great with Everton sitting back, but we had all our players and we got robbed so badly in that game, but I understand why you say that about Tiago, but judge him when the team is back.

  • Tiernan Flanagan
    Tiernan Flanagan 12 days ago

    Klopp out

  • From Panic to Paris
    From Panic to Paris 13 days ago

    Talk about this liverpool team being the best premier league team of all time , yes they smashed everyone last year and well deserved the title. To be even mentioned in the best premier league winning sides there must come a period of domination 2-3 title wins in a row atleast. They win in once in 30 years and crumble. Sorry but that ranks nowhere near the title winning sides of the past. The united sides that won it dominated for years , the arsenal teams that outclassed everyone, the chelsea sides who were so drilled under jose , sorry but this liverpool team ranks nowhere near these teams. I did fear this liverpool side would go on and win a back to back titles , but i guess it's not for everyone. GGMU

  • michael ward
    michael ward 13 days ago


  • Big Ted
    Big Ted 13 days ago

    Klopp (2017-2020 April) legend, now, Pep legend!😂😂😂

  • MayDay GoingDown!!
    MayDay GoingDown!! 13 days ago

    Kliperty Klop only has one way of playing, now the prem teams and managers have sussed that out there's no plan B as he doesn't have the tactical knowhow to change. It's Dortmand all over again!!

  • Calum
    Calum 13 days ago

    You've got to love it

  • Rohit Trivedi
    Rohit Trivedi 13 days ago

    Mark seems to always be spot on with tactics - good job Mark

  • lfc
    lfc 13 days ago

    Man Utd fan teaching Liverpool fans to be patient with their manager lol. Its Man Utd fans who should be instead of changing like 4 or 5 managers in 7 years. That said, OGS will be kicked out if he doesn't win title at least next season.

  • Tomica & Trackmaster
    Tomica & Trackmaster 13 days ago

    Mark are you aware that Pep also lost his mother this year

  • Robert Lawler
    Robert Lawler 13 days ago

    Jurgen flop says mr goldbride just look at your manager who is not best manager around but let’s face it we will be

  • Simon Browne
    Simon Browne 14 days ago

    Thiago must Thia - go

  • yup
    yup 14 days ago

    POV: you scrolled to the bottom of the trending list

  • PixelStacker
    PixelStacker 14 days ago

    Liverpool struggling for europa league, I love this game right

  • Stephen Charlton
    Stephen Charlton 14 days ago

    We have the normal front three but the team has been ripped apart

  • Stephen Charlton
    Stephen Charlton 14 days ago

    Klopp was no out done stupid comment lol suffering from crazy injuries that’s the truth

  • Alistair noel McLean
    Alistair noel McLean 14 days ago

    Jesus its simple they have had 18 different centre back combinations this season unlucky with injuries and no fans be back next year stronger

  • Rajan Singh Nandrha
    Rajan Singh Nandrha 14 days ago

    im pretty sure the only people saying klopp out are troll rival fans or attention seekers. Like klopp is like a father to this club

  • Kezza Banana
    Kezza Banana 14 days ago +1

    Still champions! A word that won't follow man utd for along time!

  • adnan ALI
    adnan ALI 14 days ago

    I’m a Liverpool fan and I can not say klopp out. NO CHANCE I can say that after what he made us so we just have to keep on going and keep are heads up. Mark I respect u as a Liverpool fan because it’s facts. We need to show more and I understand we have had injuries but we have to do better....

  • sam p
    sam p 14 days ago

    Realistically I think Liverpool fans have just come back to earth this season but next season they’ll just be back to smashing everyone so enjoy it while you can

  • Adam O'Shea
    Adam O'Shea 14 days ago

    Liverpool stick with there manger through tough periods unlike man untied.

  • Yes Sir
    Yes Sir 14 days ago

    Virgil Van Djik and we have had 18 different CB pairings

  • Bro Logan
    Bro Logan 14 days ago

    Thiago has actually made them worse somehow. He’s a top class player but he really does not fit.

  • Vladimir Soskic
    Vladimir Soskic 14 days ago

    No penalties no goals, as simple as that

  • yozzsongs
    yozzsongs 14 days ago

    UTFT !

  • Runganathan Naidu
    Runganathan Naidu 14 days ago

    From table toppers to hasbeens, your ship is sinking and fast. For your poor form moaning and groaning with escuses upon escuses does not help your cause. Lpool fans have been so rattled that they are walking alone

  • David Wright
    David Wright 14 days ago

    Liverpool are already out the top 4 race

  • Renārs
    Renārs 14 days ago +1

    They just went back to default settings

  • PeteFinn
    PeteFinn 14 days ago +1

    Small youtuber here drop es a sub

  • SCOTS311
    SCOTS311 14 days ago +1

    I have to be honest I was expecting we where going to lose when we went 1 nil down because this season its a bit like first goal for the opposition wins but even if we score first we will probably still loose

    • Neyo Reid
      Neyo Reid 13 days ago

      Uno a nuh liver pool fan Uno love lose we buy klop Fi win we nuh buy Fi lose klop nuh Ave nuh plan one way im play

  • MishzZ 101
    MishzZ 101 14 days ago

    Banter club

  • Destiny Warrior
    Destiny Warrior 14 days ago

    Floop whos smoking crack

  • Kameel Sabri
    Kameel Sabri 14 days ago

    Fun fact: Liverpool have not scored a PL goal in the first half at Anfield since Mane's goal against West Brom. That was last year in December!

  • Hamz Ron
    Hamz Ron 14 days ago

    I dont think the problem is chance creation. It is more of finishing those chances. I can easily pick out 3 clear cut chances missed by Firmino. I think the way forward for Liverpool is to replace him.

  • Anil aubeelauck
    Anil aubeelauck 14 days ago

    We need a good squad as M city need to spend huge money to rebuild the team. L.F.c is missing the fans. If you invite guest in a discotheque to dance but there is no music played available. The main factor missing the fans and injuries in the nursery you the world class coach no doubt about it but need big investment Fans support the manager. As Bill Shankley said if you can’t support when we lose have hard time what good to be a liverpool supporters.

    • Rotimi Taiwo
      Rotimi Taiwo 14 days ago

      no one has fans, stupid. that’s an irrelevant and lousy excuse. also as bad a Jurgen Flopp saying that there was wind. go cry with shitty defence

  • Josh Murray
    Josh Murray 14 days ago

    Teams have found out how to set up and play against Liverpool

  • Giuseppe Principato
    Giuseppe Principato 14 days ago

    We need to forget about the premier league put all the eggs in the basket for champions league even though we won’t win it

  • Austin Chimanga
    Austin Chimanga 14 days ago

    Midfield should be reorganized, Thiago is not Liverpool material

  • Dominic Dustin309
    Dominic Dustin309 14 days ago

    even as a liverpool fan i love him 😂🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Skhodran Mustafi
    Skhodran Mustafi 14 days ago

    2:30 funny you talk about united a lot isn't that your job? lol

  • Matthew Jackson
    Matthew Jackson 14 days ago

    Kloop out your saying mark your only saying that because you no Liverpool will be back next season and still get a better chance of winning the league in the future more than an man u

    • Runganathan Naidu
      Runganathan Naidu 14 days ago

      You are living in a fools world.There is no guarantee that you are going to win the league again with the return of your injured players.For the record Lpool were thrashed by Astonvilla 7-2 with your full team that included VVD. M City who look invincible have the capability of ruling for a long time and their bench is above class. The pandemic has not affected the oil monies.
      You are reminded that Man Utd is the only team to win the PL 3 times in s row. You must admit that half of your playing staff are ageing, fatigued and burnt out, so you need to rebuild with classy youngsters which is an investment for the future. L pool fans finding unnecessary escuses for your poor form is beyond comprehension. Your fans are the most pathetic and need to grow up.

  • Private Artyom
    Private Artyom 14 days ago

    Its simple math we are a bigger club cry me a river 😂

  • Private Artyom
    Private Artyom 14 days ago

    Just remember United fans..6 european cups..6..your so called best manager in history managed to win only 2 in 1000 years he managed you 😂
    Liverpool will get to 10 european cups before United wins another lmao

  • Private Artyom
    Private Artyom 14 days ago

    United fans are loud but they didnt win anything 😂 they will get a trophy for "finishing above Liverpool" 😂😂😂

  • Muhammad Nawaaz Kagee
    Muhammad Nawaaz Kagee 14 days ago

    Liverpool and I totally agree with goldbridge

  • Unbearable 2020
    Unbearable 2020 14 days ago

    Thiago was bought to play in a midfield with Hendo and Fabinho

  • marky broonback
    marky broonback 14 days ago

    You can't see the rot ending anytime soon either and some tough games coming up..... 🤯

    • Neyo Reid
      Neyo Reid 13 days ago

      Idiot klop nuh buy nuh baller the lose im mine

  • Look Not
    Look Not 14 days ago +2

    Klopp out,he is finished

  • Look Not
    Look Not 14 days ago +4

    Thiago is a huge factor for Liverpool's current results,he doesn't suit klopp's style of football at all,bad scouting and signing Thiago

    • Look Not
      Look Not 12 days ago +1

      @blackkeiron it shows on the pitch and the results, Henderson in that midfield roll is a 100 times better than Thiago because he fits into what klopp wants

    • blackkeiron
      blackkeiron 12 days ago

      Do you actually believe that?

  • Basil Obingo
    Basil Obingo 14 days ago

    Arsenal Fan but.i follow you alot keep up.

  • Arav Luthra
    Arav Luthra 14 days ago +1

    Liverpool made fun of our front line lmfao, they can't even score anymore!

  • Hanif K
    Hanif K 14 days ago

    A manager's job is to win games. A good manager would be able to adapt to situations and circumstances. If plan A doesn't work, then there has to be a plan B. Even if plan B is not pleasing to watch, a manager's job is to win by hook or by crook...

  • varalakshmi suresh
    varalakshmi suresh 14 days ago

    The first thing jurgen needs to do is stop playing 4-3-3..he has to adjust in accordance to the way the present 11 can play.... And when the injured players are. Back and Liverpool are back(I hope they are not) then he has to entirely change Liverpool to 4-3-3 fc
    Like from u 10 to the first team everyone has to play 4-3-3..so when another injury crisis stucks then the youth team and fringe players can be used

  • ARandomGuy
    ARandomGuy 14 days ago

    Why is everyone saying city has won the league I'm a city fan and they havnt won it yet all it takes is for us to draw a few games and manu or leicester to win and they will overtake us