The Ending Of It: Chapter Two Explained

  • Published on Sep 6, 2019
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    How well does the sequel to 2017's It adapt Stephen King's classic novel while tying up all the loose ends from the first installment? Let's roll up our sleeves, wade into the sewers and dig into the details of how the saga ends. This is the ending of It: Chapter Two explained.
    And before you open the door labeled "very scary," be warned: Spoilers await you.
    Stephen King's novel It isn't just the story of a creepy clown terrorizing some kids and then returning to do it all over again when they're adults. There's a whole cosmology to the saga, which includes a giant, godlike turtle that coughed up the known universe when it had a tummy ache. Aside from a few subtle nods here and there, the movies mostly sidestep the ancient, interdimensional mythology of the book, but one element does show up in It: Chapter Two - the true form of It.
    When he goes to visit the Shokopiwah tribe and takes one of their vision-granting concoctions, Mike learns that It came to Earth in a meteor strike that left a crater in Derry, and is made up of "Deadlights," mostly orange but sometimes-blue spheres of light of immense power. Though the lights can be seen in brief moments in the first film, It appears entirely as deadlights as Chapter Two reaches its climax, and even after taking on other forms, the deadlights are still visibly powering the creature, becoming increasingly weaker as the Losers literally bring It down to size.
    It's true form is revealed because the Losers perform the Ritual of Chüd, a ceremony that differs pretty wildly in the movie from the way it works in the book. The movie's take on the ritual involves each member of the club burning a "token" of his or her childhood and reciting a chant to make the Deadlights turn dark, then trapping the Deadlights inside a pyramid-shaped relic Mike stole.
    The ritual is the key to defeating It in the book, though it takes two tries 27 years apart. But the Losers' attempt essentially fails in the movie, at least at first. That's because it's revealed Mike lied to everyone in an attempt to simply bring them all back together. The ritual wasn't successful before when the Native Americans tried to do it, and it doesn't kill It when the Losers try it this time, either. At least, not until they've gone through the wringer just a little bit more so they can truly overcome the fears that feed It. Keep watching the video to see the ending of It: Chapter Two explained!
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    Deadlights | 0:23
    The Ritual of Chüd | 1:27
    Childhood fears, adult anxieties | 2:21
    The hypochondriac cuts loose | 3:24
    Brotherly baggage | 4:17
    Home at last | 5:06
    The end of obsession | 6:09
    Scars of the past | 7:20
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  • Looper
    Looper  13 days ago +5471

    How did you like IT: Chapter Two?

    • Ash Collins
      Ash Collins 4 days ago

      Just saw chapter 2.. and i have to say.. ‘he ending sucked’... for one, demons dont have hearts.. still beating anyways, nor being the source of their being.. they already died in our life/world.. and haunt it.. but as a soul.. right?
      Throughout the entire 2nd half of the movie they were eluding to one of the characters being a writer who wrote novels with sucky endings, but in a way i cant help but think they were meaning this movie, or stephen kings original, which this movie derived.. i was so hoping that for once, the demon would win, because the scene in the trailer of that monster holding someone’s face underwater, never truly occurred from what i saw.. (maybe i missed it)? Or maybe it was just cut out, but at the very end, after it was ‘defeated’ and they were washing off in the lake as they all went underwater, i thought for sure thats when that scene was going to occur, but it just never happened.. damn...
      Fuck a happy ending.. it shouldnt always occur, especially in movies about a demon tormenting souls, over 27 years.. lol! I could watch bill, as IT (a psychopathic clown) tormenting people forever) i think! Hah!

    • Shayona Collins
      Shayona Collins 7 days ago

      Cried my eyes out 😭😭😭

    • Rider eat sleep dream
      Rider eat sleep dream 9 days ago

      It was boring

    • Kota Hager
      Kota Hager 9 days ago

      I liked it i mean better than the first one yass its awesome

    • ross s
      ross s 9 days ago


  • bruh what
    bruh what 20 hours ago

    He got bullied to death

  • Ikonik_yt
    Ikonik_yt 21 hour ago +1

    Pennywise vs XBOX kids 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  • wai tsang
    wai tsang 21 hour ago

    Technically the losers are also bullies they bullied pennywise to death

  • John_ Wicked
    John_ Wicked 23 hours ago

    Pennywise : here georgie, take the boat, take it......take it............
    Georgie : nah man , u're a clown and u're creepy
    Pennywise : (sobbing) Im (sob)......not (sob)... A clo- (sob)....clown....😢😢
    That could've precented all the troubles....

  • Z G H
    Z G H Day ago

    dumb movie

  • Back in blaCk
    Back in blaCk Day ago

    Totally and 80 s version still better...

  • Abby Danger
    Abby Danger Day ago

    Honestly I think I like this movie way more than endgame. It chapter 2 is my movie of the year. I'm so happy I got to see it.

  • Rando Person
    Rando Person Day ago

    What if all this is a true story happened with Stephen King or someone close to him long, long ago. 👀 Haha jk... Unless....

  • Ggjg Fff
    Ggjg Fff Day ago

    His wrinkles looks like the stairs of heaven.

  • BouncingTurtle
    BouncingTurtle Day ago +1

    Good job explaining jack shit. This is just a summary

  • YuNg BrAtZ
    YuNg BrAtZ Day ago

    When I was watching it, I was 99.9% sure he was about to pull out an uno reverse card when they were bullying him

  • gamers in progress

    Still miss Eddie

  • Asada Jones
    Asada Jones Day ago

    pretty sure pennywise would be coming back super pissed and old big bag on his shoulder

  • Austin Starke
    Austin Starke Day ago +2

    I like how they poked fun at Bill's ending of his book, because many people didn't like the ending of IT. I'm pretty sure they were making a joke of that.
    Also, Stephen King's cameo was amazing.

  • Pennywise
    Pennywise Day ago

    Hey thats me

  • big boi thicc
    big boi thicc Day ago

    pennywise turned into a pancake.

  • boosiemoomoo
    boosiemoomoo Day ago

    It was SHit chapter 2 not it chapter 2

  • Xx_Anthony_xX138

    The ending is literally just Pennywise saying something online
    Then people calling him clown for being an idiot

  • Ramiro Leiva
    Ramiro Leiva Day ago

    It would be interesting a movie of the time when IT crashed into Earth and how the tribe handled it and how IT eventually evolved into a clown.

  • Ramiro Leiva
    Ramiro Leiva Day ago

    The ending was every ending of IT movies. "I'm not scared of you" The End.

  • Ramiro Leiva
    Ramiro Leiva Day ago

    RIP the boy in the mirror maze that was brutal

  • lauraiss
    lauraiss Day ago

    You forgot to include explanation part in video.

  • Ron Bond
    Ron Bond 2 days ago +1

    At the end why did they make Pennywise look like a Demonic Humpty dumpty?

  • min suga 865
    min suga 865 2 days ago +1

    This is so funny not scary🤣🤣😱😱😱

  • the Schwibb
    the Schwibb 2 days ago

    Wait, so that's how you defeat Pennywise? He just gets frail when you aren't scared?

  • Lube
    Lube 2 days ago +1

    Make a 3rd one following the events of the town of Derry's inception.
    How IT came to kill the 100 residents of the town and establish himself in the 1600's - 1700's town.
    Call the movie: IT Begins.

  • The Real CroissantLord

    Pennywise was called a clown and fucking died

  • VivaLaFamous
    VivaLaFamous 2 days ago

    No... You’re A Clown

  • Frank g
    Frank g 2 days ago

    IT: Eat and dismember children
    Also IT: Death due to name calling

  • Lufu Gaming
    Lufu Gaming 2 days ago

    You're all wrong. They did not kill It by bullying it. They forced It to take a weak form by bullying it. Then they crushed It's heart. That's what killed It.

  • mas0n
    mas0n 2 days ago

    10 second video: Pennywise gets flamed by adults and then they rip his heart out.

  • Marc Velliano
    Marc Velliano 2 days ago

    Never like king and never will.

  • Mr. BlobFish :3
    Mr. BlobFish :3 2 days ago

    Me:Pennywise was the ugliest baby when he got roasted

  • senna tho
    senna tho 2 days ago

    “He cant stand to loose what he’s gained as a famous comedian” *gay silence*

  • Ki Bi
    Ki Bi 2 days ago


  • Jordy
    Jordy 2 days ago +1

    This one was soooo bad

  • Lil Boy
    Lil Boy 2 days ago

    Sorry did it come out

  • clarence neal
    clarence neal 2 days ago

    chapter 1 was better smh

  • Fisher Theo
    Fisher Theo 2 days ago

    Commentary was great, thanx 4 keepin' out the gey shyt.

  • K OS
    K OS 2 days ago

    The losers final encounter with IT showed the real battle was encountering and facing their own individual fears. IT literally feeds on fear to grow stronger and eat. Without fear he is helpless. Once the losers stopped fearing IT were they finally able to weaken him and kill him.

  • PrFcj0137
    PrFcj0137 3 days ago

    If you guys thought the ending to this was bad, go watch the old version of IT. They killed it by throwing a rock at it XD

  • Furious D
    Furious D 3 days ago

    At this point Looper is just regurgitating content from other channels.

  • KazB
    KazB 3 days ago

    IT wouldn’t last a minute in a MW2 lobby or a bo2 lobby

  • Danielle Musella
    Danielle Musella 3 days ago

    I just thought of something. This would be the second time, where James McAvoy has taken a role that involved an encounter with a different-aged self. He also did it for "X-Men: Days of Future Past", but the other self was older instead of younger.

  • Joe Nesvick
    Joe Nesvick 3 days ago +1

    Don't forget to catch The Roast of Pennywise the Dancing Clown on comedy central 🤣, in all seriousness I really like these films. Hear we may get some extended cuts
    Don't miss It Chapter Three starring Patrick Stewart as Bill at age 70

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett 3 days ago

    I think it’s a brilliant ending that they had the Losers bully It into his death. They sort of get the satisfaction of beating the bully

  • Nate Burnett
    Nate Burnett 3 days ago

    So, Pennywise can’t die from a gunshot, being beaten to death, or being stabbed, but when he gets roasted he’s a goner

  • Khaotic
    Khaotic 3 days ago +1

    They turned into an instagram comment section and said: 🤡🤡🤡🤡

  • Zexity
    Zexity 3 days ago +1

    Tbh i didn’t like the movie the ending sucked and before you ask if i understand the story yes i do i just didn’t like it chapter 2

  • joahsmith22
    joahsmith22 3 days ago

    Horrible movie

  • Jillian Humphrey
    Jillian Humphrey 3 days ago +1

    She says it now Penywise

  • REdoing
    REdoing 3 days ago

    Eddie and Stan dying was foreshadowed in IT Chapter One in the lake scene. Stan and Eddie are playing apart from Bill, Beverly, Ben, Mike, and Richie.

  • TheRealManOfSteel
    TheRealManOfSteel 3 days ago

    They uhhhh bullied him to about bad endings

  • BGz GamersVoid
    BGz GamersVoid 3 days ago

    Bunch of harsh words melted a universal shape shifting monster clown *what the F*

  • Grid One
    Grid One 3 days ago

    Anyone notice Pennywise references 'Maturin' a few times in the movie.

  • nd4spd
    nd4spd 4 days ago

    I don't get it; what kind of ending were people expecting?

    • nd4spd
      nd4spd 2 days ago

      That's generally not how stories work, but okay fair enough if that's what you were literally expecting...
      How about people who saw the telemovie or read the book and knew roughly what they were in for.

    • Clash with Rome2002
      Clash with Rome2002 2 days ago

      nd4spd IT killed everone

  • Barbershopwindow WINC KILLA

    too long of a movie

  •  4 days ago

    The ending completely sucked

  • Maddie Elisa
    Maddie Elisa 4 days ago

    I was scared when Eddie died

  • Anuu Gombo
    Anuu Gombo 4 days ago

    They killed it by bullying. Weird isn't it?

  • Van Stryke
    Van Stryke 4 days ago

    IT 2 ending was stupid. A very powerful interdimesional creature is so THIN SKINNED he can't take insults and die.

  • eRaZe dancerly
    eRaZe dancerly 4 days ago

    The ending of IT chapter 2 : Pennywise turned into lil penny. Rip Eddie though :(

  • Y M
    Y M 4 days ago

    humanity these days is all hollywood, worst generation in history.

  • Noa Plays
    Noa Plays 4 days ago

    So,wait a normal COD lobby is what is required to kill It? Well then

  • Mac888 spectral
    Mac888 spectral 4 days ago

    I saw it today, and while it was good overall, it was repetitive and frankly exhausting. I was more than ready to hit the bricks when they performed the CHUD ritual, but there was yet more to come.
    I was kind of bummed that the assholes who brutalized Adrian got away Scot free, even though that happened in the book too.

  • It’s Melon
    It’s Melon 4 days ago

    Its not Chud its chüd ( chued )

  • It’s Melon
    It’s Melon 4 days ago

    *Pennywise died of being roasted*

    CHUCK 4 days ago

    Calling pennywise clown is how they killed it ??!!! Wow. Totally stupid.

  • unknown person
    unknown person 4 days ago

    Nowhere near as good as first film.

  • Marco Pena
    Marco Pena 4 days ago +6

    God this movie had more gay character plot twists than a J.K.Rowling Twitter account lmao

  • LikeMyApplezz
    LikeMyApplezz 4 days ago +1

    i clicked on this for the ending and you waste my time. unsubscribed

  • NOVXI Snipes
    NOVXI Snipes 4 days ago

    Who new calling a clown a clown would hurt its feelings?

  • Lieutenant Meatball
    Lieutenant Meatball 4 days ago

    Could IT bite off a metal prosthetic arm

  • The Best
    The Best 4 days ago

    Let’s be honest, it was pretty bad and just stupid movie in general.

  • Josh Walshaw
    Josh Walshaw 4 days ago

    In this case, words killed

  • Shardzz 2
    Shardzz 2 4 days ago +4

    Those xbox 360 parties with 9 year olds wouldve finished this in 10 mins

  • 1000 subscribers with no shame

    After watching the movie...
    It is very clear the Stephen King was HiGh OuT Of HiS MiNd while writing this book

  • Matthew Galvan
    Matthew Galvan 4 days ago

    Oh my god

  • ZackDestroysU
    ZackDestroysU 4 days ago

    I'm sorry Stanley was a *****

  • Ava Grace Haller
    Ava Grace Haller 4 days ago

    So he's like an alien? This is why we shouldnt raid area 51

  • Lorx san
    Lorx san 4 days ago

    It was an ok movie the cgi kinda sucks tho I saw it yesterday

  • Meri Michaud
    Meri Michaud 4 days ago

    This was by far the most hyped, less delivered movie I've seen in a while. It falls far, far short of where its mark was, and even the cameo by Mr. King himself couldn't really save it. When ya nap during the more "interesting" parts, that's pretty bad. And where was the fear factor? Highly over-rated and over-hyped for what it delivers.

  • Drift
    Drift 4 days ago

    Who else saw the movie but still watching it

  • GodOfSnakes
    GodOfSnakes 4 days ago

    Pennywise Last Words He Heard Before He Did: lmao your a clown niBBA go back to the lobby’s you can’t crank but I can crank your mom.

    LEVEL ONE 4 days ago

    That big forhead scares the shit outta me

  • Virus has detected A windows

    Eddie's final act wasn't an act of bravery it was telling Richie he fcked his mom lmao

  • Mike mike
    Mike mike 4 days ago

    Horrible movie they fucked this up bad

  • Donald Oconnor
    Donald Oconnor 4 days ago

    All I gotta say, is ritchie was looking like Saun Shemel and I was waiting on him to charge a kamehameha and end I.T.

  • Justin Cease
    Justin Cease 4 days ago

    Positive Energy destroys all evil

  • Faiyaz Alam
    Faiyaz Alam 4 days ago

    IT chapter 2 was kinda disapointing

  • InhumanCondition
    InhumanCondition 4 days ago

    Someone should have EXPLAINED the book to the director.

  • Kyle Flinn
    Kyle Flinn 5 days ago +3

    The movie was GREAT but the ending sucked.

  • Epicus Trailers
    Epicus Trailers 5 days ago

    Sounds like this reviewer didn't understand that Richie was in the closet and not openly gay because of having grown up in homophobic Derry. He loved his friend Eddie more than just a friend...

  • Fahad Rehman
    Fahad Rehman 5 days ago +4

    Pennywise got stabbed many times got shot and gets beat up but the only thing that kills him is adults roasting him and then he turns to a panini roll

  • Christian Bennerman
    Christian Bennerman 5 days ago

    So now I understand why Pennywise wasn’t in the hood. He would’ve been destroyed in a game of “The Dozens”

  • Hannah Rose
    Hannah Rose 5 days ago

    The movie makes so much more sense if you have read the book. Like wise with the novel actually. It’s kinda hard to picture some of the stuff he writes so seeing the movie makes so much more sense. I feel like you can only truly understand and analyze this story if you read it and watch it. There’s stuff you don’t see in the movie but there’s stuff you can’t visualize correctly in the book.

  • The Bardock
    The Bardock 5 days ago

    I heard IT mortal enemy is a turtle?

    • Epicus Trailers
      Epicus Trailers 5 days ago

      The turtle is a sacred figure in Native American symbolism as it represents Mother Earth. The Turtle, "mother earth" was attempting to bring balance back to the world due to the imbalance brought by the invader (It/space spider).

  • Cameron Sehn
    Cameron Sehn 5 days ago

    I’m still trying to figure out what mike lies about??

  • Victoria Guerra
    Victoria Guerra 5 days ago

    I really liked this ending. To me, it was way better than killing a spider with a slingshot.