• Published on Feb 13, 2020
  • I've waited this long to tell you...
    ...that I went to Italy 6 months ago with my family and fell in love with the country and several men in it. And a pigeon.
    This life has been a heaven of a ride... thank you for riding with me.
    I'll see you unexpectedly again, very soon.
    Videographers: Liza Koshy, Mama Koshy, Papa Koshy, O. Koshy, R. Koshy
    Editor: My bro, Mark C. Roe
    Produced by Westbrook Media (and me lol)
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    I thank you, I've missed you, and I am so happy to be here with you.
    All my love always,
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  • Kylah McFaull
    Kylah McFaull 18 minutes ago

    I. Love. This. Video. I’ve never laughed at something so much🤣 I really needed this tonight Liza, love you little brown girl❤️

  • Hey ! it’s Phae
    Hey ! it’s Phae 22 minutes ago

    Tomato basil - a song by liza koshy

  • DramaticallyDolls
    DramaticallyDolls 45 minutes ago +1

    liza : *finds nude male statue*
    also liza : *smiles*

  • DramaticallyDolls
    DramaticallyDolls 47 minutes ago +1

    this was both funny and heartwarming 🥺
    we missed you *liza* ✨

  • Feo Hdsyjc
    Feo Hdsyjc Hour ago

    this is the first time we have ever seen dark chocolate

  • Mischief
    Mischief Hour ago

    Glad to see she didn't lock herself out of her account again

  • Jackie Alvarado
    Jackie Alvarado 2 hours ago

    i love how she look just like her dad 🥰

  • naomi neau
    naomi neau 2 hours ago

    Peaaase what's your camera? those images are so CLEAN!

  • Via Clulow
    Via Clulow 2 hours ago

    Missed you so much Liza! Love you and your fam Queen!

  • Stalin did nothing wrong

    Her jokes are in no known human language

  • Piper Genkin
    Piper Genkin 3 hours ago +1

    When i saw the title: please be David please be David please be David please be David please be David please be David

  • Elena Cameron
    Elena Cameron 3 hours ago

    I was there in October

  • Kathi Wagner
    Kathi Wagner 4 hours ago

    this remindes me so much of a movie called eat pray love

  • John Cena
    John Cena 4 hours ago

    Bro what happened to you and David Dobrick

  • Smol Beannn!!
    Smol Beannn!! 4 hours ago

    Liza, stop being so wholesome I can't take it!! XD

    Also, you realise you posted on a Wednesday day *~*

  • Bubblei prince
    Bubblei prince 5 hours ago

    Watching this with auto subtitles has me shitting myself

  • Aleasha Michelle
    Aleasha Michelle 5 hours ago +1

    That’s the life I wanna live

  • Archana Singha
    Archana Singha 5 hours ago

    This is more like Falling in love with myself 🌼 kind of a video... If it is I am really happy for you Liza💙

  • Odalys G.
    Odalys G. 5 hours ago

    Liza *goes to Italy*
    Also Liza: *records all the pigeons*

  • India101 You already know

    Whe she started singing I was like 😀

  • M S
    M S 6 hours ago

    I was there on my honeymoon at the same place at the same time!!! WHAT

  • D Gi
    D Gi 6 hours ago

    This is so heartwarming. I love watching happy families. My family would start arguing the moment we got into the plane.

  • mimi smith
    mimi smith 6 hours ago

    What a great video!
    You took me out with the bruschetta brushitty🤣

  • Brittany Mae Frost
    Brittany Mae Frost 6 hours ago

    Liza: random talking
    Me: ok 😅
    Liza: “Olive Garden”

  • Lindsay Davis
    Lindsay Davis 7 hours ago


  • Etta Mansaray
    Etta Mansaray 7 hours ago

    I live your film and story telling style your a great creator stay awesome 👏

  • -its Nikk-
    -its Nikk- 7 hours ago

    Girl she didn’t post for 1000000000000 weeks

  • thatgirlElena
    thatgirlElena 8 hours ago

    it's the aesthetic of her Instagram combined with her FLash-player comedy and it is pure gold.

  • Kassy Heckinger
    Kassy Heckinger 8 hours ago

    Its so nice to see her smiling and laughing and being happy again!

  • Farah Zou
    Farah Zou 8 hours ago

    This video was so cosy 💫💫💕💕

  • Shhh Hh
    Shhh Hh 8 hours ago

    I’m so glad you liked Italy! Please come visit again!❤️

  • Kit Tea
    Kit Tea 8 hours ago

    Lol the parrot that whistled at you looks just like a Parrot named Riley that I have. And says the exact same words it said

  • 1234 5678
    1234 5678 8 hours ago

    I've missed you Liza! This is everything

  • Viqueen Jeniefer
    Viqueen Jeniefer 8 hours ago


  • Molly Krulewitch
    Molly Krulewitch 9 hours ago

    No one:
    Liza: casual Borat references

  • Syuza QA
    Syuza QA 9 hours ago

    I love your stitch voice 😂

  • Shaunda Kemp
    Shaunda Kemp 9 hours ago

    That’s my goal. I really want to visit Italy

  • Daniel Misiak
    Daniel Misiak 9 hours ago +1

    My name is actually Daniel

  • Yangki Jamoh
    Yangki Jamoh 10 hours ago

    i want a life like that

  • Miruna Popa
    Miruna Popa 10 hours ago

    this looks and sounds like an extended trailer to a chill movie u would enjoy for sure

  • Lauren Bain
    Lauren Bain 11 hours ago

    This deserves an oscar!

  • Zoe
    Zoe 11 hours ago

    stan italy.

  • Elly Mayo
    Elly Mayo 12 hours ago

    i love you

  • Gabby Carvajal
    Gabby Carvajal 12 hours ago

    im crying xD

  • Elly Mayo
    Elly Mayo 12 hours ago

    i love that you're genuinely happy

  • ChickChicken Gurl - ROBLOX

    Liza can you please make more vlogs cuz i miss your vlogs and I'm a big fan

  • Greta S
    Greta S 12 hours ago +1

    Lord I’m SCREAMING hahahaha. I’m italian and can only IMAGINE the stares and questions that Liza got for walking around vlogging and talking to italian pigeons

    • Greta S
      Greta S 12 hours ago

      This vlog is making me feel so homesick

  • Almonee Christine
    Almonee Christine 12 hours ago

    Okay 1.keeping up with the koshys ( love ittt)
    2.why did I not get a notification for this

  • Chicken Nugget
    Chicken Nugget 13 hours ago +1

    this is an 8 minute video why does it feel like i’ve actually taken an 8 week trip to italy

  • Lourene Botes
    Lourene Botes 13 hours ago

    Anyone else feel like going on holiday with the Koshy's?

  • Person 123
    Person 123 13 hours ago

    “Kind Of Fresh-“
    *Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat*

  • no sana no life
    no sana no life 13 hours ago

    were u drunk the entire video

  • ·Lazy River·
    ·Lazy River· 13 hours ago

    Last time I saw this girl she had like 3 million now she has 17 million. Congratulations!

  • Sheena Garcia
    Sheena Garcia 14 hours ago

    I want more!!!💜💜💜

  • Sheena Garcia
    Sheena Garcia 14 hours ago

    I was legit laughing thru all of this!! Love her!!💜😂🤣🤣😂

  • BruhItzMe 2
    BruhItzMe 2 14 hours ago

    This is so wholesome. I love everything about Liza, I hope she stays.

  • Merkis Casado Jr.
    Merkis Casado Jr. 15 hours ago

    why that dude look like colin farrell

  • Mate Eva-Andrea
    Mate Eva-Andrea 15 hours ago


  • a local account
    a local account 15 hours ago +2

    This is random but I feel like Liza is a more a celebrity than a youtuber at this point

  • Idrop bodies
    Idrop bodies 16 hours ago

    Like who else missis David and Lisa