'I'm amazing at this game!' | Robertson & Brewster play 'Who Am I?' with their Liverpool teammates

  • Rhian Brewster and Andy Robertson test their knowledge of themselves and their teammates as they go head-to-head to in a game of 'Who Am I?' to promote the all new LFC Official app.
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Comments • 60

  • Jerry Osullivan
    Jerry Osullivan 15 hours ago

    I’m a Man U fan but I find Robertson hilarious 😂

  • Ethan vlogs
    Ethan vlogs 14 days ago

    I'm Scottish btw and I'm from dunfermline

  • jfrbroadcast
    jfrbroadcast 19 days ago

    Robertson is so annoying but in a funny way

  • Jenson McNeill
    Jenson McNeill 22 days ago

    Leeds are best

  • Bazza Aitken
    Bazza Aitken 22 days ago

    Robbo is fucking class, on and off the Pitch, from where he came from to today shows you the character of the boy, £8m LOL, try X 4 in today's market, although he's not for sale!

  • Sam Nouzari
    Sam Nouzari 27 days ago

    2:34 I guessed Mo SALAH

  • Lucas Ngo
    Lucas Ngo 28 days ago

    900 comment

  • Kayode Tomosori
    Kayode Tomosori Month ago


  • 문서준
    문서준 Month ago

    The best riot football team

  • yoelinda debora
    yoelinda debora Month ago

    Ayam ayam... 🤣 I can't stand how he pronounces I AM. Lol

  • og87
    og87 Month ago

    M and s are in Gibraltar and France sooo that’s bullshit.

  • alfred kanu
    alfred kanu Month ago

    Robo Burns night is coming up

  • saar144
    saar144 Month ago

    Andy is so cute

  • Halle Brun
    Halle Brun Month ago

    Andy Robertson gets one right “I’m amazing at this game” love him ❤️😂😂

  • Lord Meliodas
    Lord Meliodas Month ago

    that Eyebrows tho...

  • ortomy
    ortomy Month ago

    I was gonna say Keita too but then I realized that Leipzig wasnt even a bundesliga club in 2014

  • Mik3 Pif
    Mik3 Pif Month ago

    I can conform that there is an M and S in Cyprus so robo is wrong.

  • Prince Sebiy
    Prince Sebiy Month ago +1

    robertson's accent made my day

  • Noura Alnafea
    Noura Alnafea Month ago

    Oh god i love andy

  • WhiteFox
    WhiteFox Month ago

    Robertson seems such a great guy. You should be glad to have him, from Man U fan.

  • Méabh McGoldrick
    Méabh McGoldrick Month ago

    Andy is the funniest 🤣

  • IZ Football Squad
    IZ Football Squad Month ago +1

    andy your accent sounds like Scotish peppa pig

  • 고기
    고기 Month ago


  • Lorenzo Saintz
    Lorenzo Saintz Month ago

    Robertson looks like a young Jim Carrey

  • SH4DZ3Y YT
    SH4DZ3Y YT Month ago

    I have the same shoes as andy

  • Ruairidh Jack Piper
    Ruairidh Jack Piper Month ago +1

    Andy is like the guy from dumb and dumber Jim Carey

  • Brian Cipro
    Brian Cipro Month ago


  • Carol Dickens
    Carol Dickens Month ago

    Andy, is as quick with his funny wit as he is with his feet defending ! Love listening to his banter with the other lads 😂 comic genius as well as brill player 👊

  • Isabelle Shaw
    Isabelle Shaw Month ago +1


  • seek_ jamie38
    seek_ jamie38 Month ago

    YNWA ❤❤❤

  • Helen Keech
    Helen Keech Month ago


  • Harsha Verma
    Harsha Verma Month ago +1

    Who am I?
    I am iron man

  • GamingDuck
    GamingDuck Month ago

    Imagine if Liverpool flying on a airplane to a champions league match and their plane crashes and they don't win the epl because they all died.

  • RF 99
    RF 99 Month ago

    how many LFC fans from Indonesian here??

  • K Kenzie
    K Kenzie Month ago +9

    Robertson looks like a Scottish Jim Carrey

  • Lewis Liddell
    Lewis Liddell Month ago

    I love robbo 😂😂

  • anna kwon
    anna kwon Month ago +3

    "Have you ever seen percy pig abroad? no" I can't 🤣😂

  • Gentinis Bytyqi
    Gentinis Bytyqi Month ago

    Robertson is so cringe lmao

  • Jonny Hayes Is a god

    I was also going to say naby

  • Phenomenal One!
    Phenomenal One! Month ago

    Same after the first clue I was like it's Naby for sure

    THE DRAGON Month ago

    Kok bahasa Indonesia ya

  • Kapil S
    Kapil S Month ago


  • Murray Young
    Murray Young Month ago

    Let’s go

  • Duy Nguyễn
    Duy Nguyễn Month ago

    i had a robo’s shoe

  • bee
    bee Month ago

    andy’s shoes

  • teddyzen09
    teddyzen09 2 months ago

    Lol Andys so funneh! 😂

    MADI YOGEN 2 months ago

    Robertson reminds me of jim carrey

  • Jake Day
    Jake Day 2 months ago

    you are cool

  • Jake Day
    Jake Day 2 months ago

    i just love Andy's accent

  • Fin Dyte
    Fin Dyte 2 months ago

    Rhian is on the channel more then mo and he don’t even start

  • Sasha Brown
    Sasha Brown 2 months ago

    Robertson is my favourite foorballer

  • Chris O'Hara
    Chris O'Hara 2 months ago

    Come on Liverpool

  • mohamed reda
    mohamed reda 2 months ago

    1:20 who was that?

  • mohamed reda
    mohamed reda 2 months ago

    2:35 who was that?

  • CheebWhackah
    CheebWhackah 2 months ago +2

    I’d probably be more upset if Milly or Robbo left more than anyone else 😂

  • mohamed reda
    mohamed reda 2 months ago

    Didn't understand

  • Team Style
    Team Style 2 months ago +4

    Robbo's like a baby stuck in that man's body

  • Sam Bradley
    Sam Bradley 2 months ago

    Was Milner ill?

  • Layton Appleton
    Layton Appleton 2 months ago

    Mark & Spencer’s was the old name for the store B&M

  • Jenski
    Jenski 2 months ago

    Poor Brewster needs more game time