Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson Misses Wrestling

  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson talks about his former wrestling career and getting his start in New York.
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Comments • 39

  • Cee Cee
    Cee Cee 7 months ago +21

    The Rock Vs. Stone Cold Vs. Triple H...just one time, that's all I need!!!

  • Vincent Cavo
    Vincent Cavo 7 months ago +16

    Rock should have a farewell match at WrestleMania!

  • Abiodun oluseyi
    Abiodun oluseyi 7 months ago +5

    I hope it's a joke...Rock Still belongs in that ring even if its 5mins...😁😁😁

  • Romchikthelemon
    Romchikthelemon 7 months ago

    Here we are, the millions...

  • Say Jah
    Say Jah 7 months ago

    He’s really done.

  • chris fuller
    chris fuller 7 months ago +7

    He hasn't really wrestled since the early 2000s. He should have stayed in it.

  • Cosmic Solution
    Cosmic Solution 7 months ago +2

    No more matches. You've proved yourself, and don't need to anybody.

  • Ahmad Wiraputra Selamat
    Ahmad Wiraputra Selamat 7 months ago +6

    Once The Rock quit WWE, i quit watching as well

  • Kam Mike
    Kam Mike 7 months ago +16

    WWE can't afford The Rock in other words

  • walking-atm
    walking-atm 7 months ago +32

    I miss when he threw Stone Cold off the Roody Poo Bridge.

  • E VH
    E VH 7 months ago

    Charismatic is an understatement

  • Franklin Yi
    Franklin Yi 7 months ago

    Can’t wait for the Rock to come out with his HBO stand up comedy special one day.

  • royal mcmorris
    royal mcmorris 7 months ago +2

    Rocky was the truth back in the day

  • shakur carter
    shakur carter 7 months ago

    The rock will never change he will always be the rock I been a fan of the rock since I was 13 damn he came a long way

  • Mohamed Abdullah
    Mohamed Abdullah 7 months ago +1

    I'd like to see the Rock wrestles the Animal one more time

  • Doogy HitSR
    Doogy HitSR 7 months ago

    The crowd was booing you when you debuted Rocky, they chanted "die Rocky die". That's what made you the superstar you are today

  • Hyprotoons Productions
    Hyprotoons Productions 7 months ago

    WrestleMania 31 should've been Triple H vs the Rock.

  • Hyprotoons Productions
    Hyprotoons Productions 7 months ago

    We need heavy hitters in wrestling again.

  • Kat Naps
    Kat Naps 7 months ago +1

    Off subject here but those suits he wears are tailored to perfection.

  • Hard knocks Montage
    Hard knocks Montage 7 months ago +1

    The Rock vs. Goldberg one last match!!

  • Stan
    Stan 7 months ago +23

    I actually stopped watching wrestling around the time the rock left. And judging by the ratings i wasn't the only one.

  • ドキドキ文学部
    ドキドキ文学部 7 months ago +183

    Rock vs undertaler double retiremnt match WM!!!!!

  • TheLoner23
    TheLoner23 7 months ago +44

    It’s long overdue for a Hall of Fame Induction for this legend

  • Andrew Bristow
    Andrew Bristow 7 months ago +252

    Glad he's retiring and mega successful in the entertainment industry. Living proof of where hardwork, dedication and a good attitude can take you.

  • Sarianna Rosette
    Sarianna Rosette 7 months ago +65


  • Andrew Burrows
    Andrew Burrows 7 months ago +848

    He may not wrestle again but a casual appearance and a Rock Bottom and People’s Elbow on some jabroni is all we need!!

  • Randy Orton
    Randy Orton 7 months ago +24

    One more match

    THE PEOPLE'S CHAMP 7 months ago +172

    The rock is pretty much done with wwe.But he should wrestle triple h one more time.

  • Saar Saleem
    Saar Saleem 7 months ago +77

    Will always be a LEGEND. So charismatic.

  • Tom Gibney Jr.
    Tom Gibney Jr. 7 months ago +42


  • Sachin C
    Sachin C 7 months ago +32

    LIVEKellyandRyan The Rock vs Triple H, WrestleMania anyday!

  • jxchtryy
    jxchtryy 7 months ago +11


  • Andman TF
    Andman TF 7 months ago +25

    HE's retiring!!!!

  • GoldVillage
    GoldVillage 7 months ago +37

    PLEASE COME BACK FOR ONE LAST MATCH, and let the ppl decide who his opponent will be!

  • Kayfabe Kermac
    Kayfabe Kermac 8 months ago +205

    C'mon Rocky your last match cant be against Eric Rowan.

  • Blak Owl Entertainment
    Blak Owl Entertainment 8 months ago +163

    And there you have it. Thank you, Dwayne, for ALL the memories.

  • The Official Andy Saenz
    The Official Andy Saenz 8 months ago +82

    I do miss him saying, “Do you smell...what the rock...is cooking?”. I watched him wrestle in the WWE before he became a huge movie star.

  • Floyds high heels
    Floyds high heels 8 months ago +385

    The Rock and Triple H feud in 2000 was biblical

  • Noman Shaikh
    Noman Shaikh 8 months ago +29

    The Rock 😍🔥♥️