Lil Baby Feat. Lil Uzi Vert - Commercial (Official Audio)

  • Published on Feb 27, 2020
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    Music video by Lil Baby performing Commercial (Audio). © 2020 Quality Control Music, LLC, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.
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  • teenage soul
    teenage soul 7 hours ago

    hard asl

  • Kalell
    Kalell 17 hours ago +1

    This better than the one wit 42 dugg

  • OP Cuisine
    OP Cuisine Day ago

    Remember when he said he’d never release this? Good times 😂

  • Saint_Killer_323 Skrt

    “Can’t get at u we gon get at ur man” 💀

  • Blake Anderson
    Blake Anderson Day ago

    I need that 2nd verse

  • aSaP__Unknown
    aSaP__Unknown Day ago

    Uzi's part is my favorite

  • WiFi 3x
    WiFi 3x Day ago

    I never thought in a million years I’ll hear lil uzi put out a verse like this one,Especially after i seen him freestyle on XXL

    • Mixedbabyjayda
      Mixedbabyjayda 12 hours ago

      Lil baby bring the best outta anyone he hop on beat with

  • gho0oo0ost
    gho0oo0ost 2 days ago


  • CottonyAttic300
    CottonyAttic300 2 days ago

    At 1:40, Lil Uzi said
    Here’s my impression of you

  • Last King
    Last King 2 days ago +1

    This my current fav song, just the way uzi comes in the beat, thats maddd

  • todd anderson
    todd anderson 2 days ago

    Then lil baby killed the last verse nigga said "He can talk all he want but he gotta pay"

  • todd anderson
    todd anderson 2 days ago

    This is my #1 shit I be turnt like a mf when I'm whippin you could ride, play CODMWF, or fight to this lol&get hoes to this also let that be the last to think of

  • todd anderson
    todd anderson 2 days ago +1

    I don't even listen to uzi like that but y'all he even killed it with lil baby they both fucked these niggaz up

  • Carl Kimbril
    Carl Kimbril 2 days ago +1

    Listen to this shit when high asf it’s a whole different universe lmfao

  • Luis Arias
    Luis Arias 3 days ago

    Shit a slapper 🔥🔥🔥

  • Ricardo Saenz
    Ricardo Saenz 3 days ago +1

    after listening to the album about a million times i’ve came to the conclusion that lil baby can’t miss, he just can’t

  • Gemini Moon
    Gemini Moon 3 days ago

    I need backwoods I need rollup follow me on ig Anubeing33

  • Blueking _goat
    Blueking _goat 3 days ago +1

    Uzi played around but ended up making this shitz in top 10

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos 4 days ago +1

    Uzi carrying again great song of both

  • 3rd Street Saints
    3rd Street Saints 4 days ago


  • Joshua Hewitt
    Joshua Hewitt 4 days ago

    Someone be a g and put this on audiomack for me, cheers💯

  • Rashaad White
    Rashaad White 4 days ago +7

    This is one of the dopest bass lines I’ve ever heard

  • Jimmy June
    Jimmy June 4 days ago

    Baby went commercial

  • Xtheylz
    Xtheylz 5 days ago


  • Htx_Paradox XL
    Htx_Paradox XL 6 days ago +6

    He dissed my bro zodiac and gassed mines rip all Aries

    • Ahyende Callwood
      Ahyende Callwood 4 days ago

      do yall like my song?

  • bizzie211
    bizzie211 6 days ago

    Lil baby the truth

  • Aidan McCauley
    Aidan McCauley 6 days ago

    They need more songs together fr

    • Adonis Nigga
      Adonis Nigga 4 days ago

      They need a whole tape together bro

  • Nicholas Alkis
    Nicholas Alkis 6 days ago

    “Thought I’d be trappin’ forever, but God came and blessed me”
    “I guess it was part of the plan”

    • Ahyende Callwood
      Ahyende Callwood 4 days ago

      do yall like my song?

  • Solo Uzi
    Solo Uzi 7 days ago

    Every song in this album is fire but this is my favorite song from the goat

  • shamus Eccleston
    shamus Eccleston 7 days ago

    We need a video

  • Ok buddy
    Ok buddy 7 days ago +1

    “hol up who got backwood i need roll up”

  • Dudu Gumede
    Dudu Gumede 7 days ago

    lil uzi always fire

  • Xkdkslag
    Xkdkslag 8 days ago

    27, это клуб

  • Infamous
    Infamous 8 days ago +1

    He need to release the one with 42 dugg 🔥🔥🔥

  • Bosslady Baby
    Bosslady Baby 8 days ago

    Nicki would've killt this BEAT!!

  • Mike Sosa
    Mike Sosa 8 days ago +1

    Who else thinks this needs a video

  • 「Chicken Parmesan Requiem」チキンパルメザン

    I paid some extra before we even come out
    And don't even wear it to show I ain't playin'
    I hit the bitch and I gave her some racks
    And I pull up my pants, she know I ain't stayin'
    Go on a store run and get rubber bands
    I done got rich, I done put on my mans
    Choppas in traffic, that's just how I'm livin'
    They say that I'm trippin', they wouldn't understand
    She take a trip, she come back with a tan
    I take a trip, I come back with them bands
    When I was dealin', it really was killin' them
    Had 'em competin' tryna see what I'm payin'
    She throw a hoodie on soon as we land
    She don't like pics, I got too many fans
    I run this shit, I can do what I want
    And it's really a limit, you do what you can
    I found the groove and I put that shit up
    'Fore I run out of cash, they're gonna run out of land
    I fell in love with this bitch 'cause her head was amazing
    I swear I don't even know her name
    I'm 'bout to takeoff, I gave 'em a chance
    They gave me ten M&M's on advance
    Thought I'd be trappin' forever, but God came and blessed me
    I guess He was part of the plan
    How he on fire, but he cool as a fan?
    Can't get at you, we gon' get at your man
    They can't relate to me 'cause I be poppin'
    And put in they face, let them see what I'm sayin'
    I'm rockin' shows like I play with a band
    Free all the bros, know I would if I can
    If I don't mean it, I swear I ain't sayin' it
    'Fore I was 21, swear I was savage, smashin'
    Hold up, who got Backwood? I need roll up
    Dior store can't keep up with me
    I'm spendin' thousands like money is nothin' to me
    I'm never comin' back, them people under me
    Not the fans, yeah, the haters
    Lotta bands on the table
    They say I went commercial, I ain't know it
    They want me catch a murder, I ain't goin' back
    Play myself out my position, who doin' that?
    We got FN with extensions, we throwin' that
    Her ass got my full attention, she throwin' that
    Niggas talkin' way too much, I ain't goin' back
    Forth with niggas, 'cause these niggas be holdin' racks
    On the real, yeah, we know you don't own them racks
    Four pockets full, push 'em down, they start pokin' back
    I turned 8 million right until I'm a quarterback
    Spent a million like I'm tryna bring Kobe back, 24 (woo)
    I'm ready, I'm ready, I use the Crock-Pot like it's Betty
    They say the drop hot, and it's ready
    Might stretch it out but it ain't fetti (yes)
    Say my dawg doin' time, but I know he ain't gonna snitch
    'Cause it's still some shit he didn't tell me
    My dawg stabbed his celly, he told me the whole story over the celly (brr, hello?)
    Went up on my price, in my pocket like Kelly
    Fucked her in the telly', no I can't not say who, no telly
    My head gettin' heavy
    And you know I still got Balmains on my ass
    No, I can't do no Amiris
    Said I'm takin' trips, long flights they scary
    She said her birthday in March, okay, cool
    So, that means you an Aries
    I told her, "Gotta go, " she said, "You serious?"
    Diamonds cold, it's December, my vibe Sagittarius
    Hold up, who got Backwood? I need roll up
    Dior store can't keep up with me
    I'm spendin' thousands like money is nothin' to me
    I'm never comin' back, them people under me
    Not the fans, yeah, the haters
    Lotta bands on the table
    They say I went commercial, I ain't know it
    They want me catch a murder, I ain't goin' back
    Play myself out my position, who doin' that?
    I can switch up and come back another way
    Yeah, the vibe ain't right, come back another day
    Biggest dripper, I start up a tidal wave
    We mix weed, we put it in a microwave
    Batch for twenty-three, like I know Michael J
    He can say what he want, but he gotta pay
    Used to hide all the guns where my mama stay
    Send my drugs 'round the corner
    I pay all these bills, I'm a grown up
    My cars look different, I own 'em
    I ain't with no leasin', my bitch tellin' me I need credit
    It's loud and clear if I said it
    I come from the gutter, I spend me a hundred on Chevy's
    You can take me out the hood
    But you can't take the hood out of me
    Know the hood proud of me
    I Givenchy my tee, went and upgrade my teeth
    Yeah I dropped out of school, but that paper on me
    Hold up, who got Backwood? I need roll up
    Dior store can't keep up with me
    I'm spendin' thousand like money is nothin' to me
    I'm never comin' back, them people under me
    Not the fans, yeah, the haters
    Lotta bands on the table
    They say I went commercial, I ain't know it
    They want me catch a murder, I ain't goin' back
    Play myself out my position, who doin' that?

  • Spartan Blaze
    Spartan Blaze 9 days ago

    i’m tryna hear the remix

  • Chloé Pina
    Chloé Pina 9 days ago

    Kkjj,Kansas g/

  • time fliez
    time fliez 10 days ago


  • Kevin Vasquez
    Kevin Vasquez 10 days ago +2

    Lil baby’s flow change was when I knew Lil Uzi finna body dis 1:20

  • 10k tokyo
    10k tokyo 10 days ago +1

    I can deadass never skip this song

  • Émerson
    Émerson 10 days ago +1

    nao entendo nada mas tenho certeza que uzi cuspiu fatos heteros

  • fwdfdfsa111133
    fwdfdfsa111133 10 days ago +1

    Uzis homeboy Young 27 would've DESTROYED this beat!!

  • Brandon Lee
    Brandon Lee 11 days ago +3


  • Konscious_Bach
    Konscious_Bach 11 days ago

    Uzi went harder... But this shit banging tho.. They both put a twist on this joint

  • Jean Cheikh
    Jean Cheikh 11 days ago

    Lil baby is getting better and better every year

  • Latoya Taylor
    Latoya Taylor 12 days ago

    Rip kobe juice x and keep we lost legend in da past 3years

  • Solo_Cole
    Solo_Cole 12 days ago

    The version with 42 Dugg 🔥🔥

  • Danny
    Danny 12 days ago

    where's duggs part🤬🤬

  • Jean Cheikh
    Jean Cheikh 12 days ago

    Does any of you notify that lil baby getting better and better

  • Jimmy B
    Jimmy B 12 days ago

    Uzi Kelly Price line flew over a lotta heads.

  • YUNG_ Shuv4mツ
    YUNG_ Shuv4mツ 12 days ago +1

    Why is lil baby so good at the hooks for songs

  • kobs bowman
    kobs bowman 13 days ago

    We need to get a music video for this

  • Nitronic Gaming
    Nitronic Gaming 13 days ago


  • AskingMaaike
    AskingMaaike 13 days ago

    2:17 I’m sorry Uzi but the astrological sign for March is Pisces, not Aries. Aries is for April.
    I love this song but every time I hear it it triggers me so much.

    • moody 2
      moody 2 11 days ago

      @AskingMaaike sounds like a fairytale

    • AskingMaaike
      AskingMaaike 11 days ago +1

      @moody 2 ikr, my best friend a leo

    • moody 2
      moody 2 13 days ago

      he a leo he the best anyways

  • Abdiano Yg
    Abdiano Yg 14 days ago

    Lil uzi vert is ice

  • Kidfuse 5x
    Kidfuse 5x 14 days ago

    R.I.P Kobe 💯😔

  • Jackntubehd
    Jackntubehd 14 days ago

    Who else listening in their backyard?

  • Matt Greenleaf
    Matt Greenleaf 15 days ago

    This needs a videooooo

  • Hawk Golfer-Minecraft and More!

    "before I was 21, swear I was savage" that's heat

  • Ghost .toowavvy-_-bron7
    Ghost .toowavvy-_-bron7 15 days ago +1

    “I pay all these bills ima grown up”

  • Jeremy Simpson
    Jeremy Simpson 15 days ago +1

    Uzi can just ride on any beat

  • Maliki Bradley
    Maliki Bradley 16 days ago +7

    Lil babys literally a goat🐐🐐

    • aSaP__Unknown
      aSaP__Unknown 4 hours ago

      You ever heard XXXTENTACION or Ski Mask The Slump God, Eazy-E, Notorious BIG, Warren G, N.W.A?

  • Niek Breukhoven
    Niek Breukhoven 16 days ago +5

    best part of the song is definitely 2:50, straight fire🔥

  • Mario Uzi
    Mario Uzi 16 days ago

    Uzi went of he straight spittin 🔥🔥

  • Anthony Petrillo
    Anthony Petrillo 17 days ago +1

    That man lil baby out here smoking everything in sight. Nobody caught that line “before I run out of cash they’ll run out of land” yeah this the take over watch out.

  • FaNaTiKz
    FaNaTiKz 17 days ago +1

    Lil uzi vert went haaard

  • Regina Williams
    Regina Williams 17 days ago


  • cordarius brown
    cordarius brown 17 days ago

    Ment died

  • cordarius brown
    cordarius brown 17 days ago

    Kobe dying on my birthday

  • Mobil3 Us3r
    Mobil3 Us3r 18 days ago

    I like this song but expect Uzi, I feel like he isnt needed in this

    • Mobil3 Us3r
      Mobil3 Us3r 16 days ago

      @HiraiKasta I dont hate him, I just dont like him sometimes, does that make sense?

    • HiraiKasta
      HiraiKasta 16 days ago

      @Mobil3 Us3r oh

    • Mobil3 Us3r
      Mobil3 Us3r 16 days ago

      @HiraiKasta I use to like him but for me hes eh

    • HiraiKasta
      HiraiKasta 16 days ago +1

      Are you serious he snapped

  • Tyrel Bowen
    Tyrel Bowen 18 days ago +2

    Uzi kill this

  • Muhsin Ahmed
    Muhsin Ahmed 18 days ago +1

    This song is good one of his best

  • Jacob High
    Jacob High 19 days ago

    Who else watching this on the couch?

  • YvEtTe & MaRri CHANEL !!
    YvEtTe & MaRri CHANEL !! 19 days ago +2

    “if ion mean it den ian saying it“

  • Adam Wolfe
    Adam Wolfe 19 days ago

    Who else listening to this when ur doing insane edits in fortnite

  • Kayy Ferragamo
    Kayy Ferragamo 19 days ago

    1:04 - 1:25 🔥

  • Delet the game
    Delet the game 19 days ago +1

    This song is a damn banger

  • Maxou_ bidou
    Maxou_ bidou 20 days ago +1


  • FRED _
    FRED _ 20 days ago +3

    Baby and Uzi been running 2020 we need more collabs with them this year 🔥🔥

  • Dennis Ragston
    Dennis Ragston 21 day ago

    Kobe proboly vibin to this song in heaven right now.

  • Scooby Frmb3
    Scooby Frmb3 21 day ago

    Why take ma nigga dugg off for dis lame

  • Unknown Watcher
    Unknown Watcher 21 day ago +1

    Bith did good

  • Real Dr1lla
    Real Dr1lla 22 days ago

    the 2 best 'Lil' rappers after Wayne

  • MR.orignal channel
    MR.orignal channel 22 days ago +91

    "Before I was 21 I was savage"
    - Lil Baby

  • ighsight
    ighsight 22 days ago

    How he on fire but he cool as a fan?

  • dez nuts
    dez nuts 22 days ago

    Dont sleep on lil baby 2nd verse "sell all my drugs round the corna i pay all my bills ima grown up" lmao 🔥😂🤣

  • Dennis Ragston
    Dennis Ragston 22 days ago +1

    She take a trip and come back with a tan I take a trip and come back with them bands

  • Dotcom Vibez
    Dotcom Vibez 22 days ago

    When the two smart kids work together 🔥🔥🔥🇳🇬

  • Dean kwari
    Dean kwari 22 days ago +8

    “My dawg doing time, I know he ain’t gon snitch because there’s still some shit he didn’t tell” .😤😤

  • Shaquille Smith
    Shaquille Smith 22 days ago

    Can’t stop listening to this too 🔥🔥

  • Adrian Guzman
    Adrian Guzman 23 days ago

    Who pissed off lil uzi 💯🔥🎶 take it easy pal

  • mrgaberama
    mrgaberama 23 days ago

    The best too hard

  • Big B
    Big B 24 days ago


  • 54KJayy
    54KJayy 24 days ago +1

    on GOD I'm going to like this comment.

    That's on god foo like it up 😤

  • Rob Storm
    Rob Storm 24 days ago

    “Tay Keith this too hard”
    Okay it’s an 808, hats, clap, one instrument buried in the background and an out of place riser. It’s not hard at all. Coupled with the most garbage auto tune rapper, this is awful.

    • Rob Storm
      Rob Storm 22 days ago

      V15247 way to state the obvious. Yes. I hate it. It’s gross

    • V15247
      V15247 22 days ago +1

      lmao hater

  • jakierra davis
    jakierra davis 24 days ago

    Staight fire March aries

  • Cameron James
    Cameron James 24 days ago +1

    We need the version with dugg

  • dimzzeno
    dimzzeno 25 days ago +36

    A duo we didn’t know we needed