Lil Tjay - Calling My Phone (feat. 6LACK) [Official Video]

  • Published on Feb 11, 2021
  • Official video for "Calling My Phone" by Lil Tjay featuring 6LACK.
    Lil Tjay 'Destined 2 Win' out now -
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    Director: Cam Busby
    Cinematographer: Sam Brave
    Producer: James Sibio, Jay Tauzin, Saul Levitz
    Production Company: Golden Child Media
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Comments • 70

  • Lil Tjay
    Lil Tjay  12 days ago +1368


  • Melly Rosario
    Melly Rosario 4 hours ago

    Yo why did I think this song was back in 2017 like I feel like I heard it back in 2017 I’m tripping

  • Yamira Thompson
    Yamira Thompson 4 hours ago +1

    stop calling my phone hot

  • Agustine Martinez
    Agustine Martinez 4 hours ago

    Comment Favorite Verse Of Song

  • Jennylyn Yumul
    Jennylyn Yumul 4 hours ago

    I can't stop listening to this song, it almost 15 times I played it in a whole day or more than 15 times

  • terri walker
    terri walker 4 hours ago +1

    When ur ex keeps callin

  • Anthony Robert Kemp
    Anthony Robert Kemp 4 hours ago

    An hour of silence for people who haven’t found this song

  • Wqrp3d
    Wqrp3d 5 hours ago +1

    literally destroyed the beat

  • Bolfek FN
    Bolfek FN 5 hours ago +1

    like if tjay better than polo

  • Sa tjam
    Sa tjam 6 hours ago

    Whose here before this song is all over tik tok

  • Ryan Bikers
    Ryan Bikers 6 hours ago

    Radios non stop banging this U.K 🔥💪

  • Sofi Kh
    Sofi Kh 8 hours ago

    I am in love with the *get you of my mind now" 😫😫😫😫😫

  • Dezza Jones94
    Dezza Jones94 9 hours ago

    I've never listened to his music before, but I'm here after seeing him refuse to buy 16 rakz sneakers cos he know's people struggling to pay rent. Too real

  • Smunkey
    Smunkey 10 hours ago

    Your Only big Cause of POLO G

  • ST3V000
    ST3V000 11 hours ago

    It feels great when the beat match the soft melody, the chorus interacts the voice of adlibs, & the lyrics correspond the understanding of the song. Then have the director & producer fulfill a standing ovation video is icing on the cake!

  • RACHAEL Dianna
    RACHAEL Dianna 11 hours ago

    Sound nice sing some nice song Lil tjay

  • RACHAEL Dianna
    RACHAEL Dianna 11 hours ago +1

    Lil tjay song some nice

  • Gurdeep Singh
    Gurdeep Singh 11 hours ago +1

    The mickey mouse remix is like 1,000,000 times better

  • moe money 247
    moe money 247 11 hours ago


  • Hayden Torres
    Hayden Torres 11 hours ago

    Can’t believe that it’s been two months

  • Austin Sullivan
    Austin Sullivan 12 hours ago

    Too bad nobody noticed its the same beat as "nba youngboy How I Been" got to 2:35 on "How I been and you'll see!!!!! 👀

  • Heath plays Mincraft
    Heath plays Mincraft 12 hours ago

    How are there dislikes on this dude?..

  • Hen 559
    Hen 559 13 hours ago

    Who else here reads the lyrics that someone else post and listens to the song at the same time 🤟

  • Annie
    Annie 13 hours ago

    Man's comin to indiana bruh im so ready

  • Brielle Dukes
    Brielle Dukes 13 hours ago

    the videographer ateeee!

  • Ezequiel Villegas
    Ezequiel Villegas 13 hours ago

    What songs do you recommend of this type? ( Que canciones me recomiendan de este tipo)

  • Serena Badhall
    Serena Badhall 14 hours ago

    Yooooooo bad bro

  • Aimee Headley
    Aimee Headley 14 hours ago

    i love it

  • barbie boo
    barbie boo 14 hours ago

    Me love him song bad

  • Castro Soumwei
    Castro Soumwei 14 hours ago

    Mickey Mouse: Hold my mousekatool

    FUTURE TIME 15 hours ago

    This hit when u high ASF and u in yo feelings 😂

  • Demari Rodriguez
    Demari Rodriguez 16 hours ago

    Still can’t believe this two months ago already hall of fame classic song

    T-SHIRT COLLEGE 16 hours ago

    I’m as girl but hiiiiiiiiii 😘

  • DeadFamz
    DeadFamz 17 hours ago

    To the people watching this 25 years later this song was and always will be legendary.

  • KingKidCobra
    KingKidCobra 17 hours ago +1

    mickey mouse

  • Heaven Crosby
    Heaven Crosby 17 hours ago

    I was playing this song in the car of my phone and the radio station was playing it

  • TheLonelyGamer
    TheLonelyGamer 17 hours ago

    This my shit all 2021

  • Jimmy Huy Lang
    Jimmy Huy Lang 17 hours ago

    Nice song to remind me to always stay single.

  • sxrrt
    sxrrt 17 hours ago

    this is trash now that ive heard the mickey version

  • Erica Holbrook
    Erica Holbrook 18 hours ago

    You a goat man

  • Matt D
    Matt D 18 hours ago

    "I can't get you outta mind" is that part from a different song or does it sound like another song ?

  • ebraenn
    ebraenn 19 hours ago +1

    thisisthemaw yok yooookkkkkk

  • Ashlynn Frank
    Ashlynn Frank 19 hours ago

    love this song fr

  • London Williams
    London Williams 19 hours ago

    I can't get this song off my mine 😂💗

  • Kaleb Stancil
    Kaleb Stancil 19 hours ago

    Reminds me of my girlfriend

  • Georgia Thomas
    Georgia Thomas 19 hours ago

    Dakari. L TJAY. YOU I. LOVE

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 19 hours ago

    this song got me in my feels

  • Rachel Johnson
    Rachel Johnson 19 hours ago

    i done cried so many times i got rejected

  • Samuel Hindmarch
    Samuel Hindmarch 20 hours ago

    Steady calling my phone 📱 and i told you before that its over leave me alone ..... fucking love this tune man

  • Carmello Jones
    Carmello Jones 20 hours ago

    My sister gay

  • abigail melo benjamin
    abigail melo benjamin 20 hours ago +1

    love it

  • abigail melo benjamin
    abigail melo benjamin 20 hours ago +1

    what a song wow

  • Brey Galinato
    Brey Galinato 20 hours ago

    You can’t say this song is bad when really you watch the video over and over

  • Inderly Guzman
    Inderly Guzman 21 hour ago

    Let’s go

  • Č卄EWραpเmεNeɴEσ Ballo

    This song hits harder than my dads cabel

  • Jc 4kt
    Jc 4kt 21 hour ago +1


  • Gameplay Highlights
    Gameplay Highlights 21 hour ago +1

    I got chills 🥶🥶🥶

  • Sher'Risa Johnson
    Sher'Risa Johnson 22 hours ago

    Perfect collaboration 🖤🔥

  • Ethan Kell
    Ethan Kell 22 hours ago +1


  • Shay Christi
    Shay Christi 22 hours ago

    When you love someone but know y’all can’t be together...I can’t get you off my mind 🖤🎵🎵

  • juliana
    juliana 22 hours ago


  • orethius wrice
    orethius wrice 22 hours ago

    This the best song ❤️

  • Kiana Torrez
    Kiana Torrez 22 hours ago

    Waiting on yo king you can wait some more

  • Ntuthuko Ngema
    Ntuthuko Ngema 22 hours ago

    I really wanted to see that relationship growing and surviving all the rains and challenges...
    I won't go back!

  • EEM-KAY Slump Kid from JOZI Two1Nine8

    6lack like a Captain Niggas owe him some respect

  • exotic charge
    exotic charge 23 hours ago

    I love this song

  • Dimitrije Krstić
    Dimitrije Krstić Day ago +1

    Damnnn, this song hits hard...

  • rousfox
    rousfox Day ago

    so ''calling my phone'' or ''rapstar''????

  • jeremiah kelly
    jeremiah kelly Day ago

    Damn your comments hit harder than the song itself 😅😞😞

  • chicken man
    chicken man Day ago

    sick remix of yvng mickey’s calling my phone 😀