Living With Dog Vision

  • Published on Jan 12, 2021
  • Today I see like a dog. My eyes hurt.
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  • S Ali
    S Ali 2 hours ago

    Not me unable to solve the Rubik cube with human vision

  • Aaliyah&Andrea Cole
    Aaliyah&Andrea Cole 2 hours ago

    - Alexa tell me a coffee fact-
    -my Alexa telling the fact-
    -me- wOw iS hE iN mEh RoOm?-
    -him- no it’s the Alexa hearing me-

  • Sam Bennett
    Sam Bennett 7 hours ago

    Mom:” go play with the kid in the neighborhood “
    The neighborhood kid: 2:31

  • Jared Paul Operana

    1:16 when the flash ang explodes on your face

  • i ZOKYO
    i ZOKYO Day ago

    it was to bright bcuz you needed to tap the screen so it can focus.. i think

  • monivideosable
    monivideosable 2 days ago

    You remind me to Max fosh, like the bohemian version of him.

  • Dontknowthenameyet YT

    Only true rubick cubers know that he faked it and repeated the last step

  • nithilan nandakumar
    nithilan nandakumar 2 days ago

    I adopted two dogs after seeing this vid love u dogs

  • Breya Burgess
    Breya Burgess 2 days ago +2

    “honey?! lock the doors and close the shutters, the neighbour is doing his psycho dance rituals again...”

  • Way to many Things
    Way to many Things 3 days ago

    no one LYTERLY no one
    Thomas:so there’s this app called dog vision
    Me:goes straight to the App Store

  • Davis Cohen
    Davis Cohen 3 days ago +1

    Did you know every dog is color blind?

  • Hello there
    Hello there 3 days ago +1

    He's idea's are so dumb that its smart

  • El Crz
    El Crz 4 days ago

    We literally just watched Liam pour a bowl of cornflakes and eat it.
    This is why I love this man

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 4 days ago

    The fact he can even solve a cube

  • Cthulhu
    Cthulhu 4 days ago

    Guess that’s why they have good noses and hearing


    When he danced

    He:Hey I feel so cool....

    The dog:what the heck he is doing

    Is he appointed as a clown......

    Maybe I think🤔🤨🧐


    He: come here !!!!! Come here!!!

    The dog:

  • Matthew Carvalho
    Matthew Carvalho 5 days ago

    Imagine being the neighbours and seeing him jump around in the backyard with dog toys and a vr headset on

  • Oren Levin
    Oren Levin 5 days ago

    Living With Cat Vision

  • Jamie on 60 FPS
    Jamie on 60 FPS 5 days ago

    This is so cool 😂 😎

  • Lintang Javas
    Lintang Javas 5 days ago

    imagine in another universe a dog is making a video about living with human vision and he said it sucks 😂

  • Moniyx FN
    Moniyx FN 6 days ago

    No cap

    UNBELIEVABLE 7 days ago

    1:38 when someone's phone is in light mode

  • Scott and Veronica Dietsch

    can you get merch

  • Vasil Vetvik
    Vasil Vetvik 8 days ago

    Can you get an app or something with cat vision?

  • ADeadly Assassin
    ADeadly Assassin 9 days ago

    I feel like this dude is over exaggerating

  • Sunny Devil
    Sunny Devil 9 days ago

    This is how you decide what toys to pick out for your dog.

  • Fʀᴇᴇ ᴄssʜ Oᴍxʀ

    1:11 That's why I am subscribed 😂😂😂😂

    RAJESH CHAUDHARY 9 days ago

    Everybody gangsta until you woke up and actually got the dog vision 😂😂😂😂😂

  • HoXar ToX1c
    HoXar ToX1c 10 days ago

    Haha funny intro

  • Victor Aragon Del Cid Fabila

    liam: helo everyone today we are going to be living

  • The Twins23
    The Twins23 10 days ago

    I love your videos way too much

  • Jaydelyne Hutchinson
    Jaydelyne Hutchinson 10 days ago

    my dad said dogs see gray????? soooo ummmm one of yall is lying

  • A K
    A K 10 days ago

    Imagine living with 2 kaleidoscopes in your eyes.

  • jn beast
    jn beast 10 days ago

    Him I sloved a cube in dog vision
    Me I've never soved cube with human vision

  • Ron C
    Ron C 11 days ago

    Max’s looks so confused

    AMANDA MEI 11 days ago

    What was that bit at the end?

  • Chloe Wang
    Chloe Wang 11 days ago +1

    hey liam, you should teach your dog to solve a rubik's cube, its gonna be so easy!

  • CraftyCameron
    CraftyCameron 11 days ago

    Give your dog human vision:P

  • racheal naidoo
    racheal naidoo 12 days ago

    This is not real. Its just clear with blue and grey vision

  • SkunchNation
    SkunchNation 12 days ago

    hey Liam, please do a video where you have a camera about 6-12 inches above your head so you feel taller then you actually are

  • Paco Macias
    Paco Macias 12 days ago

    What vr headset does he use?

  • Shivanshu Verma
    Shivanshu Verma 13 days ago +1

    Finally FLash-player recommended me a video which is not 8 or 10 years old😂😂

  • BackSlashXO
    BackSlashXO 13 days ago +1

    Me when there are billions on ants on the ground lmao 2:38

  • Spencer’s Animations

    accurate title: life but your a dog

  • Patrick E.
    Patrick E. 13 days ago

    How about... Cat Vision...

  • starexboy
    starexboy 13 days ago

    Living in a bitch version

  • Kim Yuna
    Kim Yuna 13 days ago +1

    who knew dog were so poor for there vision

  • Zhithegamer
    Zhithegamer 13 days ago

    The brightness ruins my eyez LOL

  • MailomanYT
    MailomanYT 13 days ago

    That looks like dog water

  • Ericka Cruz
    Ericka Cruz 14 days ago

    I thought he was gonna live with dog vision not live like a dog 😭😂

  • NicNac'z
    NicNac'z 15 days ago +1

    This moment when your neighbor is jumping around in the garden and says: "wow that's thick"
    great video

  • Tyus Bernard
    Tyus Bernard 15 days ago

    liam is a beast

  • Peony A
    Peony A 15 days ago +1

    the ending got me

  • BizBazarr
    BizBazarr 15 days ago

    “A really low quality Simpsons Character.”
    You mean Season 1?

  • Splash 256
    Splash 256 15 days ago

    dogs see in 2D vision and they only see black and white

  • Splash 256
    Splash 256 15 days ago

    Dogs see i 2D vision and they are colorblind completely it’s just black and white

  • Sawyer Rummel
    Sawyer Rummel 15 days ago

    Imagine being his neighbor

  • Calextrix
    Calextrix 16 days ago

    Alternate Title: Chaotic FLash-playerr Simulates LSD

  • itachi uchiha
    itachi uchiha 16 days ago

    I think All animals have same look like us but not snakes I can't believe

  • Evelīna Eglīte
    Evelīna Eglīte 16 days ago

    max is like : t f he doin?😂🐶

    COASTAL PRODUCTIONZ 16 days ago +1

    2:12 "white, titty bear"

  • Itz_Gacha_Pastel Official

    The brightness is..

    Heaven brightness-

  • green dye
    green dye 16 days ago

    max must be like why is my boss acting like me

  • Brody Michalski
    Brody Michalski 17 days ago +1

    They can see better then us

  • Golden Axolotlo Gaming

    I think I found a cure to depression

  • Hayden Saunders
    Hayden Saunders 17 days ago

    When max was stomping in in the intro I was like fe fie foe fum

  • Nizzleberry
    Nizzleberry 17 days ago

    dogs have a hard life

  • em.prestoni
    em.prestoni 18 days ago

    Who else just looked at their dog like
    ‘You really be looking looking at the world like that ?’

  • damian arteaga
    damian arteaga 18 days ago

    2500: dogs: ok now lets see how a Hooman can see, WOW BRO THATS REALLY COOOOOL