FPL Gameweek 9 Transfer Tips and Q&A | Fantasy Premier League Tips 2020/21

  • Published on Nov 20, 2020
  • We're close to the Gameweek 9 deadline for Fantasy Premier League.
    Lets go through the latest news, talking points and YOUR questions.
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Comments • 70

  • Let's Talk FPL
    Let's Talk FPL  Month ago +34

    This is a reupload of last night's stream. It was a bit laggy and died at the end while streaming, but the recording should be fine. Bit different to the normal Thursday show which will likely return to normal next week!

    • FPL Glasto
      FPL Glasto Month ago

      Cheers Andy was champmaning last night great to have a guest on! Great to see you guys chatting

  • Max Goodman
    Max Goodman Month ago


  • doy
    doy Month ago

    Superb discussion by 2 legends 👍

  • Dan dan
    Dan dan Month ago +1

    Az does this to mess up other FPL youtubers stream! He did it with mark at black box on Friday night aswell

  • Joel B
    Joel B Month ago

    I’ve already taken a 4 point hit.
    Saiss -> Cancelo
    Son -> Fernandes
    Is it worth taking an extra hit to replace Salah? Jorginho is on my bench to come in.

  • Greg Brennan
    Greg Brennan Month ago +3

    Is it just me who thinks James Rodriguez has gone under the radar this week? I think he’s a quality choice for captain against Fulham just wondering what are peoples thoughts?

  • Elliot Lake
    Elliot Lake Month ago +1

    There's so much risk with Cancelo!! Right footer playing on the left? Mendy now fit and ready to go, will definitely get minutes! Walker first choice right back! I am staying the hell away and going for Dias

  • Je vis, donc je suis

    Salah to kdb done. Holding two tfs for next gw.

  • Daniel Thomas
    Daniel Thomas Month ago

    Is Zaha to Ziyech worth a -4 hit

    • luke P
      luke P Month ago

      No as Zaha has great fixtures, do the transfer after palace has played West Brom

  • Sam - Wise
    Sam - Wise Month ago


  • Sennabus
    Sennabus Month ago

    I sense a little bitterness towards Villa from this Brighton fan 😂

  • Yash Dogra
    Yash Dogra Month ago

    Only here for AZ’s stache

  • Mark Hinds
    Mark Hinds Month ago

    Grealish in for Salah or Son?

  • Craig Nason
    Craig Nason Month ago

    Anyone free hitting?
    My nephew got hold of my phone and transferred our way too many people 😂
    If so
    What players are you looking at?

  • Dub DonZ
    Dub DonZ Month ago +2

    Is Zaha still worth getting in?

  • Gwyn Liam
    Gwyn Liam Month ago

    Thanks Az!

  • Morgan Nugent
    Morgan Nugent Month ago

    I swear i watched this stream last night

  • Harry Burgess
    Harry Burgess Month ago +1

    Is it..
    a) 'De Broyn'
    b) 'De Broy-Nah' ?

  • Louis Stones
    Louis Stones Month ago

    Should I play my free hit?

    • luke P
      luke P Month ago

      No, wait for a double game week

  • Tristan Gray
    Tristan Gray Month ago

    I've got 2 transfers and am thinking of holding Salah, selling Son and Jorginho to bring in Fernandes and Ward Prowse (as my usual bench 5th mid when Salah returns). That would give me Grealish, Zaha, Fernandes, Ward Prowse, Salah as my midfielders with Watkins, Kane, and DCL up top. What do you think? Seems like I will want Salah more in a gameweek or two than I will want Son.

    • Tristan Gray
      Tristan Gray Month ago +1

      @luke P of course I said this and then transferred out Salah and Son for de Bruyne and Fernandes. Got 1.8M in the bank and will likely switch Fernandes for Salah in a few weeks.

    • Tristan Gray
      Tristan Gray Month ago +1

      @luke P sterling not even sure to play and honestly city's attack isn't hot enough yet for me to consider it essential. With peps rotation, the general lack of attacking form, and the fact that their points tend to be fairly spread out among their midfielders I am not sure I need City players yet honestly.

    • luke P
      luke P Month ago

      How would you get any Man City Mids in with that setup, sounds pretty tricky to me...

  • blackice4380
    blackice4380 Month ago +8

    Mum: We have Mario and Luigi at home
    Mario and Luigi at home:

  • Baz Cuda
    Baz Cuda Month ago

    A very useful discussion. Thanks guys.

  • Notplasticliverpoolfan 21

    Mo is returning to England today

  • Steve Kingswell
    Steve Kingswell Month ago

    Great guest really enjoyed the chat, advice & clear opinion

  • 문돌
    문돌 Month ago

    Zaha or James?

    • luke P
      luke P Month ago

      I would bring in Zaha if I could only have one. James has missed a few games and blanked before that and palace are playing well atm. If you have DCL then you already have the Everton games covered too so there’s no need to double up.

  • Philip Wright
    Philip Wright Month ago

    Henderson out now

  • Ben Lalor
    Ben Lalor Month ago +1

    Are you sure cancelo will continue to start when mendys back

    • Ian Spry
      Ian Spry Month ago +1

      Mendy has not looked very good when he has played and Cancelo has been one of City’s best players so I think it would be stupid of Pep to start Mendy of Cancelo

  • Simon M
    Simon M Month ago

    Andy's never going to get rid of Maupay the way he's talking. You need to cut the strings.

  • sambhav Bhirani
    sambhav Bhirani Month ago +1

    bamford or antonio?

    • luke P
      luke P Month ago

      Leeds have a great run of fixtures coming up but Antonio could be a great differential.
      Bamford to cover ownership and Antonio to make up points so it really depends where you are in your mini leagues!

  • Isco Alcaron
    Isco Alcaron Month ago

    Love the content, live over in the US.... are you confident Werner will start tomorrow? I want to slap the armband on him, but am scared he will get rotated after playing 90 mins after 90 minutes in International break...and frank said he planned on rotating, Werner still hasn’t gotten that rest...

  • Simon F
    Simon F Month ago

    Min. 58:55 Henderson is confirmed to be out this weekend

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    why would you sell Salah because he misses one game? its so silly

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    Sorry Az but why wouldn't Salah play vs Brighton? He has no symptoms and isnt ill

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    Salah doesnt need to train lol leave it

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    Son or Salah to Bruno ?

  • S E
    S E Month ago

    Son to Bruno OR Son to Bruno and Salah to KDB

  • Titas Zoglo
    Titas Zoglo Month ago

    Should I get Vardy in my squad for my free hit this game week?

    • S E
      S E Month ago +1

      if you think he will score v lpool then yeah

  • Steve-O
    Steve-O Month ago +1

    Gold Andy,
    I think been stated a thousand times
    "but more of these" 👌

  • BroMo
    BroMo Month ago

    Andy. Streams for a living now. Has terrible internets.

  • Martin Horvatić
    Martin Horvatić Month ago +3

    Luigi has got the biggest mic yet is too quiet to hear...

  • Stevo Barilik
    Stevo Barilik Month ago +2

    Could you help me with my team? I have 2 free transfers with 0.7 money remaining..

    Martinez (Martin)

    Lamptey, Zouma, Chilwell, (Mitchell, Dallas)

    Grealish, Barkley, Salah, Son, JRodriguez

    Calwet-Lewin - Bamford- Kane

    after 4 seasons i dont know really know what transfers will be good. I think i want to keep Salah..or no? please help me please please

    • Saketh Edpuganti
      Saketh Edpuganti Month ago

      Why would you double up on Chelsea defence with the fixtures they have?

  • Marcus Shaw
    Marcus Shaw Month ago

    Az seemed bored on that stream.

    • Rehan Hamid
      Rehan Hamid Month ago

      @Let's Talk FPL it was quality mate,im looking forward to more these in the future

    • Let's Talk FPL
      Let's Talk FPL  Month ago +1

      To add to this - I think it's very different doing a live Q&A on your own and with a guest. I think realistically if I do more of these going forward I need to prepare a bit more and give the guest some insight into what we'll be talking about. Definitely learned a bit by doing this last night!

    • FPL BlackBox
      FPL BlackBox Month ago +1

      no! not bored at all... one problem i was having was my feed was a little delayed so watching back, quite a few of my reactions are a few seconds late on what Andy was saying... loved doing it and chatting with Andy as always.

  • Ignacio Saravia Prado
    Ignacio Saravia Prado Month ago +5

    everyone says Mane is the best, put Mane, he's going to give a lot of points, (which is true) but what about Diogo Jota?

  • Pratik Desai
    Pratik Desai Month ago

    the internet issue has come back

  • S E
    S E Month ago +6

    Klopp confirmed Salah has no symptoms

    • S E
      S E Month ago


  • Vignesh
    Vignesh Month ago

    Who should i get DCL or Richarlison, most of them in my leage have DCL ..

    • Jason Burrows
      Jason Burrows Month ago +1

      Richarlison, Everton have shown how poor they are without him. I have dlc but won’t swap as his price has changed so much

    • chris nield
      chris nield Month ago +1

      Personally id go dcl just coz you dont know how richarlison is gonna play as he hasnt played in a while

  • shush shush
    shush shush Month ago

    andy need your help Bruno or DCL for captaincy

    • Bainsy hd
      Bainsy hd Month ago

      Shush Tate as long as Utd score first I reckon this will be 3-0 Utd tbh

    • shush shush
      shush shush Month ago

      @Bainsy hd i have a feeling west brom are gonna sit deep with 5 at the back so it’s difficult

    • Bainsy hd
      Bainsy hd Month ago

      I’ve got both but I’m going for the midfielder in Bruno

  • Mr Melons
    Mr Melons Month ago

    Any news about Castagne? Is he playing this GW?

    • Nirdesh Ghimire
      Nirdesh Ghimire Month ago

      Yes rodgers confirms that in the press conference

  • Istiak Hossain
    Istiak Hossain Month ago

    great content as always. can you please tell me the name of the soundtrack that you used in the intro? seems addictive but can't find it.

  • João Mourato
    João Mourato Month ago

    why is no one bringing Jesus in? am I missing something

    • Robert Amsbury
      Robert Amsbury Month ago

      I guess it's a combination of things. Preference for Vardy or Kane as forwards, preference for KDB or Sterling as City players, and that his game time will drop when Aguero is back

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago

      Opportunity cost

  • José López
    José López Month ago

    Just came to like the "mario and luigi" comment.

  • jess trigg
    jess trigg Month ago

    I'm thinking of taking a - 4 taking Salah out and getting Jota.
    Then next week doing Kane and Son to Vardy and KDB.
    I don't want to take the - 4 this week but I'm 0.4 away from being able to do the Vardy and KDB without getting rid of Salah

    • Rehan Hamid
      Rehan Hamid Month ago

      Keep kane he can still get goals bcos he takes pens

  • Matthew Launchbury
    Matthew Launchbury Month ago

    I've subbed off salah and bringing him back in when he isn't ill

  • Danelius
    Danelius Month ago

    Enjoyed it, thank you. I'd keep Maupay and don't do a Adams. Transfer out Maupay once he done a double figure - ha.

  • Bealzbob
    Bealzbob Month ago +3

    People saying Grealish doesn't have penalties ... Watkins took the last one after Grealish agreed to give him the ball. It looked very much like the designated penalty taker giving Ollie 'just this one'. If I was putting money on it I'd say Grealish is the regular penalty taker.

    • Chris B
      Chris B Month ago

      Either that or Watkins is the designated taker and Grealish tried it on as the player to win the penalty. Tbh I hope you're right as I'm a Grealish owner but I think it's more a 50/50 chance between 'em.

  • Len Williams
    Len Williams Month ago

    Brilliant analysis boys....Thanks! Would be nice to know/see both of your last week totals and rankings....

    • Danelius
      Danelius Month ago

      Andy - 74pts
      GW Rank 563,810
      Az - 68pts
      GW Rank 1,295,605

  • Sai Girithar Rao
    Sai Girithar Rao Month ago

    Bruhhh Reguillion is Andy's 3rd sub😂 no confidence in a clean sheet I guess

  • Mijash Pokharel
    Mijash Pokharel Month ago

    Dcl will smash this gw.

  • TS 2020
    TS 2020 Month ago +74

    Sad as it sounds, footy, fpl, and your content are the things keeping me going through lockdown! Keep up the good work

    • Eddy
      Eddy Month ago

      @Danny Yousif I'm using drugs and fpl. Maradonnas in my team and i'm 7th in the world

    • Olof Olofsson
      Olof Olofsson Month ago

      Same here

    • Drew D
      Drew D Month ago +2

      Same mate, not sad at all, have had terrible mental health and it is giving us a sense of community and connection; I've made friends through playing these games online.

    • Ed Carcosa
      Ed Carcosa Month ago +2

      Why would things that are positive and make u happy be sad? It’s the little things that are getting us through this crap 🙂

    • BenWTF
      BenWTF Month ago +2

      Not sad at all mate, who you thinking for captaincy this gameweek?

  • chimpy666
    chimpy666 Month ago

    So is Az Joe from the scout casts son?

  • Dante Soares
    Dante Soares Month ago +1

    Selling TAA and Podence for Vestgard and Fernandes thoughts??

    • S E
      S E Month ago

      TAA for Cancelo

    • shush shush
      shush shush Month ago

      vestergaards good but only if they have good games if they play big teams they might struggle

  • Henry Save-All
    Henry Save-All Month ago +4

    Can’t believe you’re keeping Maupay... Bamford will score 3 against Arsenal !

  • Mark Nightingale
    Mark Nightingale Month ago +1

    Thanks for the Telles reminder

  • James
    James Month ago

    ive got van aanholt in at the moment- gw 16 change to alderwireld/regulon?

  • James
    James Month ago +1

    rate wildcard drafts again pls

  • Jezz Bish
    Jezz Bish Month ago +13

    Az and Adam look like they should be solving mysteries together.

    • Danelius
      Danelius Month ago

      Probably Che finding his next goal.

    • Phil Gee
      Phil Gee Month ago

      Who’s Adam?

  • jeff violet
    jeff violet Month ago

    Coufal Or Cancelo ?

  • Dual Ity
    Dual Ity Month ago


  • Rugved Desai
    Rugved Desai Month ago +2

    Did you guys transferred out Salah ?

    • S E
      S E Month ago

      hes only out for 1 week, no symptons

  • Sukesy Mattar
    Sukesy Mattar Month ago

    Who should I captain out of Ziyech, Bruno and Werner?

    • Dante Soares
      Dante Soares Month ago

      @Ridzuan Sufian yep I captain him secured that 22 points

    • Ridzuan Sufian
      Ridzuan Sufian Month ago

      @Dante Soares yup.. 22points capt bruno... now for the next game...

    • Dante Soares
      Dante Soares Month ago

      Bruno against West Brom not a bad fixture for him

    • Amaan KR
      Amaan KR Month ago

      @Rugved Desai he’s probably resting because he played a lot for Germany so he’s probably going to start today

    • Ridzuan Sufian
      Ridzuan Sufian Month ago

      Ziyech,bruno or vardy as captain for me.. already have both ziyech n bruno.. now thinking of selling kane for vardy as liverpool injuries are quite severe.. then headache in choosing my captain.. hahaha