TRASH or PASS! KSI ft Lil Durk ( No Time ) [REACTION!!!]

  • Was that a Trash or Pass?
    Song - KSI ft Lil Durk ( No Time )
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  • LayedBakDFR
    LayedBakDFR  15 days ago +416

    Make sure to follow me on Instagram 💯

    • michael oliney
      michael oliney 11 days ago

      Yo I really want to see what you think of Tom McDonald "Dont look down"

    • Vincent Binni
      Vincent Binni 12 days ago

      Madness or no pressure reaction next plz let’s get it!!!!

    • Joseph Overby
      Joseph Overby 14 days ago

      Yoo you gotta listen to Samson - Ball if I want to (remix) would love to see your reaction to that!

    • Abdul Khalil
      Abdul Khalil 14 days ago

      Hey bro , would love to see your reaction on both these songs honestly
      “Post Malone rich and sad”
      “Yung bleu you’re mines still”

    • kyle lloyd
      kyle lloyd 14 days ago

      React to Breaking Down by I Prevail 💯💯💯

  • Matthew Sheedy
    Matthew Sheedy 18 hours ago

    Anybody see at the beginning he spelled lil durk lil dark

  • Wisnu
    Wisnu Day ago

    "you know that i" -LayedBakDFR

  • GModz-_-Modding
    GModz-_-Modding Day ago

    0:44 secs in says lil dark

  • Jon Hanrahan
    Jon Hanrahan Day ago

    Btw on your start up when it says whos playing . It says " Lil Dark "

  • Eamon Ball
    Eamon Ball Day ago

    Sleeping with the enemy ft S-X

  • Musa ABD HALIM
    Musa ABD HALIM Day ago

    anyone see the Lil “DARK”

  • Mithezzy Paranee

    React to ksi silly

  • PistolPet
    PistolPet Day ago

    Lil Dark... 0:42

  • R
    R Day ago

    Anyone else see the “lil dark”😹😹

  • Citric Gaming
    Citric Gaming Day ago

    Still waiting for him to compliment his voice jj has stepped it up massively

  • Christy .B.Thomas
    Christy .B.Thomas 2 days ago

    Lil dark 😂😂😂

  • gokul js
    gokul js 2 days ago

    only because of ksi song

  • JJB
    JJB 3 days ago

    Is no one gonna address that it said lil dark instead of lil Durk lol

  • joemomma
    joemomma 3 days ago

    The hook was by his friend s--x who's also one of the producer of the beat.

  • Ivolinovic
    Ivolinovic 4 days ago

    Lil Dark the one and only

  • azooz saffarini
    azooz saffarini 4 days ago +1


  • JuiceHub
    JuiceHub 4 days ago

    I love me some Lil Dark

  • George Cooke
    George Cooke 4 days ago

    Needs to react to Dave-titanium

  • Suvhadeep Tarafdar
    Suvhadeep Tarafdar 4 days ago

    I feel Russ's 3:15

  • Dark_Demon
    Dark_Demon 4 days ago +7

    This song needs to be on the GTA Radio

  • Aiden Martinez
    Aiden Martinez 5 days ago

    Bruh at the beginning were it says coming up he put lil dark 😂😂

  • idontevengame1
    idontevengame1 5 days ago

    Ksi’s First verse was pretty meh but his hook was catchy and durk had a good verse.

  • |Xx0T4KUxX|
    |Xx0T4KUxX| 5 days ago

    Industry baby

  • OverDose Gaming
    OverDose Gaming 5 days ago


  • Raul Aldape
    Raul Aldape 6 days ago

    jj is going to be one of the biggest artist in the world

  • Ginger 0709
    Ginger 0709 6 days ago

    Bit to much auto tune for me ngl

  • Timi Militante
    Timi Militante 6 days ago

    Homaygad it’s lil dark!

  • Vulcan Gaming Ltd
    Vulcan Gaming Ltd 6 days ago

    29,000th like🔥🔥

  • King Crowder
    King Crowder 6 days ago

    This song hit different!

  • Frederikkwa
    Frederikkwa 6 days ago

    was i the only one who saw "lil dark" or?

  • Jayden Bryant
    Jayden Bryant 6 days ago +1

    this song went harder then hard

  • Gaming Is Fun
    Gaming Is Fun 6 days ago


  • TJ
    TJ 7 days ago

    What happened to the dax reactions

  • Coen Roberts
    Coen Roberts 7 days ago

    Surely im not the only one who thought gravity falls was plaing when the song starts

  • Rydah Mondon
    Rydah Mondon 7 days ago

    sheesh ksi and lil dark bahahaha

  • the Gamer
    the Gamer 7 days ago


  • Maisie Hatfield
    Maisie Hatfield 7 days ago

    The fact that ksi turned the comments off on his no time video is so sad to see. Its an absolute banger of a song

  • Muhtada Sattar
    Muhtada Sattar 8 days ago

    David alaba if he didint play football

  • Manuka Girihagama
    Manuka Girihagama 8 days ago


  • Beats Buds
    Beats Buds 8 days ago

    Wow best tune in time !!

  • Metal Head
    Metal Head 8 days ago +7

    Never thought ksi can produce something great like this .

  • 3hanzzz
    3hanzzz 8 days ago

    Ksi dont do that high pitched does he?

  • Lorrenzo Sigala
    Lorrenzo Sigala 8 days ago +1

    The melody from the beginning reminds me of Gravity Falls.

  • Sezab Idris
    Sezab Idris 8 days ago

    Be true be you💓

  • Big Boy
    Big Boy 8 days ago

    React to no pressure Ksi best track on the album no cap

  • SoakingEggs
    SoakingEggs 8 days ago +9

    3 seconds into the track:" beat hard"
    the track: * no beat yet * 👁👄👁

  • Kehan Kalutharage
    Kehan Kalutharage 8 days ago

    He be vibing to that song tho

  • Ian
    Ian 8 days ago

    Can u please listen to 2055 by sleepy hallow if u haven’t

  • adam nita
    adam nita 8 days ago

    Lil dark...

  • Samaksh Kapur
    Samaksh Kapur 8 days ago

    JJ on that SX shittt

  • David
    David 8 days ago

    Brilliant this one!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 8 days ago +1

    "Silly" is the best track on the album imo. You definitely need to react to that one

  • Jiggletotts01
    Jiggletotts01 9 days ago

    How does this reaction have 300k views this tune on ksi channel only has 60 k

  • Olivier Smit
    Olivier Smit 9 days ago

    Lil dark is pretty hard

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 8 days ago

      You shush do gang gang next

  • smoke kush
    smoke kush 9 days ago

    Durk is really great feature for this somg

  • W E L.
    W E L. 9 days ago +1

    Lil dark lol

  • Farhaan Bhattacharjee

    Can i just say how beautiful that view is tho...

  • Astro Melodic
    Astro Melodic 9 days ago +4

    Imagine an accident just randomly happen in the background

  • Izolda Nikaj
    Izolda Nikaj 9 days ago

    Lil dark 😭😭

  • Josh Beast
    Josh Beast 9 days ago +1

    React to silly ft bugzy

  • Josh Beast
    Josh Beast 9 days ago

    The facial expression in the thumbnail can mean one of 2 things which is why I clicked, smart man 😂

  • Kyto
    Kyto 9 days ago

    This my fav sojng from ksi ever tbh

    • Jay H
      Jay H 8 days ago

      @Tony Lin so why so much autotune ):

    • Tony Lin
      Tony Lin 8 days ago

      @Jay H he can sing, he performed holiday pretty well

    • Jay H
      Jay H 8 days ago

      yes its good but a bit to much autotune in my opinion lol maby he still just cant sing

  • Reguvel Richard
    Reguvel Richard 9 days ago

    Lil dark 😂

  • Mr Sumptuous
    Mr Sumptuous 9 days ago

    I know it’s all down to taste but I hate this kind of music. The beat is good but the artists feel like they need to use a shit load of vocal effects. It’s a smack in the face to people who are just natural in their songs.

  • the anonymous 3
    the anonymous 3 9 days ago

    anyone coming here to see why it said lil dark in the comments

  • Gavin Wiltshire
    Gavin Wiltshire 10 days ago

    The moment
    The moment
    The moment

  • Heaven_ forge
    Heaven_ forge 10 days ago

    this is my favourite song in the album

  • Obada Ubaidi
    Obada Ubaidi 10 days ago

    Why does he bleep swear words. 😂

  • Nottz jb
    Nottz jb 10 days ago +1

    You shush do gang gang next