Extreme Closet Clean Out ...GONE WRONG (so much regret)

  • Published on Mar 27, 2020
  • During self isolation I decided to do a HUGE Extreme Closet Clean Out for the FIRST TIME EVER but it was WAY worse then I anticipated...
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Comments • 100

  • WOSome Girl
    WOSome Girl Hour ago

    16:42 "no makeup" she looks like she has a full face of makeup on. lauren ur beautiful

  • Ζωη Καρανταγλη

    Why do I feel like the end was VERY simular to an employee giving you a tour of their clothes shop lmao?

  • Gacha_Gamer
    Gacha_Gamer 21 hour ago

    Bobby: That's cool! I have all your merch in one spot
    Lauren:*mumbles* you better

  • Serena Park
    Serena Park 22 hours ago +1

    the raycon can only be shipped to us and i really want a pair

  • Sandra Dyer
    Sandra Dyer Day ago

    Yes... Yes Lauren you are being judged

  • Edd Elliott
    Edd Elliott Day ago +2

    That’s why you never clean out a closet lmao. Tho it makes me want to go through my stuff😬

  • Vanessa Filges
    Vanessa Filges Day ago

    i need that closet😂😭

  • Alanna Griffin
    Alanna Griffin Day ago +1

    Turn the left over cloth in to merch lol!!! I would buy it

  • I luv Gacha
    I luv Gacha Day ago

    I thought I had way too many clothes

  • Harper Torres
    Harper Torres Day ago

    2hy not just get rid of all of them then bye new ones

  • grace Grace
    grace Grace Day ago

    My Mom: Go and fold the clothes!
    Me: Ok! *Watches a Video of a person folding clothes*

  • Beanie Boo
    Beanie Boo Day ago

    She has SO many clothes

  • Eva Bidan-Anderson
    Eva Bidan-Anderson Day ago +2

    No one
    Absolutely no one
    Me: Trying to find the hot dog costume

  • Sky Brooklyns
    Sky Brooklyns Day ago

    For you guys wondering you can get doki doki literature club for FREE on steam

  • Eva Peticca
    Eva Peticca Day ago

    shes taking out like eight of my closet and i cant even put a chair in my closet

  • Eva Peticca
    Eva Peticca Day ago

    shes taking out like eight of my closet and i cant even put a chair in my closet

  • Eva Peticca
    Eva Peticca Day ago

    can i live in you closet please?

  • Fallon Wainwright

    hey now I'm not the only pin trailer on FLash-player

  • Maddie Hello
    Maddie Hello Day ago +1

    Yeah I have like about 11 shirts and 7 pants and a couple of shoes 😔

  • Evy and Emy
    Evy and Emy Day ago

    Cloes XD

  • Milan Carney
    Milan Carney Day ago

    I am a kid and I'd do not like cleaning so you have a big closet I was just take all of those clothes and just throw in the closet

  • Milan Carney
    Milan Carney Day ago +1

    I love how you're pretty high heels Mrs.Lauren

  • Betty Sanders
    Betty Sanders Day ago +1

    Last week got rid of 3 bags of clothes.
    Also me 5min later ordered a bunch of more clothes..
    My mom....gurl this ain't helping you
    Also my mom what did I just create.

  • Andrea Hoffus
    Andrea Hoffus Day ago

    this is me tho it toke me years cleaning my room

  • XXizzy MoonlightXX

    Why is ray on sponsoring all FLash-playerr ahhhhhhh🤭🤔🤨🤨🤨
    Did anyone else see her Billie Eilish shirt when her and gloom did the avocado series
    Like yes
    Comment no

  • elishia cox
    elishia cox Day ago

    This shows just how much Lauren is committed to FLash-player

  • Eryn Campbell
    Eryn Campbell Day ago

    Me: sees Raycon
    Also me: GRAY

  • Pepper•Wolf•Gachaz .

    Lauren if I had as many clothes as you I would Never Look Trashie again

  • Taylor Hannah
    Taylor Hannah 2 days ago

    You have a problem and the answer is get rid of it all then buy new clothes

  • Tomie LaBeff
    Tomie LaBeff 2 days ago

    Wait Lauren what is ur sisters FLash-player


    see girls have a lot of clothes LOL

  • Robin Smith
    Robin Smith 2 days ago

    5 days

  • Isla de Swart
    Isla de Swart 2 days ago +1

    Dexter is so cute

  • Mattie Hamster
    Mattie Hamster 2 days ago +1

    I’m happy that you have a good style and I’m not worried about the things you have.👍🏻👌

  • tera snyder
    tera snyder 2 days ago

    You have more cloths than anyone I've ever seen

  • Karye_ Kawaii
    Karye_ Kawaii 2 days ago +1

    Me when I see a spider: 17:45

  • ThatHatedSpork
    ThatHatedSpork 2 days ago

    am I the only one who noticed the senpai shirt- just me- aight-

  • Callie Brad
    Callie Brad 2 days ago

    Bi have to figure out where to put all the hangerrrrs

  • Poisoned Wolf Gacha
    Poisoned Wolf Gacha 2 days ago

    Yesterday I cleaned out my drawer of stuff I won't wear and stuff that doesn't fit. I ended up with 4 FILLED TO THE BRIM trashbags 3 of them clothes, and the other 1 shoes. That was ALL MINE

  • Why do I do this
    Why do I do this 2 days ago

    I tried this it took 2 weeks

  • Bella Smith
    Bella Smith 2 days ago

    I saw this video two weeks ago and tried to clean my closet too now it’s even messier now I actually have to spend my whole week to clean a tiny closet

  • Katie Thackeray
    Katie Thackeray 2 days ago

    Does anyone else think Lauren looks better in glasses?

  • Ahmira Banion
    Ahmira Banion 2 days ago

    Wow when she said it is currently 7:16 it was 7:16 here what are the chances

  • Anna Paris
    Anna Paris 2 days ago

    Thank you sooooo much for the promo code! My parents Said i can get them because the’re way less expensive than the wireless earbuds they were going to get!

  • _Starla Devil_
    _Starla Devil_ 3 days ago

    When you were wearing the yellow vans crop hoodie I was like: “HOLY CRAP I HAVE THE SAME ONE!!!!!!!”

  • Isabelle Love
    Isabelle Love 3 days ago +1

    Lauren’s closet is literally bigger then my room..... 😂😂😂

  • Unknown Potato
    Unknown Potato 3 days ago +1

    Anyone else realize it was yellow then white 😂

  • FigitFun07
    FigitFun07 3 days ago

    If I was Lauren I would be legit screaming to death 👿

  • Elena Rupp
    Elena Rupp 3 days ago

    Lauren says sims is not gaming

  • Sunny Squad
    Sunny Squad 3 days ago +2

    I’m just going to say Lauren’s closest is giant

  • TheLivingBlanket
    TheLivingBlanket 3 days ago +1

    Lauren has really good eyebrows, like WOW!

  • perfectly peppa
    perfectly peppa 3 days ago

    I feel your pain darling. If I tried within an hour I would be dead. lol

  • onequartercanadian
    onequartercanadian 3 days ago +1

    The fact that Bobby thought it would take 1-2 hours shows how much faith he has in Lauren and that’s adorable! ❤️

  • noudimissnoopy
    noudimissnoopy 3 days ago

    no one is gonna talk abouthow long laurens eyelashes are?!?! 16:31

  • Feline Boer
    Feline Boer 3 days ago

    Lauren: i have an idea
    Bobby: what's you're idea?
    me: Wait didn't they say that like in the minecraft version of the gaming girl or something like that? XD

  • p o t a t o G a c h a

    i feel ya i had to clean out my closet my self while my sis didnt even help it was a big pile but it ended up scattered again

  • Bethany Dickson
    Bethany Dickson 3 days ago +3

    Me: *watches entire video*

    Also me: "Wait, that closet is bigger than my room!"

  • Katelyn Kittenlove
    Katelyn Kittenlove 3 days ago

    This has inspired me to do a youtube vid on cleaning my room out. Even though you wanted to die, I need to do something in my life >.< Luv you Lauren

  • Darkfuzzy bubble
    Darkfuzzy bubble 3 days ago +1

    Lauren, girl!!!!!

  • B G M
    B G M 3 days ago

    Why don’t u clean up your cupboard again haha😂

  • Mommahumm
    Mommahumm 3 days ago

    it took me 3 weeks to clean me closet and I messed it up again

  • Mundii Roblox
    Mundii Roblox 3 days ago +1

    Lauren I love you and your videos I want to join the z siders but my mom wont let me but I would freak out if you either liked or replied to my comment I dont want to be desperate for attention but i just want you to know i exist 💓

  • Evie Memmott
    Evie Memmott 3 days ago +2

    Lauren : I'm going to make them colour coded
    Moriah Elizabeth: hello there
    Sorry if I stole your idea sunnydayz it was funny
    Pls comment

  • Evie Memmott
    Evie Memmott 3 days ago

    Lauren are you friends with Barbie 👭

  • Amber Sidhu
    Amber Sidhu 4 days ago

    Lauren; *owns 10000 pairs of shoes*

    Me; *owns 1 pair that I bought 3 years ago...*

  • Hi There
    Hi There 4 days ago

    we’ve been in quarantine for over 2 months i-

  • Amy Plays
    Amy Plays 4 days ago +3

    This hurts me just watching this beacse it is me but with stuffed animals I staked all my stuffy in a pile and it was higher then me I'm 4'3 I have a problem

  • fuzzy the ice dragon

    It looks fun but i think it dont feel fun i would help you but i cant anymaore and i dont live there where you :-)

  • dragon named Opal
    dragon named Opal 4 days ago

    Listening to you while cleaning my room

  • Amaya Burger
    Amaya Burger 4 days ago

    You look nice with no makeup

  • Jet Kemp
    Jet Kemp 4 days ago

    I love your scrunchy

  • Puppy Club Studio
    Puppy Club Studio 4 days ago

    Sorry Racon but, ima stick to my beats solo 3 btw love u Lauren 💜💙

  • Robot Eye
    Robot Eye 4 days ago +3

    I cleaned my closet after I saw this it took me about 20 minutes

    • Robot Eye
      Robot Eye 3 days ago

      Oh I know “that chair”

    • Mocha
      Mocha 3 days ago +1

      I have no closet, I just have 'the chair'

  • Megan Boger
    Megan Boger 4 days ago +1


  • Little Dani Ruiz
    Little Dani Ruiz 4 days ago

    3037 anyone?

  • Lil Gxchx
    Lil Gxchx 4 days ago

    People at 3 A.M: calling horrifying people, making slime, etc.
    Me at 3 A.M: eating cereal while watching Lauren clean out her closet and litteraly dieing

  • candy demon
    candy demon 5 days ago +1

    Do it ellies way get rid of all you clothes and buy a new wardrobe simple

  • Ronell’s Youtube
    Ronell’s Youtube 5 days ago

    Why not kartha gewart

  • LegitFearlessGoddess
    LegitFearlessGoddess 5 days ago +1

    5:40 that moment you get busted for doing something you weren’t supposed to 😂

  • ʚ T̶o̶y̶k̶o̶ ɞ

    Don't worry lauren
    My clothes are much worse
    I call the mountain of clothes i have mount clothes no-one has ever reached da top

  • Deina Čiurlytė
    Deina Čiurlytė 5 days ago

    Lauren i know that feling when u kinda want to do that thing and Then u just Start and Then regret it bc i actualy have about same amount of clothes and finished cleaning after 4 Days Even tho im 12 :D Idk why i have that Much clothes :> i think im going crazy its been 2 months and few weeks when its quaranteen

  • Charlotte Pearce-Parra
    Charlotte Pearce-Parra 5 days ago +1

    Omg Moriah Elizabeth and Lauren should do a video together omg yasssssss

  • G Oezoe
    G Oezoe 5 days ago +1

    OMG. Just OMG

  • Abbie O leary
    Abbie O leary 5 days ago

    I think FLash-player’s watching me because this popped up as I was watching @jacksucksatlife WHILE cleaning out all my closes and shoes out of my WARDROBE

    Mmmmmm I’m scared 😟

  • Pink Queen fan
    Pink Queen fan 5 days ago

    Can ray con be for kids?

  • Aesthetical GachaGarden

    On the next episode of extreme hoarders

  • Strange Things
    Strange Things 5 days ago

    I LOVE TO ORGANIZING THINGS.................for some reason 😶😶😨😨

  • VickyPlayz
    VickyPlayz 6 days ago

    lauren: this was a bad idea
    me: O-O

  • ilovegeckos11
    ilovegeckos11 6 days ago

    Poor Lauren :(

  • Raynah Mccann
    Raynah Mccann 6 days ago +1

    You have so much clothes and yet every video I see you’re wearing like the same five things LOL😂

  • Robert Koeller
    Robert Koeller 6 days ago

    11:08 I have the same pants

  • Dragon DevilWolf
    Dragon DevilWolf 6 days ago

    24*5 =120hours

  • Bisexual Jaden
    Bisexual Jaden 6 days ago +1

    This has inspired me to clean out my closet and my dresser no wonder my dresser was jammed it was a horrible idea but at the end cleaning it all out and knowing where everything was now was amazing but I did have a huge pile on my floor for 2 days!!!! Lmao

  • Angle Cute Girls
    Angle Cute Girls 6 days ago

    why did you put the closet in the guest bedroom

  • Violet Preissinger
    Violet Preissinger 6 days ago +3

    Bobby:this will take 2 hours

    8 days later

    Lauren: I’m done

  • MyChemicalPanic AtthepilotS!

    my favorite crime and murder podcasts are true crime garage and serial killers. i also heard of one that i think is called female killers that sounds interesting as well!

  • unicorn person
    unicorn person 6 days ago +1

    I would literally hang out with my friends in her closet and play games and eat and lounge.
    (This is really not hate or anything Lauren is amazing but her closet is just really big XD)

  • CookieX Dough
    CookieX Dough 7 days ago +3

    Lauren: For today’s video..
    Me: You mean today and tomorrow and after that and after that and then after a week’s video ☺️

  • Emma Jonah
    Emma Jonah 7 days ago +2

    lauren:I have G U C C I
    ZCH: oh I have 100 things from G U C C I opp

  • Elizabeth Evans
    Elizabeth Evans 7 days ago


    Dexter: *twitches ear*