Thailand feat. Rip Taylor

  • Published on Oct 9, 2019
  • In memory of Rip Taylor, please enjoy this very silly segment from 2015, in which he helped us resolve an intractable problem involving Thailand and Hitler.
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  • Santos Fun
    Santos Fun 5 minutes ago

    And he wonder why the teenage girls like those bad boys? my country the pretty face, wealthy, reputation and power come first. logic will have to waite.

  • Kai [Va]
    Kai [Va] 15 minutes ago

    rip rip

  • sirirat suakaewnoy

    Thai people know. They just don't care

  • Nechigawara Sanzenin
    Nechigawara Sanzenin 2 hours ago

    R.I.P., Rip Taylor

  • G SAU
    G SAU 4 hours ago

    Big props to Rip for addressing and making fun of his obvious toupee.

  • FahfyWK
    FahfyWK 4 hours ago

    Seems funny to judge ALL Thai people like we never learn YOUR history. Have you ever been in Thailand before criticize the whole country? Have you ever learn about our history or law? Can you spot where is Thailand on the map yet?

  • onanidaily
    onanidaily 4 hours ago

    เพศสัมพันธ์คุณ - ควาย !

  • Milton Browning
    Milton Browning 5 hours ago

    How can the Thai like and revere a person who would have literally killed them too? So strange how that fad would have gotten started. They're not Aryans... White folks...

  • Rodrigo Coca
    Rodrigo Coca 8 hours ago

    This is exactly how we feel when Netlfix makes shows about pablo escobar and other capos.

    OOM MOO 8 hours ago

    It's just funny marketing or gimmick events. not about know or not know, why do you care?

  • Ambition by Zap Dramatic

    i'm so sad that i only am just now finding out about rip taylor, because he seems like a wonderful person i missed out on

  • Oblithian
    Oblithian 12 hours ago +1

    To be fair, T-shirts with teletubby Hitlers do make Hitler more ridiculous, and you should not be wispering his name like Voldemort, giving his name the power of fear. You should be making him the butt of every joke, like the horrible genocidal monster diarrhea that he is.

  • ตรินัยน์ สุภาพ

    And what does it have to do with Thailand or Thai people? We hate colonial countries in the past. We don't even have to force foreigners to hate us. Also, the name Thais did not praise Hitler at all. Just the mark looks good Mustache is funny That's all, we haven't emulated anything. It is magnificent.

  • Djuntas
    Djuntas 14 hours ago

    Asian people always been the most racist group of people. Is that a sterotype? Maybe, but prove me wrong lol...Japan is whiter than snow, and China is barely open to other cultures.

  • Thanawat Chaisrisin
    Thanawat Chaisrisin 14 hours ago

    You try to see Thai comments on Facebook.

  • stephen 9789
    stephen 9789 14 hours ago

    Am I having dejavu or is it a re-upload?

  • Wow 555
    Wow 555 16 hours ago +1

    Thailand 🇹🇭💃

  • W Wonderland
    W Wonderland 16 hours ago

    How about featuring an episode about countless European/american celebrities and companies embracing the Japanese emperialistic sun flag? Japaneses killed alot of Chinese, Korean, South East Asians etc but the rest of the world don't seem to care.

  • 11K
    11K 17 hours ago +1

    I need to say sorry for some of thailand people don't know about HL ...
    but that not mean
    All thailand people ok
    Just some of thailand people only... 🙄

  • Arthy Di
    Arthy Di 17 hours ago

    Rip. Lastweektonight! I don’t deny there’re many Thais don’t understand how terrible the 2nd world war was,and what Hitler had done. Anyway I don’t agree that u should call “THAILAND” It doesn’t mean all Thais don’t know about Hitler or act like people in the video u made!

  • Bug big
    Bug big 18 hours ago

    But yall american kill millions of people too tho

  • Natt
    Natt 18 hours ago

    Yeah, I apologize for my country's lacking education system and ignorance in general.

  • Qasim Lais
    Qasim Lais 18 hours ago

    Dear Mr John Oliver I like your show it’s very funny and entertaining except for I always try to avoid watching your show for reasons like you don’t hesitate to cross lines when it comes to using shameless language and clips and you should try to avoid for yourself even though you may lose your viewership maybe not. And consider this to be a request MR ENTERTAINER / EDUCATOR

  • mint naja
    mint naja 21 hour ago

    Want everyone to see every angle, not just this news.

  • Bussarin Khamchana
    Bussarin Khamchana 22 hours ago

    It’s not only the world history is not given much attention, with little or no mention of the Holocaust. Thai history itself isn’t sometimes mentioned in the class, especially the events that military government kills almost hundred citizens who fought for Thai’s rights. They just erase the important history by saying that it’s too sad to talk about it and just forget about it... it’s sad but it’s true. - Speaking of the person who has been educated in Thailand for 22 years.

  • Nancy Fontaine
    Nancy Fontaine 22 hours ago

    It's not there history

  • Ratigan2
    Ratigan2 Day ago

    I only just found out about this guy and chose him as my new favourite person, and now I find that he just recently died?!

    I have very mixed feeling right now :(

  • Karstens Creations

    Actually, most offensive Hitler based material ever broadcast IMHO...

  • Trebor Sgnitsah
    Trebor Sgnitsah Day ago

    WTF Thailand

  • jorgey4
    jorgey4 Day ago

    I know I'm asking to get shat on for this but somehow i could see myself getting busy with one of the chicks in the nazi uniform. Just me?

  • John Allen
    John Allen Day ago

    That's where are democrats came from Thailand

  • Red X
    Red X Day ago


  • ก็มาดิ ค่ะ


    • Wow 555
      Wow 555 16 hours ago


    • Nishizumi Miho
      Nishizumi Miho 20 hours ago


  • คน ลืมชื่อ

    Many of us know very well. But I don't like the genocide that he did and his actions are the result of the First World War. Don't forget that you still tease us in Asia. But when you are handled in such a delicate way, you cannot accept it.

  • Sarah Trachtenberg

    Sheesh, Thailand. I wonder if the people responsible were, uh, naive and didn't understand the significance of Hitler, but maybe thought he was *just* an important person in history with many admirers.

  • Mikhail Angel
    Mikhail Angel Day ago

    Thailand is with axis powers allied with Japanese

  • Altimit1417
    Altimit1417 Day ago

    growing up in thailand, I honestly thought that Hitler and Chaplin were the same person.

  • Captain Doomsday

    Wow, Rip was so committed to replacing Hitler he also met the criterion of being dead.
    RIP, Taylor.

  • NiDeCo
    NiDeCo Day ago

    Uhhh, you could argue we also do this, to a lesser extent. Try and find depictions of stalin on T-shirts or in skits, that MF-er has 18-45 million deaths to his name (depending on how you're counting) and we don't throw a tantrum because that was not our "western" history, that's Russia's. So this does feel a bit hypocritical.
    Feels similar to people getting angry they see swastikas in Japan, even though it's an ancient buddhist symbol with zero negative connotation over there. (when like this 卍, because the slightly twisted one on a red and white flag is not known to most Japanese)

  • Michael Gavriel
    Michael Gavriel Day ago +1

    6:06 Did he just do a NAZI SALUTE?????

  • StoptheNWOplz
    StoptheNWOplz Day ago

    I see no difference between hitler t-shirts, and che guevara, Stalin, Lenin, Mao, etc t-shirts.

    • StoptheNWOplz
      StoptheNWOplz 7 hours ago

      @Ambition by Zap Dramatic I'm Jewish dude, but they kills way more people than Hitler, including my family who escaped Russia into Germany and Ukraine.

    • Ambition by Zap Dramatic
      Ambition by Zap Dramatic 9 hours ago

      that's because you're an anti-semite hun

  • Rafiuddin Galib
    Rafiuddin Galib Day ago

    4:33 I thought he was gonna say, Charlie Chaplin

  • prae lovely
    prae lovely Day ago

    I’m Thai and feel extremely embarrassed by the lack of world history knowledge . In most Thai schools, history classes concentrate on Thai history and rarely touches upon world history, World war I & II etc. Making Thai people seem ignorant about the rest of the word history.

  • Amylia Clenny
    Amylia Clenny Day ago

    Unfortunately Rip Taylor's blond & most Thais are brunettes / black hair. They won't relate to him.

  • Yippy
    Yippy Day ago

    I'm Thai... but I learned history by my teacher a long time ago
    I don't even know that the country has done that before.
    I was angry instead and I felt humiliated.

    Why does my country do this?
    Seen from this clip, probably a long time ago?
    Thailand may have already learned history.

    But I think some people take too much hilarious like memes
    I have to apologize for some people.... I think it's an aunt and a kid

    Rip Taylor

  • MegaRazzzz
    MegaRazzzz Day ago

    I saw this episode in 2015 and I can't forgive myself that I forgot to look up this hilarious man Rip Taylor's life.

  • slim617
    slim617 Day ago

    I wonder if they were trying to do charlie chaplin

  • kerry quinn
    kerry quinn Day ago

    rip Taylor is a world wide treasure, and i personally will miss his brand of ridiculous and silly comedy. RIP RIP RIP TAYLOR , YOUR GIRL FRIEND , WE NAILED HER ! - bloodhound gang "we r the knuckle heads'" from the "just use your fingers" early 90s album, first i ever heard of him as a young child.

  • Mica Helen
    Mica Helen Day ago

    Pretty sure we had that "families pretend to live in war-time Europe" show in the UK, too. Was supposed to teach us about rationing or something.

  • Otoger
    Otoger Day ago

    or just use Otto von Bismarck he was a good one for a Politician

  • Ari Heino
    Ari Heino Day ago

    Come on. This is the perfect way to trivialise a stupid cause. Kind of what American advertisers are doing to political activism. Raise your fist and put some axe in your stink pits!

  • Visut Innadda
    Visut Innadda Day ago

    We​ do​ joke​ a​ lot​ about​ him

  • ojeda5577
    ojeda5577 Day ago +1

    RIP Rip Taylor

  • Max Appel
    Max Appel Day ago

    what happened to his teeth?

  • Archibald Tuttle

    The Hitler chicken shop would be the preferred shop for Trump

  • altohippiegabber


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  • Dakkaron
    Dakkaron Day ago

    While, off course, Hitler is the ultimate evil in Central Europe and Northern America, and we are appalled at Hitler merchandise etc., we, at the same time don't have any problems putting other dictators and terrorists, that count as equally evil in other parts of the world, on our T-shirts. Che Guevara, Mao Zedong, Stalin and even Saddam Hussein have been on a lot of merchandise in Europe and America, no matter how many people they killed. This is not to excuse Hitler merchandise, but rather to cause us to maybe rethink how we treat the daemons of other countries.

  • Dichtsau
    Dichtsau Day ago

    if rip taylor ain't gay, i munch a broom.

  • Lekha Murali
    Lekha Murali Day ago

    In India too, that notion the Hitler was a good person does persists. Even if the history lessons were accurate, it wouldn’t have helped much, because Indians were oppressed by the very colonials who were fighting Hitler.
    The occupying colonials might not have employed Hitler’s level of organization in their cruelty, but they were cruel enough. The relief from that oppression came, because of Hitler. Therefore, the logic is, the oppressor’s oppressor, becomes a friend. Had Hitler won the war, what would have happened to a country of brown people is whole other nightmare, but that did not happen. So this reality persists.

  • Lewis W
    Lewis W Day ago

    RIP Rip Taylor

  • Eric Olive
    Eric Olive Day ago

    I live in Thailand. Hitler shirts are the least of the weird crap here. Never seen it, don't need to look for it. I

  • Athena
    Athena Day ago

    RIP Rip Taylor

  • Kyuu Tomoyaki
    Kyuu Tomoyaki Day ago +1

    R.I.P. Rip.

  • Amici Nybråten
    Amici Nybråten Day ago

    What about Charlie Chaplin? He could be your stand-in hitler

  • carrot tuppila_
    carrot tuppila_ Day ago

    Only Thailand can do this.

  • Tsar Nicholas II

    2:06 please tell me they didn't call the restaurant KFJ (Kentucky fried jews)

  • Arnoldi 254
    Arnoldi 254 Day ago

    R.I.P Taylor

  • Tylor Wendt
    Tylor Wendt Day ago

    So what type of people did Rip Taylor kill? He specifically says "not a single jew." What about other religious affiliations? Also seems RIP Rip. Such a colorful character he was, oy!

  • Shinosuke Beximaru
    Shinosuke Beximaru Day ago +4

    I'm Thai and this is the first time I've heard about this.

    • Sam
      Sam 18 hours ago

      Google hitler


    I took it that it made you shit out a demon/Hitler?
    But..... I'm drunk

  • kleinebozebeer
    kleinebozebeer Day ago

    Isn't mocking hitler ok? Why would he be safe from scrutiny?

  • Nattapon Deeplai
    Nattapon Deeplai Day ago +1

    I don't like your comment, that is a bit part(0.01%)in Thailand, you can't judge all people in Thailand

    • Yippy
      Yippy Day ago

      I think it was probably in the past?

    • Yippy
      Yippy Day ago

      i think soo lol

  • sixii reek
    sixii reek 2 days ago

    คือคนไทยต้องแคความรู้สึกมึงเหรอไอ้ฝรั่ง ช่างหัวความรู้สึกมึงสิ

  • I am the rural juror

    You guys should'nt be surprised if most Asians doesn't know about the holocaust. I bet most of you guys don't even know my country's history too.

  • The Cat
    The Cat 2 days ago

    Does my county have to be based on your country format?

  • The Cat
    The Cat 2 days ago

    My country sees it as a joke and my county is not stuck in a bad past like you :)

  • Michal Bílý
    Michal Bílý 2 days ago

    We have no such thing in Czech Republic.

  • joey ramirez
    joey ramirez 2 days ago

    🕯 for Rip

  • seattlebeard
    seattlebeard 2 days ago

    Rip Taylor is a very sweet man. I love seeing him, even in this weird circumstance.

  • MT suki
    MT suki 2 days ago +2

    Im Thai people and i learned about wolrd history ,world war 1-2 in high school .
    and yes i definitely knew what happen , whats all hitler done.
    So you said world history is not much attention in Thailand school you are wrong... dont stereotype.

  • Robert Moreno
    Robert Moreno 2 days ago


    JIN-RUI 2 days ago

    Me as a Thai kid
    me(9yrs): Mom, that is a Nazi sign. Why does people wear those? I saw in a (historical) cartoon book that he's a bad guy.
    mom: Why not? Cartoon are just Cartoon!
    20 YEARS LATER...This News came up.
    Mom: See!? I have been telling you not to wear those Western sign on your body. You don't know anything about it!
    Me: Mom, this is a CROSS! It is for religion purposes!
    Mom: Those are Same Same.

    Seriously, I learned more World History from Movies and Cartoon books than in classroom or Local TV Channel. :)

  • Yo Jo
    Yo Jo 2 days ago

    Who the fuck is rip taylor.

  • Kasper
    Kasper 2 days ago

    RIP Rip.


  • An Gry
    An Gry 2 days ago

    I think John accidentally did 👌 🤣

    DANGER TV 2 days ago

    I come from Thailand, sometimes we only make Charlie Chaplin face.

  • Tanayos Sakunkonjak
    Tanayos Sakunkonjak 2 days ago

    I do not agree with all Hitler things. And when some Americans decorate Buddha's head in a night club. Usually people will point at that some Americans, they won't arrogate The US nation have to google who Buddha is(even some think he never existed in history class). This kind of irresponsible TVShow.

  • Tim Zwicky
    Tim Zwicky 2 days ago +1

    I want the Rip Taylor version of the "Let 'er Rip" t-shirt and I want it NOW.

  • Enoa7
    Enoa7 2 days ago

    naah. German never colonizes South East Asia. it was the Allied countries who did that. German conquering Europe is a chance for us to gained independence, which most of us did. so Hitler indirectly helped us. thats why theres no real hatred towards Hitler and Nazis.

  • wutzerface77
    wutzerface77 2 days ago

    Make a new segment on Impeachment PLEASE

  • Sarahbelle2494
    Sarahbelle2494 2 days ago

    It's not just Thailand either. Multiple countries in East Asia have an obsession with Hitler and Nazis. There's literally a term for people who wear Nazi uniforms or Nazi-inspired clothing: Nazi-Chic. Japan, especially has a Nazi sympathizer as their finance minister. Their taught very briefly about WW2 and Hitler, with most curriculum glossing over or ignoring completely, the Holocaust and focusing on the Imperial Japanese forces, so most young people who see Nazi uniforms look at them as having an anti-establishment feeling.

  • Nantawat Wongsri
    Nantawat Wongsri 2 days ago

    Thai people don't care about your history. How are you being abused? It's not a problem for Thai people. Therefore, Thai people are not interested in any of your funny celebrities. Just the pictures. They look cool, funny. That's all. And the Nazis used to be your father. Not using Thai father Pleased with the past that you all met. Fuck you.

  • Nantawat Wongsri
    Nantawat Wongsri 2 days ago

    InThai people don't care about your history. How are you being abused? It's not a problem for Thai people. Therefore, Thai people are not interested in any of your funny celebrities. Just the pictures. They look cool, funny. That's all. And the Nazis used to be your father. Not using Thai father Pleased with the past that you all met. Fuck you.

  • Nantawat Wongsri
    Nantawat Wongsri 2 days ago

    Thai people don't care about your history. How are you being abused? It's not a problem for Thai people. Therefore, Thai people are not interested in any of your funny celebrities. Just the pictures. They look cool, funny. That's all. And the Nazis used to be your father. Not using Thai father Pleased with the past that you all met. Fuck you.

  • Nantawat Wongsri
    Nantawat Wongsri 2 days ago

    Thai people don't care about your history. How are you being abused? It's not a problem for Thai people. Therefore, Thai people are not interested in any of your funny celebrities. Just the pictures. They look cool, funny. That's all. And the Nazis used to be your father. Not using Thai father Pleased with the past that you all met. Fuck you.

  • Carlos Montesinos
    Carlos Montesinos 2 days ago

    I like substitute Hitler Rip, but the murals and tshirts are just going to look like Stalin, so is more of a lateral movement.
    RIP, Rip. You crazy, flamboyant beast

  • Lucian Postelnicu
    Lucian Postelnicu 2 days ago

    I'm not a nazi or fascist - but I hate this American - English bulshet history "hiding unther the carpet" - what about the victims and occupation made by the British' in N.Irlend and India or the victims mad by the Communist - more than 100 million ? - no because how invented communism - Karl Marx - that flew from Germany to - England ?? and he was of Jewish desend , there is also a book - Lenin’s Jewish Question - by Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern - also check this link - but now keep it hus-hus- you should be ashamed!!!!!

  • David Roberts
    David Roberts 2 days ago

    ...?...but they did they _same_ thing! They focused on _Hitler,_ for their topic, and then they made jokes about "killing jews", using Rip Taylor!

  • Xini Xini
    Xini Xini 2 days ago

    The picture of Adolf breathing fire... kinda made me think it was Saddam Hussein, specifically the South Park incarnation of him... now every time I see Adolf im gonna be imagining Saddam's whiny bitch-voice...