AnEsonGib STAGE INVASION (KSI vs Logan Paul 2 UK Press Conference)

  • Published on Oct 7, 2019
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  • Konstantin
    Konstantin  8 months ago +211

    Where I get my music from 👉

    • Larvy Mrabet
      Larvy Mrabet 7 months ago

      10:00 song?

    • M6GIOPPA
      M6GIOPPA 8 months ago

      What’s. The. FIrst. Song!?

    • Miri
      Miri 8 months ago

      Whats the song in the intro?

    • ASD
      ASD 8 months ago

      Konstantin I hate you and jallow is better than you

    • vicki I rumsey
      vicki I rumsey 8 months ago

      ASMR Music Rer

  • Pls sub becuz I liv in poverty

    I see people saying jake was scared but he easily won against Gib ;-; what’s all the hate to him I saw a lot of comments saying there gonna come back when the fight was over but they never did come back -_-

  • f2
    f2 3 months ago


  • Rowan
    Rowan 5 months ago +2

    Did shannon almost fall over?

  • David Brady
    David Brady 6 months ago

    “ I feel terrible that I’ve been living in your head rent free”

  • Muaz _
    Muaz _ 7 months ago

    Eddie's genuine happiness from all the money he's gonna make is very funny

  • Muaz _
    Muaz _ 7 months ago

    No Offense to like all the shippers but talia is annoying asf

  • Lily Jones
    Lily Jones 7 months ago +2

    That school girl is a beg fam
    “YoU’lL gEt 1000 MoRe ViEwS”
    Like who are you babes lmao
    Ain’t nobody know you boo

  • Brad
    Brad 7 months ago +2

    4:30 memeulous in background? Stood next to James who he records with, looks about 5ft skinny, and looks similar to that George Andrew guy that someone leaked on Facebook saying was memeulous

  • rhyswlF1
    rhyswlF1 7 months ago +2

    4:30 that's memeulous behind James Marriott, legit

  • Maksim C
    Maksim C 7 months ago

    Привет Костя

  • doliio volay
    doliio volay 7 months ago

    My breath is a killer sorry I can’t like it

  • oiuet souiu
    oiuet souiu 7 months ago

    10:52 Shannon gets absolutely Clartedddd

  • NoFX IlluZiioN
    NoFX IlluZiioN 7 months ago

    It wasn’t an invasion, KSI and Vidal literally told him to come up.

  • nieooj gotoy
    nieooj gotoy 7 months ago

    Squashie Gang.

  • Inaayah
    Inaayah 7 months ago

    kon you’re trending :’)

  • SprInteR
    SprInteR 7 months ago +1

    0:08 wtf u are 7 years late

    • nieooj gotoy
      nieooj gotoy 7 months ago

      10:48 I love the fact that the security guard helps gib onto the stage

  • Sadie lee
    Sadie lee 7 months ago

    Ayyyy I’m 2:47 add insta @sadieleeee

  • Zans _
    Zans _ 7 months ago

    Who is this gib person

    • bowen voowy
      bowen voowy 7 months ago

      STAGE INVASION he was invited on

  • Mr Bedford
    Mr Bedford 7 months ago

    Budget thanos 12:35

  • The Goat Agency
    The Goat Agency 8 months ago

    Great to see you behind the scenes and have you in our video!

  • Deb Neilson
    Deb Neilson 8 months ago


  • ro 14
    ro 14 8 months ago

    Everyone shouting out gib to get him relevant 👏well done guys

  • Anthony For EvEr
    Anthony For EvEr 8 months ago

    Tobi got me i liked the video

  • 6 Paper Trail
    6 Paper Trail 8 months ago

    Welcome back to fantasy

  • lil Cabbage Gang
    lil Cabbage Gang 8 months ago

    Let's go gramps
    Let's go gramps
    Let's go gramps

  • Jack Porter
    Jack Porter 8 months ago

    Jake is scared of BIG GIBBA

  • Jacob Kite
    Jacob Kite 8 months ago

    FUCK!!!! How did Tobi know

  • bowen voowy
    bowen voowy 8 months ago

    It looks great!!!

  • Jordan Jeong
    Jordan Jeong 8 months ago

    10:48 I love the fact that the security guard helps gib onto the stage

  • GameStudent
    GameStudent 8 months ago


  • GameStudent
    GameStudent 8 months ago


  • SIR BLA1R Sco
    SIR BLA1R Sco 8 months ago

    KSI is scared IMO hes being soo reserved because he doesnt wanty look like a fool when he loses look at last years Conference to these ones he's worried so I'm excited
    I watch them both so I'm not biased I'm going on good judgement

  • SIR BLA1R Sco
    SIR BLA1R Sco 8 months ago

    STAGE INVASION he was invited on

  • Harrisey101
    Harrisey101 8 months ago +1

    The funniest part of the video was that one journalist who was to the left of kon being so confused when gib came onto the stage 😂

  • Pewdiepies Mom
    Pewdiepies Mom 8 months ago

    Me: see someone that has a name like 1m subs without video
    Also me: checks channel 3 subs

  • The Dencker
    The Dencker 8 months ago

    What is a light ?

  • logan sovereign
    logan sovereign 8 months ago

    Yo you got some good ads on this vid Kon.. I just got an ad for a kids toy! big bucks mate

    • Konstantin
      Konstantin  8 months ago +1


  • BigRandomUn
    BigRandomUn 8 months ago

    If you make any video/post about this being No. 3 in trending videos, I expect for this comment to be included

  • rockxop - Random stuff
    rockxop - Random stuff 8 months ago +1

    7:38 why does it look like their a couple

  • JynX
    JynX 8 months ago

    10:48 when AnEsonGib Comes on stage
    Ur welcome❤️

  • Brasen Jose
    Brasen Jose 8 months ago

    5:31 thebreadbatch 🙌

  • Shadow_player
    Shadow_player 8 months ago

    you're mom is gay

  • Optified Pixels
    Optified Pixels 8 months ago

    For a basic stream set up go to the yogscast stand up to cancer, streamer guide

  • v9
    v9 8 months ago

    No.2 on trending

  • 320speed
    320speed 8 months ago +1

    Highlight of the conference was Gib showing up to Jake Paul's face. He's got him shook.

  • Miles Gaither
    Miles Gaither 8 months ago

    Your channel is underrated

  • liongamer32_az
    liongamer32_az 8 months ago +1

    Congrats for trending kon🙌🏻

  • Ahlam Salim
    Ahlam Salim 8 months ago

    fake I was there..

  • RJ Ldn
    RJ Ldn 8 months ago +3

    Ngl it felt like tobi was looking into my soul so I had to leave a like😂😂😂

  • Miri
    Miri 8 months ago +1

    Whats the intro song 1:00 ?

  • F4binh0_FIFA
    F4binh0_FIFA 8 months ago

    I liked it because tobi told me to 😂

  • Froggy
    Froggy 8 months ago

    I swear to god, Tobi is always eating sweets

  • txDrb
    txDrb 8 months ago

    Reubz4k caught the glasses

  • D8VSO
    D8VSO 8 months ago

    no.3 trending when I saw this. Well done bro 👍🏼

  • danny Ashton
    danny Ashton 8 months ago

    Anyone else hold their breath after tonight said like it if ur breathing 😂

  • Kelly Robertson
    Kelly Robertson 8 months ago

    Common JJ and comon big gibber

  • Miri
    Miri 8 months ago +1

    Intro song?

  • bodoti qwiu
    bodoti qwiu 8 months ago

    7:07 I was doing what Tobi said I was doing which is pretending not to breath.. so I had to like it after he pointed it out lol.

  • YT Nopez
    YT Nopez 8 months ago

    I saw u on the livestream so I knew this was coming up.

  • kaitlyn iley
    kaitlyn iley 8 months ago

    **Slightly off topic** BUT is that a memeulous face reveal when Kon is talking to Randolph??? 4:30 Is that George standing with inapper and James Marriot???

    • bodoti qwiu
      bodoti qwiu 8 months ago +1

      9:40 true geordie joke quality banta

  • Victor Nanca-Smith
    Victor Nanca-Smith 8 months ago

    Who is your sister tho????

  • Mr. Lazyeyeguy
    Mr. Lazyeyeguy 8 months ago

    The guy sat next to jake Paul looks like Edge on cocaine but skinnier (from WWE)

  • ElDeeEn2
    ElDeeEn2 8 months ago

    I didn’t notice Eddie helped gib on stage 👀

  • Josh Blackie
    Josh Blackie 8 months ago


  • Callum Snelgar
    Callum Snelgar 8 months ago +1

    Anyone else notice Jake Paul laughed at Gib for security dragging him off stage and then 10 seconds later makes fun of him for running off the stage cause he was 'scared'?

  • BenRhysFisher
    BenRhysFisher 8 months ago

    #3 trending yeah? cmonnnn

  • Andrew Glen
    Andrew Glen 8 months ago

    Memeulous on camera at 4:38 next to James Marriott

  • Hornet
    Hornet 8 months ago +1

    #3 on Trendinggggg

    EL NINO 8 months ago +1

    I'm here from Toby's ig storie,, lol are you ethanz brother

  • Rafi Yule
    Rafi Yule 8 months ago

    If Logan wins Harry doesn’t have to listen to one more person say that he has to upload so KSI please win

  • MFC Chris
    MFC Chris 8 months ago +11

    No one:
    Eddie hearn: *'My Darling, you in the headband, you are different gravy!!!!'*

  • John Weller
    John Weller 8 months ago

    #3 on trending, keep up the good work kon

  • Gaurav Athwal
    Gaurav Athwal 8 months ago +1

    jake is a good guy. he met me at target and gave me 15k for my tution fee and never mentioned anywhere. homie is dope

  • R .D
    R .D 8 months ago +1

    I think Logan is just taking the piss now 😂 he knows we hate him, he just wants to make him hate him more. Kinda rate it tbh, he just doesn’t care about hate anymore

  • 4Twenty
    4Twenty 8 months ago +1

    9:40 true geordie joke quality banta

  • Stephen Worrall
    Stephen Worrall 8 months ago


  • Chicken Coup
    Chicken Coup 8 months ago +1


  • CC taketheL Gaming Hd clips n more

    Sidemen do mega drugs no doubt

  • Yo itzViperzz
    Yo itzViperzz 8 months ago

    Logan Paul la

  • XD_R3D
    XD_R3D 8 months ago

    Jake wet himself when gib came

  • James 2006
    James 2006 8 months ago +1

    3rd trending unoo😂

  • AyEsJay
    AyEsJay 8 months ago +1

    #3 on trending yeh go on

    • AyEsJay
      AyEsJay 8 months ago

      Yo thanks kon for the like 🔥💙

  • Louis Mulryan
    Louis Mulryan 8 months ago +1

    #3 trending btw

  • CMN_ 298
    CMN_ 298 8 months ago +2

    What I rate about Kon is that he puts so much effort in editing, fair play

  • cyberleak
    cyberleak 8 months ago

    some beak on that boy - crows are jealous

  • hollyyarnott
    hollyyarnott 8 months ago

    i really really enjoy your videos not sure why i hadn’t subscribed earlier,hella underrated guy , but honestly so proud of jj x

    3rd on trending lets go

  • listen harvey
    listen harvey 8 months ago

    07:04 my sister was watching this while having a cardiac arrest she weren't breathing

  • please have a poo poo ➊
    please have a poo poo ➊ 8 months ago +1

    Can I ask wtf they were wearing? Logan looked like a french nonce and Jake looked like a whole clown..

  • Ricardo Hinojos
    Ricardo Hinojos 8 months ago +1

    Liked cuz the nicest sidemen told me to

  • Bgh Plays
    Bgh Plays 8 months ago

    Jeeez trending big up

  • Dennis H
    Dennis H 8 months ago

    Is this Ethans brother?

  • clixxy
    clixxy 8 months ago


  • S Reignite
    S Reignite 8 months ago

    Ayyy Kon's on trending!

  • FireFoxies
    FireFoxies 8 months ago +1

    5:23 did he mean TANK, Deji's dog?

  • Maruf Hussein
    Maruf Hussein 8 months ago

    wow kon your trending #4!!

  • Skategalaxy04
    Skategalaxy04 8 months ago

    4:34 big up fraser and James Marriott

  • JxhnHD
    JxhnHD 8 months ago


  • Sneaky Bats
    Sneaky Bats 8 months ago


  • Singh Playz
    Singh Playz 8 months ago

    Who saw Shannon Briggs get pushed