SIDEMEN vs LOGAN PAUL Fishing UNSEEN PARTS (Behind the Scenes)

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    • CaserDJT
      CaserDJT 9 days ago

      999k subs, congrats on 1m when you get there!

      NO WE DONT MILLY ROCK 13 days ago +1

      Kon what camera were you using 9:44

    • Talal Shaikh
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    • Jagdeep Singh
      Jagdeep Singh 14 days ago +1

      I love how your in the thumb nail

    • besser mobbs
      besser mobbs 15 days ago +1

      banged tbf

  • Mitch _Rules
    Mitch _Rules 7 days ago

    1 million 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳

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  • D.5 lefar
    D.5 lefar 8 days ago

    At the start of the video everyone is


  • lAsEr- hybird
    lAsEr- hybird 8 days ago

    We need a sidemen cameramen spinoff

  • Jam
    Jam 9 days ago

    1 million now congrats kon ! 🥳

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    Life of Tom 9 days ago +23

    Congrats on a mill my dude!!! 🔥💙

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    Jagdeep Singh 9 days ago

    Kongrats on 1mill

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    here after he hit 1 milly

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    Swayam Narvekar 9 days ago

    1mill letss goooo

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  • -A- -S-
    -A- -S- 9 days ago

    He is about to hit 1 mill

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    Emmanuel Ezenyeaka 9 days ago

    1 Milly K!!!!!!

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    R V 9 days ago

    I'm your 1 mil sub. Hehehe

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    SniperKing 167 9 days ago

    I gotchu

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    Eric Karlsson 9 days ago

    Soon 1 mil

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    Here before a mill.

  • BustR
    BustR 9 days ago +1

    999k subs

  • xrrxy vvoi
    xrrxy vvoi 9 days ago

    I thought about this when I was watching the full video but how did Kirsty teleport from one boat to the other? 😅

  • Faslim Rahim
    Faslim Rahim 9 days ago +1

    1k for a mil !! Come on

  • Samuel Rogstad
    Samuel Rogstad 10 days ago

    Kon is so cool man

  • AMU
    AMU 10 days ago

    So close to 1M

    • fouoii gyhh
      fouoii gyhh 9 days ago

      I love that filter you put on at 9:42

  • Cum Only
    Cum Only 10 days ago

    Soo close to 1M

  • dwsn3
    dwsn3 10 days ago

    did you edit the pics of josh or did they come out that clean?

  • Ayush Gurung
    Ayush Gurung 10 days ago

    Wait that donny wore a helmet cause he was afraid of drowning 💀😭😭

  • MK 000
    MK 000 10 days ago


  • Gos
    Gos 10 days ago

    who just comes to kons channel to watch the bts

  • Pacysteel
    Pacysteel 11 days ago

    I didn't understand why that one dude was wearing a helmet

  • Kunal Ketkar
    Kunal Ketkar 11 days ago

    Let's get con to a mil

  • JensKlein _
    JensKlein _ 11 days ago

    Almost 100k!!

  • Himanshu.K
    Himanshu.K 11 days ago +1

    3:55 ayy kon control lad.

  • derkaderk allajihad
    derkaderk allajihad 11 days ago

    That was a hell of a throw by Logan though lol

  • 그림럴
    그림럴 11 days ago

    3:56 AYO KON CHILL

  • Beatz
    Beatz 11 days ago

    This video will get you to 1mill.. Pin this. Watch

  • Mr. Titan
    Mr. Titan 11 days ago

    get kon to 1 mill

  • Scott
    Scott 11 days ago

    I love that filter you put on at 9:42

  • Matthew Cargill
    Matthew Cargill 12 days ago

    1 milli gonna be hit !!!!

  • o’farrel
    o’farrel 12 days ago

    close to 1 mil

  • Jake Colbert
    Jake Colbert 12 days ago

    Let’s get him to 1 mil 🔥🔥

  • SayZowi
    SayZowi 12 days ago

    Absolutely love these videos, to see what goes on behind the filming loads of work done

  • Danny
    Danny 12 days ago

    1:13 I hought he only had one arm

  • Deciden
    Deciden 12 days ago

    Wooaarrr it is mate

  • DheerejSingh
    DheerejSingh 12 days ago +1

    Please make a video about the insta 360 go2 would love to know your opinions about it

  • Monkey king
    Monkey king 12 days ago

    Why crying when u get ur hair cut boomer

  • Elliot Lövsund
    Elliot Lövsund 12 days ago

    Kon goated

  • noel John
    noel John 12 days ago

    1 mil cm on fast

  • Khalid Kayyem
    Khalid Kayyem 12 days ago +2

    9:43 absolutely sick edit, felt like I was watching clips of pablo escobar😂😂😂

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo 12 days ago

    3:55 Kon is a Savage lads.

  • Cookie Cutter
    Cookie Cutter 12 days ago +1

    less gooo 1 mill

  • MrThiccNik YT
    MrThiccNik YT 12 days ago

    lesgoooo kon...i just subbed

  • freeztys :D
    freeztys :D 12 days ago

    4:37 Catching and Cooking fish with Gordon Ramsey would be one hell of a banger

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 10 days ago

      He wouldn't throw them back. He would filet them immediately.

  • patrick dan
    patrick dan 12 days ago

    Get the new drone that can float on water. Swim in the water and fly in the air

  • George Court
    George Court 12 days ago

    How come that dude wore a helmet

  • me good??
    me good?? 12 days ago

    I swear I am the 532,999 guy to watch

  • A3 XxSABxX
    A3 XxSABxX 12 days ago +1

    What is the camera or setting used for 9:42-10:00. Nice vintage retro vibes

  • Soyan Osman
    Soyan Osman 12 days ago +36

    Get that gold playbutton!

  • Goku Hale
    Goku Hale 12 days ago


  • Flirken1
    Flirken1 12 days ago +4

    Kon the savage.”You technically ate many little humans last night.” 😂😂😂😭

  • Isuru Suranga
    Isuru Suranga 12 days ago

    3:56 chillll

  • Lil Whitey
    Lil Whitey 12 days ago

    anyone know what camera kon uses on his hat?

  • Rey S
    Rey S 12 days ago

    I was so distracted i thought puffer was in the video 2:15 lmao.

  • Ewan Chapman
    Ewan Chapman 12 days ago

    These are the REAL sidemen

  • CnPx
    CnPx 12 days ago

    3:55 Kon does not hold back

  • samholy1
    samholy1 13 days ago

    Something tells me that crab throwing clip won't end well for Logan

  • shadaaz Plays
    shadaaz Plays 13 days ago

    Get this guy to million subs

  • - N4H1D
    - N4H1D 13 days ago

    Logan Paul vs sideman 2 in America that will actually be mad

  • Mr Wavey
    Mr Wavey 13 days ago

    Josh takin gta rp too far

  • Giro
    Giro 13 days ago

    U got so nervous putting the mic on Logan lol

  • daniemetnd
    daniemetnd 13 days ago

    George is soo funny

  • J GLB
    J GLB 13 days ago

    How do you always some how know what content id like to see without me even knowing?