Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams With No Clams | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • "Looks like a dog sh*t in my plate"
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  • Joey Chung
    Joey Chung Hour ago

    People swear they a cheeseburger but they walkin around with no cheese

  • Kaitlin Hudson
    Kaitlin Hudson Hour ago

    That slimy sound effect when he rakes through the food kills me 😂😂😂

  • Angelique
    Angelique 2 hours ago

    Ah fuck yesterday 😂 these chefs can’t be serious day old food and everything microwaved 🤦🏾‍♀️

  • Squid Master
    Squid Master 3 hours ago

    "We're about to get raped right now. "
    Well at least you know he's not going in raw..

  • Kel-C
    Kel-C 4 hours ago

    That’s not stuffed clams....that’s stuffing balls! Lol I’ll make them for thanksgiving 🙂 thanks for the idea chef!

  • Lionel Hutz
    Lionel Hutz 6 hours ago

    3:02 "ba-da bing ba-da boom, I'll fix this fucking limey"

  • rick conrad
    rick conrad 7 hours ago

    stuffed clam shells...

    WHERE!! ARE!! THE!!

    CLAMS!!! and another thing, what is the definition of rape in this day and age?!!

  • Kemonni Poitier
    Kemonni Poitier 7 hours ago

    Gordon Ramsey = Skip Bayless

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 8 hours ago +1

    Remember to keep comments respectful...ummm im watching Gordon Ramsey 😂😂😂😂

  • Wade Sharp
    Wade Sharp 8 hours ago +1

    No clams🤣😂

  • Wes McGee
    Wes McGee 9 hours ago

    Shoulda brought the asshole scrambled eggs.

  • Boss Lax316
    Boss Lax316 9 hours ago

    Why is the good part always cut off? I want to see how it ends!

  • soup nation
    soup nation 11 hours ago

    The sound effects r unnecessary

  • Kabuse Guusman
    Kabuse Guusman 15 hours ago

    Wtf $21 for leftovers? That's rediculous

  • Justin Jake Ashton
    Justin Jake Ashton 15 hours ago

    The waiter seems like a cool guy.

  • Thanos
    Thanos 16 hours ago

    Hi im 19 and i have never tasted Crab and Lobster my entire life

  • thesteelworm crawl
    thesteelworm crawl 17 hours ago

    In italy i can eat 2 days with 21 dollars. Fuck those scammers.

  • iamhida
    iamhida 18 hours ago

    “I was scared he was gonna stab me with the fork if I said no” lol yea I would have stabbed him back 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Steph Steph
    Steph Steph 18 hours ago

    Honestly these people are so arrogant. There is a reason why this professional successful guy is helping. 🤦🏻‍♀️

  • Ahsen Imtiaz
    Ahsen Imtiaz 20 hours ago

    86 the whole damn restaurant !

  • Mr jump in
    Mr jump in 20 hours ago

    Ramsay Entering in ramdom restaurant with hes camera man:
    Ramsay to the restaurant : I'm about to end this man's whole life career !

  • Phillip Rodriguez
    Phillip Rodriguez 21 hour ago

    I bet this kid looked forward to what Gordon was going to say.

  • E Laurole
    E Laurole 22 hours ago

    21 dollars for microwave food smh

  • emilio alaniz
    emilio alaniz 22 hours ago

    If your doubting your own food then don’t make it dreadful loll

  • darkheartlightsoul
    darkheartlightsoul 23 hours ago


  • Eli Fulgium
    Eli Fulgium Day ago

    Me: Looks amazing
    Gordon: Look at that! Disgusting
    Me: Umm... disgusting

  • Keanu Reevs
    Keanu Reevs Day ago +1

    No offence Americans but in my country worst Fish store has fresh and fine cocked food...

  • Tendernuggett 360
    Tendernuggett 360 Day ago +2

    I love how he says
    Its dreadful
    Then right after
    tHaNk YoU

  • YouDontKnowMe
    YouDontKnowMe Day ago

    Is that waiter on 16 and pregnant....

  • Aziz Zitoun
    Aziz Zitoun Day ago

    did he fucking roast an italian mob

  • J FF
    J FF Day ago

    Microwaved stuffed clams with no clams. Must be some really nouveau cuisine.

  • larry930legend
    larry930legend Day ago

    All the food was undercooked. Never serve Gordon or any one raw salmon,probably 5 days out of refrigeration.

  • Pee Poo
    Pee Poo Day ago

    10 photos taken before disaster
    *photo of chef putting Gordon’s food in the microwave*

  • stephie eapen
    stephie eapen Day ago +1

    Where’s the lambsauce tho

  • Mortality
    Mortality Day ago +2

    2:28 Oh my god they put a sound effect on that mushy food

  • Local Jimincafe
    Local Jimincafe Day ago

    *_"Chef serves Crab Risotto with no crab."_*

  • Muffin on Lean
    Muffin on Lean Day ago

    They forgot the LAMB sauce!

  • Guilherme Ferreira

    The waitress server looks like human shrek

  • Krishna Khara
    Krishna Khara Day ago

    Complete video please

  • Ninja Gal 911
    Ninja Gal 911 Day ago

    I love how they call him because there restaurant is suffering but so shocked and offended when he sad their food is bad

  • 11I00OO1I0O1Il
    11I00OO1I0O1Il Day ago


  • The Rageaholic
    The Rageaholic Day ago

    How incompetent do you have to be to fail salmon and meat balls of all things?

  • ChrzTV
    ChrzTV Day ago +1


  • David Wilkinson
    David Wilkinson Day ago

    Although the food does look a bit shit , hes basically made a living by being an arrogant CUNT!! Somebody please punch him in the face!!!

  • Jawad Hassan
    Jawad Hassan Day ago

    Now that is what i call disappointing.

  • Mac Hector
    Mac Hector Day ago

    The clams probably ran off with the lamb sauce.

  • No u The cat
    No u The cat Day ago +1

    21$ dollars for a Italian leftover

  • Andrew Frank
    Andrew Frank Day ago +1

    Oh the other side, the wife is a nice looking bbw 😂😂😂

  • Kyle Dimetri
    Kyle Dimetri Day ago

    I just love how Gordon can look at food and already know it's gonna be bad. Not only that he let's the waiter taste it for themselves to prove he isn't lying

  • You literally can't

    The sound effects can't make that "food" any worse than it already is.

  • Falcons Legacy
    Falcons Legacy Day ago

    2:04 got me bad...Can I get that say men

  • matt4787
    matt4787 Day ago +1

    The meatballs actually look good to me. But looks can certainly be deceiving. Also don't think I'd have meatballs in a salad either.

  • Reef Fiend
    Reef Fiend Day ago

    "Did you get the liquor"
    She's getting ready for a good ol Ramsey burn

  • StarSong’s Spirit

    The waiter is now usually smarter. The way he shakes his head.

  • Reina De corazones
    Reina De corazones 2 days ago

    Hahahaha 🤭🤣😂

  • lavender fields
    lavender fields 2 days ago

    That Salmon ffs, with slop rice. Sure, so Italian

  • Maxmagicbanana
    Maxmagicbanana 2 days ago

    im eating leftover soup from a cup from McDonald's wbu?

  • Roger Toribio Gonzalez

    What the hell the waiter is bloody cute

  • Stevepwn Productions

    this is staged af

  • Uncle Kyle
    Uncle Kyle 2 days ago

    Shit, if all takes is to serve "fresh" freezer burnt food and charge people 30$ a plate then I'm gonna open my own place and y'all can give me all that free money you're throwing away.

  • Robyn Makin
    Robyn Makin 2 days ago

    what episode and series is this?

  • adam jacobson
    adam jacobson 2 days ago

    Is that tony sopranos son all skinny and fit in the black shirt

  • mentomagic987
    mentomagic987 2 days ago

    “We’re about to get raped right now.” Lmfaoo

  • David van Wijgerden
    David van Wijgerden 2 days ago


  • Liya Zana
    Liya Zana 2 days ago


  • Jesus Jacobo
    Jesus Jacobo 2 days ago +2

    "Maybe a taste of Italian sewers"..lol I'm dead XD

  • Ruz Zel
    Ruz Zel 2 days ago

    The other chef is watching kitchen nightmare he knows that gordon doesn’t like microwave foods

  • GarbageHumanTJM64
    GarbageHumanTJM64 2 days ago

    Where is the Clam Sauce!?

  • Bosschill2021
    Bosschill2021 2 days ago +1

    Stop ruining the food with the microwave.

  • TV_ Plays
    TV_ Plays 2 days ago

    Jesus who does that with no clams..... Nightmare

  • Simon0
    Simon0 2 days ago

    That's like ordering chips and getting no chips

  • SRT 99
    SRT 99 2 days ago

    Lol Italian leftovers for 21$ 😆

  • MrSuperleobros
    MrSuperleobros 2 days ago +3

    Chalmers: "I thought we were having steamed clams"
    Seymour: "no I said steamed hams! That's what I call hamburgers!"

  • Umar Farooq
    Umar Farooq 2 days ago

    The server looks like that FLASH-PLAYERr Shahveer Jafri 😂🤣

  • UI Shaggy
    UI Shaggy 2 days ago

    I love salmon so I was excited until I saw the inside :(

  • Lexapro Queen96
    Lexapro Queen96 2 days ago +6

    I love how the owner said “oh no” when Gordon said “where are the clams?” Are you shocked he was able to tell that there wasn’t clam in there, really?

  • 1k sub
    1k sub 3 days ago +24

    Me: Mom can we have stuffed clams
    Mom: we got some at home
    Stuffed clams at home 1:07

  • Solaris321
    Solaris321 3 days ago

    Oh stuffed clams!? no I meant stuffed *H A M S*

  • Am Clover
    Am Clover 3 days ago

    1:08 almost every dish looks like 💩 if you think about it..

  • Shådöw
    Shådöw 3 days ago

    Taste of shitaly


    I wonder how much spit gordan has consumed.

  • Nino
    Nino 3 days ago

    If you want nice clams you should come and taste mine. I have the best clams

  • Director Smith
    Director Smith 3 days ago

    *The only thing Ramsay can look forward to is the water.*

  • Enzo Bertolo
    Enzo Bertolo 3 days ago

    The chefs are like two idiots trying as little as possible to get a pass on a school exam.

  • ChatoyantHyena
    ChatoyantHyena 3 days ago +4

    @ the posters for this channel please im begging you to mention what episodes the clips you post are from ; - ; i always want to go watch the full ep of the clips i see but im not always successful at hunting them down myself

  • nurjan h
    nurjan h 3 days ago

    Does every restaurant in the world use a microwave????

  • TheHorseFormerlyWithoutAName

    So wait...then what did they stuff?

  • Tyler Bossard
    Tyler Bossard 3 days ago +17

    What were the owners smoking when they decided to put meatballs on salad

  • Panda Pocky
    Panda Pocky 3 days ago


  • Kurachi84
    Kurachi84 3 days ago +8

    as soon as i saw "Chef Mike" i was like "oh boy", it wasn't as bad as i though it'd be, it was worse

  • Peanut
    Peanut 3 days ago

    Where is the clam sauce?

  • David Fahey
    David Fahey 3 days ago

    How is it scrappy but thank you...😝...

  • BSpuzzleS
    BSpuzzleS 3 days ago

    Was that a la cucina because I just passed one today bruh

  • Big Fella
    Big Fella 3 days ago +12

    They really served him $2 1minute microwave rice for $20. The gall.

  • Shunyu Yao
    Shunyu Yao 3 days ago

    Imagine what Gordon Ramsay would say if he got invited to eat in MC Donald’s

  • Jonny Holmes
    Jonny Holmes 3 days ago

    It's an Albany expression

  • just another anonymous
    just another anonymous 3 days ago +1

    Those sound effects made my day

  • Cmpoumejib Cmpoumejib

    I think its easier to make money with restaurants in USA like in Europe if you working great.

  • Jolly Jester
    Jolly Jester 3 days ago +4

    "Yes, I would like to order the Essence of Stuffed Clams. No, no, not any actual clams, I'm allergic..."