Gordon Ramsay Served Stuffed Clams With No Clams | Kitchen Nightmares

  • Published on Aug 10, 2019
  • "Looks like a dog sh*t in my plate"
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  • Sally G
    Sally G 2 hours ago

    It's alright ... Nino says it's ok 👌👌

  • Dan -
    Dan - 8 hours ago

    "everything is homemade with a decades-old recipe"
    They always say as they're taking it out of or putting it into the microwave

  • Hootie
    Hootie Day ago

    That meatball salad looked awesome not gonna lie

  • DJ 11
    DJ 11 Day ago +1

    This Gordon brudda is bare rude still 🤣🤣

  • Ruben Bon
    Ruben Bon Day ago

    The food sounds are hilarious

  • nikkibarnes215
    nikkibarnes215 Day ago

    He is so pleasantly rude I love it...

  • nikkibarnes215
    nikkibarnes215 Day ago

    Use the cocktail sticks( pops hand) n my gordon voice😂😂😂

  • loopedd
    loopedd 2 days ago

    I be scared to eat out now..i don't want to eat no food that was made days before like hell no...thanks to ramsay i see it all now...

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person 4 days ago

    Why he look like a Tacuache @1:33

  • Chips Handon
    Chips Handon 4 days ago

    If they didn't put in squish sound effects how would I know the food was gross?

  • veronikah K
    veronikah K 4 days ago +1

    morons thinking gordon wont see through shit...cracking me up

  • CD Smith
    CD Smith 5 days ago

    482 triggered fans of clamless clams, drowned salad, raw salmon, and the ass-end of a turkey, disliked this video.

  • FB0102
    FB0102 5 days ago

    3:10 you got that right, lady

  • Niño Karl Campillanos

    Does gordon pay his bills in every episode?

  • Life as Jayonna
    Life as Jayonna 6 days ago


  • Breanna Marie
    Breanna Marie 7 days ago

    So no one is going to talk about how fine the waiter is?😂

  • C
    C 7 days ago

    Chef Mike goes hard.

  • Greg Marrero
    Greg Marrero 7 days ago +1

    They really put sound effects when she sipped her drink

  • Craig
    Craig 7 days ago

    Misprint on the menu. It was supposed to say, " Stuffed Clam *Shells* ". The "what" that they'r stuffed with really isn't relevant, (or so the owner assumes, I guess).

  • the Muffin man
    the Muffin man 8 days ago

    Of all the people to cut corners on the chef does it to gordan

  • Thomas Browne
    Thomas Browne 8 days ago +1

    "And you call them stuffed clams despite the fact that they are obviously grilled?"

  • Hillary Te
    Hillary Te 8 days ago

    Why do they always serve Gordon bad food?

  • El Chino
    El Chino 8 days ago

    Clams be like....

    -Ight ima head out

  • Trey Scott
    Trey Scott 8 days ago

    Noooo this is scripted.. When he brought the salmon and rice and the boy walked up afterwards the boy already had a fork in his hand because he knew he was supposed to taste it.. Smh i hate catching stuff like that

    • CD Smith
      CD Smith 5 days ago

      The scripted theory has been debunked six ways to next week. Sorry. Very easily googled too.
      What you likely see here is a product of editing, not staging. Just because you didn't see the boy step away for a second to obtain a fork, doesn't mean he didn't. Also, waiters sometimes carry forks, knives, even spoons. Kind of goes with the job.

  • Eric Robbins
    Eric Robbins 8 days ago

    Looks and sounds like some new jersey trash can.

  • Hrafna Toki
    Hrafna Toki 9 days ago

    An Edgar is his waiter

  • Tookie Jackson
    Tookie Jackson 10 days ago

    Meatball salad? Why?

    • CD Smith
      CD Smith 5 days ago

      Ever had lettuce and tomato and onions on a burger? I have. Think of the salad as a bunless burger and you'll be fine.

  • ThexBorg
    ThexBorg 10 days ago

    Taste of Italian sewers...

  • a lonely potato
    a lonely potato 11 days ago

    I bet my tits that Gordon said “soggy” in every ep

  • Lucho
    Lucho 11 days ago

    Should have been steamed clams

  • 120starter
    120starter 11 days ago

    Lol Gordon looked like he was a caveman foraging for something edible 😂

  • Jeremy Madgwick
    Jeremy Madgwick 11 days ago

    I'll never understand how people are always surprised when Chef Gordon tells them the food is shit..... like what the fuck did the think was driving away the customers. I'm a chef myself and you learn very quickly tast everything if your unsure get another staff member to tast as well

  • Randy Mi
    Randy Mi 11 days ago

    Does he have a mic in his mouth?

  • Bassibasukki
    Bassibasukki 12 days ago

    these people should be giving their best, not with attitude of ''just put it in the microwave'' for gordon fucking ramsay world class chef

  • Christopher Mikus
    Christopher Mikus 12 days ago

    When the guy walked in from the SUV, did anyone else think he looks like Happy from Iron man? Ya know, Jon Favreau? I was like... Ahhh happy. You went from helping a superhero to running a crap restaurant. Lmao

  • Mike sosa
    Mike sosa 12 days ago


  • Plucky Bellhop
    Plucky Bellhop 12 days ago

    "Stuffed clams are garbage anyway" WELL WHY DO YOU HAVE IT ON THE MENU THEN

  • Kristi Murray
    Kristi Murray 12 days ago

    Meatball salad!? 😂😂😂

  • PIKL Creep
    PIKL Creep 13 days ago

    You should changed the title to "Gordon Ramsay was Served" because it looked like he was doing the serving.

  • Enrico Gabuzzi
    Enrico Gabuzzi 13 days ago

    90% of restaurants are dumpsters!

  • Christian Prusinski
    Christian Prusinski 14 days ago

    This man legit thought Gordon was gon stab his ass

  • ketchup packet
    ketchup packet 15 days ago

    “he hates everything off the menu”
    bitch didn’t y’all feed him Italian ass flavored leftovers

  • Lovely Aya
    Lovely Aya 15 days ago

    It’s like being sold mashed potatoes without potatoes. I’m talking about you, KFC! 😑

  • OrangeCrush Gamer
    OrangeCrush Gamer 15 days ago

    When i cook frozen salmon. It looks 374726 times better than that. You lightly butter it, squeeze of lemon, just a little. Cover in tin foil and bake.

  • Gankageddon
    Gankageddon 16 days ago

    I always love how Ramsey treats his wait staff and other wait staff with respect, Hell's kitchen he protects his chefs from customers.
    "Only I'm allowed to degrade my chefs!"

  • Effrey Jeppstein
    Effrey Jeppstein 16 days ago

    Clam free clams... The world renowned Chef Mike does it again!

  • Amanda Maybray
    Amanda Maybray 16 days ago

    no one:
    gordon: look at that,

  • Jen Tuesday
    Jen Tuesday 16 days ago

    This show always amazes me how easy it is to start a functioning restaurant and/or get a job as a chef...im really hoping they give him this crap on purpose with the intention of getting help from the show....because seriously I’m no pro chef, but how fricking difficult is it to get meatballs right...or cook salmon to the right doneness (or do stuff like make a burger that’s not boiled etc) that you can’t do it when your literal job and source of income depends on you being able to. I’m in my mid 20s..literally learned to cook from FLash-player,online recipes, and the occasional cooking show combined with practicing...-do not cook for a living and I can get those things done well and these are middle aged grown ass adults who can’t seem to despite thinking they have enough skill to open up a restaurant...like nobody tasted their food and told them it was a bad idea? The arrogance, for real.

  • DatFacePriceless
    DatFacePriceless 17 days ago +1

    Omelette with no eggs
    Apple pie with no apples
    Cheeseburger with no cheese

  • B l u e u
    B l u e u 17 days ago

    In 2025,

    *Gordon Ramsay will be criticizing restaurants for terrible water.*

  • Lois Massyn Van Heerden

    Not watching your stuff anymore. I have yet to hear you pay a compliment to another chef!

    BLARGLESNARF 19 days ago

    Lady drinking normally: **SLURP SLORP GLORP**

  • circycle
    circycle 19 days ago

    The salmon was raw. That’s gross.
    It’s so easy to cook salmon

  • Armando Ortiz
    Armando Ortiz 19 days ago

    If I wanted to eat stuff from a microwave I would eat at home for less than the price of that restaurant

  • Alexis Mol-Hdz
    Alexis Mol-Hdz 20 days ago +2

    I thought i was over this. Now im Binge watching kitchen nightmares again

  • Chris Tragedia
    Chris Tragedia 20 days ago


  • discman15
    discman15 20 days ago

    Every time the owners end up saying "how does he know anyway, iKNOW our food is good"

  • Rich B
    Rich B 21 day ago

    Stuff claims...stuffing on a clam shell.

  • EmptyWalletMultimedia
    EmptyWalletMultimedia 22 days ago

    The worst part is the female owner that didnt understand he meant it tasted like stuffibg FOR turkeys... not from turkeys smdh

  • Angel T
    Angel T 23 days ago +1

    Lol stuffing that you stick in the a$$ end of a turkey 😭😭😭😂😂😂