Restaurant Shows Off Mouldy Desserts | Kitchen Nightmares

  • ThAt'S WhY YoUrE HerE
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  • Jilian Lutsky
    Jilian Lutsky 8 minutes ago

    Everyone is against Gordon lmao while being proven wrong

  • yxllow bohxmian
    yxllow bohxmian 2 hours ago

    I click on the worse looking food items and I always end back up at this guys place.
    He’s just a wReCk

  • Bilbo_Gamers
    Bilbo_Gamers Day ago

    these people understand that, for a display, you can buy FAKE FUCKING FOOD, right!?

  • 0xtry
    0xtry Day ago

    this isn't the real channel it's fake

  • Frag Grrl
    Frag Grrl 2 days ago

    Fake food for displays.

  • Cole Messina
    Cole Messina 2 days ago

    It’s like they give up on the first dish

  • Turt
    Turt 2 days ago

    he went from tylenol to codeine

  • Jshot
    Jshot 2 days ago

    "It's fresh frozen"
    That has to be the most idiotic thing to say on Kitchen Nightmares.

  • Hambone
    Hambone 2 days ago

    I love the guy in the back pacing back and forth knowing that Gordan is ripping them to shreds

  • Russian Bot
    Russian Bot 3 days ago

    this struggling restaurant could afford to hire someone specially to show the desserts?

  • JcZ KL
    JcZ KL 3 days ago

    2:52 tons and tons of food are wasted everyday. And many children's die of hunger and your throwing food like it's nothing. How disappointing.

  • Magick Li
    Magick Li 3 days ago

    1:56 that awkward moment when you meet a new dealer 😂😂

  • quagmire bosserie
    quagmire bosserie 3 days ago

    3:11 that eye roll tho 🤣🙄

  • kj
    kj 3 days ago

    Yes .... you shouldn’t keep moldy food in a restaurant fool

  • Lady Alteria
    Lady Alteria 3 days ago

    I fee like they just didn't understand the concept that mold is doesn't matter what it's on, mold is bad no matter what. It doesn't matter if it's for presentation, anything that has mold on it is automatically disgusting

  • Sydney Sketches
    Sydney Sketches 3 days ago

    What they could do is make fresh dessert everyday and then use the leftovers as a display for ONE day

  • Simon Cowell
    Simon Cowell 3 days ago

    lmao I got a gordon ramsay ad before this

  • Jacob Isaac
    Jacob Isaac 3 days ago

    Ngl I think for once Gordan Is wrong

  • Grey Liam
    Grey Liam 3 days ago

    I mean, how much could it possibly cost to get fake desserts to display?

  • itsukizy
    itsukizy 3 days ago

    lol the description of the video

  • On Demand!!
    On Demand!! 3 days ago

    what in the flying freak?!!🤢

    ELISEIHAHA Lool 3 days ago

    2:52 fresh frozen is a term only used for sea foods

  • Speclore
    Speclore 4 days ago

    "We make everything and freeze it"
    Me: .... wHAT?

  • Ama T
    Ama T 4 days ago

    That the patate something looked like some 2 year old sauce with bland macaronis and no taste

  • El Amir Naz
    El Amir Naz 4 days ago

    The owner is so cuteeeee ... Wow ... he has a beautiful smile ..

  • Namy
    Namy 4 days ago

    Who the fuck makes a display item out of any kind of fuckin Food!?? What's thermocol for???

  • Penta Kill
    Penta Kill 4 days ago


  • Alejandro Martinez-Rivera

    Gorden ramsay just complaints

  • ᗰIᑎᕼᗩᑎ
    ᗰIᑎᕼᗩᑎ 4 days ago

    I’d rather eat a dry tasteless ice cream then eat that

  • Boudypvp gaming
    Boudypvp gaming 5 days ago

    Wtf is fresh frozen that doesn’t make sense lmao

  • österreichisch preußische

    If you’re gonna serve something fresh frozen, serve it in a can

    OUTADEBOX 5 days ago

    idk why I read the word mouldy in the title with a british accent

  • Eindhov Hoven
    Eindhov Hoven 5 days ago

    Honestly I love this community

  • Chuchu Beans
    Chuchu Beans 7 days ago +1

    1:28 lmao best part

  • Baffling Racer50
    Baffling Racer50 7 days ago

    This man has seemingly never aged. It’s like as if he’s immortal.

  • Arnold J Rimmer BSC
    Arnold J Rimmer BSC 7 days ago

    This is so bizarre
    How do they think it's appetising to look at a mouldy ancient cake

  • Ryan Scherbluk
    Ryan Scherbluk 8 days ago

    Usually displays that are food are fresh of the day and get rotated to keep the freshest ones in the display.

  • Kitten Puff, Jr.
    Kitten Puff, Jr. 10 days ago +1

    Mmm cannoli

  • Doggie Eilish xO
    Doggie Eilish xO 10 days ago +9

    **dead body is covered in blood on a table**
    “It’s just for display”

  • Nadine Blake
    Nadine Blake 11 days ago

    Ramsey said are u...... have u, ... missed the plot?!? ......

  • CarlitoChan
    CarlitoChan 11 days ago +2

    Albert is hot

  • Usman Noory
    Usman Noory 11 days ago

    Me: Hello are you the worker here?
    Worker: No I am just for display!
    The next day...
    Me: Do you work here?
    Worker: No I stand here for a presentation

  • André Karlsson
    André Karlsson 11 days ago

    Disgustang plus why do they not taste it?, like i havent seen any of these chefs taste it after the return

  • Bubby Izzy
    Bubby Izzy 13 days ago

    When ur restaurant is so bad it gets like 10 vids made about it

  • Enoch Brown
    Enoch Brown 15 days ago

    Ramsay is my dawg man lol get em man. These mothafuckas are trifling

  • darealdemz
    darealdemz 16 days ago +1

    I get an add for masterclass, Gordon teaching people to cook. And then I get back to him screaming at staff. Nice to see he has multiple moods, absolutely love the man

  • CODunleashed
    CODunleashed 16 days ago

    0:20 Ramsay says oof

  • Hamid-ur-Rehman Vacal
    Hamid-ur-Rehman Vacal 17 days ago

    The waitress is really pretty

  • Ryan Sherman
    Ryan Sherman 18 days ago

    1:33 ‘’Thank fuck gold star’’

  • Cs thedirector
    Cs thedirector 19 days ago

    Gordon is a SAVAGE! 😊 I like it

  • tekn BA
    tekn BA 19 days ago

    Poor girl lmao.... she was just doing her job

  • Jesus Lopez
    Jesus Lopez 21 day ago

    @0:36 oh god he’s gorgeous

  • Alfredo Wijaya
    Alfredo Wijaya 22 days ago

    wtf ramsay ? its only for display

  • F8te
    F8te 22 days ago

    Just for display

  • Connor Small
    Connor Small 22 days ago

    thank f**k hahaha

  • Nick
    Nick 23 days ago

    love Gordon.. absolutely love that no shit honesty

  • Missy Maria
    Missy Maria 25 days ago +2

    If I went to a restaurant and they used moldy food as decoration, it means that all of the food there will covered with mold particles. Mold is very toxic and it’s a health hazard, I’m walking the fuck out of that restaurant.

  • Orsy Velasquez
    Orsy Velasquez 25 days ago

    If a world renown chef calls you up on your bs you dont argue and try to justify it, you shut up and beg to god he wont tear you apart that badly.

  • Alexandra Simovic
    Alexandra Simovic 26 days ago +3

    Me:im so sorry,your dog died...

    Fabio:but it's just for display

  • hey guys its me
    hey guys its me 26 days ago

    0:52 Yes! You are!! Literal fast food joints replace them daily!

  • MikeTheEnforcer
    MikeTheEnforcer 26 days ago

    Fresh or Frozen? Moldy. :3

  • TheBest Boy1290
    TheBest Boy1290 27 days ago

    Fresh frozen has just took over the channel

  • plmoknty
    plmoknty 28 days ago

    Some people are just plain stupid

  • Just Alex
    Just Alex 28 days ago

    "It's fresh"
    We talking about the desert here not the mold on the desert you muppet.

  • Alina Marie
    Alina Marie 28 days ago

    "what do you want us to do? Put a fresh one out everyday" no sh*t Sherlock

  • Furrynoodle 666
    Furrynoodle 666 28 days ago

    The tortellini di palate reminds of the food that the bakers made on resident evil 7 tbh...

  • XxPurtazticLunaxX
    XxPurtazticLunaxX 28 days ago

    3:19 hOw do yOu nOt kNow wHats hAppEning
    Also it doesnt make sense
    Who the f*ck makes fresh frood then freeze it after?

  • Heavy the grey wolf
    Heavy the grey wolf 29 days ago

    If you have a display of REAL FOOD then you could use fake props of the food that is displayed.

  • Soup
    Soup 29 days ago

    I don't like Gordans fucking attitude

  • That One Kid
    That One Kid 29 days ago

    Lol the description.

  • Dubz
    Dubz 29 days ago

    The thumbnail looks like theres a little white pug in the roll

  • Karma Punch
    Karma Punch 29 days ago

    Sassy manager there

  • SuperNova999
    SuperNova999 29 days ago

    My parent do that, but the cakes never mold
    And the display cakes are like a decade old. Note the only edable thing on the cake is the fondant, the inside is styrofoam

    NOOB ADVENTURES 29 days ago

    "ThAtS WhY YoU ArE HeRe" lmao, love the guy who writes these descriptions

  • Uhhh
    Uhhh Month ago

    The fact that he’s ok with mold being anywhere near his restaurant, let alone on a fucking display item, is absolutely rancid.

  • Derp Nottus
    Derp Nottus Month ago

    The thumbnail looks like a HAMSTER IS IN IT

  • Wolfieee!!!
    Wolfieee!!! Month ago

    Welp, the thumbnail ruined cannolis for me...

  • Jeanpy 360
    Jeanpy 360 Month ago +1

    Hey Fabio should we take pictures of desserts and put them on the menu?
    Fabio: Nah let's make some display desserts and leave them sitting there for years

  • atom heart mother
    atom heart mother Month ago

    “This is for display, we aren’t serving it”
    So your displaying that your deserts you serve are probably gonna have mold too? What a fucking dunce.

  • 恺晴Myuca
    恺晴Myuca Month ago