Is Lamelo Ball Already BETTER Than Lonzo?

  • Published on Dec 2, 2019
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Comments • 3 178

  • Truly Jay23
    Truly Jay23 20 hours ago

    Lamelo ball is better

  • BeastMode
    BeastMode Day ago

    Never knew Melo’s 3pt percentage was so bad 😬😬

  • LuGia YT
    LuGia YT Day ago

    No one:
    This guy: yeah lamelo is 6 foot 8

  • marc montout
    marc montout 2 days ago


  • Doggo
    Doggo 3 days ago +1

    LaMelo is better, 100 percent! Zo, just...............TRASH.

    PHAMSQUAD 3 days ago

    Imagine if troydan watched this😂😂😂

  • Grayson Burr
    Grayson Burr 3 days ago

    It’s cuz melo plays in crap league

  • Memo Khater
    Memo Khater 4 days ago +1

    Melo 3pt is not a 25

  • dl8168
    dl8168 4 days ago

    my head hurts watching lavar talk

  • Jay Weezy
    Jay Weezy 5 days ago

    my boy making this and like dbz n shit. i love it.

  • CliffD
    CliffD 6 days ago

    He got to be crazy thinking he is better than Zo right now. Maybe potential but right now heck no. So is playing in the best league while Melo is playing a tier 2 or 3 overseas. Zo looked like the future in UCLA so let’s wait till he plays an NBA game

  • IA - 07RV - Centennial Sr PS (1506)

    Lonzo better in my opinion

  • Lucas Blättler
    Lucas Blättler 6 days ago

    lonzo is a good shooter

  • Bpet
    Bpet 7 days ago

    When I looked at the thumbnail I forgot they were brothers

  • Ryan McShane
    Ryan McShane 8 days ago

    Not gonna lie, ur videos aint the same without the trap sax

  • stokes721
    stokes721 8 days ago

    In the last couple weeks Lonzo has been balling. If he can stay healthy he’ll be a solid player for years to come. Great vid as always.

  • Menesh TarQuini
    Menesh TarQuini 9 days ago

    Melo has that 'It Factor'

  • El_Borrii_Tuning
    El_Borrii_Tuning 9 days ago

    Melo has always been a better player.

    GENERAL TAPA 9 days ago

    They both suck!!!

  • Raymond Johnson
    Raymond Johnson 9 days ago

    If the questions who's better today I'd take the guy currently playing in the NBA. It's a toss up who'll eventually be the better player. Can't miss potentially great players have been known to fail. Lonzo a good example.

  • STW Assualtz
    STW Assualtz 9 days ago

    Melo would fuck college up he couldn’t play ball in college that why he not at college rn he playing against grown man and he is label as a pro/elite basketball player he would fuck da college up simple

  • SWIRL 23.7
    SWIRL 23.7 10 days ago

    you cant say he is better than lanzo nba is a lot harder league

  • Luka Felise
    Luka Felise 10 days ago


  • Waleed Waraich
    Waleed Waraich 10 days ago

    liangelo ball: am i a joke to u

  • DrPootat 0
    DrPootat 0 10 days ago

    But can lamelo dunk

  • Flying Walrus42
    Flying Walrus42 11 days ago

    I remember 3 years ago when everyone said melo would never make it

  • Dr. Thicc boi
    Dr. Thicc boi 11 days ago

    This honestly isnt even comparable

  • Cy Clark
    Cy Clark 11 days ago

    I can confidently say that lamelo is better ever since I watched lonzo roll his ankle twice in a matter of 3 seconds while dribbling down the court

  • Dayday
    Dayday 11 days ago

    Watch how he don’t make the nba cause he didn’t finish high school before going over oversea lol it’s gunna catch up Alan was right

  • Dayday
    Dayday 11 days ago

    Lamelo shooting % is 10% from three he don’t play defense his handle is Okay omg have this kid ever play real competition these college kids will eat him alive

  • ADLoading
    ADLoading 11 days ago

    Lonzo has to Vs like Giannis Lebron Kawi and many other good players and lamelo vs people his age and also people worse than him

  • Happy Together
    Happy Together 12 days ago

    Wait if he is ranked 4th that means there 3 better ppl then him so

  • The Voice Of RZN
    The Voice Of RZN 12 days ago +12

    I really want zo and Melo to play together in the nba. That’d be dope

  • Zach Perrin
    Zach Perrin 12 days ago

    Who do you guys think is better?

  • Yurii Maistrenko
    Yurii Maistrenko 12 days ago +1

    you can not be better then NBA player not playing in NBA 🤷‍♂️

  • Ebune Namata
    Ebune Namata 12 days ago +7

    “Dropped 92 pts in 40mins”

  • Mvp Melo
    Mvp Melo 13 days ago

    38 percent lol lol dudes he's so overrated

  • Mvp Melo
    Mvp Melo 13 days ago

    Why wouldn't he say his brother is better than him..more money for his family. Clearly he's not better than lonzo or will ever be

  • thankful4 mercy
    thankful4 mercy 13 days ago

    ZO gonna be better he’s about to go to a new level

  • George  Mills
    George Mills 14 days ago

    out of reggie miller and micheal jordan who was the BETTER shooter bird and magic also ?

  • Rene Garcia
    Rene Garcia 14 days ago

    Lonzo has been having some great games recently think again

  • Excellence_ 85
    Excellence_ 85 14 days ago

    Melo is gonna have ppl to play defense for him while he drop buckets!!!!

  • Chris Hughes
    Chris Hughes 14 days ago

    Or was he already better just was short

  • H - I
    H - I 14 days ago

    Nigga has one of the dumbest name i've ever heard ''laMelo'', lol.

  • Kornutzz Kornutzz
    Kornutzz Kornutzz 14 days ago +1

    2:33 did you not see lamelo at spire he was always a past first guard

  • Laila Reed
    Laila Reed 14 days ago

    Melo is better and that’s on PERIODTTT

  • Nebula Hendrix
    Nebula Hendrix 15 days ago

    🤦🏾‍♂️Why Are we still talking about the Ball Family 🏀🤷🏾‍♂️😅

  • Chito Glen Deslate
    Chito Glen Deslate 15 days ago

    Here how a father try to achieve his dreams thru his sons
    He is after the big contracts of his sons thus destroying their lives

  • XdumelX
    XdumelX 15 days ago

    i dont now, but i now 1 things Gelo is worts brothers

  • Joshua Lyon
    Joshua Lyon 15 days ago

    Your judgement seems fair, but now that Lonzo has fixed his shot he is raining threes. He's doing really good at the pelicans, and I think you should have taken his better shooting and new team into account.

  • Jeff G
    Jeff G 16 days ago

    everyone is better than LONZO fool lol

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 16 days ago

    Wtf is this

  • Anab Adan
    Anab Adan 16 days ago

    I thing lanzo

  • Mr Triggered
    Mr Triggered 16 days ago +1


  • papa meags son
    papa meags son 16 days ago +1

    Cmon we all know Lamelo is better

  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass 16 days ago

    who remember when Lamelo said
    'nigga' on Monday Night Raw

  • Tyler Caporaso
    Tyler Caporaso 17 days ago

    What about lil dicky

  • Drip-GoD
    Drip-GoD 17 days ago

    Lianglo is better at stealing

  • Lord Pain
    Lord Pain 17 days ago

    Zo down fall started when his girl left him and took his daughter

  • Zextria Y
    Zextria Y 17 days ago

    no matter what people say, Lonzo lacks that “Confidence” you see in NBA Stars, like for example when you look at Stephen curry, or kyrie irving, or any Nba Star, you dont question if they’re “good” or not bc you know they’re really good at ball but when you look at lonzo and he drops great stats one game, You start to wonder if he’s finally gonna be great or just a buss again,

    When you look at Lamelo tho, you immediately assume he’s too good for his Level and everybody cant wait to see what he’s going to do in the NBA. He’s has that “Confidence” that makes u consider him good

    • glcsander
      glcsander 15 days ago

      Realy? Have u seen zo play recently? The guy now pulls up and drives to contact with determination like we never seen before.
      People like to meme but lets talk about it, he comes into the league hyped up and on the same season lakers get lebron, so there is no way he gets to lead the offense and gets pushed to a role of catch and shoot wich he wasnt ready for, all the data pointed that the lakers where better with him on the floor for his defense and secondary playmaker yet his coach wouldnt let him play in the 4th quarter, still he managed to play through all that with a freaking shoe his father made him wear that fucked his ankle and almost ruined his carrear, im not saying his a superstar but lets compare that to someone like trae young who has the green light to do whatever, ja morant, d fox, heck even nilikina had more room to play their style.