The KSI Show In A Nutshell (Short Overview)

  • so the ksi show ended so i brought it upon myself to try and be the first to release a video on this , now because i didnt have alot of time , i had an hour and half , i decided to make a stupid , badly edited , the ksi show in a nutshell video , the ksi show was good , i wish it was longer but after seeing that KSI Has entertained me every single day for years and therefore 18 pounds dosnt seem a hell of alot for all that content. so thank you ksi for always entertaining and giving us free stuff.
    this is a short review for the ksi show , i hope you enjoyed the stream .

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  • JONK
    JONK  15 days ago +1812


  • Boomtheepic
    Boomtheepic 6 days ago

    @JONK do you believe that this video will hit 1M?

  • James
    James 7 days ago

    Josh rip

  • Kg96ix
    Kg96ix 8 days ago +1

    29k lesgooo🔥🔥

  • Jona_sthlm_prl16
    Jona_sthlm_prl16 9 days ago

    The ksi show is overhated af i had a great time

  • Afridi Hassan
    Afridi Hassan 9 days ago

    Good point!

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl 10 days ago

    Jj really said its a once in a lifetime, gonna break the internet event when i fell asleep half way through

  • Kriebel
    Kriebel 11 days ago


  • HPlayz
    HPlayz 11 days ago +2

    Will you remember me when you get famous?

    • StereohearT.
      StereohearT. 10 days ago

      @Rock girl I think the industrial revolution and its future..

    • Rock girl
      Rock girl 10 days ago

      I think the KSI show was kinda narcissistic and just a way to promote his music.

  • Mohammed Yahya
    Mohammed Yahya 11 days ago

    I didnt watch the show but I'm curious to know, what did the guests like Lorriane and Heskey actually do, if it was mainly a music performance for almost an hour?

  • Andrés Muñoz
    Andrés Muñoz 11 days ago

    this was way more entertaining

  • Imahinion
    Imahinion 11 days ago

    I think KSI just wanted to make something bigger than it actually was. He envisioned a show, but we got a concert. The best way this would have been actually good, is if it was introduced to us as a concert not a show. Or the harder way, have less music and focus on a better plot, and whole new storyline. This “show” was hardly anything about KSI’s actual life.

    ZRAEY 11 days ago

    Crazy how this video just blew up your whole channel Good luck in the future !

  • hey
    hey 12 days ago +1

    i haven’t seen the show but even with these stick figure drawings it doesn’t sound like it’s just “mediocre...”

  • Chidubem Duruibe
    Chidubem Duruibe 12 days ago +1

    Jesus loves you guys!

  • Marc3llo
    Marc3llo 12 days ago

    loooooooooooooool i watched this at 4k views man growed so fast

  • Jus Skraa125
    Jus Skraa125 12 days ago

    Lol this was good

  • Jose Morales
    Jose Morales 12 days ago

    I liked the last thought of thinking that have always been watching the KSI show.

  • AlphaaYT
    AlphaaYT 12 days ago +1

    Someone get this to his reddit....Fam this is mad! you said somthin no one else said in the end of the video big ups my g❤

  • Sakxam420
    Sakxam420 12 days ago

    1:42 👏👏👏 That literally gave me chills!

  • Marcel Thomas
    Marcel Thomas 12 days ago

    Dude explain movies or performances

  • Ricky Fok
    Ricky Fok 12 days ago

    He didn't mention Logan Paul

  • Regdu Geht
    Regdu Geht 12 days ago

    I think the KSI show was kinda narcissistic and just a way to promote his music.

  • That One Lanky Lad
    That One Lanky Lad 12 days ago

    700k views jeeeeeeeez congrats jonk 😉
    800k 🤦‍♂️

  • Stefan Kostic
    Stefan Kostic 12 days ago

    Where can i watch it

  • Will Downes
    Will Downes 12 days ago

    For free… you mean to make millions of pounds

  • m015T
    m015T 12 days ago


  • PA!N.
    PA!N. 13 days ago

    I see GradeA underA potential

    • misolou fout
      misolou fout 12 days ago

      He could've just said "Shit." and left it like that...

  • T KAZ
    T KAZ 13 days ago

    ksi has to react to this

  • Beckzy
    Beckzy 13 days ago

    He performed "You" too. Missed that

  • ravenburrd
    ravenburrd 13 days ago

    Chet G.

  • Nikos Perros
    Nikos Perros 13 days ago

    1:14 that one there was a violation personally I wouldn't have it

  • Blake73ko
    Blake73ko 13 days ago

    OK so I was just laying in my bed and I saw this video and I saw that he had like 4K subs I see this video get it he has 8K subs what the hell

  • patrick Meyer
    patrick Meyer 13 days ago

    He didn’t perform I’m on a horse like promised

  • Kid Rohan
    Kid Rohan 13 days ago

    KSI tried a lot to make this happen. I hope he does more of these; he will get the hang of it.

  • AVS
    AVS 13 days ago

    @ksi bro needs to see this

  • lemawwn
    lemawwn 13 days ago

    i hope jj sees this and cheers up a lil after that reddit video

  • Trickymarc
    Trickymarc 13 days ago

    He did a new verse of patients

  • Bonglibear 9000
    Bonglibear 9000 13 days ago


  • Morgan Salmon-Hutchings

    Watched this when it was a few hundred views thibking it was a class vid , come back and seen it on 700k , fair play mate x

  • serdy ximi
    serdy ximi 13 days ago

    i want him to fit the i am on a horse song in the show, man that would be epic

  • QuantumRice
    QuantumRice 13 days ago

    Ay yo, allow it fam!

  • -
    - 13 days ago

    He could've just said "Shit." and left it like that...

  • Maly
    Maly 13 days ago

    honestly remember watching this video the moment you dropped it and i though this guy is dope, awesome to see you blow up and it get the recognition it deserves.

    THEMaNIsWOrTHit 13 days ago


  • Andrew S
    Andrew S 13 days ago

    man absolutely violated josh 🤣

  • Andrei Stanciu
    Andrei Stanciu 13 days ago

    Get this video on jjs reddit

  • Jaysen Nick
    Jaysen Nick 13 days ago

    A overhyped concert

  • IKY_-SAM
    IKY_-SAM 13 days ago

    Didn't even mention logan paul 🤣

  • BlackSoul
    BlackSoul 13 days ago

    The video should be 5 seconds long and all he would say disappointed

  • Lucas Foreal
    Lucas Foreal 13 days ago

    It doesn’t sound as bad as everyone on Reddit makes it seem. Hope ksi sees this

  • Jeff O.
    Jeff O. 14 days ago +1

    You just got a new sub man, sick vid!!

  • Kimtaaa
    Kimtaaa 14 days ago

    someone get this on this reddit plz i would do it but i dont have enough karma so plz someone do it

  • Victor Rick Rosa
    Victor Rick Rosa 14 days ago


  • Sugar Titty
    Sugar Titty 14 days ago

    poor granpa Josh

  • Catlonary
    Catlonary 14 days ago

    1:14 rip Josh’s career

  • OllieCrusade
    OllieCrusade 14 days ago

    That josh comment was a violation

  • iSpit-Spellz
    iSpit-Spellz 14 days ago

    He has hidden it very well our boy KSI. I have found the loose nail in your story mr knowledge. You stated to us all that the show was 90 mins long multiple times, even though the entire show was PRE RECORDED by admission of yourself. That my good sir is codswallop! If you had it pre recorded ready to go out you knew exactly how long it was and still told us it was 90 mins long in the build up, which brings me to, why would he do that? Well clearly it's because every one of us knows we get a sidemen video every week that is an hour long for absolutely free and mr strength knowing this figured adding half an hour would balance it out, make it look more like a movie so payment looked worth it to us.
    We paid for his album twice basically.
    You done us wrong mr integrity
    Don't turn into one of them JJ

    • SHAIT
      SHAIT 14 days ago

      Can you shut the fuck up? Everyone's heard this already. Have you even watched his newest video? He literally addressed everything. He hasn't done anyone wrong you mong. The show was good, just a bit overhyped. And tf you mean "don't turn into one of them"?

  • 317Smithy
    317Smithy 14 days ago

    Swear the KSI show started with Down Like That but still a good vid.

  • MD M8
    MD M8 14 days ago

    So KSI music marketing with fillers

    • MD M8
      MD M8 14 days ago

      @dolimi jotoo You wont find it anywhere.

    • dolimi jotoo
      dolimi jotoo 14 days ago

      Where tf can I see the full KSI show I cannot find it anywhere

  • Linus Weyde
    Linus Weyde 14 days ago

    Soooo true. I honestly Think the show was great, and because we have gotten so much free content, we can’t be mad. I agree fully

  • F1LIP
    F1LIP 14 days ago +1

    When the video is better than the show

  • Amir Hussain
    Amir Hussain 14 days ago

    KSI is an embarrassment to the UK. The amount of racism he stirred which is coming into fruition in 2021 is a joke...

    • 2trappy
      2trappy 12 days ago

      What are you talking about

  • Amir Hussain
    Amir Hussain 14 days ago

    shitshow if im honest

  • Mel
    Mel 14 days ago +1

    i mean the show itself was actually quite good but i think it’s cos we expected a show w/ a balance yk? like less of a virtual concert feel and more of a show. to be fair tho, he just released his new album so i get why it was mainly music but i thought it’d be like a sort of documentary-show thing (sry idk how to explain it but yeah) with his new album being a portion of the show. ngl im just pissed off that i spent 80% of the show trying not to fall asleep cos it was 4am for me 💀

  • Being verified is not an achievement anymore

    you know bare people who paid will be annoyed you just told everyone what happened for free

  • Toxic Jay
    Toxic Jay 14 days ago


  • KGS
    KGS 14 days ago

    So in short it was just a music concert?

  • Colors
    Colors 14 days ago

    Just like when cyberpunk my gut feeling said that it was gonna be overhyped and to not buy it yet and just wait, my gut feeling was right both times

  • Jake Sidney
    Jake Sidney 14 days ago

    Weird how he sounds like kon🤔