• Published on Jul 30, 2020
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  • bradley
    bradley 39 minutes ago

    I wanna know who these ppl are

  • David Black
    David Black 2 hours ago

    Is nobody noticing how that is the same medal from gimme love

  • Aaron Conley
    Aaron Conley 2 hours ago

    I love how the pendant from Gimme Love just casually falls into this video

  • Austin Gross
    Austin Gross 2 hours ago

    i love these not song videos because joji's alter egos are fun to look at somehow

  • Stephen Curry
    Stephen Curry 3 hours ago


  • birthday surprise
    birthday surprise 3 hours ago

    I really love the small singles he puts out. If anything I almost reminds me of this pink guy songs in lyrics anyways.

  • Diaz Azalea
    Diaz Azalea 3 hours ago

    Joji gay *C O N F I R M E D*

  • Пользователь Ютуба

    Кто может объяснить о чем этот клип?

  • Chamseddine Rakib
    Chamseddine Rakib 4 hours ago

    Why do people say these are "not songs " I dont get it

  • Chamseddine Rakib
    Chamseddine Rakib 4 hours ago

    Why do people say these are "not songs " I dont get it

    DATSPACEBOI 4 hours ago

    Their skin is smoother than my future.

  • Lorelei Hillard
    Lorelei Hillard 5 hours ago

    Is "Not Song" the name of your next album?

  • Gaby Silva
    Gaby Silva 5 hours ago

    Alguém BR??

  • Blood orphan
    Blood orphan 5 hours ago

    "NOT SONG" should be a song and album

  • Keenan Smith
    Keenan Smith 6 hours ago

    This is borderline Pink Guy vibes. Like he wants to go there but reeled it back with his voice.

  • ShadowSICK66
    ShadowSICK66 7 hours ago

    Ive listened to this so many fucking times i love this song so much

  • ridge 1
    ridge 1 7 hours ago

    I love these not songs

  • Dreamoose
    Dreamoose 7 hours ago

    Joji: you can (not) have a song

  • BB BB
    BB BB 9 hours ago

    i need the story behind these boys

  • S real-iron
    S real-iron 9 hours ago

    what happened to this mans lips? stung by bees? BEES KNEES

  • Sta64 // watermelon studios

    Fuck the claws. Lol i love this not song

  • Ging Freecs
    Ging Freecs 10 hours ago


  • Joao Ferreira
    Joao Ferreira 11 hours ago +1

    it won't never be on spotify :'(

  • Covetskii Pobotaga
    Covetskii Pobotaga 13 hours ago

    somewhat resembles an advertisement of some kind or perfume

  • Ryan Grandinetti
    Ryan Grandinetti 13 hours ago +1

    ftc....ftc FLIGHT TEAM STAND UP

  • Chaitanya Naik
    Chaitanya Naik 13 hours ago

    that guys botox is really ugly

  • Chaitanya Naik
    Chaitanya Naik 13 hours ago

    who are these guys

  • Fajar Putri
    Fajar Putri 14 hours ago

    Not song, ok but actually you sing a song

  • Ltuck 23
    Ltuck 23 14 hours ago


  • Aran Kasih
    Aran Kasih 15 hours ago

    who's these old guys... im so curious

  • Sahil Awall
    Sahil Awall 17 hours ago

    Flight Team Stand Up!!

  • el tati
    el tati 17 hours ago +3

    I think that all Joji's songs are trying to tell us a story (incluiding songs like Gimme love, Test drive, Run and others)

  • Itty Bitty Titty Committee

    Bogdanoff left the club.

  • Pol Hh
    Pol Hh 18 hours ago

    The best thing I ever seen

  • InfernoDankOreo
    InfernoDankOreo 18 hours ago

    filthy frank

  • spare hoody
    spare hoody 19 hours ago


  • Lanna Christina
    Lanna Christina 19 hours ago

    Sim, ele é o amor da minha vida , joji♥️

  • Nova Bruh
    Nova Bruh 20 hours ago +1

    I don't care if this isn't officially a song, I'm adding this as an MP3 to my Apple Music.

  • Niggerboi 420
    Niggerboi 420 21 hour ago


  • Lazarus
    Lazarus 22 hours ago

    B O G G E D

  • Kdoku_Beats
    Kdoku_Beats 22 hours ago

    Me: What is this?
    Joji: SONGN'T

  • deltazed
    deltazed 23 hours ago

    Who are these men?

  • Solsumu
    Solsumu Day ago

    omg diplos i love daylight joji great

  • John Attebury ( Student )

    Can someone explain this to me

  • J6hkey
    J6hkey Day ago

    Flight team crew

  • ulissesz
    ulissesz Day ago

    Esse "NOT SONG" tem que ir pro Spotify!!!

  • Mathusan Selvarajah


  • Roger DD
    Roger DD Day ago +1

    I said old people

  • Lurk_Tyler
    Lurk_Tyler Day ago


  • Retro Cysper
    Retro Cysper Day ago

    I guess the title of this song is "Next To You".

  • Retro Cysper
    Retro Cysper Day ago +1

    I searched "Not Song" and this appears.

  • Omar Gomez
    Omar Gomez Day ago

    not song slaps

  • Certified Amen
    Certified Amen Day ago

    The piano keys hit harder than my dad

  • MOBI
    MOBI Day ago

    O que tá acontecendo ?

  • Mark Lalriliana Renthlei

    The dislikes are from 'The Clones'

  • Banan Tign
    Banan Tign Day ago

    It’s a damn shame if this really isn’t a snippet of a bigger project, the ‘i’d rather be next to you’ is beautiful

  • yoko b
    yoko b Day ago

    How can this not be a song

  • Aron Pipir
    Aron Pipir Day ago +1

    Thomas Shelbi?

  • CF2 CF2
    CF2 CF2 Day ago


    • CF2 CF2
      CF2 CF2 Day ago


  • Jory Putra
    Jory Putra Day ago

    make the extended version please,,,
    it can't stop playing in my head

  • 1DRoP
    1DRoP Day ago

    fuck the couples, I’m alone

  • Axe Specs
    Axe Specs Day ago

    I hope tiktok doesn't make the song bad

  • Adilson o sapo
    Adilson o sapo Day ago

    Im scared

  • Sneky Boi
    Sneky Boi Day ago

    Flight team standup

  • The Flying Reviews

    Grab a beer listen to joji and let it all go

  • 𝘽𝙖𝙙 𝙃𝙖𝙗𝙞𝙩𝙨™ 浮世

    Pretty Boy y los demás son los villanos de los vídeos del álbum Nectar

  • Jeremy Roberts
    Jeremy Roberts Day ago

    who are these people? like seriously what are their names?

  • Anton Kiss
    Anton Kiss Day ago

    frank is gettion out of the cage where joji has put him in

  • Ethan Silva
    Ethan Silva Day ago

    Where’s Frank when you need him, the world’s going to shit and he hasn’t said a word...

  • Brian
    Brian Day ago

    does ftc means for the clout?

    • VocaloidHDSub
      VocaloidHDSub Day ago

      @Mark Ass Brownie its him saying he's not gonna go to the club because he'd rather spend time with the person he loves. "I rather be next to you"

    • Brian
      Brian Day ago

      @Mark Ass Brownie lmao thanks I'm dumb for not noticing that

    • Mark Ass Brownie
      Mark Ass Brownie Day ago +1

      *Fuck the club
      I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean but it’s what they’re singing.

  • Leo W
    Leo W Day ago

    Is this Joji? flash-player.org/video/Kh9Es0W_OhU-video.html

  • PlagueDoc64
    PlagueDoc64 Day ago

    I predict that this will be track 9 on the album

  • Elvis 24
    Elvis 24 Day ago

    don't know if it's just me or the modern times and media or mtv or written choreography or whatever, but i don't understand these videos and neither the 80% of all the music videos since 2016! ¿¿¿??? they are just a bunch of non sense.. ¿¿??

  • Float
    Float Day ago

    here we go again with the NOT SONG

  • Jose Ivan Villa Gastelum

    Yo y los panas jugando randonautica

  • minhtran
    minhtran Day ago

    love this not song song

  • DuGong
    DuGong Day ago

    flight team stand up

  • minst0
    minst0 Day ago

    What it do flight crew, FTC, flight team stand up.

  • Dirty Joe
    Dirty Joe Day ago

    I don't like what Hollywood is doing to your face Mr. Franklin

  • Nyda
    Nyda Day ago +1

    Them calf muscles tho...

  • XDsaladass
    XDsaladass Day ago

    they look terrifying

  • Mr.Wayne 24
    Mr.Wayne 24 Day ago


  • LME Productions
    LME Productions Day ago +3

    "Don't go on the deep web it's so scary"
    The deep web:

  • Baptized Indischarge

    If it’s not a song then y do I keep listening to it👀

  • Propagandabrot
    Propagandabrot Day ago

    why aren´t these "not songs" on spotify to "not listen" to them :(

  • Manyclone
    Manyclone Day ago +68

    My theory: these “not songs” like FTC and Pretty boy are actually all different movements of a grand Bohemian Rhapsody-style ballad.

  • Uglaicon
    Uglaicon Day ago +1

    Imagine a jojo's bizarre adventure ending with this song...

  • Swiggity369
    Swiggity369 Day ago

    Wait, wasn't there a geocaching thing for joji recently? Can we find that box?

  • March27th
    March27th Day ago

    hello bogdanoff? he bought ze dip

  • Mohannad3005 3
    Mohannad3005 3 2 days ago +1

    this the best not song i have heard

  • Asladan
    Asladan 2 days ago +1

    Does anybody know who these people are though?

  • yoko b
    yoko b 2 days ago

    Who are these people pls any one their to sexy

  • yoko b
    yoko b 2 days ago

    Now this stuff fire

  • RealSyndrome
    RealSyndrome 2 days ago +1


  • RandomKourosh
    RandomKourosh 2 days ago

    what does it really mean. It means something something.

  • Deotaerd
    Deotaerd 2 days ago

    I can kinda piece these songs and not songs together by myself but I just want a smart person to do it cuz I noob brain :(

  • Johnny Danglefarts
    Johnny Danglefarts 2 days ago

    People should be shown this music video before they undergo Botox and asked....you still sure you want this? Nightmare fuel.

  • grainyleech
    grainyleech 2 days ago

    holy fuck the vibes of this video it's so surreal,,,,, This is true art, true talent.

  • Rey Helado
    Rey Helado 2 days ago


  • Goofy
    Goofy 2 days ago +1